Eastside 5km Handicap Race 17 Nov 2009

Eastside Tavern 5km

HANDICAP RACE  17th November –next week

How it works

All runners who have taken part over the past season will be given a starting time based on their times. To make it easy we will give you a card with your time in the Transponder box.

It will say eg

Dot King – 05:20


Jon Thompson – 12:12


Kerry Suter  –  16:19

The first person (walker) will start at  0:00

There will be a clock at the start line which will be started when the person on go (0:00) starts. You will start when the clock reads your time.

Eg Dot King would start when the clock says 05:20

In theory all runners would finish together if they did their estimated times.

Any one who hasn’t run before will be given an estimated handicap but the handicaps will favour those who have run before.

Wear your transponder

First man and women across the line wins the beer – wine.

Handicapped races are HEAPS of fun for everyone and we’d really love to see you there!