What can the Hawks Track and Field Athletics offer you?


Are located at the Porritt Stadium which is situated off Crosby Road near Chartwell. See further down this page for location map and photos.


Track and Field has regular newsletters during the summer season along with Facebook posts. Signup for newsletters can be done at track club nights or will be included through the membership.

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Club Training Night

Club meetings are held every Wednesday evening (during track season) starting at 5.30pm at Porritt Stadium.

Three programmes are run and alternate each week.

  Time Track Field
Programme A 6.00 Short Hurdles(80, 100, 110) Discus
  6.00 1500m
  6.15 80m
  6.35 600m Long Jump  /  Javelin
  6.50 150 / 300m
  7.00 2 x 100m relay
Programme B 6.00 Short Hurdles (60m )  /  40m Javelin
  6.15 2000m with steeplechase opt
  6.35 100m Triple Jump-Long Jump / Shot
  6.45 1500m
  7.00 400m
Programme C 6.00 300 / 400m Hurdles High Jump  /  Shot Put
  6.15 3000m
  6.35 60m Discus
  6.45 800m
  7.00 200m

Track & Field Membership Costs

Registration form:

Hawks Track Registration form 2017-2018

Grade Grade Full summer sub Track top-up for winter members
Senior men and women SM & SW $110 $45
Masters men and women MM & MW $110 $45
Junior – men and women 19 and under U20 $90 $45
Youth – men and women 16 and under U18 $90 $45
Children – boys and girls 14 and under B&G 5-14  $70 $45
Associate  $45
Secondary School Team

(does not include Saturday competitions)



  • Ages for Junior, Youth and Children’s grades are as at 31 December 2017
  • The top-up subscription is if you have previously paid a winter-only (Road & Cross Country) membership
  • If you would like to spread out payment of your subscription, please see the Treasurer about a time payment arrangement
  • Paying a subscription entitles you to participate in all club activities, as well as registering you with Athletics Waikato-BoP and Athletics New Zealand.
  • Subscriptions can be posted, along with the official registration form, to:
    Track & Field Subs, Hamilton City Hawks Athletics, P.O. Box 9465, Hamilton or paid at the office to the Treasurer on club nights.
  • Subscriptions should be paid before you first compete at an Athletics Waikato-BoP meeting.