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Huntly Half Marathon 2021 Results

Huntly turns it on!

Yes…The Huntly Half Marathon was held Sunday in what turned out to be near perfect weather for running.

After a typically cold and foggy start, the sun came out as people gathered at the start line of this iconic event. There were a good number of Hawks up before dawn to make it out there by 7am for pre-race registration duties. All went well and the main event got under way at 9am in bright sunlight!.

Lots of Hawks about in all events, most sporting the blue and yellow! Great representation by the club, and some great results too…

Former Hawk Logan Rodger had a strong showing to finish 2nd, in 1:12:24. behind the overall winner Mark Boyce in 1:10:50. Then a few places later in 15th overall Harry Coles had a blinder to be first (current) Hawk home, in 1:19:46…Followed closely by Les Miller (1:21:28), Brent Nijssen (1:21:55), and John Bowe (1:23:53) – all having strong runs…Dave Gunn and Jono Dawson also pushed hard to come in under 1:30…with Sunil fading early but making up ground to get home in 1:31:44.

In the women’s field Yasmin Campbell was first Hawk home in 1:39:39 (overall women’s winner in a strong field was Kelly Parlane once again in 1:16:54) and then we had Kirsten Milne (1:50) and Sandra Jensen (2:10) selflessly performing pacing duties once again. Thank you ladies!

It was however in the 10k where things really heated up, with Sophie Harris taking the women’s overall win (8th place overall) in a speedy 41:24, followed closely by Chloe McDaniel second (also 10th overall) in 42:28. Congratulations ladies! Great running.

In the men’s 10k event, Rhys Mildon (without a watch) paced it beautifully to come in 3rd in 37:35, then in 5th, 6th, and 7th place we had Pat Gallagher (just out-sprinting Rob) in 38:46, Rob Townsend in 38:48 and Joe Mace 39:45. Then Kevin Knowles just outside the top 10 in 11th with 42:35. So that makes it 7 out of the first 11 in the 10k current Hawks members – well done to you all!

Sophie Harris also managed to pick up a spot prize of a coffee machine to go along with the 10k win! Overall it was a great day that all in all went pretty smoothly, there was a nice vibe, and I think everyone had a great time.

And once again a huge thank you to all those who gave up their time on the day to help out, whether it be registrations, pacing duties or lead bikes, it is very much appreciated. And also to all those Hawks who turned out in the club colours to showcase this great event!

Check out the full Huntly results <<here>>

Report by Sandra Jensen
OMG it wasn’t raining this time!

We just had that familiar Huntly fog which I’ll admit I was sad when it lifted cos it meant the sun beamed down on my runners too far from the finish, and they started to flail.

I paced the 2:10 for the half. It’s hard to maintain a 6min 11 second km when the course is so flat and I felt it was almost harder than pacing 2:20 at Rotorua.

I didn’t have large groups with me and definitely told some folk they were to not hang with me, and I expected much better of them. A party in the back was not what I was about today.

But I had quite a few folk who stuck with me for the majority of the run, they didn’t blink when I yelled at each of the fast Hawks as they sped past after the turn around and weren’t bothered when I got miffed at the Darts tournament fellow getting pissy about being late because of the runners when he chose to take the back road. This is why we use the back road for our running event, cos it’s the BACK ROAD!!

Considering the amount of other running events on this weekend, I think the turn out was good – it can always be better but we are spoiled for choice here in jolly ol’ NZ and shouldn’t really complain.

I enjoyed my time chatting ‘n’ running and one lady who spent about 18km with me was relieved when I mentioned that as this was her first half she was guaranteed a PB! It’s a win/win.

End of the day, I did my job, enjoyed myself, hung with some peeps and would run/pace again if needed.

Huntly Half Marathon 2019 Results

Report by Glenn Sexton

Fog fog fog. This year the event is 39 years old and Huntly gave us a classic Waikato welcome back to a May date. The numbers were up to over 1000, the temperatures were down to below 10. Race organisers Run NZ were rapt with the late influx of entries and ran out of medals (bad for the entrants, good for the event) but being the nice people they are will be mailing one out to those who missed out.

To the races, Hawks had a fantastic turnout and it was great to see our singlets out in force. There are way too many to list so congrats to everybody, especially those who did PBs. I know of a couple of young 50 year olds who ran one and acknowledged how far their running has come since joining Hawks.
I missed the start of the 10k as I was helping with the course setup so I jumped on the bike to lead  the 10, 5 and 2k and it was great to see some good racing.

A special thanks should go to El Presidente Shona for organising the volunteers, and of course the volunteers themselves, many of whom helped then put on their shoes to run also.

Bring on next year and Huntly’s 40th.

Full results on Huntly Half Website>>

Photos by Mike Riley in the Facebook group >>

Huntly Half Marathon 2017 Results

Report by John Merring

It started with a siren, not a bang. We got off the line, and I immediately went to the front. I hesitated at first. Being the tactical type, I have mild phobia when it comes to leading early. Armed with Tim Stewart’s Garmin watch, I was able to check my pace. I saw we were doing 3:40s. I immediately adjusted to 3:30/k, and kept it even for the remaining 20k.

Overall, racing at Huntly was a great experience, and I feel very lucky to have come away with the win. I’m looking forward to the races over the coming months! On the day, I was especially impressed with Lance Brew’s 1:16, which is a huge breakthrough, and bodes well for his upcoming marathon. Shout out to everyone else who raced and came out to support. It’s the camaraderie of the club that make these events worthwhile. I’m truly happy and proud to call myself a Hawk.

Huntly Half Marathon 2016 Results

Report by Glenn Sexton

Due to the lack of fast half marathons, and continued problems with the townsfolk from Huntly regarding the old course, Huntly Half decided to go back to the traditional road race formula of looking for a fast flat course. Hopefully this  gives people a chance for a PB, or an age grade PB. To those Hawks who chose to run it or the 10 and 5k, thanks for continuing to support this event. Feedback from competitors and Huntly people has been positive. We took a bit of a hit with numbers competing but think this course and date is the way to go if Huntly Half is to continue.

9 runners went under 75 minutes which is a good start to attracting good fields. Hawks had a great day results wise.In the women’s race Rowan Torckler, Alice Mason and Nancy Jiang took out the trifecta. This is a fantastic effort and i’m sure it has never been done before. In the men’s race Steve Rees Jones finished 2nd overall and first 40+ while Tim Stewart outsprinted the field to take the 10.5km bonus prize of $100.

I was lead bike around the 10k and 5k course was a loop around Lake Puketirini and had a great view of Mathijs Wetzels outstanding lead from the front win in the 10k. Rhys Mildon managed to catch him at 9 k but Mathijs managed to get the lead back and kick away fro the win in 35.37.. Hawks Olivia Ritchie, Sarah Murphy and Veronkia Lang again took out the first 3 spots in the 10k. In the 5k lucy Farrell took took the female top spot.

Thanks to the Hawks volunteers who helped out on the day.
Photos from Huntly Half Facebook album

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Huntly Half Marathon 2015 Results

Huntly Half 2015 Logo

Alex Parlane led a lonely path around the Huntly half marathon course, winning as he liked in 1h 12m 38s. The former national cross country champion clocked a personal best in the windy conditions finishing a minute ahead of his Wesley Club team mate Tom Moyes. Tom Hunt was third in 1h 15m 38s.

The first three runners went the correct 21.1km course but from fourth to eightieth veered off course around the 7km mark and in most cases ran an extra 2km. Lisa Robertson was one of these, but still came through to win the women’s section by five minutes over Esther Keown with a further two minutes to Fiona Love.

Donna Roderick won the half marathon walk in 2:08:49. The 10km went to Sasha Daniels 35:35, from John Bowe 35:49, and Emerson Deverell was the first woman in 39:22. Marcia Soanes won the 10km walk in 1:08:49. The 5km was won by Charli Miller in 17:22, with Hannah Haworth the first senior woman in 19:29. Just on a thousand took part in the half marathon with 1951 competing over all events.

Extract from Athletics NZ weekly update


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Huntly Half Marathon – Report by Mike Harris

I made it to the start line in a general good working state and positioned myself a couple rows back amongst other Hawks.  My plan was to do 4:05 minute kms with some extra allowance for the hills. I managed to not get carried away by going too fast over the first 5 kms and kept Kevin, Paul and Kovo in sight. Did a good pace over the first hill or two and came up alongside them, we started commentating how we didn’t remember the additional hills before the lake and begun to wonder why we weren’t advised of a course change.  It seemed logical to follow the way others were going, especially as there was an abundance of traffic management cones in the middle of the road continuing off into the distance. As we neared the top of a steep hill Kevin and I were greeted by around 20 runners coming towards us like a herd of bulls – most with their nostrils flaring too. Confusion set in as we joined the downhill onslaught to find the road that would lead us on to the lake path. As others were also heading the wrong way they joined us creating a snow ball effect of runners searching for some sense of this half marathon they came to conquer.

The lake path ended up being like rush hour in Auckland’s Queen Street and it was difficult knowing who was going at your pace and how to gain your stride back. I avoided thinking too much about the km markers as I had done close to 2 kms more.  Once I got back on the road I settled into a better stride and felt comfortable running at a good pace up and over the long hill and after a few more dips in the road managed to catch up with Kovo. I enjoyed having Kovo to run with past the quarry and to the most northern point in the course, where we turned around and were greeted with a strong head wind.  Kovo made some attempt to shelter behind me from the wind and quickly realised that my lean frame provided little benefit.  At the 21km mark I hit my target of around 1:26:30 but unfortunately due to the detour still had 2km to go so stopped looking at my watch and ran how I felt – which I thought was a similar 4.05 pace but later discovered my pace had slowed and the last 2km was a tough slog to the end.  With 300 metres to go I ran past Wendy who was yelling at me that Kevin was right behind me and I needed to pick it up so he didn’t beat me.  I tried to pick up the pace and was rewarded with excruciating cramp in my leg which stopped me in my tracks and Kevin went flying past me.  This was enough to force myself to get going again and caught Kevin on the grass who of course sprinted off and beat me by 3 seconds.  Despite the frustration of the extra distance and not truly knowing what my 21.1km time would have been I really enjoyed my day and felt that my race went to plan and I kept a fairly consistent pace throughout.

Look forward to doing it again next year.


Huntly Half Marathon – report by Paula Klein

This is my first Huntly half marathon and I was really excited but
also a little nervous due to various accounts of how many hills there were. The weather looked dodgy but oh well – how hard could it be?

It always takes me a good hour to warm up so by the time I had reached the 10k mark I was starting to feel more relaxed. I really liked this course. No real hills that were taxing and a bit of variety. The out and backs helped me see the people I was trying to catch and pass. Even the strong head wind helped cool me down. This a course I would definitely revisit and hopefully I will be faster next year too.
2km race report by Sophie Harris


I set off about 20 people behind the first runner. The grass was squishy from the recent rain. My shoes slid on the wet and it soaked into my shoes. I ran past a playground full of laughing toddlers splashing in the puddles that had formed on the tarmac. I followed the path forward, almost missing a hidden corner. Mushy grass gave way to slippery concrete and I spotted Haylee ahead of me and I suddenly had a burst of energy. I slipped past her and carried on with growing adrenaline. I charged down the hill and with tired reluctance I carried on around the course once more.

I came down the road for the last time and swerved around the cone towards the finish line. I braced myself and then with the last of my dying energy sped down the hill. The mud splatted onto my legs and I squinted my eyes away from the burning sun. As I came down the finishing shoot I passed a few people. I made it across the finish line and… collapsed!

I had run myself hard and also exhausted myself but I earned myself a new PB of nine minutes and twenty seconds.

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Huntly 10km Event

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Huntly Half Marathon 2014 Results

A cool foggy morning welcomed over 1950 participants to Huntly Domain for the 34th running of the Huntly Half, 10 and 5 km running event. It was fantastic to see a strong lineup of over 75 Hawks across all events with many great results.

The fields were very strong for both the ½ and 10 km with the likes of Sam Wreford winning the 1/2 in a great time of 1.06 39, Samuel Murphy 2nd 1.11.25, Sasha Daniels 3rd in 1.14.50 and in 4th place overall and 2nd age group a rejuvenated Corey Hinde 1.16.54 and a solid run from Stephan Wagner placed 3rd in 40 to 49 age group.

Lydia O’Donnel was first woman over the line very close behind Corey with a time of 1.17.02 and following up from solid runs in the Rotorua marathon was Sue Crowley 2nd in 1.23.53 and Kovo Kowalewski 3rd in 1.25.22. Helen Hall-King placed 1st and Kay Stockman placed 3rd in the 50-59 age group.

In the 10km race Jonny McKee had a great run finishing 1st in 32.06 with Ryan McAlister 2nd in 32.38 and a very solid 3rd place for Steve Rees-Jones in 32.40. Jason Cameron had a great run with 35.27 to come 1st in 40-49 closely followed by our own President with a solid 35.35 to take 2nd (after spending a busy morning helping set up the course and pre-race nutrition of a large flat white and a custard slice).

Ross Butler took out the 5km event in 18.02 and Gordon Speirs placed 1st in 60-69 with a good time of 23.02.
There were many impressive individual efforts on the day, too many to put in this report however congratulations to all who competed and achieved on the day. I would also like to thank the many club members that volunteered their time to help make the day a success.

Andrew Wark


Face Book post by Grant Budd – May 18

Today was a very cool day. Competed proudly as a Hawks member in the Huntly Half Marathon. Im very happy with my result and would like to mention that I am also Very happy to have met so many very cool competitors on the course today. The small groups that were formed to help give that extra little push today were amazing, Thank you also to the club support out there today.  When you take a wee moment to think about the Hawks club and its members you realize that your being supported in so many ways.


Huntly Half Marathon 2014     10km
Corey Hinde 1.16.54 Steve Rees Jones 32.4
Stefan Wagner 1.19.36 Cory Whiting 33.5
Brendan Woolerton 1.19.43 Jason Cameron 35.27
John Bowe 1.19.54 Glenn Sexton 35.35
Grant Budd 1.21.34 Sunil Fernandez Ritchie 38.53
Marc Scott 1.21.46 Kirsten Milne 39.39
Lance Brew 1.21.58 Emerson Deverell 41.44
Matt Greenfell 1.23.31 Bridget Deverell 42.08
Kovo Kowalewski 1.25.13 Jean Dorell 43.27
Mike Harris 1.27.03 Trish Stockman 44.54
Nick Freke 1.27.57 Maureen Leonard 45.02
Brent Nijssen 1.29.33 Gary Clare 45.25
Blair Tupp 1.29.46 Colin King 45.37
Ryan Stacey 1.29.56 Pacer Maria Oates 46.11
Mike Brightwell 1.31.37 Chris Rogers 47.32
Sam Le Heron 1.31.39 Grahame Clarkin 49.24
Charlie Evans 1.33.49 Toshimi Farrell 50.1
Michael Hoogeveen 1.35.39 Chris Powell 52.5
Brooke Shepherd 1.36.02 Wendy Harris 54.17
Dan Philpott 1.36.30 Max Field 54.29
Kevin Webb 1.36.33 Connie Crook 1.14.42
Helen Hall King 1.38.32 Aimee Burgess 1.24.09
Kay Stockman 1.39.39
Dawn Tuffery 1.39.50 Pacer 5km
Sandra Jensen 1.40.16 Ross Butler 18.03
Evan Primmer 1.41.41 Gina Butler 18.51
Steve Parsons 1.42.54 Corrina Decker Thorburn 20.31
Dion Hardy 1.42.28 Lucy Farrell 21.47
Darryl Conn 1.43.32 Gordon Speirs 23.02
Sarah Woolerton 1.50.04 Liam McLaughlin 23.3
Ellie Broadbridge 1.50.45 Josh McLaughlin 26.55
Vaughn Kestle 1.53.18 Garth Ritchie 44.31
Brian Halford 1.54.21 Alan Rogerson 1.46.44
Martin Lovell 1.53.37
Marcus Daws 1.53.37 2km
Bridget McLaughlin 1.54.27 Donovan Farrell 8.35
Shona Dewson 1.58.36 Shawn Halford 8.46
Antionette Turton 2.07.18 Haylee Halford 9.34
Terry Hannett 2.07.18 Charlie Hinde 9.58
Vaughn Swale 2.19.39 Pacer
Brian Smith 2.40.10

If anyone missed out please email newsletter@hamiltoncityhawks.co.nz your details.

View the official results website and placings

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Huntly Half Marathon 2013 Results

Huntly Half Marathon 2013   Visit the official Website  

Full results for 2013 here

One of the benefits of licensing out the Huntly Half Marathon (apart from getting my lounge floor back in May) was that more Hawks were able to take part in the event. 110 Hawks took advantage of a free entry, which surpassed the 95 Hawks who ran the 30th anniversary 2010 event.

Dion Jelley must have some links to the Weather Gods – Torrential rain over night gave way to blue skys in the morning.

The experienced Hawks team led by Trish Stockman provided valuable help at the late entry and help desk area – almost 200 late entries turned up – there possibly would have been more with out the overnight rain. Kent and the A-Team set up part of the course like a well oiled machine and provided the new organisers with their invaluable knowledge and know how – garnered over the years.

It was refreshing to be able to wander around and talk to people with out being constrained by time keeping or race director duties.

Thermals and long pants packed on Saturday were left in the bags as the weather warmed up for the start of the Half marathon. 53 Hawks lined up for the Half and some great results ensued.

Helen Rountree wasn’t going to die wondering if she could match Auckland Champ Lisa Robertson disbanding her normal conservative start and running with Lisa for almost 10 , hanging on for a good second place. Hawks filled 2nd 3rd Katherine Prumm and 4th Mikayla Nielsen and had 5 in the top ten with Kirsten Milne 7th and Bridget Deverall 8th. Looks good for the National relays. Huge PB’s to Megan Arthur and Karen Hopson.

The Hawks Men weren’t quite as dominant with Jono Jackson ACA taking his first Huntly Half win and Aucklanders taking the first 9 places. Tony Olsen was the First Hawks home taking out the Masters Race – Andrew Wark getting a well deserved handshake for 3rd master. Run of the day for the Hawks Men has to go to Lance Brew – 3 Minute PB.

The 10k was a closely fought race with Cory Whiting piping Simon Rogers and half iroman – Graham O’Grady (who had a little ride from Taupo to Hamilton the day before)

New Hawks member – Emily Roughan was first Female home in the 10k – leading Katie Dawson and Emmerson Deverell for a clean sweep by the Hawks – Grace Ritchie beat all the boys – and men – in the 5k – with an outstanding 18:01 – Gordon Speirs showed the flag for the men.

Full results from 2012 here

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Huntly Half Marathon

The event involves the traditional Half Marathon distance of 21.1km which is officially measured and certified under ANZ standards. There is also a 10km, 5km and RUN kids 2km for Under 16 year olds. All events have the option of either a Run or Walk.

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