Auckland Marathon 2014 Results

Sunday started early at 4.20am, however today was no normal training day, today was race day. A lot of dedication and training has led me to this day, this opportunity, this challenge and this chance of doing a sub three marathon.

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End of Year Prize Giving 2014 Results

We were fortunate to have at prize giving the main people involved with the building of our fantastic club rooms.   Read more

Dudfield Mile 2014 Results

The inaugural “Dudfield MILE”.

Everyone jogged to the start along the river path towards the Cobham Drive bridge.

Then raced back to the finish.

Burned Ya Lungs out !


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National Road Relays 2014 Results

Hawks finished the 2014 season with another successful and enjoyable National Road Relay Championship down in Christchurch at the weekend on the best and most challenging road relay course in New Zealand … Takahe to Akaroa.

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Club Road Champs 2014 Results

Last month we were both looking forward to Club Champs, training was going well and we were both anticipating PB’s on the day.  Instead we found ourselves on the side lines both injured, happily cheering everyone else on but with a sense of “what could have been”.

The annual Hawks Club Road Champs produced a little bit of everything weather wise with rain, sun and a cold wintry blast of wind throughout the afternoon. This did not seem to dampen enthusiasm with over 100 people turning up to either cheer others on or join the 68 members running across all age categories.

The kids races were well run with many great efforts put in.  Well done to Levi Budd who was particularly proud of himself for running the whole distance without stopping and this was topped off with him winning a movie voucher spot prize.

In the Women’s races, Emerson Deverell and Grace Ritchie fought it out until the last lap where Emerson increased the gap to win by 21 seconds.  Of particular note was Sandra Jensen, definitely one to watch as she keeps getting faster and faster.

A couple of fierce battles occurred throughout the 10km final race of the day.  The first between the younger men of Tim, Jacob and Theunis with Tim coming out as winner not only of this battle but the 10km race overall winner also.  The second battle between Kerry, Kent and John finally ended with Kerry over the line first (just) with Kent hot on his heels and John not far behind.  Thus proving that age is no barrier.  Marc Scott was seeking photographic evidence to support a 35:59 PB.

Check out the great photos online both on the Hawks Facebook page or the Hawks website. Photos thanks to Graham Dufield, Mike Harris, Dawn Tuffery and Nick Freke.

Report by Mike and Wendy Harris

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Place Name Surname Finish Dist Grade  
1 Donovan Farrell 08:54 2 Km U10B
2 Haylee Halford 09:05 2 Km U10G
3 Sophie Harris 10:16 2 Km U12G
4 Levi Budd 14:28 2 Km U10B
1 Charli Miller 11:26 3 km U14G
2 Corinna Decker 12:01 3 km U12G
3 Erin Fobbester 12:19 3 km U14G
4 Lucy Farrell 12:39 3 km U14G
5 Max Field 13:34 3 km U14B
1 Emerson Deverell 18:39 5 km U18W
2 Grace Ritchie 19:00 5 km U16W
3 Kristen Milne 19:31 5 km MW 1st MW
4 Talia Horgan 19:55 5 km U20W
5 Maureen Leonard 20:32 5 km MW50 2nd MW
6 Sandra Jensen 20:53 5 km MW35 3rd MW
7 Trish Stockman 20:58 5 km MW50
8 Lisa Joblin 20:59 5 km MW45
9 Karyn McCready 21:16 5 km MW45
10 Jordan Hitchcock 21:42 5 km U20W
11 Fleur Marillier 21:45 5 km MW
12 Jean Dorrell 22:07 5 km MW45
13 Ellie Broadbridge 23:19 5 km MW
14 Shona Dewson 26:03 5 km MW
15 Michelle Curnow 29:39 5 km MW55
1 Harry Ewing 19:51 6km U18M
2 Cameron Swales 20:20 6km U20M
3 Isaiah Priddey 20:24 6km U16M
4 Oliver McLean 20:36 6km U20M
5 Matthew Scott 20:49 6km U18M
6 Conor Gyde 21:29 6km U20M
7 Connor Tristram 21:33 6km U18M
1 Tim Stewart 33:00 10 km SM
2 Jacob Priddey 33:16 10 km SM
3 Theunis Pieters 33:56 10 km SM
4 Kerry Suter 34:32 10 km SM
5 Kent Hodgson 34:32 10 km MM 1st Master
6 John Crane 34:49 10 km MM50 2nd Master
7 Jason Cameron 35:25 10 km MM 3rd Master
8 Ryan Stacey 35:28 10 km SM
9 Lance Brew 35:31 10 km SM
10 Marc Scott 36:01 10 km MM45
11 Glenn Sexton 36:16 10 km MM
12 Andrew Wark 36:33 10 km MM
13 Kris Moore 37:20 10 km SM
14 Stefan Wagner 37:37 10 km MM
15 John Bowe 37:47 10 km MM
16 Grant Budd 37:58 10 km MM
17 Sunil Fernandez-Ritchie 38:33 10 km SM
18 Kovo Kowalewski 38:42 10 km SW 1st Women
19 Kevin Knowles 38:49 10 km MM50
20 Nick Freke 40:50 10 km MM
21 Troy Flavell 41:14 10 km SM
22 Malesa McNearney 41:23 10 km SW 2nd Women
23 Hooge 41:53 10 km SM
24 Oscar Emery 42:42 10 km MM
25 Beth Hampton 42:56 10 km SW 3rd  Women
26 Charlie Evans 42:59 10 km MM
27 Darryl Conn 44:17 10 km MM
28 Orlaith Heron 44:30 10 km SW
29 Kevin Webb 44:36 10 km MM
30 Evan Primmer 45:33 10 km MM
31 Sarah Woolerton 47:28 10 km SW
32 Vaughan Swale 51:09 10 km MM
33 Vaughan Kestle 51:39 10 km MM
34 David Southwick 52:41 10 km MM
35 Emily Fyfe 53:39 10 km SW
36 Brian Smith 14:23 10 km MM80
37 Alan Rogerson 31:14 10 km MM


Redwoods Relays 2014 Results

Hawks sent a total of seven teams over to a rather dreary and wet Long Mile Road in Rotorua for the 36th Redwood Relays. The top half of the course was in pretty good condition but the lower half through the parkland had people dodging and tip toeing around puddles.

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Whangamata Half 2014 Results

Conditions on Saturday morning saw steady rain and easterly winds.  From the start in the half marathon, Karen Hopson and Fiona Goddard disappeared into the distance, not to be seen until the turn around where they were a long way in front of me.
At the turn around, Cory Whiting was in 3rd place and going strong.  Next was John Bowe, who managed to make the start line on time.   Bridget Ray, who was seen rushing home 10 minutes before the start, had a great race and finished 2nd masters woman.
Antoinette Turton and Kay Jones, both had good runs in the half marathon as well.
Chris Rodgers had a good run in the 10km and finished in 6th place.  Cory Whiting’s mum and dad also competed in the 10km with Kelvin coming in just ahead of Karen. 
Lance Brew, on coaches orders, ran the 5km as speed work and was first home in this event.
Gordon Speirs also competed in the 5km event.
Graham Dudfield and his team did a great job with the time keeping.

Report by Evan Primmer and Gordon Speirs


Hawks Results

Name Place Time
Cory Whiting 3 1.18.59
John Bowe 7    (1st mm) 1.23.33
Bridget Ray 17  (2nd mw) 1.33.36
Karen Hopson 30 1.38.02
Fiona Goddar 32 1.39.41
Evan Primmer 57 1.44.55
Antoinette Turton 143 2.07.19
Kay Jones 169 2.15.43
10km Results
Name Place Time
Chris Rodgers 6 45.33
Kelvin Whiting 142 1.13.52
Karen Whiting 144 1.14.42
5km Results
Name Place Time
Lance Brew 1 17.34
Gordon Speirs 19 24.21

Whangamata 2014 21km – View Full Results

Whangamata 2014 10Km – Full Results

Whangamata 2014 5Km – View Full Results

National Road Champs 2014 Results

Saturday morning arrived dry but blustery in Cambridge. The forecast was for heavy rain in the Bay of Plenty, so as I drove over the Kaimais I was surprised to see no black clouds looming over the Tauriko estate.

After finding the Waikato tent and selecting a singlet I set out with Maureen for a warm up run. The weather was fine with light winds, almost perfect conditions. All race distances were made up of a combination of small and large laps, throw in a couple of sneaky gradients and some head wind and there you have your course.

With the ten minute call till start time we lined up in our teams, the smell of the sausage sizzle by the start line adding to my queasy pre-race stomach!  Finally we were off, two small laps and one large. Feeling pretty happy on lap one I was hopeful I would creep up the field from 5th place and latch onto Victoria Humphries from Wellington. However, my body had other plans and my race turned into a hard fought battle placing me 6th overall and 4th in my age group.  Bridget was close behind and took bronze in the 45-49 age group and then Maureen with a new PB of 19.47 and a silver in the 50-54 age group. Karyn was on her heels placing 5th in the 45-49 age group which gave us ladies representing the Waikato the bronze team medals.  Trish who has been plagued by injury these past couple of weeks put in a brave appearance but reluctantly called it a day half way round when the injury reared its head again.

My favourite part of race day is throwing some extra clothes on and going for a warm down to cheer on the rest of the races. Trish and I checked out the Hawks form and yelled encouragement as the pained faces of the racers sped by. It was a great spectator course and top marks have to be awarded to the organisers.

The Hawks put in some great performances with several podium places.
In the Women under 18 Emerson Deverall was beaten to second by a mere 60 seconds to take silver and post an impressive time of 17.56. Talia Hogan took bronze in the womens under 20, while Jacob Priddey took silver in the mens under 20 race with Theunis Pieters coming 5th and Oliver Mclean taking 11th. Matthew Scott ran a great race and placed 9th in the mens under 18 race.  Isaiah Priddey winning the Boys Under 15 3km.

In the Masters men John Crane continued his winning ways to take out his 50-54 age group. Kevin Knowles placed 4th in the 55-59 age group and Marc Scott 4th in the 45-49 age group.

Tim Stewart had a hard fought battle in the senior mens race and placed 8th with only seconds separating the group from 4th place.

Camille Buscomb defended her senior women’s title taking gold in a sharp 34.14. Emily Roughan took 6th in 37.42.

And thanks to Mike Harris for catching the action on camera. 

Report by Katy Dawson

National Road Champs 2014 – View Full Results

Click on photo below for slideshow and easier viewing,

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Taitua Arboretum Relay 2014 Results

This year we changed the format and ran the event with teams of three, with each member of each team running a 3.7km lap of the hard packed pebble paths throughout the Arboretum.

Enough runners arrived to make up just 5 teams, but enough to have a good race. We hope to build this event bigger in the future, as it is an excellent venue for a challenging off-road race.

Balanced teams were selected with the aim of creating a close race and there were a few great races with-in the race as can be seen by the close times between Maureen, Meg, Dawn and Sandra, and also Kent, Lance and Glen. Sandra, Nathan and Sunil taking out top team, and Kent and Maureen fastest Individual Man and Woman.

Race report by Kevin Knowles
Team Results:
1 Sandra, Nathan & Sunil 51:55
2 Ellie, Meg & Lance 54:16
3 Shona, Dawn & Kent 54:58
4 Gilbert, Maureen & Glenn 55:15
5 Sunil, Kevin & Dave 57:10
Individual Lap times:
Kent Hodgson 14:47
Lance Brew 15:19
Glenn Sexton 15:37
Sunil Ritchie 16:09
Kevin Knowles 16:46
Nathan Campbell 17:09
Sunil Ritchie 18:00
Maureen Leonard 18:13
Meg Adamson (visitor from Dunedin club) 18:15
Dawn Tuffrey 18:27
Sandra Jensen 18:37
Ellie Broadbridge 20:42
Gilbert MacDonald 21:25
Shona Dewson 21:44
Dave Southwick 22:24
See you ALL out there next year…

Photos thanks to Andrew Wark.
Click on photo below to view slideshow.

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Cambridge Half 2014 Results

There is something special about local events.  They usually start later, and you get to sleep in your own bed witha quick drive to the start.  Bliss.  Sunday was especially blissful as it was a crystal clear day that started with a minor frost but it cleared quickly.

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WaiBOP Road Champs 2014 Results

On Saturday, a great contingent of Hawks runners (and supporters) took to the road in search of some shiny glory in the land of the bay. The day saw some amazing accomplishments with many a PB and medal to be had. Lance Brew with an huge 2 mins PB.   Read more

National Cross Country Champs 2014 Results

“After a minor glitch on Friday at the Hamilton airport, we arrived safely in Christchurch about 5 hours after our original arrival time, with a bonus stop at the Auckland airport. Christchurch was cold, really cold! Emily and I went for a run when we arrived at our accommodation, and about 2mins into the run I had to turn back to get my puffer jacket, complete with fluffy hood to get through the run without freezing to death. 

Saturday morning brought beautiful blue skies and light winds, perfect conditions I thought! The race was held at Halswell Quarry, I had never been there before. The course was 4x2km loops totaling 8km for the Senior Women’s race I was to be competing in. My main rivals I thought would be Annie Keown and Rachel Kingsford, and I was right, wow did they put up a fight! In my mind I imagined a lovely grass course, hard underfoot, maybe one or two tiny jumps and some slight undulations. This picture was all wrong! The course was muddy, really muddy. I feel like I was running in a farm paddock with no end in sight. Each loop I ran I would look for a smoother path, one less dug up than the lap before, only never to prevail. For the first 5km it was neck and neck, Rachel, Annie and I. No one was backing down, each wanted the title as badly. Annie dropped back with just under 2km remaining, still no salvation for me, Rachel was in good condition, I was not. With one last acceleration I managed to pull clear with about 1km to run, I pushed hard trying to break free as I knew the sprint finish was not a sure option for me, it was uphill and muddy-I, a track runner couldn’t guarantee a fast finish in these conditions. So happy to finally reach the finish line in first place! My first National Cross Country Title. I was proud of myself, and utterly exhausted. The other Waikato women ran so well, with Emily Roughan finishing in 4th place and Sally Gibbs in 5th, after winning the Masters race earlier in the day.

It was great to see fellow Hawks athletes competing too. Isiaah and Jacob Priddy and Harry Ewing all running extremely well and medaling in their age groups. John Crane winning his age group and Kent just missing out on a medal in his category! (Yes, both Kent and John ran faster than me over the course, another win for you both). Emily ran her best race of the season in the toughest of conditions and Tim Stewart ran a solid race against a very tough field in the Senior Men 12km race. Well done to any hawks members I have missed.

Finally, I would like to thank the Hawks club for helping to fund our athletes to this meet. Without the help of your contribution I wouldn’t have been able to make it down there. Next up road season! Looking forward to having Nationals in our back door step this year”.

Event report by Camille Buscomb

ANZ Cross Country Champs 2014 Results

Waikato Times Report National XC 2014

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Sweeney Cup 2014 Results

When I arrived at the Horsham Downs hall a few people were already there. I got out of my car to a fresh breeze, best I leave the track pants on for a while.
We had the advantage/disadvantage of choosing our own handicap.
Shall I use my cross county time? Shall I use my park run time? What did I do last year?  Or hmmm shall I see what time everyone else takes?
It was a very interesting result with quite a few running a lot faster than what they thought they would/could do.

The kids went first with their handicap times worked out quickly.  Lucy Farrell was the first home while Charli Miller had the fastest time. 
The clock for the adults then started and a few took off, as the clock counted down it got closer to my easy run with Bridget, off we went chatting. Within 20 metres we experienced the headwind, that made the fast downhill a slower run.
The new course is great for a club run, you get to see everyone running towards you or past you and the hill to the finish gets everyone digging deep for that last bit of energy.
Chris Rogers was the 1st home but unfortunately ran a lot faster than he thought he would. Bridget and Maureen 2nd and 3rd racing, not steady running as first thought. Terry Hannett through years of experience and good steady running got the closest to the clock and walked away the winner. Jai had a fantastic run and broke the course record.

Afternoon tea was worth hanging around for with lots of chocolate, cakes and other goodies. Thanks to the organisers, a great afternoon out.

Report by Trish Stockman

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12km Sweeney Course
Place Name Surname Finish Start Time
1 Chris Rogers 40:26 02:42 37:44
2 Bridget Deverell 42:32 09:06 33:26
3 Maureen Leonard 42:49 09:41 33:08
4 Malesa McNearney 42:56 09:06 33:50
5 Emerson Deverell 43:05 12:26 30:39
6 Matt Finnie 43:59 08:11 35:48
7 Kovo Kowalewski 44:23 13:52 30:31
8 Oliver McLean 44:25 16:12 28:13
9 Lisa Joblin 44:29 08:08 36:21
10 Clare Montgomery 44:31 05:17 39:14
11 Connor Tristram 44:35 14:51 29:44
12 Terry Hannett 44:42 00:00 44:42 Sweeney Cup
13 Kevin Knowles 44:53 14:22 30:31
14 Toshimi Farrell 45:08 06:13 38:55
15 Jean Dorrell 45:19 07:41 37:38
16 Jai Davies-Campbell 45:22 19:37 25:45
17 Janine Joubert 45:32 02:53 42:39
18 Kris Moore 45:39 15:54 29:45
19 Mike Harris 45:41 14:50 30:51
20 Michael Hooge 45:52 12:26 33:26
21 Sunil Fernandez-Ritchie 45:53 16:16 29:37
22 Katy Dawson 45:57 14:06 31:51
23 Evan Primmer 46:14 07:40 38:34
24 Oscar Emery 46:18 12:27 33:51
25 Andrew Wark 47:04 17:35 29:29
26 Gordon Spiers 48:18 02:42 45:36
Juniors  2km
Place Name Surname Finish Grade
1 Lucy Farrell 10:04 01:59 08:05
2 Sophie Harris 10:11 00:00 10:11
3 Charli Miller 10:23 02:54 07:29
4 Max Field 10:26 02:00 08:26
5 JP Joubert 11:21 01:04 10:17

Matamata Road Relays 2014 Results

A fair bit of wind and a little rain didn’t seem to dent a great turnout and performance by Hawks at Matamata Road Relay.   We fielded 9 of the 27 teams and won five of the six classifications we entered.

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Waikato BOP Cross Country Champs 2014 Results

The day started with a – 4c frost, all signs pointing to a firm track for a new course in Rotorua. The Hawks contingent on arrival were met with the sound of my dear colourful little friend Chris Corney on the microphone ( nice bright red pants ). Off the mike Corney as always talked up his Lake City club explaining the butt kicking the Hawks were about to get. I reminded him of the Waikato BOP champs some years ago in Cambridge where after a post race drink at the then Leamington tavern, and a trip to the Wholesalers where we were almost back to Hamilton when I had this strange feeling someone was missing, I calmly asked Corney, “didn’t you have one of your kids with you today”? It appears  we had left him at the pub. What is even funnier is that we were made to swear not to tell the then current Mrs Corney. However he forgot to tell me not to print the story in their weekly news letter that she regulary read.

The course was a real back to the country , across uneven farmland with some challenging little rises, all in all a excellent venue. The junior ranks performed well, Donovan Farrell 4th in the Boys 10 race, Charli Miller running away to win the Girls 12 race and Emerson Deverell taking the youth woman  title with Grace Ritchie hot on her tail for 2nd  with Jordan Hitchcock 6th . A great turnout in the youth mens race with 5 Hawks in the top 7. There has been huge improvement with the hard training and commitment these dudes have been putting in. Harry Ewing 2nd followed by Isaiah Priddey 3rd , Matt Scott 4th  with Finn Myles and Sam Montgomerie 6th and 7th.

Jacob Priddey flew round the course to take the Junior Mens title.

In the masters Woman it was a welcome return to the two Bridgets battling it out with the senior Deverall joining her Daughter with a Waikato title in the Womans 45 with Karen McCready 2nd . The unregistered Bridget Ray meant the Women 50 title went to the fast finishing Maureen Leonard  proud mother of Zane,  the now fourth fastest New Zealander over the mile on the all-time list.

An outright win for me in the Masters mens grade after a tough battle with Ramblers Russell Lake and Marc Scott  taking 3rd in the masters 45.

Kevin Knowles cleaned-up all the 50 + masters with gold in the 55.

Senior Womans race saw Ramblers Sally Gibbs running the open race to continue her winning streak with Hawks Emily Roughan coming in 3rd for the bronze.

In the Mens race Tim Stewart and the “Jai Man” Davies-Campbell had a battle in the early stages before the in-form Tim ran away to take the win over a gruelling 12k and Sunil paced himself well to take 3rd place.

Report by Kent Hodgson

View Result here: WaiBOP Cross Country Champs Results 19th July 2014

WaiBOP XC 2014

Sanitorium Hill 2014 Results

Well the Saturday king/queen of the mountain was only attended by the very brave. I arrived at the start in the pouring rain and joined the 4-5 other cars that were parked up, with people sitting in their cars thinking ‘what am I doing here’ and ‘do I actually want to get out of the car in this?!’ 

More people turned up and Eventually everyone ventured out with brollies and jackets to figure out their handicap start times and talk about the prospect of ‘warming up’ in such conditions. 

I decided  a warm up was a good idea and by the time I got back to the start line ready to go I had even decided to take off my jacket. It proved to be a wise decision and once I got running the rain didn’t seem so bad and on a hill like that you certainly get warm.

I took off with Kevin knowles, which immediately had me thinking ‘I’ve think I’ve stuffed up my handicap time’. He swiftly took off in front of me. 

I’ve run this hill many a time beforehand so I knew it was going to be tough. Usually we just go to the top of the road though, so by the time I got to the gravel track my legs were screaming! Kent sprinted past, he didn’t seem to realise it was a hill, then came Katie and then Camille. Nearing the end a whole lot of runners started to condense together, as is what happens in a handicap and I was glad to reach the finish.

All in all, I didn’t run an amazing time, but I was glad to get out there and do it when I could just as easily have stayed home on the couch with a blankee and a cup of tea. 

Thanks to the Cambridge club for organising the event and inviting us along.

Report by Shanel Cornille


Position Time Name Start Time Net Time
1 47:09.0 Jenny Brady 15:30.0 31:39.0
2 47:16.0 Lois Rowell 12:30.0 34:46.0
3 47:33.0 Steve Spalding 12:30.0 35:03.0
4 49:50.0 Maureen Foulds 15:30.0 34:20.0
5 50:04.0 Viv Parker 16:30.0 33:34.0
6 50:18.0 Laurie Tims 50:18.0
7 50:49.0 Charli Miller 33:00.0 17:49.0
8 51:06.0 Jean Dorrell 22:00.0 29:06.0
9 52:03.0 Tina Becklay 19:00.0 33:03.0
10 52:09.0 Colin King 24:30.0 27:39.0
11 52:10.0 Grace Ritchie 29:30.0 52:10.0
12 52:15.0 Drew Branje 31:40.0 20:35.0
13 52:19.0 Bob Allwood 20:00.0 32:19.0
14 52:26.0 Jason Mouat 24:45.0 27:41.0
15 52:29.0 John Mackenzie 22:50.0 29:39.0
16 52:30.0 Paul Signal 27:30.0 25:00.0
17 52:30.0 Eliana Slaney 31:10.0 21:20.0
18 52:36.0 Helen Hall­King 26:00.0 26:36.0
19 52:48.0 Kent Hodgson 21:40.0 52:48.0
20 52:54.0 Katy Dawson 24:40.0 52:54.0
21 52:54.0 Lisa Joblin 24:00.0 28:54.0
22 53:18.0 Kevin Knowles 27:00.0 26:18.0
23 53:23.0 Sandra Parker 20:00.0 33:23.0
24 53:26.0 Camille Buscomb 53:26.0
25 53:32.0 Craig Wilson 24:00.0 29:32.0
26 53:51.0 Shanel Cornille 27:00.0 26:51.0
27 54:01.0 John Charlton 54:01.0
28 54:30.0 George Caddie 10:00.0 44:30.0
29 54:35.0 Madison Tims 54:35.0
30 54:41.0 Candice Hammond 54:41.0
31 56:22.0 Kaye Sharp 56:22.0


North Island XC Champs 2014 Results

The popular North Island Cross Country was a happy racing ground for Hawks distance runners on Saturday. Run at Spa Thermal Park since 1977 by the Taupo Harrier Club this well-established event is run each year on the same course which enables runners to compare their times from previous years. A feature of this 2014 event was the resounding success of many Hawk entrants. I was proud to be a Hawk at Taupo and witness 7 wins by club athletes. Many of these were end to end dominant wins and caused much comment. The form shown here augers well for the national event to be held in Christchurch in August.

Charli Miller started the day with a win in the G12 2000 in 7.32 with Lucy Farrell in 12th with 8.28. The B14’s raced over 3000 and although Isaiah Priddey led all the way Sam Montgomerie tracked him throughout and ran a close second just 2 seconds back. It was a great sight to see two Hawks singlets dominate.
John Crane who turned 50 in March ran his first open race in the new grade and after a cautious first lap then cleared out and won by 40 seconds with a 22.07 clocking for 6kms. Kevin Knowles M55 was 5th in 24.33. Steve Rees-Jones showed fine form in the Masters 35-39 race and set such a fast pace that he won by 73 seconds. His 20.18 for 6km was a huge run while Kent Hodgson won the M45 grade with 21.58.  Maureen Leonard in the Master Women 50 was second in 22.26 for 5km
The M20 race over 5km was another Jacob Priddey win by 10 seconds after running with the leaders for the first lap Jacob cleared out for a good win with Connor Gyde in 10th spot with 17.58. In the senior women Camille Buscomb had a brilliant win with 17.43 over 5km. Camille who openly admits to not liking cross country racing went to the front from the gun and kept the pressure on to win by 31 seconds. Emily Roughan was 9th with 19.27. Tim Stewart ran a cautious first half in the senior men’s 9kms and then poured on the pace on the last lap to gain places and finish 6th in 30.16. Grace Ritchie was 5th in W16 and Emerson Deverell was 13th while Jack Ewing ran a close 4th in the M18 race.
Many consider the Taupo course among the best in NZ and the Taupo Club is presenting a proposal to the NZSS Executive to hold the national schools event there in 2016. There is also a counter proposal from Rotorua to hold the event there in 2016 with a decision to be made later this year. John Tylden has his finger on the pulse and is tracking both proposals. Come what may the event will be held in our centre.

Report by Don Willoughby


NIXC 2014_Centre and Club Points

Cross Country Club Champs 2014 Results

After a mixed bag of weather throughout the week Saturday dawned fairly clear although somewhat windy and a little bit chilly for the Hawks XC club champs.  The grounds were quite sloshy in places although not quite the mud-fest that it has been on previous years.  There was a great turnout of both runners and spectators with a field of 56 adults and children ready to race.

A big thanks to Gordon and his team who worked hard to get the course all set up and ready in time, and Graham who managed the race timing and results.  Also thank you to all those who contributed to the yummy afternoon tea spread.

Performances to note on the day:
Isaiah Priddey fastest over 3km in 10:54 with his brother Jacob quickest over the 6km running it in 20:42.

Kent took out the MM40 6km race and running it in exactly the same time as last year.  Kent and John did their weekly contest together, although missing their other contestant Glenn who was on his way to the Gold Coast.

Corey, Lance and Michael toughed it out doing the 9km race. Corey coming 1st in the 9km running it in 33:23.

Emily Roughan was the fastest over the 5km distance in 19:39, followed by Katy Dawson 42 seconds later to win the MW40.

Faster times recorded than last year were by:
Harry Ewing 1:04, Matt Scott by 1:18, Mike Harris 57 seconds, Kovo by 52 sec, Helen Hall-King by 57, Maureen Leonard by 38 and Dawn Tuffery by 14 seconds

Click on photo below for slideshow. Thanks to Bryan Mayall, Brendon McLaughlin and Lillie Harris for taking photos.

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 View photo sets on Flickr


Grade Place Distance Grade Name Surname Time
1 3km B14 Isaiah Priddey 10:54
2 3km B14 Sam Montgomerie 11:01
3 3km B14 Connor Tristram 11:01
4 3km B14 Sam Smith 12:24
1 6km M19 Jacob Priddey 20:42
1 6km M18 Harry Ewing 20:54
2 6km M18 Matthew Scott 21:30
1 6km MM40 Kent Hodgson 21:42
1 6km MM50 John Crane 21:44
2 6km M19 Conor Gyde 22:29
2 6km MM40 Marc Scott 23:36
1 6km M16 Finn Myles 23:40
3 6km MM40 Mike Harris 23:53
2 6km M16 Matthew Van Dalen 24:16 NM
4 6km MM40 Andrew Wark 24:18
1 6km MM55 Kevin Knowles 24:41
5 6km MM40 Nick Freke 24:59
2 6km MM50 Oscar Emery 26:45
6 6km MM40 Brian Halford 26:49
2 6km MM55 Glenn Graham 27:56
7 6km MM40 Gilbert McDonald 30:23
3 6km MM55 Vaughan Swale 31:01
1 6km MM60 David Southwick 32:22
2 6km MM60 Terry Hannett 34:33
1 6km MM80 Brian Smith 47:16
1 9km SM Corey Hinde 33:23
2 9km SM Lance Brew 35:33
3 9km SM Michael Hoogeveen 41:23
1 5km SW Emily Roughan 19:39 NM
1 5km MW40 Katy Dawson 20:01
1 5km W18 Grace Ritchie 20:06
2 5km W18 Emmerson Deverell 20:11
2 5km SW Kovo Kowaleski 20:18
3 5km W18 Ani Gemmill 21:16
3 5km SW Dawn Tuffrey 21:48
1 5km MW50 Bridget Ray 22:03 NM
2 5km MW50 Helen Hall-King 22:10
3 5km MW50 Maureen Leonard 22:51
4 5km MW50 Anne Bradley 23:25
1 5km SW Sandra Jensen 23:33
5 5km MW50 Trish Stockman 23:39
3 5km SW Maria Oates 23:45
6 5km MW50 Dot Larsen 25:07
7 5km MW50 Kay Stockman 25:37
2 5km SW Bridget McLaughlin 26:59
2 5km MW40 Wendy Harris 27:53
1 5km MW55 Michelle Curnow 32:01
1 1km B10 Donovan Farrell 04:08
2 1km B10 Shawn Halford 04:10
3 1km B10 Liam McLaughlin 04:11
1 1km G10 Haylee Halford 04:37
2 1km G10 Rosie Miller 04:41
3 1km G12 Sophie Harris 04:41
1 2km G12 Charli Miller 07:50
2 2km G12 Lucy Farrell 08:03
1 2km B12 Max Field 08:29
2 2km B12 Josh McLaughlin 10:05
NM – Non-members are those who don’t currently have a hawks membership for 2014 and therefore won’t qualify for an event trophy when applicable.