Huntly Half Marathon 2017 Results

Report by John Merring

It started with a siren, not a bang. We got off the line, and I immediately went to the front. I hesitated at first. Being the tactical type, I have mild phobia when it comes to leading early. Armed with Tim Stewart’s Garmin watch, I was able to check my pace. I saw we were doing 3:40s. I immediately adjusted to 3:30/k, and kept it even for the remaining 20k.

Overall, racing at Huntly was a great experience, and I feel very lucky to have come away with the win. I’m looking forward to the races over the coming months! On the day, I was especially impressed with Lance Brew’s 1:16, which is a huge breakthrough, and bodes well for his upcoming marathon. Shout out to everyone else who raced and came out to support. It’s the camaraderie of the club that make these events worthwhile. I’m truly happy and proud to call myself a Hawk.