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Tauranga Cross Country 2022 Results

Report by Garry Wilson

Saturday saw the 51st running of the Tauranga Cross Country. Conditions were mild, firm and dry. Even the dreaded ‘hill’ could be attacked without spikes. Although I did my very best to make it look much harder than it was.

This is an event that at its peak attracted large numbers and quality fields.  First run, and won in 1971 by Olympian Mike Ryan, the list of Male winners is a veritable who’s who of Waikato Bay of Plenty Distance runners. From Jack Foster and Paul Ballinger, through to Ben Ruthe and Aaron Pulford. There are also a fair number of Hawks also, with ‘older’ names such as Alan Stock and Euan Robertson alongside more recent winners including John Crane and Jai Davies-Campbell. (Note: John won in 1999 & 2015. An incredible 16 years between victories.

To this list of Champions, we can add the name of Ben Bidois. Ben ran a controlled race to gradually draw away from the field eventually winning comfortably by just under a minute in 27.51. Ben looks in great form for upcoming races.

We can also claim the Women’s Champion, with current NZ Cross Country title holder Kerry White, having to work harder for her win, over her slightly younger rivals. Kerry held on to win by 5 seconds in 15.41.

There were some good results by Hawks athletes in the earlier races:
Jack and Max Stirling 2nd and 3rd in the U14 Boys.
Nisha Moorfield and Carenza Elley 3rd and 4th in the U16 Girls.
Renee Carey and Letizia Hay 3rd and 4th in the W18
Alicia O’Conner 2nd in the W20
Claire Liang 4th in the U10 Girls
Louie Endres 2nd in the M18 (beaten by one second)
Grahame Clarkin 2nd MM65+

Apologies for not listing everyone, including the doddery old men in the Masters section.

I look forward to the rest of the Cross Country season, culminating in the NZ Champs in Taupo. Should be some great racing.

You can also check out the full results here

And there are lots of photos of the event available on the Tauranga Ramblers Facebook page <<here>>
There is even a short video which really shows how steep those hills were…Check it out <<here>>

Tauranga Cross Country 2019 Results

Report by Tanja Miller

The annual Tauranga Cross Country was held on Saturday 25th May 2019 at Waipuna Park.

The weather was absolutely gorgeous and if anything it was a little too hot! There was lots of sunshine, no wind and the track was firm underfoot.

Unfortunately I was injured and unable to run, which left me feeling a bit sorry for myself!  However I did get to watch some great racing from the sidelines and cheer on my children when they ran. It was disappointing to see small fields this year but those who did compete raced with enthusiasm and dedication.

The highlight for me, as a triathlete myself, was the women’s 4km event. The race was dominated by up and coming youth triathletes who were the 1st, 2nd and 3rd runners home. A very strong Hannah Knighton ( U/20) was shadowed by Charli Miller (U/18) for most of the race. Hannah managed to get away to take the win in a time of 15 mins from Charli who was 8 seconds back. Third place went to Olivia Cummings (U/18) a talented triathlete from Tauranga in 15:23.

Once again Tauranga Ramblers produced a well run event with lots of prizes. It was especially exciting for the younger runners who each received a little goody bag after their race. My son enjoyed the banana, mini bag of chips and Mars bar that were in his. It was a nice reward for having to run up the dreaded Waipuna hill!
Thanks Tauranga Ramblers and see you in 2020! (hopefully I’ll be able to run at the next one!)

Tauranga Cross Country 2018 Results

Report by Tanja Miller

Tauranga Open Cross County Results 2018 PDF

On Saturday the 27th of May 2018 I found myself lined up at the start of the Tauranga Cross Country Open. It was a surreal moment for me and I had plenty of self doubt going on  “I’m 41 years old! I’ve never been a runner or athlete of any kind so what the heck am I doing here?” and “What if I come last? That’s ok right? Someone has to be tail end Charlie?”

The last memories I had of cross country were back in 1989 at intermediate in Cambridge. I was 12 years old and I decided I never wanted to run another school cross country EVER. They sucked and I sucked so what’s the point?  During the next 5 years of high school I stuck to my word. I managed to come up with various excuses to keep me from having to endure the ‘torture’. Then along came husband and the growing, birthing and breastfeeding (13 years of it, yikes!) of 6 demanding babies and thoughts of cross country were hidden well away in the “bad memories” box.

Yet somehow here I was lined up with a fit group of talented teens and mature women who all looked like they’d been running for years! Thankfully I had my trusty side kick Charli running beside me for moral support. I kept my negative thoughts in check as I really wanted to show her and her siblings that you’re never too old too try something new, break out of your comfort zone and find your hidden talents.

Then the starter gun went, snapping me back to reality and it was game on!  I had a wee goal of trying to come in under 20 minutes but I didn’t want to go out too fast. I’d been unwell with flu and was still recovering. With my girl running beside me I set about running the best darn race this 41 year old body could. Lap one done and Charli called out “9 mins Mum for lap 1, awesome!” Wow, better than I expected.

The course was firm underfoot with not a speck of mud insight. The sun was shining but there was a strong breeze which made part of each lap more challenging. The dreaded Waipuna cross country course hill was harder than ever and I’m so glad I only had to ascend it twice unlike my husband who had to do it 4 times! And I managed to clear all the barriers without face planting, bonus!

Then somehow I found myself in the finish chute “Go for it Mum” yelled my Charli girl and so I did. I sprinted and crossed the finish line in 17:16! Yes, I did it, I came in under my goal time. All the work I’d put in plodding away up hills and through the grass at Minogue park and Porritt had paid off. It was such an honour to run with a group of women, young and not so young, all with the same goal, get to the finish line!  Thanks to Tauranga Ramblers for a great event which welcomes athletes of all ages and abilities and well done to all the runners. If there are any other parents like me who’ve spent years as a sideline supporter for their kids sport. It’s never too late to get out there and join in. It will give you a great insight into what it’s like for them as well as improving your own fitness, If I can do it, anyone can!

Photos on Tauranga Rambler’s FB page >>

Tauranga Open Cross County Results 2018 PDF

Senior Men & Masters Men 35-64 8060 Metres
Race# First Surname Club/School Time Grade Place
1 Regan Bones Tauranga Ramblers 29:08 SM 1
2 Logan Rodger Hamilton City Hawks 29:58 SM 2
3 Michael Pugh Tauranga Ramblers 30:08 MM35-49 1
4 Dean Chiplin Cambridge 31:29 MM35-49 2
5 John Bowe Hamilton City Hawks 31:31 MM35-49 3
6 Brad Dixon Everfit Coaching 31:46 MM35-49 4
7 Tony Broadhead Lake City 31:57 MM50-64 1
8 Todd Rowan Everfit Coaching 32:31 SM 3
9 Chris Atkinson Cambridge 32:42 MM35-49 5
10 Andy Vane Everfit Coaching 32:46 MM35-49 6
11 John Charlton Cambridge 32:49 MM35-49 7
12 Stewart Simpson Tauranga Ramblers 33:11 MM35-49 8
13 Max Gordon 33:56 SM 4
14 David Burrett Tauranga Ramblers 34:03 MM35-49 9
15 Les Miller Hamilton City Hawks 34:48 MM35-49 10
16 Sunil Hamilton City Hawks 34:48 SM 5
17 Kevin Knowles 35:14 MM50-64 2
18 Alan Crambie Lake City 35:38 MM50-64 3
19 Paul Signal Cambridge 36:03 MM50-64 4
20 Craig Sinclair Cambridge 36:10 MM35-49 11
21 Travis Stinll 36:26 MM35-49 12
22 Darryn Koppens Morrinsville 36:27 MM35-49 13
23 Mark Handley Olympic Harriers 36:30 MM50-64 5
24 Max Ball Tauranga Ramblers 37:34 MM50-64 6
25 Phillip Curtis Tauranga Ramblers 39:18 MM50-64 7
26 Curphey John Cambridge 41:03 MM35-49 14
27 Gilbert MacDonald Hamilton City Hawks 48:28 MM50-64 8
Masters Men 65+ 6060 Metres
1 Gavin Smith Tauranga Ramblers 26:53 MM65+ 1
2 Trevor Ogilvie Lake City 29:30 MM65+ 2
3 Robin Read Napier Harriers 33:32 MM65+ 3
4 John Shivas Tauranga Ramblers 34:46 MM65+ 4
5 Peter Vyver Lake City 40:30 MM65+ 5
Senior Women, Masters Women Women U18 4060 Metres
Placing First Surname Club/School Time Grade Place
1 Sally Gibbs Tauranga Ramblers 15.26 SW 1
2 Aimee Ferguson Hawkes/Rototuna 15:30 W18 1
3 Sarah Gardner Tauranga Ramblers 15:43 SW 2
4 Gemma Baldey Whakatane 15:52 W18 2
5 Samantha Corbett Hawks 16.11 W18 3
6 Jemima Antoniazzi Hawks/St Peters 16:38 W18 4
7 Tanjia Miller Hawks 17:16 MW40 1
8 Charli Miller Hawks 17:17 W18 5
9 Aliana Brent Hamilton Hawks 17:44 SW 3
10 Abbie Mortimer Tauranga Girls 18:02 W18 6
11 Katrina Shores Team CK 18:24 MW35 1
12 Karyn McCready Waiktao Masters 19:25 MW45 1
13 Charlotte Bartrum Tauranga Ramblers 19:39 MW35 2
14 Tabitha Marshall Tauranga Girls 20:16 W18 7
15 Rebecca Speirs Tauranga Ramblers 21:08 MW40 2
16 Dee Atkinson Cambridge 21:09 MW45 2
17 Mikayla Wiles Hawks/Cambridge High 23:34 W18 8
Men U20 U18 6060 Metres
Placing First Surname Club/School Time Grade Place
1 Ben Bidois Hawks/Cambridge 21:48 M18 1
2 Harrison Fountain Hawks/Te Aroha 22:14 M20 1
3 Blake Miller 0:13 M20 2
4 Nick Wolton Bethlehem College 0:35 M18 2
5 Rhys Findson Morrinsville College 27:02 M18 3
6 Chris Wolton Bethlehem College 27:04 M18 4

Tauranga Open Cross Country 2017 Results

Mud Mud Glorious Mud and torrential rain was the scene that greeted athletes running In  the Tauranga Open Cross country at Welcome Bay on Saturday. Harrier stalwarts have never seen the course there with so much surface water on it. Despite the trying conditions in torrential rain Tauranga ran their usual efficient event and many Hawks ran very successfully.

Jai Davies-Campbell led from the gun in the senior men’s race. He looked strong throughout and handled the wet conditions exceptionally well. He seemed to run each lap faster and clipped out the 8000 in 28.23. Jack Montgomery, a former cyclist, has joined the Hawks and he ran well in his first senior men’s cross country to place 3rd in 32.16 Ryan Stacey 32.50, Sunil Fernandez-Ritchie 33.15 were other Hawks members to race.

In the masters men John Bowe reveled in the mud and wet to win the MM45 in 32.09 with Glenn Sexton running his first race of the season for 2nd in 33.26. Gilbert MacDonald was 6th in this grade in 45.22. Kevin Knowles won the MM55 in 35.59 while Graham Clarkin was 2nd in MM60 in 46.01.

Mathijs Wetzels won the popular B14 race over 2960 with 11.03 while younger brother Tobias was 6th in 12.01.

The combined MW, SE, W20 and W18 race was a Hawks benefit with youngsters Grace Ritchie and Aimee Ferguson taking the lead and with Emerson Deverell they dominated the pace for the first lap. Emerson ran her best race over cross country for some time, led all the way, and won with style in 15.54 for the 4034 distance. Aimee finished fast to pip Grace for 3rd spot but win the W18 grade. Grace was 2nd to Emerson in 16.14. Both Grace and Aimee will race in the WBOP second schools champs at Hamilton Gardens on June 7th.

In the w18 race Jemima Antoaoniazzi was 3rd in 17.23. In the Senior Women’s section of this race Sally Gibbs was 4th to finish behind the Hawks young trio and clocked 16.25 with Malese McNarney taking 3rd in 16.55.

Racing 5978 metres in the M18 grade Sam Montgomery with 21.50 led home his school rivals with a strong showing while younger brother Lochie was 3rd in 22.53. They gave St Peters School good points in the schools teams race.

It was a mudlarkian day for the hardy harriers that showed.

Tauranga Ramblers’ Facebook has lots of photos from the day here.

Tauranga Open Cross Country 2016 Results

The annual Tauranga Open Cross Country was held on a remarkably dry Waipuna Park course with no surface water or mud despite the heavy overnight rain.

Tauranga Cross Country 2015 Results

Race report by Don Willoughby
Some 158 athletes took part in the Tauranga Open Cross Country races held at Waipuna in crisp but quite dry conditions. Some 17 Hawks travelled over the hill and showed the club flag. There were two stand out results for our members with Vice President John Crane and Year 13 Kings College student Emerson Deverell both scoring resounding wins in their respective grades. How times have changed. Older harriers commented that in the long tradition of the event  to win in the past you needed to be a national champion. Now the biggest fields are the primary and intermediate school races where the schools compete for points for a $50 prize which is scored over four races.
Here’s how our members raced.
In the 2000 G12 race Corrina Decker-Thorburn was 9th.
Lochie Montgomerie  Hamilton Boys showed potential with a fighting second in the B14 3km and should race well in upcoming secondary school races cross country events  with the WBOP SSXC being held at Tokoroa on the 10 June followed by the national event in Dunedin on the 20 June.
In the combined Youth, Junior, Senior and Masters Women race over 4km Emerson Deverell was the winner. Buoyant after her winning run in the Huntly 10km where she ran a 1.22 PB in 39.24 Emerson won in a quick 15.07  with positive front running tactics that left a quality field in her wake and sets her up for a top run in the nationals race over the Mosgiel golf course on the 20th. Other promising runs in the youth women came from Grace Ritchie 3rd in 15.27, Ani Gemmill 4th in 15.47 and Gina Butler 5th in 16.09.
In the combined Youth and Junior Mens race over 6km a Cambridge triathlete impressed with an all the way win. Fynn Thompson a member of Tri NZ’s national squad was very strong and won in 19.55.  Sam Montgomery 2nd YM ran 20.39, Connor Tristam 3rd YM with 21.13 and Finn Myles 6th YM 23.37. Hamilton Boys squad is heading to nationals with a quality team and are hoping to medal in some of the teams events. We wish them well.
Leading world masters runner Sally Gibbs won the MW 4 km race in 15.30 while Ellie Broadbridge ran her 4km in 20.34 for 2nd in the W35-49 grade.
The combined masters and senior men raced over 9kms and what an exciting race it was. The battle of the Johns Crane V Caie was worth watching and for most of the race they ran stride for stride. Crane showed superior hurdling skills and better course management by seeking out the grassier parts of the steep hill that gave him better traction. But each time his 10 metre lead was whittled away by John Caie’s downhill expertise pegged him back each time. Over the last hurdle with 500 to run the Hawks John cranked up the pace and finished fast to clearly win in 29.13 with some 12 seconds back to John Caie. Lance Brew ran a gutsy race for third and first senior man and will benefit form the race. Other Hawks to race over 9km were  Grant Budd 32.06, Ross Butler 32.25, Gary Wilson 35.32,Gilbert Macdonald 42.07 and David Southwick 45.10.
It was an enjoyable day of cross country racing in the sun and thanks to those who supported out athletes. As usual Tauranga ran a tidy event.
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Tauranga Cross Country 2014 Results

“Where have all the runners gone” was a plea from Malcolm Taylor at last weekend’s Tauranga Cross Country. This club puts on a very well run event annually  on an excellent running surface and as a cross country nut from way back I was saddened to see how few took part. Events like this will die if all clubs don’t support them.  Is the timing wrong, should it be a week later, should it be on a Sunday or even should it be held at all?

It was a lovely late autumn day and a few club runners took part in small fields. Lucy Farrell took out the G12 race with an excellent run. School runners from Waikato Diocesan, Hamilton Boys and St Peters School used the event to gain race experience as they prepare for the national schools cross country to be held at Massey University on June 21. Grace Ritchie was all class in winning the W18 race in 16.32 over 4060m. Hamilton Boys trio of Isaiah Priddey, Sam Montgomerie and Connor Tristram ran full tilt for two laps of their M18 race over 6060m. They confused officials when they jogged the last lap as a warm down. As they race 4000 in the Junior Boys race at Palmy it was understandable from a coaching perspective. They jogged across the finish in 4th= which allowed Leon Arcus Ham Boys to take out the M18 race in 22.27, with Matthew Scott  St Peters 2nd in 22.54 and Finn Myles Ham Boys in 3rd with 23.39. World class masters runner Sally Gibbs was all class in winning the women’s race over 6060 while Steve O’Callaghan looked good in winning the senior men’s race over 8060m Tony Olsen Te Awamutu was 5th in the men’s event in 31.06, Marc Scott was next in 32.34 Dale Bull 11th and Grahame Clarkin 21 were other Hawks runners who took part.

Tauranga Open XC 24 May 2014 Full Results

Photos – Thanks to Tauranga Ramblers.  Check out their Facebook page for more photos.

Click on photo for slideshow.

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