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Club Cross Country Champs 2022 Results

Against all predictions the conditions were perfect for a cross country event.

Waikato BOP Cross Country Champs 2020 Results

The Hawks singlets were prominent at the Waikato Bay of Plenty Cross Country Champs at Waipuna Park in Tauranga on Saturday – with many Hawks runners taking podiums in their respective grades. Well done to all those who raced and congrats to those who placed.

View full results here

Lake D Relay 2020 Results

Report by John Crane

It was looking like a nice, warm Saturday afternoon as 30 runners gathered just north of Horsham Downs for the Lake D Relay … or was it 27 runners, or 29 … no it’s 28 … hold on, Kevin’s still warming up and Andrew can run … it’s 30 after all (thankfully!).
A moment of stress for Lucie as she lined everyone up to select evenly matched teams of 3 for the 3 x 3km relay.

The line-up from fastest to slowest was looking a bit suspect in places … Rob using the excuse of an Espresso Martini induced hangover to slip a little lower down the order. He then went on to produce the fastest lap of the day (10:52) … so the Espresso Martini may need to be part of his regular pre-race build up.

Then the sun disappeared, the wind got up and it started to get a bit cooler as the lap 2 and 3 runners grabbed an extra layer to keep warm.
It was clear from the start that teams had opted for different strategies … some ‘front-loading’ with their fastest runner going first in an attempt to build an unassailable lead, whilst others were relying on a glory-lap from their last runners to steal it at the end.
A slight hold up at the start as Gilbert had to go through the unfamiliar exercise of putting shoes on…then we were ready to go.

Teams 26 (Dave Gunn) and 29 (Iain Rattray) got off to good starts with their front-load approach, but it wasn’t to last as team 25 (Hayden Cressy, Dave Clark and Joe Mace) stormed through to take the honours, just 5 seconds ahead of team 28 (Mark Cornaga, Madison Rattray and Chris Keith). Fastest laps were Rob Townsend (10:52), Chris Smith (11:01) and John Crane (11:06) – I had to get my name in the write-up somehow…

A great job by team selector Lucie, with less than 5 minutes separating all 10 teams. Also some close racing all round … less than a minute separating the 10 fastest times.
If you haven’t been for a run around Lake D you should head over for a few laps one day – it’s a great little circuit and running surface.

Thanks heaps to the organisers for the day and to Wendy and Mike Harris for bringing the BBQ and sausages to cap-off an enjoyable event.

Click here to view photos on Facebook

Liam Miller9.13
Zach Miller9.28
Amber Rattray10.48
Rosie Miller12.25
 TeamsTime Fastest Individuals3k Time
2537.41Rob Townsend10.52
Hayden Cressy12.15Chris Smith11.01
Dave Clark14.06John Crane11.06
Joe Mace11.20Sunil Fernandez-Ritchie11.07
2837.46Les Miller11.13
Mark Cornaga12.08Joe Mace11.20
Madison Rattray13.49Dave Gunn11.26
Chris Keith 11.48Iain Rattray11.28
2938.04Andrew Wark 11.42
Iain Rattray11.28Chris Keith 11.48
Thea Mace14.24Mark Cornaga12.08
Kevin Knowles12.11Kevin Knowles12.11
2438.24Hayden Cressy12.15
Vaughan Swale15.02Garry Wilson 12.15
Tanja Miller12.30Tanja Miller12.30
Rob Townsend10.52Monique Spedding12.39
2638.48Dawn Tuffrey13.04
Dave Gunn11.26Carenza Elley 13.18
Helen Hall-King14.04Layton Mace13.31
Carenza Elley 13.18Madison Rattray13.49
2338.52Helen Hall-King14.04
Dawn Tuffrey13.04Dave Clark14.06
Colin King14.41Thea Mace14.24
John Crane11.06Lily James14.32
2739.05Colin King14.41
Garry Wilson 12.15Vaughan Swale15.02
Gemma Horan 15.07Gemma Horan 15.07
Andrew Wark 11.42Kerry Rattray15.48
2239.48Gilbert MacDonald16.07
Gilbert MacDonald16.07Peter Horan 16.21
Monique Spedding12.39
Chris Smith11.01
Kerry Rattray15.48
Layton Mace13.31
Les Miller11.13
Peter Horan 16.21
Sunil Fernandez-Ritchie11.07
Lily James14.32

Club Cross Country Champs 2020 Results

128 runners showed up for the Hawks Cross Country Champs this weekend, gathering from far and wide and attracting an array of talented, determined and committed runners. It was wonderful to see so many kids giving it a go and absolutely smoking it. Congratulations to everyone that conquered the mud, whether you took out the win, the club trophy, set a
new personal best or simply enjoyed testing yourself.

Results are below from this years Cross Country Champs – open event.

Hawks facebook photos
Cambridge Harriers facebook photos
Tauranga Ramblers facebook photos

1CaseCharlton06:33CAMU10 B1km
1AmberRattray04:52HawksU10 G1km
2IsabelNelson05:12U10 G1km
3SophiaMonacsi05:24U10 G1km
1LukeBelamy07:37CAMU12 B2km
2ZachMiller07:43HawksU12 B2km
3DavidSinclair08:01CAMU12 B2km
1MiaDonovan09:49HawksU12 G2km
1GeorgeWyllie10:46TGA U14 B3km
2JoshRowe11:16CAMU14 B3km
3OllieHercus11:33KaroriU14 B3km
4MatthewSinclair11:37CAMU14 B3km
5LiamMiller12:58HawksU14 B3km
1BohRitchie10:33HawksU14 G3km
2CarenzaElley12:55HawksU14 G3km
3BronwenRees-Jones13:06CAMU14 G3km
4Georgie-RoseBoyd13:18HawksU14 G3km
5LilyJames13:35HawksU14 G3km
6ZarahRattray14:49HawksU14 G3km
7IvyChiplin15:08CAMU14 G3km
8HannahJordon15:41CAMU14 G3km
1DanielSinclair09:52WHAU16 B3km
2HaydenWaddell09:57U16 B3km
3LouieEndres10:19U16 B3km
4JamesHercus10:29KaroriU16 B3km
5RyanNelson12:10CAMU16 B3km
6MatthewJordon12:11CAMU16 B3km
7LeoChiplin12:50CAMU16 B3km
8JackCharlton16:00CAMU16 B3km
1LuluJohnson11:00TGAU16 G3km
2MoniqueSpedding12:00HawksU16 G3km
3GraceWisnewski13:00U16 G3km
4MadisonRattray13:58HawksU16 G3km
5LillieHarris15:59HawksU16 G3km
1CharliMiller18:43HawksU18 G5km
2HannahGapes19:09LakeCityU18 G5km
3AnnaliesKalma22:17Te ArohaU18 G5km
4SashaJudson23:54HawksU18 G5km
5SophieHarris24:42HawksU18 G5km
6RosieMiller36:34HawksU18 G5km
1AimeeFerguson19:37HawksU20 W5km
1DebraLautenslager25:22CAMMW 60+5km
1Jean-PaulBiladi22:29HawksU18 B6km
1ZachBelamy19:14WHAU20 M6km
2BenBidois19:28HawksU20 M6km
3JamesCorbett19:54HawksU20 M6km
4AndrewCarr21:53HawksU20 M6km
1SallyGibbs22:54 TGA SW20-346km
6Hayden Cressy25:38HawksMM40-496km
5Pat Gallagher23:44HawksMM50-596km
1ChrisKeith24:14HawksMM 60+6km
2MarkHandley24:43TGAMM 60+6km
3KevinKnowles24:54HawksMM 60+6km
4GavinSmith26:48TGAMM 60+6km
5FredNeedham28:03CAMMM 60+6km
6DaveClark28:39HawksMM 60+6km
7VaughanSwale29:21HawksMM 60+6km
8DavidGriffith32:19CAMMM 60+6km
9GrahameClarkin32:25HawksMM 60+6km
10DavidTrow37:07HawksMM 60+6km
1TaylerReid28:48Tri NZSM20-399km
2JacobPriddey28:57Hill CitySM20-399km
8DanielChai35:22Akld UniSM20-399km

Current 2020 Hawks Members Results

1AmberRattray04:52HawksU10 G11km
2ZachMiller07:43HawksU12 B22km
1MiaDonovan09:49HawksU12 G12km
5LiamMiller12:58HawksU14 B53km
1BohRitchie10:33HawksU14 G13km
2CarenzaElley12:55HawksU14 G23km
4Georgie-RoseBoyd13:18HawksU14 G43km
5LilyJames13:35HawksU14 G53km
6ZarahRattray14:49HawksU14 G63km
2MoniqueSpedding12:00HawksU16 G23km
4MadisonRattray13:58HawksU16 G43km
5LillieHarris15:59HawksU16 G53km
1CharliMiller18:43HawksU18 G15km
4SashaJudson23:54HawksU18 G45km
5SophieHarris24:42HawksU18 G55km
6RosieMiller36:34HawksU18 G65km
1BridgetDeverell21:31HawksMW 50-5915km
5ShonaDewson27:17HawksMW 50-5955km
6KayeSharp28:17HawksMW 50-5965km
7TanjaPodjursky35:29HawksMW 50-5975km
1Jean-PaulBiladi22:29HawksU18 B16km
2BenBidois19:28HawksU20 M26km
3JamesCorbett19:54HawksU20 M36km
4AndrewCarr21:53HawksU20 M46km
3AriannaLord23:34HawksSW 20-3436km
5MalesaMcNearney24:37HawksSW 20-3456km
6ChloeMcDaniel25:58HawksSW 20-3466km
7AimeeElliott27:01HawksSW 20-3476km
8EmilyFyfe33:58HawksSW 20-3486km
2JohnBowe22:07HawksMM 40-4926km
3LesMiller22:45HawksMM 40-4936km
5IainRattray24:50HawksMM 40-4956km
6Hayden Cressy25:38HawksMM 40-4966km

Reduction Relay 2020 Results

Race Report by Joe Mace

The Reduction Relay was held on Saturday with the weather threatening and a great turnout of 44 runners.  Upon registering at the clubrooms we formed into three groups… those that wanted to do one lap, two laps, or three laps of a 2km course.  We were each then put into a team of three comprising one from each of the three groups.  After making sure we had introduced ourselves to our fellow team members we had a nice jog up to the start line near the Cobham bridge to get everyone warmed up for the event.

The course was on the big grassy area beside Cobham drive and included some challenging traversing up and down the slope between the river path and the road, and a section running beside the river path.  One part of the course even featured a dead possum to pass on the road verge!

It was a mass start with all runners sticking together in their teams of three.   Early in the first lap the teams quickly found their position and worked together to maximise their speed.  At the end of each lap, one member from each team dropped out.  In the second lap things started to heat up as the pace of the different teams changed.  During this lap the field was cleaned up by Boh Ritchie who was running solo doing one easy lap and one fast lap (with the fast lap time of 7:50!!!).  At the start of the final lap Sunil (team mates with Layton and Shona) was leading the field with Marc (team mates with Mark and Lillie) in second place and Joe (teammates with Amy and Keri) in third.  As the final lap progressed John-Paul (team mates with Amber and Cameron) started coming through the field steadily.  Meanwhile, Matt Scott took off at a blistering pace on his last lap coming from near the back of the field.  About halfway through the lap John-Paul passed Joe and Marc and went on to run down Sunil within the last few hundred meters to take the win (time 27:56).  All teams finished within two and a half minutes of the winner showing how competitive this race was.

Congratulations to the team of Amber, Cameron, and John-Paul for the win.

Event photos on Facebook

Past years results

20.6.20 Results:

Team NumberTeam MembersTime
21Amber Rattray27:56
 Cameron Hall 
 John Paul Biladi 
33Shona Dewson28:04
 Layton Mace 
 Sunil Fernades-Ritchie 
25Kerry Rattray28:24
 Amy Elliot 
 Joe Mace 
27Lillie Harris28:36
 Mark Cornaga 
 Marc Scott 
22Peter Horan28:42
 Kay Stockman  
 Mike Harris 
23Kaye Sharpe28:58
 Sophie Harris 
 John Crane 
32Karen Mumme29:20
 Helen King 
 Glenn Sexton 
26Gilbert MacDonald29:27
 Maddison Rattray 
 Arianna Lord 
24Emily Fyfe29:30
 Zarah Rattray 
 Andrew Wark 
30Thea Mace29:52
 Sue Hunter 
 Ian Rattray 
29Carenza Elley30:06
 Garry Wilson 
 Paul Ewart 
31Mia Donovan30:19
 Nichola Mcmahon 
 Chris Keith 
28Wendy Harris30:21
 Lily James 
 Kevin Knowles 
20Chloe Donovan30:25
 Gemma Horan 
 Matthew Scott 
34Boh Ritchie (2 Laps)19:09

Club Cross Country Champs 2019 Results

Report by Glenn Sexton

This year Hawks decide to open our champs up to the other clubs in the Centre in an effort to encourage some better racing for our and the other clubs members . The day dawned nice and fine and with Lance leading the team and myself, Jai, Nick Freke helping, getting an early look at the course during the setup. Footing was firm with very little mud, making fast times a possibility.

People started rocking up from  about 1pm and the plan of inviting the other clubs looked to have been a success with visitors from a far as Taupo, Thames and Tauranga travelling along with a great turnout from Cambridge. The kids race had the biggest field we have had for years with 14 starters.

In the main race we had one field with the 3k,5k,6k and 9k all racing together. This format gives everyone a better chance of having someone to race, although once someone turns off early it can be a little lonely for a bit after.

A big thanks to Lance and the setup and take down team who once again did a great job marking the course, Graham of course for his timing services and all the other helpers we had on the day. Running down that hill to the turnaround tree it was also great to see so many supporters cheering us runners on and offering helpful encouragement. Hopefully next year the club  will again open the race up and have another days great racing.

Facebook Images>>

PlaceRaceNoTIMENameSurnameGradeGdPlDistNet TimeHOUSE/Club
470400:31:05michaelsuttonsm49KM31:05TGA Ramblers
670300:33:53reubentomlinsonsm69KM33:53new hawk
765900:35:10pauloverendsm79KM35:10hawk new!
PlaceRaceNoTIMENameSurnameGradeGdPlDistNet TimeHOUSE/Club
1371200:23:13mike causermm4046KM23:13cambridge
2165200:24:16MalcolmSmithMM4096KM24:16TGA Ramblers
2965600:26:42gavinsmithMM60+26KM26:42TGA Ramblers
PlaceRaceNoTIMENameSurnameGradeGdPlDistNet TimeHOUSE/Club
366100:21:51bridgetdeverellmw5015KM21:51hawk new!
671100:23:30maureen leonardmw5035KM23:30kiwi
864100:26:14Wendy FoxMW60+15KM26:14Kiwi
PlaceRaceNoTIMENameSurnameGradeGdPlDistNet TimeHOUSE/Club
193.43Davis Sinclair1KmBU10Camb
2114.02Zac Miller1KmBU10Kiwi
344.46Cory Brew1KmBU10
484.50Amber Rattray1KmGU10Ruru
514.53Jesse Smith1KmBU10Tauranga
6146.18Connor Gibbison1KmBU10Ruru
1107.50Matthew Sinclair2KmBU12Camb
238.10Annabel Chapman2KmGU12Camb
328.17Josh Smith2KmBU12Tauranga
478.32Layton Mace2KmBU10Hawk
5128.40Liam Miller2KmBU12Kahu
659.14Charlie Gibberson2KmBU12Hawk
71310.00Evan Rees-Jones2KmBU12Cambridge
8610.09Thea Mace2KmGU12Hawk

Club Cross Country Champs 2018 Results

Report By Glenn S

After a rather grim looking morning the sun came out by lunchtime making for  reasonably pleasant conditions for racing. The reasonably dry course allowed for some quicker times than recent years and the customary lake just before the finish was missing this year.

Invited guests this year included 4 from Cambridge and a handful of the triathlon community who wanted a race. As our Centre events have dwindled away to next to none,  I think in future it is in the best interests of inter-club running in general and those who wish to race nationally from our own club , we need to  open our event up to guests to provide a good variation in competition.
Most encouraging point of the day was the 11 SM members who raced, perhaps the most disappointing was only one SW member ran.
Thanks to Kris, Gordon and Vaughan K for setting the course, and Graham and Shona for the timing.

Photos on Facebook >>

Photos on Flickr Account (Full Hi-Resolution) >>

3 km
Name Surname Time GRADE GdPl Dist Min/Km
Matijis Wetzels 10:30 BU15 1 3 03:30
Gemma Horan 13:04 GU15 1 3 04:21
Madison Rattray 13:31 GU15 2 3 04:30
5 km
Name Surname Time GRADE GdPl Dist Min/Km
Sam Corbett 21:05 WU18 1 5 04:13
Gina Butler 21:06 WU20 1 5 04:13
Charli Miller 21:19 WU18 1 5 04:16
Tanja Miller 21:56 MW35 1 5 04:23
Kimbi Sanders 22:15 WU20 Guest 1 5 04:27
Helen Hall-King 23:39 MW55 1 5 04:44
Maureen Leonard 24:55 MW55 1 5 04:59
Fleur Marillier 25:20 MM45 1 5 05:04
Kaye Stockman 25:27 MW55 2 5 05:05
Penny Burkhart 27:48 MW55 1 5 05:34
Kaye Sharpe 27:48 MW45 1 5 05:34
Kerry Rattray 28:12 MW45 2 5 05:38
Terry Hannett 38:24 MM70 1 5 07:41
6 km
Name Surname Time GRADE GdPl Dist Min/Km
Ben Bidios 21:23 MU18 1 6 03:34
Andrew Carr 21:44 MU18 2 6 03:37
Sean Trowern 21:48 MU20 1 6 03:38
Dean Chiplin 22:06 MM40 Guest 1 6 03:41
John Bowe 22:10 MM40 1 6 03:42
Sam Montgomery 22:11 MU20 1 6 03:42
Lochie Montgomery 22:46 MU18 2 6 03:48
Connor Tristan 22:52 MU20 2 6 03:49
Andrew Wark 23:10 MM50 1 6 03:52
Sophie Corbridge 23:14 SW guest 1 6 03:52
Glenn Sexton 23:53 MM50 2 6 03:59
Les Miller 24:20 MM40 2 6 04:03
William Swales 24:30 MU18 3 6 04:05
Helen Gavin 24:52 SW 1 6 04:09
Pat Gallagher 24:59 MM40 3 6 04:10
Iain Rattray 25:11 MM40 4 6 04:12
Ross Butler 25:44 MM50 3 6 04:17
Kevin Knowles 25:53 MM60 1 6 04:19
Gary Wilson 28:00 MM50 4 6 04:40
Paul Reynolds 28:19 MM40 5 6 04:43
Ray Chrystall 29:04 MM40 6 6 04:51
Vaughan Swale 29:43 MM60 2 6 04:57
Leon Govender 29:56 MM40 7 6 04:59
Graham Clarkin 32:18 MM60 3 6 05:23
Gilbert McDonald 32:53 MM50 5 6 05:29
Mike Riley 33:30 MM60 4 6 05:35
Dave Southwick 34:14 MM60 5 6 05:42
Brendon Hicks 37:14 MM60 6 6 06:12
9 km
Name Surname Time GRADE GdPl Dist Min/Km
Steve rees Jones 30:29 MM40 Guest 2 9 03:23
Logan Roger 31:37 SM 1 9 03:31
Jake Jackson-Grammer 31:53 SM 2 9 03:33
Rodrigo jace 32:21 SM 3 9 03:36
Simon Kerr 32:52 SM 4 9 03:39
George Gywnn 33:26 SM Guest 1 9 03:43
Josh Nyika 33:40 SM 5 9 03:44
Lance Brew 33:41 SM 6 9 03:45
Carl Fischer 34:39 SM 7 9 03:51
Reuben Tomlinson 34:45 SM 8 9 03:52
Kris Moore 36:40 SM 9 9 04:04
Martin Ferry 36:59 SM 10 9 04:07
Sunil Fernandez-ritchie 37:22 SM 11 9 04:09
Lewis Butler 39:46 SM 12 9 04:25


U11s 1km
Amber Rattray 5.1
Evan Rees-Jones (Cambridge) 5.1
Cory Brew 5.23
U13s 2km
Zarah Rattray 9.11
Bronwen Rees-Jones (Cambridge) 9.57

Trophy Day 2018 Results

Trophy Day went well, with 40 runners. It was nice to see Zane along to watch.
The handicap start had runners guessing their own finish times and setting off accordingly, making for a fast 5k finish.

After making the longest time-difference allowable 30 seconds it was clear half the field would have been disqualified so we went back to 60 seconds, as in previous years.

Congratulations to the Trophy winners.
Cameron Cup 1st existing female – Kay Stockman
Chandler Cup 1st new female – Kerry Rattray
Cotterell Cup 1st existing male – Marcus Daws
Ready Cup- 1st new male – Mike Riley
Carson Cup U14 girls – Zarah Rattray
Upton Cup U14 boys – Hugo Field
Humphries Cup U12 girls – Amber Rattray
Johnson Cup U12 boys – James Nugyen

Photos on Facebook >>

Photos on Flickr Account (Full Hi-Resolution) >>

Name Est time Actual time Dif (in secs)
Ross Barnett 25:00 22:29 -151
Colin King 26:00 24:22 -98
Ken Johnson 24:30 23:05 -85
Ray Chrystall 24:00 22:38 -82
Donovan Farrell 22:00 20:40 -80
Vaughan Swale 24:30 23:37 -63
Lucy Farrell 21:30 20:10 -80
Mike Riley 26:00 25:10 -50
Kay Stockman 24:30 23:34 -56
Kerry Rattray 27:30 26:42 -48
Helen Hall-King 22:30 21:44 -46
Carolyn Farris 25:30 24:52 -28
Marcus Daws 22:30 21:55 -35
Paul Reynolds 22:30 21:59 -31
Simon Kerr 18:00 17:23 -37
Lance Brew 18:00 17:25 -35
Kevin Knowles 20:30 19:55 -35
John Crane 18:30 18:00 -30
Terry Hannett 34:00 33:42 -18
Graham Clarkin 25:30 25:05 -25
Fleur Marillier 25:00 23:22 -98
Brendan Hicks 28:00 27:55 -5
Gemma Horan 22:00 21:48 -12
Mike Harris 19:00 18:51 -9
Ben Wild 27:00 28:30 90
Sunil Fernadez Ritchie 19:00 19:02 2
Andrew Wark 18:30 18:34 4
Dave Southwick 27:00 27:10 10
John Mering 16:30 16:31 1
Toshimi Farrell 22:30 22:40 10
Wendy Harris 27:00 27:19 19
Debbie Morris 34:00 34:31 31
Madison Rattray 24:30 24:55 25
Kent Hodgson 18:30 19:17 47
Steve Rossiter 25:30 25:50 20
Wendy Fox 25:30 28:14 22
Sophie Harris 27:00 28:14 74
Max Field 28:00 29:18 78
Gilbert Macdonald 24:00 26:21 141
Garth Richie 40:00 44:30 270
Kids Age Time
Zarah Rattray G11 8:53
Hugo Field B8 10:14
Amber Rattray G7 10:21
Phoebe Field G13 10:28
James Nguyen B10 10:28
Cory Brew B7 10:37

National Road Relays 2017 Results

Keep reading down the page for the Hawks official team results or click here to go directly to the results.

Overview report by Mudlark (Don Willoughby)

WHEW!!!! Hawks are the top club in road running and champions of New Zealand. What an amazing weekend in Rotorua and a huge thanks to John Crane and Glenn Sexton for their efforts throughout the year to get nine teams to the start line.  111 teams took part and it is a reflection of what great spirit the club has that even at the last minute we had runners who were upgraded to a higher team and managed to produce outstanding runs. Maureen Leonard was a classic case taking out the fastest lap on her leg. Since 1999 when I was race director on a new course based on Cambridge the Hawks have featured in the top 3 ranking most years. That year the Masters Women won and the Junior Women were third. And now follows a brief history of the club’s record as I know it.  In 2000 the event was held on the Motueka Nelson course and MW won again while the JW were first and we were second club overall. As Brett Addison points out it took 17 more years for our JW to win again. 2001 was Takahe Akaroa and the MW team kept on producing wins and one memory I have of that year was the huge skin flaps on Bridget Ray’s feet after a flying downhill leg. Our JM led by the Robertson twins won to great excitement and we were again second club. In 2002 and 2003 the event was based on Fielding and our MW, JW and JM did us proud with medals but still the top club eluded us. It  was Nelson again in 2004 and no gold medals but once again MW 2nd, JM 2nd and JW 3rd produced top runs  and we were 3rd in the club comp. 2005 the event returned to Takahe Akaroa with no wins but a 3rd in the top club. Then followed Feilding,  Timaru and Mosgiel and while we were knocking on the top spot never clinched it. 2009 on the Banks Peninsula we finally “knocked the @#$% off”  with MW in first, JW second and MM third. Finally we had done it and a very emotional Don accepted the gold medal. The next year in Inglewood we won again while Hunua 2011 with no golds but plenty of minor placings like seconds to SW, MM and MW we were second ranked club. The next  four years I was not fully involved due to poor health but we were still up there. Last year in Rotorua we finished 1st equal and finally in 2017 we cracked it again. What a tribute to those who led the club so ably this year and kept the members focus on aiming for Rotorua. Winning a national relay is all about having every member running to their best on the day. In Rotorua we had replacements in each team that won a medal  but they still produced their best. The fact that we had eight runners who scored fastest lap in their race was a measure of how the club has real quality. Nancy Jiang, Marion Millward, Maureen Leonard, Aimee Ferguson, Grace Ritchie, Samantha Corbett, Emerson Deverell and John Crane all ran the quickest times for their lap which was brilliant running. I was privileged to follow and assist Wendy Harris with the Junior Women’s team as a passionate Hawks supporter. Aimee Ferguson gave this team a brilliant start and was 3 minutes ahead after the first lap and this lead was built on successively by Grace Ritchie, Jemima Antoniazzi, Samantha Corbett and Emerson Deverell which meant Charli Miller brought the team home in first  more than 7 minutes ahead of second placed Wellington. Giving time splits and encouragement throughout each was a privilege and a thrill for the old fella. I was even happier at the finish when our Masters Women came home in first spot and then our senior women took second behind North Harbour Bays. Pens and rule books came out and Glenn did some hasty calculations. Were two golds a silver and a bronze enough to be top club? I had been given the word early on that we had won but had to keep a lid on it until the prize giving. I am very proud to be a Hawk and viewed  the whole day as a wonderful running experience in the club’s history. The fish and chips and red wine back in Cambridge tasted top stuff on Saturday night as Rae and I reflected on a super day.

Junior Women’s NRR
Report by Wendy Harris

I was privileged enough to have the opportunity to drive the Junior Women again this year and was not the only one who felt like we had some unfinished business after last years race.  It was clear from the beginning that although the girls didn’t want to put too much pressure on themselves they were a team that believed they could win!  And win they did.
Aimee Ferguson was our starter with her last words to me being “I have to remember not to start with the boys and do my own thing”.  Obviously that went out the window as when we saw her 1km in she was the lead girl and was running with the boys.  A strategy that worked anyway as she led the JW race from the start and ran 2 minutes under her estimated time to put the team into a healthy 1:20 minute lead.
Grace Ritchie set off up the hill and managed to keep with one of the JM teams and run a really gutsy second leg looking determined and focused all the way.  Lucky the team was well organised in getting to the changeover in time as Grace was also 2 minutes faster than her estimated time.  The lead was extended to 2 minutes and Jemima Antoniazzi, our youngest runner at only 14 took off down the hill with those long legs of hers flying.  At times she was going so fast around the bends that she could hardly stay close to the edge of the road.  At the changeover the baton was passed to Sam Corbett and the lead had extended to 3 minutes.  Sam was pumped and ready to go, focused and prepared to keep the team in front.  Sam’s run was solid and consistent from the word go, she did a PB and gained another minute on Wellington the team behind.  Emerson Deverell then took the baton for the team with Don Willoughby hot on her tail calling out encouragement all the way.  By this point it was extremely windy with big trucks racing past making it not the most pleasant experience for Emerson.  She never gave up and pushed through until the end was finally in sight.  Her first words were “I’m so sorry I’ve let the team down”.  I think she might have been hallucinating a little after giving it everything she had as she had gained a massive lead over Wellington extending the time difference to 7 minutes.  Charli Miller was the last runner for the team with the longest lap to take the team through to the finish.  She was lucky to be in the team due to having a broken arm but complete with cast in tow she headed off with only one job to do – get to the end in front of all the other teams.  Driving past Charli running strong the girls allowed themselves to believe that short of a disaster befalling Charli the win would be theirs. 
Hamilton City Hawks Junior Women – Gold Medal Winners – National Champions.
Congratulations to all the girls for racing so well, giving it their absolute all, showing great sportsmanship and for generally being awesome.  A special mention to Lillie Harris for her great photography, time keeping and navigation skills.  Also a big thank you to the support crew out there on the course, Dean, Megan, Grant, Kevin and the man with the famous milkshakes Don Willoughby.

Senior Men’s NRR
Report by Lance Brew

With managing to be able to get two senior men’s teams fulled with senior men without having to steal masters or female runners there was some excitement around what might unfold for the Senior Men 1 team who were in the A grade.

With Malcolm King leading us of on the 1st leg he was really wanting to keep us in contact with teams ahead of us going pass him at  around 3.5 km mark he looked relaxed but with the hill to come what was going to unfold. Well from all accounts he gave it his all up then down the other side to come in very wobbly and with us screaming for him to sprint in, it was very apparent he had gassed himself and was spent. Making it to the change to hand over to Jai Davies Campbell who shot off like a bullet to run down the guys ahead. Leaving us to deal with a very stuffed Malcolm who we had to leave at the back of his car and we were of to see what Jai was doing he was going just fine gaining in on the Wellington Scottish runner and just as Jai was about over take him he stopped to do his lace up.

Jai smashed his leg gaining some good time on two teams in front to hand over to myself and give me something to chase down and extend on behind. With each km ticking over I could see I was clawing back time on the 2 runners ahead of me. I know going up the hill to the change I was going to pick at least 1 off and get really close to another. Theunis was there waiting and went out quickly having some good competion just a head and Matt Scott chasing behind. To some of us in the van we were starting to think we may of put him on the wrong leg but no he worked really hard to keep a gap on Matt behind but also got us really close to Tauranga Ramblers which got some excitement going as now there was a race on for top Waibop team. Giving the batton over to Russ at the top of the hill a bit of excitement ensued as what was Russ going to do to this leg specially the down hill section by the time we caught up to him he was already past Tauranga and making some great headway although Alice and B(dog) who were our chief supporters started to worry that he was hurting himself and Alice had to grab a beer to calm her down. Russ got to the bottom of the hill and set of to bring home a good run with some little white lies by us in the van saying it all down hill from here and flat we forgot about the last hill (sorry Russ) which he smashed and brought it in for Rodrigo to head out.

Rodrigo set out like he was going to kill his leg and extended the gap on the teams behind for the first time in the day if was now more of Rodrigo doing a time trial and holding our place and seeing if he could take time outa  Christchurch Avon to give Jacob a chance. Rodrigo got over the top of the hill and set about trying to pick up the pace down to hand over to Jacob who was just like Rodrigo of consulidating our place in the race. Looking really smooth he ran a great leg to bring us home in 7 placing.

Well Done guys that was one fun team to be involved in and Thanks again to Alice and B for been great supporters

Senior women NRR adventures
Report by Celicia Flori
The morning of the relays started off pretty smoothly. We all met at 7.30am at the lodge with no delays other than Malesa mysteriously disappearing for a 5 long minutes. We then left for the start line to see the first team take off at 8am. We would not start till 8.45 and in that time we sorted out our race numbers, running order, etc. While I was pinning my number to my singlet Kovo looked at me quizzically and said “ I don’t think that is the logo of the front of the singlet” I looked down and indeed it wasn’t: I had been wearing my singlet back to front the whole time. Good start of the day 🙂
The first runner in our team was Kovo. She run in fourth place for some time right behind the 3rd girl, but then, as she put it, “got tired of the view” so took off and got us to 3rd place with a good lead. Our second runner was Malesa which, for the first time in 3 years, was not sick on the day of NRR, and it showed!! She got a PR 5km and, with a 56 seconds improvement over last year’s time, closed the gap with the second girl by over a minute.
Next up was Dawn, she had a good solid run and kept us in third place with a good lead. The first section of leg 3 can’t be followed by van so we didn’t see Dawn for a little while. During this time me and Malesa had a cool down/warm up jog and were surprised at how badly the course was marked until we got to a motorway and realised that we were not on the course at all! Malesa’s excuse was that she had just run her guts out, my excuse…well lets not dwell on that.
I was up next after Dawn. Given that the distance, how did Mike Harris put it, “had a zero less than what I am used to”, I think I did ok. I took 39 seconds off last years time and LITERALLY ran my guts out.. I have to admit that if the course had been a tad bit longer it would not have been a pleasant ride in the van for any of us. Given my state the baton change between me and Nancy was hilarious. I had eyed the portaloos even before the change over and all I wanted to do was get to them as fast as possible, so much so that I went a little too fast and almost ran over Nancy after handing her the baton. Luckily I veered in time and headed for the cones instead….
Nancy’s run was amazing as usual. She took two minutes off the second girl and got us to 2nd place! We heard a lot of ”who the hell is this girl” from the other team..
Then came the turn of Veronica. She struggled a bit at the start due to stitches but then, thanks to Graham’s great suggestion of “open your legs”, she kept 2nd place with a good lead. The final leg was run by our runner of the day Olivia. She ran an amazing final leg and opened the gap from the third place by a few minutes. She said she ran scared the whole time thinking the other runner was right behind her. We didn’t tell her that in fact she was miles away…good strategy team!
After all these adventures we managed to take home Silver!
Great work you all!
Each time I do the relays I am always impressed by the comradery and team work that goes on. For a great chunk of the day we are all out there supporting each other, encouraging each other and giving everything you have to the team. I feel it some how makes you a better you and it is why I find this event so beautiful and inspiring. So proud of you all and of being part of this team and of the best running club in NZ!! We got a trophy to prove it now 🙂

Masters Men 50+ NRR
Report by John Crane

An early rise for the old men .. first race start at 8:00am.

We’d done our research … realistically we knew that the two Wellington clubs were a lot stronger and were likely to take the first two places … so it was looking like we’d be in a three way battle for bronze with Auckland City Athletic and our old mates Papanui Toc H. But then again … anything can happen on the day!

After so many years of running the National Road Relays this was the first time I’d ever done the first leg. I’d been worried about a back injury, but thankfully all went well and we were on our way, with a narrow lead over Wellington Scottish at the first changeover. Chris Keith up next. The big guns from Wellington were starting to fire, but Chris ran a great leg and kept them very much in our sights.

Third leg was Oscar, keeping us in the the battle for bronze with a gutsy run and uphill finish. By leg four the two Wellington teams were having their own battle up front. Auckland had got ahead of us and Papanui were putting us under pressure. Kevin put in a fantastic effort and kept us very much in touch with Auckland in the chase for bronze. Then it was Chris Smith … just a week after running the Rarotonga 32km race. Somehow he’d managed to recover from that and put in a huge performance. In fourth place still, opening the gap on Papanui and still just over two minutes away from Auckland. Leg six was Garry. After many years of running relays with Garry we know what to expect … he puts everything into it, and this year was no exception, running hard out at the start to cut the gap to the Auckland team and holding on grimly to the end of his leg. Never a pretty sight!

Last leg … great to see Tony Olsen back running the NRR after a few years out. He had over two minutes to make up on top Auckland runner Alastair Prangnell, and had to keep an eye on Papanui who were over two minutes behind, but had Richard Bennett on their last leg (and I know how that feels from about 15 years ago!).

Then a bit of drama in the battle up front between Wellington Harriers and Wellington Scottish. The Scottish leg six runner had come to grief, collapsing about 500m short of the handover, resulting in a seven minute penalty and throwing things up in the air for the minor medals. Tony went after Auckland and ate into their lead from the start … it was going to be close. In the meantime we were trying to work out if Wellington Scottish were likely to finish more than seven minutes ahead of us. We gave Tony one last boost of support then into the vans to the finish, fighting the traffic and lights we arrived just in time to see Auckland holding on to third place over the line, with an exceptional run from Tony to put us just over a minute behind in fourth. We still couldn’t work out whether we’d finish ahead of Wellington Scottish once their penalty had been applied … but then the results were announced, confirming us in 3rd place. It never feels quite right to benefit from another team’s misfortune … but that’s all part of the drama of relay running, and it was good to hear later on that the Wellington runner was OK after a short spell in Rotorua hospital.

A great result for the old fellas, and at least we managed one medal for the men . We also realised that all those years of close battles in the MM40 grade that started 10 years ago against Wellington Scottish and Papanui are starting to come round again … same old battlers, just 10 years older! Bring on 2018 in Akaroa!

The Very Hungry (for victory) Relay Team
Report by Kirsten

In the light of the moon a little MW relay team lay on their beds wondering what the next day would bring.

In the morning the sun came up and ‘pop!’, out came the team, hungry for victory.

On leg one Kirsten ran her best, she ate through one runner.

But they were still hungry….

On leg two Helen ran fast and well, eating through TWO runners.

But they were still hungry….

On leg three Karen ran consistently and well, chewing through THREE runners

But they were still hungry…

On leg FOUR Marion the legend got them into second place

But they were still hungry….

On leg five Katy machined in a very quick time through FIVE runners

But they were still hungry….

On leg six Maureen ran reliably well, eating through one Olympic, one composite, one Lake City, one New Brighton MM, one more composite, one Wellington Scottish and (most importantly and truthfully)…..one Wellington Harrier!

That leg we all had a (nervous) stomach ache!

The next runner was Bridget Ray and she did a stunning run in a high pressure situation.

And after that the team felt much better.

Now they weren’t hungry anymore, as they suspected that something great was about to happen.

However they had to stay in a cocoon for more than two hours until results were officially announced.

At prizegiving they went up on stage and……..

They had a beautiful gold medal!!

Postscript: Thanks epic and fabulous team xx

Masters Men 40+
Report by Mark Scott

After medalling the last four years our 7th this year didn’t feel too good, but shows where we’re at with a lot of us late 40’s now. A big thanks to Nick as our hot spare and Hadley coming into the team a fortnight before race day. We were a massive 15 minutes off 1st, 11 minutes of 3rd The top three teams were well ahead of the next five teams that we were competitive with, 4th team finished 3:51 ahead.

Saying that we had a great day and refocused on beating Lake City (fail) and the leading Senior Womans team, North Harbour Bay (win). Our team, in order of legs – Glenn Sexton, Kent Hodgson, Hadley Craig, Marc Scott, John Bowe, Mike Harris and Mike Causer.

Glenn got us off to a good start in contact in 6th and ahead of Bays. We stayed in the 5th to 8th place throughout the relay. A couple of our blokes got “chicked” by our Senior Ladies runners, I could have been one of those. Thanks Cecilia.

So what really mattered… a leg to go, a minute down on Bays. Mike Causer says “no problem”, “walk in the park”. Mike comfortably reels in the Bays runner and we smashed them by 5 seconds! Nice.

Recruitment started on Tuesday with Jason signed up. Need a few more to stop John Bowe and Mike Causer heading off to Tibet for a self-imposed 5 year exile and zen life!

Hawks Relay Team Results

The full official timing results can be viewed here

Dist Time M/Km
Junior Women 1st 
Leg1 Aimee Ferguson Fastest lap 8.3 0:32:19 3:54
Leg2 Grace Ritchie Fastest lap 8.2 0:31:58 3:54
Leg3 Jemima Antoniazzi 4.1 0:13:59 3:25
Leg4 Samantha Corbett Fastest lap 6.0 0:23:53 3:59
Leg5 Emerson Deverell Fastest lap 8.4 0:33:02 3:56
Leg6 Charli Miller 10.3 0:41:35 4:02
Finish 45.3 2:56:46 3:54
Masters Women 1st
Leg1 Kirsten Milne 8.5 0:35:54 4:13
Leg2 Helen Hall-King 8.8 0:39:24 4:29
Leg3 Karyn McCready 8.3 0:41:03 4:57
Leg4 Marion Millward Fastest lap 8.2 0:37:01 4:31
Leg5 Katy Dawson 10.1 0:40:27 4:00
Leg6 Maureen Leonard Fastest lap 8.4 0:38:04 4:32
Leg7 Bridget Ray 10.3 0:43:51 4:15
Finish 62.6 4:35:44 4:24
Senior Women 1 2nd
Leg1 Kovo MacDonald 8.5 0:35:11 4:08
Leg2 Malesa McNearney 8.8 0:34:03 3:52
Leg3 Dawn Tuffery 8.3 0:38:03 4:35
Leg4 Cecilia Flori 8.2 0:31:32 3:51
Leg5 Nancy Jiang Fastest lap 10.1 0:35:12 3:29
Leg6 Veronika Adams 8.4 0:35:52 4:16
Leg7 Olivia Ritchie 10.3 0:39:25 3:50
Finish 62.6 4:09:18 3:59
Masters 50+ 3rd
Leg1 John Crane Fastest lap 8.5 0:32:08 3:47
Leg2 Chris Keith 8.8 0:34:24 3:55
Leg3 Oscar Emery 8.3 0:38:11 4:36
Leg4 Kevin Knowles 8.2 0:33:38 4:06
Leg5 Chris Smith 10.1 0:36:34 3:37
Leg6 Garry Wilson 8.4 0:34:58 4:10
Leg7 Tony Olsen 10.3 0:38:03 3:42
Finish 62.6 4:07:56 3:58
Senior Men – B Grade 5th
Leg1 Jack Montgomerie 8.5 0:33:57 4:00
Leg2 Martin Ferry 8.8 0:32:19 3:40
Leg3 Sunil Ritchie 8.3 0:34:12 4:07
Leg4 Kris Moore 8.2 0:32:44 4:00
Leg5 Rueben Tomlinson 10.1 0:35:28 3:31
Leg6 Cameron Hall 8.4 0:31:41 3:46
Leg7 Carl Fischer 10.3 0:37:31 3:39
Finish 62.6 3:57:52 3:48
Masters Men 7th
Leg1 Glenn Sexton 8.5 0:32:08 3:47
Leg2 Kent Hodgson 8.8 0:32:27 3:41
Leg3 Hadley Craig 8.3 0:33:57 4:05
Leg4 Marc Scott 8.2 0:32:53 4:01
Leg5 John Bowe 10.1 0:35:30 3:31
Leg6 Mike Harris 8.4 0:33:02 3:56
Leg7 Mike Causer 10.3 0:36:49 3:34
Finish 62.6 3:56:46 3:47
Senior Men – A Grade 7th
Leg1 Malcolm King 8.5 0:31:56 3:45
Leg2 Jai Davis-Campbell 8.8 0:28:52 3:17
Leg3 Lance Brew 8.3 0:31:01 3:44
Leg4 Theunis Pieters 8.2 0:30:49 3:45
Leg5 Russ Best 10.1 0:31:30 3:07
Leg6 Rodrigo Jaca 8.4 0:29:56 3:34
Leg7 Jacob Priddey 10.3 0:34:34 3:21
Finish 62.6 3:38:38 3:30
Senior Women 1 2nd
Leg1 Kovo MacDonald 8.5 0:35:11 0:04:08
Leg2 Malesa McNearney 8.8 0:34:03 0:03:52
Leg3 Dawn Tuffery 8.3 0:38:03 0:04:35
Leg4 Cecilia Flori 8.2 0:31:32 0:03:51
Leg5 Nancy Jiang 10.1 0:35:12 0:03:29
Leg6 Veronika Adams 8.4 0:35:52 0:04:16
Leg7 Olivia Ritchie 10.3 0:39:25 0:03:50
Finish 62.6 4:09:18 0:03:59
Composite 7th
Leg1  Hikaru Mita 8.3 0:32:02 0:03:52
Leg2 Trish Stockman 8.2 0:47:50 0:05:50
Leg3 Brooke Shepherd-Wright 4.1 0:17:37 0:04:18
Leg4 Charlie Evans 6.0 0:27:20 0:04:33
Leg5 Marcus Daws 8.4 0:35:57 0:04:17
Leg6 Nick Freke 10.3 0:43:56 0:04:16
Finish 45.3 3:24:42 0:04:31
Junior Men 7th
Leg1 Lochie Montgomerie 8.3 0:30:46 0:03:42
Leg2 Connor Tristram 8.2 0:27:52 0:03:24
Leg3 William Swales 4.1 0:13:10 0:03:13
Leg4 Ben Prince 6.0 0:20:50 0:03:28
Leg5 Sam Montgomerie 8.4 0:31:53 0:03:48
Leg6 Isaiah Priddey 10.3 0:36:59 0:03:35
Finish 45.3 2:41:30 0:03:34

WaiBOP Road Champs 2017 Results

Results from WaiBOP Road Champs 2017

Hawks photos can be viewed on Flickr via link below:

This last weekend the provincial champs were held locally and there was a big muster of Hawks taking part. A hard road race each week is vital to get our teams ready for the national road champs relay champs. Firstly congrats to Glenn Sexton and his organising team which was a biggee for the club to organise. I must praise the course select ion on a quiet rural road which was largely traffic free and provided a firm smooth running surface. Huge thanks to Graham D for results and to Malesa McNearny, Mike Harris and team on the food stall. Our club members picked up many centre titles so well done to all. Jemima Antionazzi was a clear winner of the 2.5km G15 race with a 8.57 time while Gemma Horan was 5 th in 10.27. Jemima has made herself available for selection to the Junior women’s road relay team which makes it even stronger. Emerson Deverell clocked a quick 17.54 for her 5km W20 race on a course that was exposed to the wind. Sam Corbett picked up silver in the G18 5km with a 19.42 time while Georgia Crane was 3 rd in 22.14.

The Masters Women also raced over 5km and all showed their class winning a bunch of medals. Katy Dawson running her first race for some time was the quickest of the prospective relay team winning the Masters Women 40 grade with 19.43 and being followed closely by Bridget Deverell 1 st MW50 19.51, Bridget Ray 1st MW55 20.16, Marion Millward 2 nd MW55 21.36, Helen Hall-King 2 nd MW50 21.46, Karyn McCready 1 st MW45 21.52. This group who have been perennial medallists at the national road relays in the past once again look in strong shape with six weeks to go. Isaiah Priddey 1 st M20 clocked 24.36 for his 7.5km. The M18 raced over 5km and 2 nd was Connor Tristram with 16.30 Mathijis Wetzels racing up a grade ran superbly and placed 3 rd with 17.02. Sam Montgomerie was 5 th with 17.18 while William Swales was 7 th in 17.58.

The highly competitive Masters Men saw some solid results that auger well for the NRR. Mike Causer had to hustle to head off Gavin Butler to win the MM45 grade by a second 36.20 to 36 21. Andrew Wark was next Hawks member to finish with 36.44 to win silver in the MM50. Chris Smith won the MM55 with 37.02, Marc Scott was 4 th MM45 with a time of 38.06. John Crane with 37.25 took 3 rd in MM50 while Chris Keith took bronze in the MM55 and Kevin Knowles was 4 th MM55 with 40.13. Among the senior men Russ Best ran 32.22 for silver while Lance Brew ran 36.08 for 1 st MM35.

It was great to see Jacob Priddey back from USA and racing again in Hawks colours he took 3 rd in the SM 10km with 32.54. Other Hawks in the same race were 6 th Jai Davis-Campbell 34.23, Malcolm King 7 th 35.41, Reubin Tomlinson 2 nd MM35 with 36.53, Sunil Ritchie-Fernandez 8 th 39.51 and Jack Montgomerie 41.27. In the Senior Women Cecilia Flori ran a PB 39.09 for 4 th a much shorter distance for her than normal. Malesa McNearney took 40.05 for her race and 5 th while Dawn Tuffery was 7 th in 44.45.

All in all an interesting days road racing which was concluded without an approaching thunderstorm dumping its load on the races. The dreaded flu has hit a number and resulted in no shows to club stalwarts. Thanks also to Jai for his free post race Moa beers. Much appreciated by all.


Place RaceNo Time Name Surname Reg Club/Town Gender GRADE GdPl Dist
1 45 32:14 Hayden Wilde NOT REG Whakatane Male SM 1 10km
2 37 32:22 Russ Best Y Hamilton City Hawks Male SM 2 10km
3 44 32:54 Jacob Priddey NOT REG Hamilton City Hawks Male SM 3 10km
4 42 33:13 Jonathan Mckee N – Visitor Pakuranga Male SM 4 10km
5 40 33:22 Craig Kirkwood NOT REG Tauranga Ramblers Male SM 5 10km
6 41 33:41 Kyle Macdonald Y Tauranga Ramblers Male SM 6 10km
7 98 34:25 Jai Davies-Campbell y Hamilton City Hawks Male SM 7 10km
8 113 35:41 Malcolm King Hamilton Male SM 8 10km
9 96 35:46 Regan Bones Tauranga Ramblers Male SM 9 10km
10 114 37:43 Max Gordon No club Male SM 10 10km
11 38 39:51 Sunil Fernandez-Ritchie Y Hamilton City Hawks Male SM 11 10km
12 39 40:02 Cameron Hall Y Hamilton City Hawks Male SM 12 10km
13 43 41:27 Jack Montgomerie SOCIAL Hamilton City Hawks Male SM 13 10km
1 3 36:08 Lance Brew Y Hamilton City Hawks Male MM35-39 1 10km
3 22 36:53 Reuben Tomlinson Y Hamilton City Hawks Male MM35-39 3 10km
4 17 46:14 Mark Searle SOCIAL Cambridge Harriers Male MM35-39 4 10km
1 13 35:56 Adrian Lysaght Y Lake City Male MM40-44 1 10km
2 6 38:15 John Charlton Y Cambridge Harriers Male MM40-44 2 10km
3 19 39:17 Stewart Simpson Y Tauranga Ramblers Male MM40-44 3 10km
4 23 41:57 Andrew Twiddy Y Lake City Male MM40-44 4 10km
5 2 41:58 Zaheer Bhikoo Y Cambridge Harriers Male MM40-44 5 10km
6 21 42:19 Paul Stinton Y Cambridge Harriers Male MM40-44 6 10km
1 5 36:20 Michael Causer Y Hamilton City Hawks Male MM45-49 1 10km
2 4 36:21 Gavin Butler Y Hamilton City Hawks Male MM45-49 2 10km
3 7 37:07 Dean Chiplin Y Cambridge Harriers Male MM45-49 3 10km
4 109 38:06 Marc Scott y Hamilton Male MM45-49 4 10km
5 18 41:13 Paul Signal Y Cambridge Harriers Male MM45-49 5 10km
6 25 44:30 Craig Sinclair Y Cambridge Harriers Male MM45-49 6 10km
7 116 54:53 Chris Bycroft Lake City Male MM45-49 7 10km
1 106 36:24 Tony Broadhead Lake City Male MM50-54 1 10km
2 112 36:44 Andrew Wark y Hamilton Male MM50-54 2 10km
3 8 37:25 John Crane Y Hamilton City Hawks Male MM50-54 3 10km
4 107 38:50 Chris Corney Lake City Male MM50-54 4 10km
5 15 41:33 Steve O’Callaghan NOT REG Unaffiliated Male MM50-54 5 10km
6 14 58:56 Gilbert Macdonald SOCIAL Hamilton City Hawks Male MM50-54 6 10km
1 20 37:02 Chris Smith Y Hamilton City Hawks Male MM55-59 1 10km
2 104 37:34 Bruce Edwards Lake City Male MM55-59 2 10km
3 10 39:55 Chris Keith Y Hamilton City Hawks Male MM55-59 3 10km
4 12 40:13 Kevin Knowles Y Hamilton City Hawks Male MM55-59 4 10km
1 94 44:10 Trevor Ogilvie y Lake City Male MM65-69 1 10km
2 1 46:51 Graeme Adams Y Lake City Male MM65-69 2 10km
3 11 49:58 Colin King SOCIAL Hamilton City Hawks Male MM65-69 3 10km
1 16 55:11 Robin Reed Y Whakatane Male MM70-74 1 10km
1 95 1:04:00 Peter Vyver y Lake City Male MM75 1 10km


Place RaceNo Time Name Surname Reg Club/Town Gender GRADE GdPl Dist
1 47 36:27 Sally Gibbs Y Athletics Tauranga Female SW 1 10km
2 46 37:04 Sarah Gardner Y Tauranga Ramblers Female SW 2 10km
3 49 37:16 Alice Mason Y Cambridge Harriers Female SW 3 10km
4 51 38:09 Jess Walley NOT REG CK Coaching Female SW 4 10km
5 92 39:09 Cecilia Flori y Hamilton City Hawks Female SW 5 10km
6 108 40:05 Malesa McNearney y Hamilton Female SW 6 10km
7 48 41:19 Megan Grant Y Lake City Female SW 7 10km
8 50 44:45 Dawn Tuffery Y Hamilton City Hawks Female SW 8 10km
9 100 45:23 Andrea Neal Tauranga Female SW 9 10km


Place RaceNo Time Name Surname Reg Club/Town Gender GRADE GdPl Dist
1 36 24:36 Isaiah Priddey Y Hamilton City Hawks Male MU20 1 7.5 km
2 111 26:53 Hikaru Mita Hamilton Male MU20 2 7.5 km
1 24 31:17 Terry Hannett SOCIAL Hamilton City Hawks Male MM65-69 1 7.5 km


Place RaceNo Time Name Surname Reg Club/Town Gender GRADE GdPl Dist
1 34 21:33 Krissy Tanner NOT REG Tauranga Ramblers Female MW35-39 1 5km
2 115 22:49 Charlotte Bartrum Tauranga Female MW35-39 2 5km
1 101 19:43 Katy Dawson Hamilton Female MW40-44 1 5km
2 33 20:53 Vicki Rees-Jones Y Cambridge Harriers Female MW40-44 2 5km
3 105 23:44 Sian Twiddy Lake City Female MW40-44 3 5km
1 30 21:52 Karyn Mccready Y Hamilton City Hawks Female MW45-49 1 5km
1 26 19:50 Bridget Deverell Y Hamilton City Hawks Female MW50-54 1 5km
2 27 21:46 Helen Hall-King SOCIAL Hamilton City Hawks Female MW50-54 2 5km
1 32 20:16 Bridget Ray Y Hamilton City Hawks Female MW55-59 1 5km
2 31 21:36 Marion Millward Y Hamilton City Hawks Female MW55-59 2 5km
3 35 49:53 Dianne Barrett-Kendall SOCIAL Lake City Female MW55-59 3 5 kmWalk
1 28 25:13 Kathy Howard Y Lake City Female MW65-69 1 5km
1 93 18:46 Olivia Cummings n Female U18W 1 5km
2 87 19:26 Gemma Baldey Y Whakatane Female U18W 2 5km
3 88 19:42 Samantha Corbett Y Hamilton City Hawks Female U18W 3 5km
4 89 22:14 Georgia Crane Y Hamilton City Hawks Female U18W 4 5km
1 90 17:54 Emerson Deverell Y Hamilton City Hawks Female U20W 1 5km
1 99 36:24 Brendan Gibbs Tauranga Male MM35-39 Walk 1 5 kmWalk
1 81 15:41 Samuel Tanner Y Tauranga Ramblers Male MU18 1 5km
2 82 16:30 Connor Tristram Y Hamilton City Hawks Male MU18 2 5km
3 83 17:02 Mathijs Wetzels Y Hamilton City Hawks Male MU18 3 5km
4 84 17:05 William Sinclair Y Cambridge Harriers Male MU18 4 5km
5 79 17:18 Sam Montgomerie Y Hamilton City Hawks Male MU18 5 5km
6 86 17:28 Zac Bellamy Y Cambridge Harriers Male MU18 6 5km
1 97 17:48 Harrison Fountain N 00:00 Male MU18 1 5 km
7 80 17:58 William Swales Y Hamilton City Hawks Male MU18 7 5km
8 85 19:37 Joseph Sinclair Y Cambridge Harriers Male MU18 8 5km
9 110 21:08 Maysen Greenwood St Peters Male MU18 9 5km
10 78 21:45 Apache Davidson Y Lake City Male MU18 10 5km


Place RaceNo Time Name Surname Reg Club/Town Gender GRADE GdPl Dist
1 71 08:57 Jemima Antoniazzi Y Hamilton City Hawks Female U15G 1 2.5Km
2 73 09:17 Morgan Overington Y Whakatane Female U15G 2 2.5Km
3 70 09:19 James Swan Y Cambridge Harriers Male U15B 1 2.5Km
4 74 09:40 Krystie Solomon Y Frankton Female U15G 3 2.5Km
5 75 09:49 Summar Tanner NOT REG Tauranga Ramblers Female U15G 4 2.5Km
6 69 09:55 Oliver Ashburn Y Whakatane Male U15B 2 2.5Km
7 72 10:27 Gemma Horan Y Hamilton City Hawks Female U15G 5 2.5Km


Place Time Name Surname Reg Club/Town Gender GRADE GdPl Dist
1 08:32 Jasmine Davis Y Cambridge Harriers Female U11G 1 2 km
2 09:06 Bronwyn Rees-Jones Y Cambridge Female U11G 2 2 km
3 09:41 Tyla wallis Y Tokoroa Female U11G 3 2 km
4 11:53 Rachel Sinclair Y Cambridge Harriers Female U11G 4 2 km
1 07:59 Flynn Speedy Wilson Y Fairfield Male U11B 1 2 km
2 08:18 Matthew Sinclair Y Cambridge Harriers Male U11B 2 2 km
3 09:05 David Sinclair Y Cambridge Harriers Male U11B 3 2 km
4 09:13 Blake Davis Y Cambridge Harriers Male U11B 4 2 km
1 07:12 Ian Pugh Y Tauranga Ramblers Male U13B 1 2 km
2 07:16 Liam Davis Y Cambridge Harriers Male U13B 2 2 km
3 07:19 Elliott Pugh Y Tauranga Ramblers Male U13B 3 2 km
4 07:52 Daniel Sinclair Y Cambridge Harriers Male U13B 4 2 km
5 08:44 Ryan Nelson Y Cambridge Harriers Male U13B 5 2 km
6 09:22 Jack Charlton Y Cambridge Harriers Male U13B 6 2 km

Sweeney Cup 2017 Results

Report by Shona Dewson

The Hawks, thanks to Graham Dudfield, once again managed to set a challenging 8km course around Horsham Downs for this popular and longstanding club event on Saturday, 5th August.  Setting the course is getting harder and harder each year as the new expressway cuts through Horsham Downs, and so this year we avoided having to run on Kay Road at all.  Instead the course was pretty much out and back along gravel paths and roads down Osborne and Reynolds Roads, and down to Kay Road before returning to the school.

The weather was perfect for a winter run and some very good times were achieved.  Each runner must estimate their finish time, and times were staggered to meet this handicap.  Of the field of 32, only 5 people went under their estimated time, and these were all within 01:20.  Everyone else went over their estimations with times between only 00.02 seconds and 04:59.

Evan Primmer came in first, followed by Jemima Antoniazzi who finished very strongly, and  Shona Dewson came in 3rd.

There was the usual jostling between various MM, but fastest overall male was Mike Causer in a time of 28.42.  Quickest female was Jemima in 33.50.

Nobody was lost in action this year (for any length of time), however on course shepherd Andrew Wark had to direct quite a few focused runners back up the gravel hill onto Reynolds Road.  Also thanks to Dave Southwick and Bryan Mayall for doing the marshalling, and Carla Wetzels for helping out on the registration desk.

Corey Brew took out the kid’s race all by himself and received a nice Ritchie McCaw book (almost bigger than him) for his efforts.

Unfortunately Calliope couldn’t join us as planned.  Even more unfortunately, with the new expressway nearing completion, time will tell if we will be able to use this course again.  Ideas for a new course would be most welcome if we can’t!

Lillie Harris took some great photos – view online via Facebook here and full resolution images on Flickr here.

Report by Mudlark

ROAD SEASON STARTS: every weekend from now on  there is a road race until the road relay. It is vital that all team members for this pinnacle national event are race hardened so let’s front as often as possible and race hard  to prepare for the challenge of trying to be NO 1 club on the road.

The first race was the Sweeney Cup out on at Horsham Downs on a course that is being squeezed out by the urban sprawl north of Hamilton. Helen and Graham had the day organised well so thanks to them. 32 took part on a challenging course and within 6 minutes the self open handicapped field had finished so congrats to you all for honest assessment of your form. There were NO burglars and Evan Primmer was the first to finish chased hard by Jemima Antoniazzi, Shona Dewson and Wendy Harris.  Mike Causer took out the fastest time in 28.42 but B13 Mathijis Wetzels showed his promise by clocking the next fastest time of 29.50 ahead of Lance Brew 30.05 and Kent Hodgson 30.06. Jemima was the quickest female 33.50 ahead of Dawn Tuffery 35.45 and Helen Hall-King 37.31. All in all a good days road racing in the spring sun. Detailed results can be found on the clubs website . WANTED a new rural largely traffic free course close to Hamilton to replace our current Sweeney Cup course as urban sprawl gobbles up  rural farmland. See Graham if you have any suggestions for 2018.

Official Results

Place Race No Name Surname Time Start Net Time Grade
1 4 Evan Primmer 58:39 16:30 42:09 MM50
2 19 Jemima Antoniazzi 58:55 25:05 33:50 G14
3 60 Shona Dewson 59:30 16:59 42:31 MW
4 10 Wendy Harris 59:58 09:21 50:37 MW
5 1 Peter Horan 59:58 18:31 41:27 MM50
6 21 Kim Jamieson 00:02 09:21 50:41 MW
7 22 Hellen Hall-King 00:11 22:40 37:31 MW
8 15 Mathijs Wetzels 00:14 30:24 29:50 B13
9 12 Chris Smith 00:15 29:56 30:19 MM50
10 13 Jason Hindrup 00:19 27:00 33:19 MM
11 25 Colin King 00:25 22:15 38:10 MM50
12 29 Kent Hodgson 00:30 30:24 30:06 MM
13 16 Chris Keith 00:35 28:09 32:26 MM
14 2 Brooke Shepherd-Wright 00:41 20:00 40:41 SW
15 26 John Crane 00:45 30:23 30:22 MM50
16 5 Kevin Knowles 00:45 28:09 32:36 MM50
17 18  Kris Moore 00:56 29:20 31:36 SM
18 30 Mike Causer 00:59 32:17 28:42 MM
19 17 Tony Olsen 01:14 29:56 31:18 MM
20 28 Dawn Tuffery 01:21 25:36 35:45 SW
21 40 Maureen Foulds 01:22 12:00 49:22 MW
22 9 Mary Rogerson 01:24 11:59 49:25 MW
23 3 Lance Brew 01:25 31:20 30:05 SM
24 11 Rhys Mildon 01:37 29:57 31:40 SM
25 61 Glenn Sexton 01:42 29:55 31:47 MM
26 24 Sunil Fernandez-Ritchie 01:45 30:00 31:45 SM
27 14 Mike Harris 01:54 29:55 31:59 MM
28 27 Maureen Leonard 02:00 24:03 37:57 MW55
29 20 Robyn Smith 02:53 07:01 55:52 WM55
30 23 Gemma Horan 04:04 23:31 40:33 G14
31 8 Emily Fyfe 04:59 20:00 44:59 SW
32 6 Garth Ritchie 16:45 00:00 1:16:45 MM50

Waikato BOP Cross Country Champs 2017 Results

The WBOPCCC was held at Waipuna Park in magnificently fine weather on a firm fast surface. Once again a huge thanks to Tauranga for a well organised event.  Sadly fields  were small but with 27 Hawks taking part our club at least made an impact. Cory Brew started the day for the Hawks and was 8th and youngest in the B11 event.  Charli Miller with a 15.27 clocking for the 4km U18 title led from the start and was an impressive winner. Aimee Ferguson took second spot with a 15.48 run while Samantha Corbett was 5th in 16.58. Mathijis Wetzels ran a sensible first 1km in the B15 3km and blitzed the field as the race progressed to win with style in a quick 10.18. In the U15G Kate Bradley and Gemma  Horan with 5th and 6th. It was pleasing to see Bridget Ray back to racing and in her first race this winter she won the MW55 from Maureen Leonard 27.00 to 29.37. Karyn McCready was 1st in MW45 with 29.10. In M18 over 6km Connor Tristram took 3rd in 22.17 with Karl Bradley 8th in 27.42.

It was really pleasing to see so many Hawks singlets feature in the Master Men grades. After running half the 8km as a group Mike Causer took off and looked real strong to win the MM45. Kent Hodgson produced his usual gutsy run to place 3rd MM45 in 30.45 just ahead Lance Brew 30.57 1st MM35. In quick succession came John Bowe 31.11, Gavin Butler 31.14, John Crane 1st MM50, Andrew Wark 2nd MM50 32.04. Mike Harris 33.09, Kevin Knowles 33.50 and 2nd in MM55,. Others to take part were Gary Wilson 36.32, Gilbert Macdonald 43.36, Grahame Clarkin 41.44 and Stepen Spackman 47.05. Our new recruit from Yorkshire Russ Best had a strong run in the Senior Mens 10km to place 2nd behind class masters runner Steve Ree-Jones. Russ ran 35.16 and the Waikato Uni lecturer will be a real asset to the club. Malesa McNearney showed the Hawks flag in  the senior women’s 10km placing 3rd in 42.12.

On reflection I ask where have all our runners gone? Hopefully once the road season starts there will be a massive turn out.

View full events results in PDF format here:

WaiBOP Cross Country Champs Results 2017

Click photo for larger view and more photos also on facebook click here

Tauranga Open Cross Country 2017 Results

Mud Mud Glorious Mud and torrential rain was the scene that greeted athletes running In  the Tauranga Open Cross country at Welcome Bay on Saturday. Harrier stalwarts have never seen the course there with so much surface water on it. Despite the trying conditions in torrential rain Tauranga ran their usual efficient event and many Hawks ran very successfully.

Jai Davies-Campbell led from the gun in the senior men’s race. He looked strong throughout and handled the wet conditions exceptionally well. He seemed to run each lap faster and clipped out the 8000 in 28.23. Jack Montgomery, a former cyclist, has joined the Hawks and he ran well in his first senior men’s cross country to place 3rd in 32.16 Ryan Stacey 32.50, Sunil Fernandez-Ritchie 33.15 were other Hawks members to race.

In the masters men John Bowe reveled in the mud and wet to win the MM45 in 32.09 with Glenn Sexton running his first race of the season for 2nd in 33.26. Gilbert MacDonald was 6th in this grade in 45.22. Kevin Knowles won the MM55 in 35.59 while Graham Clarkin was 2nd in MM60 in 46.01.

Mathijs Wetzels won the popular B14 race over 2960 with 11.03 while younger brother Tobias was 6th in 12.01.

The combined MW, SE, W20 and W18 race was a Hawks benefit with youngsters Grace Ritchie and Aimee Ferguson taking the lead and with Emerson Deverell they dominated the pace for the first lap. Emerson ran her best race over cross country for some time, led all the way, and won with style in 15.54 for the 4034 distance. Aimee finished fast to pip Grace for 3rd spot but win the W18 grade. Grace was 2nd to Emerson in 16.14. Both Grace and Aimee will race in the WBOP second schools champs at Hamilton Gardens on June 7th.

In the w18 race Jemima Antoaoniazzi was 3rd in 17.23. In the Senior Women’s section of this race Sally Gibbs was 4th to finish behind the Hawks young trio and clocked 16.25 with Malese McNarney taking 3rd in 16.55.

Racing 5978 metres in the M18 grade Sam Montgomery with 21.50 led home his school rivals with a strong showing while younger brother Lochie was 3rd in 22.53. They gave St Peters School good points in the schools teams race.

It was a mudlarkian day for the hardy harriers that showed.

Tauranga Ramblers’ Facebook has lots of photos from the day here.

Trophy Day 2017 Results

Trophy day is a handicap start, and is our traditional season opener.

Results from the day:

Place Name Surname Time Start Net Time
1 Sophie Harris 51:58 24:31 27:27
2 Penny Burkhardt 52:03 26:41 25:22
3 Emily Fyfe 52:05 26:40 25:25
4 Fiona Barnett 52:10 24:31 27:39
5 Donovan Farrell 52:15 29:30 22:45
6 Jason Hindrup 52:26 33:02 19:24
7 Toshimi Farrell 52:26 29:18 23:08
8 Maureen Leonard 52:29 28:59 23:30
9 Evan Primmer 52:33 27:01 25:32
10 Cameron Hall 52:33 35:15 17:18
11 Fleur Marillier 52:35 29:31 23:04
12 Andrew Wark 52:35 35:00 17:35
13 John Crane 52:39 35:00 17:39
14 David Southwick 52:42 21:00 31:42
15 Amelia Harris 52:44 31:00 21:44
16 Mary Rogerson 52:44 26:00 26:44
17 Mike Harris 52:45 34:10 18:35
18 Kevin Knowles 52:48 33:00 19:48
19 Chris Smith 52:48 33:01 19:47
20 Sam Le Heron 52:48 33:01 19:47
21 Chris Keith 52:49 33:01 19:48
22 Kent Hodgson 52:50 35:00 17:50
23 Emmerson Deverall 52:51 34:59 17:52
24 Lance Brew 52:52 35:40 17:12
25 Brooke Shepherd-Wright 52:53 29:30 23:23
26 Nick Freke 52:54 33:00 19:54
27 Trish Stockman 53:12 28:59 24:13
28 Grace Ritchie 53:12 34:45 18:27
29 Martin Ferry 53:16 35:00 18:16
30 Jemima Antoniazzi 53:18 32:29 20:49
31 Kai Mieklejohn 53:19 34:20 18:59
32 Vaughan Kestle 53:21 28:59 24:22
33 Georgia Crane 53:24 31:10 22:14
34 Vaughan Swale 53:27 27:01 26:26
35 Sunil Fernandez-Ritchie 53:29 35:31 17:58
36 Ross Barnett 53:29 32:59 20:30
37 Rueben Tomilinson 53:38 35:30 18:08
38 Gilbert McDonald 53:51 28:00 25:51
Garth Ritchie 49:05 04:00 45:05
Tanya Podjursky 49:08 16:04 33:04
Terry Hanett 49:30 16:03 33:27
Gordon Speirs 51:24 27:01 24:23
Helen Hall-King 51:39 27:10 24:29
Sarah Woolerton 51:39 24:32 27:07

Kids results

1st Jack Tomilinson 10.55
2nd Cory Brew 10.55

Very close race by these two

Tarawera Race 2017 Report – Cecilia’s Run

Report by Daniel Philpott

This is the second year I have crewed for someone at Tarawera Ultra after supporting Chris Townley all night and some of the day on his Tarawera Triple attempt last year.  I had offered to crew Cecilia and had the privilege of following the sharp end of the field around the trails for the day.

The reorientation of the start line was great.  There was a lot more room for spectators and you got a really good view of everyone racing down the start chute.  Onwards to the water tanks to see a flying Jim Walmsley, followed closely by the other runners.  Cecilia was running comfortably in 5th as she flung her headlamp at me.

A little further down the road well into the morning and by the time the runners arrived at blue lake Cecilia was in 4th position running fast and looking comfortable.  At the blue lake aid station I gave her replacement water bottles and had her previously beloved ‘power balls’ thrust at me to the comment of “I can’t eat these they are disgusting”.  I guess it’s a good thing we packed a lot of GU gels…

With no crew access to Millar road aid station I had enough time to get a takeaway coffee in Rotorua before moving on to the Okataina Boat ramp.  Here I nervously waited chatting with a few other people crewing for other runners and the leaders made their way through until Cecilia suddenly arrived in 3rd place and within striking distance of 2nd!!  Some confusion as to what we were doing and a quick pack swap and she was off to the falls.

It is a fair drive around the road to get there so it was a hurried affair to pick up a pacer number and get gels and bottles ready for her.  Jim came flying through now well ahead of the lead pack and I would not see him again over the last 40km as he was able to run it faster than I could drive to the aid stations!! Crazy!!  The lead woman came through followed by second around 8 mins later and Cecilia 12 mins after that.

Cecilia was in a solid position to challenge for 2nd and with Kevin pacing her closed the gap to 6 minutes at Titoki aid station.  I took over pacing duties at Fisherman’s Bridge for the final 10k.  Cecilia was now right on 2nd places heels and ran her guts out trying to make ground.

Unfortunately 10k wasn’t quite far enough to get ahead, we had made some progress but with 5k to go 2nd place put on her afterburners and despite running sub 5 minute kms for most of the last 10kms Cecilia would finish less than 2 minutes behind her and only 20 mins behind first place who broke the women’s course record.

It was amazing to see how much Cecilia could push herself against Olympic quality competition but I think we still haven’t seen the full potential of Cecilia’s ability as an ultra runner.

National Road Relays 2016 Results

The National Road Relays – such a special event! The finale for the winter road and cross country season, always full of drama (especially in the week before the race), where everyone is expected to give 100% and ends up giving 110%, awesome individual performances, team commitment … and most importantly, great fun. This year’s relay in Rotorua didn’t disappoint. It was all of these things … and to cap it off the Hawks finished with a 3 way share of top overall club alongside Wellington Harrier Athletic and Auckland City Athletic (the first time the honour has ever been shared) – a fantastic club result that reflects our depth across all age groups.


All teams performed magnificently on the day, but none more so than the Junior Women. This is a young junior team with most experiencing their first NRR and probably feeling a bit overwhelmed by it all. With some excellent guidance from Wendy and Helen as team managers they put in an exceptional performance to finish second and very nearly snatching the win. With several more years ahead of them, this team are already a force to be reckoned with at a national level.

There were many other great results and performances – too many to single out, but this is how the teams ended up …
Junior Women – 2nd
Senior Women – 2nd
Masters Women – 2nd
Junior Men – 6th
Senior Men – 3rd (B Grade)
Masters Men – 3rd
Masters 50 – 5th
Social Team – 5th

2016 NRR_Full Hawks_Results (PDF)
Full NRR results here

A huge thanks from me to everyone who took part, all those who helped organise, drive vans, support, etc. Thanks also to those people who marshalled a stage on behalf of the club – definitely the best organised change-over and great to see everyone out on the course.

We must also pass on a big thanks and congratulations to Lake City for hosting a very successful event.

Looking forward to next year already!

John Crane

And from Don – ‘Huge congratulations to all those involved in the national road relay champs over the weekend. To score 50 points in the champion club comp was a brilliant team effort. The fact that four clubs ended up with 50 was historic. Did Athletics NZ have spare gold medals available?

Superb effort to John Crane and his organising team. I was very proud to be a Hawk and was quite chuffed to be able to access Facebook and Twitter on my computer after noon and catch up with information about the many Hawks medal successes. There was some close racing for our teams and I look forward to hearing the many stories.  National road relays are FUN!’ – Don Willoughby

NRR report – Junior Womens Team

Report by Wendy Harris

Helen and I were privileged to be able to manage the Junior Women’s team of Sam Corbett, Aimee Ferguson, Monique MacDonald, Rose Dillon, Charli Miller and Grace Ritchie at this year’s NRR champs.  As a very young and inexperienced team we had no expectations of them placing and just hoped that they would enjoy the experience and see it as an opportunity to be a part of a national event and set themselves a goal for 2017.  The drive around the course on Friday followed by a team chat where Helen gave them instructions on not jumping into bushes and letting us know if they needed to go to the toilet while we were out on the course so we didn’t lose anyone only seemed to assist in increasing the nerves of the girls.


Race day dawned and we all jumped into “Betty” our trusty transport for the day with Sam who was up first looking rather nervous and quite possibly wondering what she had got herself into particularly as her longest ‘race’ previously was 5km and her lap was over 8km ending on a 2km hill.  Running a very well thought out and wisely paced lap Sam got the team into a creditable 5th place with the 4th placed runner within her sights as she handed the baton to Aimee.  Aimee was well aware that she had the biggest uphill lap and really needed to pace herself so she could do the distance.  She set off strongly and very quickly passed Pakuranga JW to gain a place and put us into 4th position.  Despite the tough uphill every time we saw her she was smiling and you could see the determination on her face – a really gutsy effort finishing strongly and resulting in being the second fastest JW on her lap.

Monique was next and with the shortest but nastiest lap, being a very steep downhill.  Monique maintained a fast even pace throughout and kept us close enough to the 3rd placed Wellington that there was a chance we could catch them.  Monique ran so hard her hips almost didn’t want to work anymore when she had done.  The very cheerful and bubbly Rose took over the baton at this point for leg 4 of the race and worked hard to close the gap between the Hawks and Wellington.  Her lap was a tough 6km of ups and downs but her triathlon training certainly paid off with Rose also ending up the second fastest JW runner for her lap.

With two laps to go and five minutes between the lead JW team of Auckland and our girls Charli took over.  She had been given strict instructions to ease off in the first 2kms as it is all uphill before it flattens out for the remaining 6km of her lap.  She seemed to have her own race plan though and took off flying up the hill.  Helen and I started to get a little concerned that she wouldn’t finish the lap as she couldn’t keep that pace up but she had obviously found a whole new level of speed and energy as she just kept going and going.  At this point the volume in ‘Betty’ increased somewhat as the girls realised that maybe, just maybe they might get a podium finish after all and there was much screaming out the windows as we cheered Charli on.  She passed the 3rd place, then she passed the 2nd place and by the time she had handed over the baton to Grace at the final changeover the girls were in 2nd place with only a minute and a half between them and Auckland.  Grace, the team’s most experienced runner in the team looked focused and calm as she set off (I’m sure she was actually quite anxious as the thought of keeping the team in 2nd place weighed on her mind).  We had to leave Grace at the 4km point of her 10.4km lap so we could get to the finish in time to see her but when we left her she was looking strong, determined and fast and we could see the gap between her and 3rd increasing as she made the prospect of a 2nd placing look very secure.

We saw Grace again as she came flying towards the finish having closed the gap between her and Auckland to around 30 seconds.  The girls (and Helen and I) were screaming in excitement knowing they were now silver medallists.  Charli and Grace also achieved the accolade of fastest runners on their prospective laps.  For Helen and I to say we are proud is an understatement.  The girls truly displayed guts, comradeship, support, encouragement, determination and I think most of all courage in what was an extremely tough race.  Well done girls.

Waikato BOP Cross Country Champs 2016 Results

Report by Mudlark

It was clear and cold with a SW wind keeping the temps down but it was a day of good racing for a few from the club with fields small and racing keen.
At long last I can give congrats and credit to Mathijis Wetzels who had his results in the North Island CC and the King of the Mountains last week fouled up so that he never got mentioned. Apologies for that. He was a superb winner of the B14 3km and his time of 10.18 over country was real quick for a guy who spends much of his weekend playing soccer (where he is also a gun).

There were many other Hawks gold winners. Nicolle Mitchell continues to impress in the women’s division where the new 10km  distance is a challenge. Kent Hodgson M45, Lance Brew M35, Kevin Knowles M55, Charli Miller G14, Isaiah Priddey M18, Emerson Deverell  W20, Bridget Ray W50, Maureen Leonard W55, and David Trow M70 all won golds so that was a pleasing set of results for the club.

Heaps of other medals were also won, with silvers to junior Harry Ewing running up a grade to provide Aaron Pulford with some competition. And where have all our runners gone, I ask, with only 2 in the senior men field? Grace Ritchie won silver in W20, providing Emerson with some opposition, and Paul Ritchie M55 and Gary Wilson M50 were others to score silvers.

All in all a disappointing day of racing, in terms of race numbers on a superb course. The resurgence of the Cambridge Club was noted and is pleasing. They are shaping well for the masters men section of the road relay, as are Lake City. They were also proud to wear the Cambridge ‘Red and Blue’. As a further comment – old fashioned perhaps, but it is important to follow the correct system of paying a WBOP registration and wearing a club singlet if you wish to compete officially and to be included in the results. Hopefully all will take that on board as I would hate to see further decline in numbers of registered athletes taking part in championship races.

On that note PLEASE make sure that your national cross country champs entries go in on time for the August 7 Sunday romp around the Auckland Domain. Knowing the area well after 7 years of training and racing there with the University Club, the surface will NOT be as fast as Spa Park Taupo and could in fact be quite muddy after many winter sports games the day before. However it may be dry as they run around the perimeter. On a more positive note I did run my first sub 2 minute half there at the Labour Day sports when a 17 year school kid from Takapuna Grammar. There was no mud there that day.

AWBOP XC 2016 Results

More of the event photos can be viewed here

WaiBOP XC Champs 2016-1 WaiBOP XC Champs 2016-2

North Island XC Champs 2016 Results

Report by Kevin Knowles

The best weather ever.

Running with the frost still on the ground on the shaded areas of the Spa Park course. ( a bit cold on the toes of our bare-foot runner, eh Gilbert). A great number of entries, as usual, meant very competitive racing.

Full results:

20160702 NIXC Mens and Boys Results

20160702 NIXC Womens and Girls Results

Grade medal results for HAWKS include:
Mathijs Wetzel 1st,
Charli Miller 1st,
Isaiah Priddey 1st
Emerson Deverell 2nd
Bridget Deverell 2nd
Bridget Ray 3rd
Maureen Leonard 2nd
John Crane 2nd
Harry Ewing 3rd (upgrading himself to senior men for the day.)
See more podium results over at Athletics NZ

Also nice running by the rest of our Hawks team. Glad to have you all there.
The best way to fill the time between racing and prize-giving was a nice soak in the hot pools at the edge of the river.
A well spent day.

NIXC16_2  NIXC16_3

Report by Mudlark:

The 29th North Island Cross Country Champs were held on Spa Thermal Park in brilliant winter sun with no winds in quite the best conditions I can remember after a long association with this event as a cross country nut. For many North island clubs this is a total club trip so there were some good fields. The Hawks singlet was to the fore in many events which was very pleasing. The stand out Hawks run came from national secondary schools year 9 champion Charli Miller. She led from the gun and maintained good form throughout to finish strongly and set a new race record taking 2 seconds off the Hannah O’Connor 2015 mark by recording a smart 10.40 for 3kms. It was a run of real class and delighted coach John Tylden.

Another Hawks victory went to Isaiah Priddey who won the M18 5km with a front running display. It was great to see Isaiah back running freely and close to his best form again. Clocking 16.06 for 5km cross was very sound run. Emerson Deverell ran a cautious race in the W20 4000 after a wee break through a strained tendon and finished just 4 seconds off a win with  a time of 14.30.

In the masters women race over 5km Hawks were really prominent with training partners Bridget Deverell and Bridget Ray locked together through the early stages to finish 2nd for Bridget D in 20.49 ahead of Bridget R in 20.57.

In the MW55 section Maureen Leonard was 2nd in 22.57. Harry Ewing ran a controlled and sensible race in the senior men’s 9km to come home strongly on the last lap and take 3rd spot with a 29.19 time. He will hit the US high school scene in late August in great shape. Many other Hawks athletes took part and had solid runs and their individual times and places are still awaited. With the WBOP champs to be held there in a fortnight it was a real pleasure to be able to walk around a course with dry shoes despite the heavy rain that fell early in the week. The free draining pumice and ash course provides an excellent running surface and it is to be hoped that a huge turnout of club runners will take part. It is not a mudlark’s heaven.

NIXC16_4   NIXC16_5

Excerpt from Athletic NZ’s newsletter:

“Isaiah Priddey bounced back from his disappointing run of seventh at the secondary schools championship to also win the combined under 18 and under 20 5km in 16:06. Priddey said that he ran a more tactical race than he did two weeks ago.

“It was a completely different race tactically and it shows that tactics really do make a difference and I think that’s what I struggled with at national schools and I did my tactics a bit better this time,” he said.
“We went up the first hill and it was feeling really fast, but my legs weren’t as tight as they usually are so I was feeling good and I thought with 2ks to go we were moving a bit slower and there was going to be a tight finish with everyone sprinting but for some reason I just felt really good today and was able to pull away from the pack and I’m happy with that,” he added.
Hayden Wilde in the under 20 division was second in 16:14 with Angus White, runner up in the schools championship, third overall in 16:16.

Sally Gibbs won the master women’s 5km in 19:25 and Carolyn Smith led in the W55 division in 21:47. Stephen Day was a clear winner in the master men 6km in 20:06 and Dallas McCallum was equally convincing in the 50 plus masters in 21:50. Charli Miller, schools year nine champion, set a record of 10:40 in the girls 14 3km, breaking O’Connor’s record of last year by two seconds.”