Cross Country Club Champs 2014 Results

After a mixed bag of weather throughout the week Saturday dawned fairly clear although somewhat windy and a little bit chilly for the Hawks XC club champs.  The grounds were quite sloshy in places although not quite the mud-fest that it has been on previous years.  There was a great turnout of both runners and spectators with a field of 56 adults and children ready to race.

A big thanks to Gordon and his team who worked hard to get the course all set up and ready in time, and Graham who managed the race timing and results.  Also thank you to all those who contributed to the yummy afternoon tea spread.

Performances to note on the day:
Isaiah Priddey fastest over 3km in 10:54 with his brother Jacob quickest over the 6km running it in 20:42.

Kent took out the MM40 6km race and running it in exactly the same time as last year.  Kent and John did their weekly contest together, although missing their other contestant Glenn who was on his way to the Gold Coast.

Corey, Lance and Michael toughed it out doing the 9km race. Corey coming 1st in the 9km running it in 33:23.

Emily Roughan was the fastest over the 5km distance in 19:39, followed by Katy Dawson 42 seconds later to win the MW40.

Faster times recorded than last year were by:
Harry Ewing 1:04, Matt Scott by 1:18, Mike Harris 57 seconds, Kovo by 52 sec, Helen Hall-King by 57, Maureen Leonard by 38 and Dawn Tuffery by 14 seconds

Click on photo below for slideshow. Thanks to Bryan Mayall, Brendon McLaughlin and Lillie Harris for taking photos.

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Grade Place Distance Grade Name Surname Time
1 3km B14 Isaiah Priddey 10:54
2 3km B14 Sam Montgomerie 11:01
3 3km B14 Connor Tristram 11:01
4 3km B14 Sam Smith 12:24
1 6km M19 Jacob Priddey 20:42
1 6km M18 Harry Ewing 20:54
2 6km M18 Matthew Scott 21:30
1 6km MM40 Kent Hodgson 21:42
1 6km MM50 John Crane 21:44
2 6km M19 Conor Gyde 22:29
2 6km MM40 Marc Scott 23:36
1 6km M16 Finn Myles 23:40
3 6km MM40 Mike Harris 23:53
2 6km M16 Matthew Van Dalen 24:16 NM
4 6km MM40 Andrew Wark 24:18
1 6km MM55 Kevin Knowles 24:41
5 6km MM40 Nick Freke 24:59
2 6km MM50 Oscar Emery 26:45
6 6km MM40 Brian Halford 26:49
2 6km MM55 Glenn Graham 27:56
7 6km MM40 Gilbert McDonald 30:23
3 6km MM55 Vaughan Swale 31:01
1 6km MM60 David Southwick 32:22
2 6km MM60 Terry Hannett 34:33
1 6km MM80 Brian Smith 47:16
1 9km SM Corey Hinde 33:23
2 9km SM Lance Brew 35:33
3 9km SM Michael Hoogeveen 41:23
1 5km SW Emily Roughan 19:39 NM
1 5km MW40 Katy Dawson 20:01
1 5km W18 Grace Ritchie 20:06
2 5km W18 Emmerson Deverell 20:11
2 5km SW Kovo Kowaleski 20:18
3 5km W18 Ani Gemmill 21:16
3 5km SW Dawn Tuffrey 21:48
1 5km MW50 Bridget Ray 22:03 NM
2 5km MW50 Helen Hall-King 22:10
3 5km MW50 Maureen Leonard 22:51
4 5km MW50 Anne Bradley 23:25
1 5km SW Sandra Jensen 23:33
5 5km MW50 Trish Stockman 23:39
3 5km SW Maria Oates 23:45
6 5km MW50 Dot Larsen 25:07
7 5km MW50 Kay Stockman 25:37
2 5km SW Bridget McLaughlin 26:59
2 5km MW40 Wendy Harris 27:53
1 5km MW55 Michelle Curnow 32:01
1 1km B10 Donovan Farrell 04:08
2 1km B10 Shawn Halford 04:10
3 1km B10 Liam McLaughlin 04:11
1 1km G10 Haylee Halford 04:37
2 1km G10 Rosie Miller 04:41
3 1km G12 Sophie Harris 04:41
1 2km G12 Charli Miller 07:50
2 2km G12 Lucy Farrell 08:03
1 2km B12 Max Field 08:29
2 2km B12 Josh McLaughlin 10:05
NM – Non-members are those who don’t currently have a hawks membership for 2014 and therefore won’t qualify for an event trophy when applicable.