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Cambridge Half Marathon 2017 Results

Cambridge Half Marathon and associated races proved quite popular with Hawks members on Sunday. In the field of 473 finishers over 30 club members took part. Based on Cambridge High School the day was dull, overcast and quite windy which provided a challenge for those racing for PB’s.

Russ Best raced a hard 5km and looked quite sharp to record 15.54 and set a new course record for senior men  by 41 seconds and win well. Emerson Deverell ran a controlled 5km to win the women’s race in 18.17. Both will benefit from this race as they prepare for nationals next weekend.

Lance Brew was second to finish in the half marathon in 1.18.12 behind new Cambridge resident John McKee who clocked 1.14.11 to win. Kevin Knowles 1.27.42, Kovo MacDonald 1.31.24 first senior women were other club members noted in the half.

Other Hawks noted in the 5km were Samantha Corbett a very good 19.07 ahead of Jemima Antionazzi 20.16. The 10km was very popular for the club with many top places filled by Hawks. Jacob Priddey won this event with 33.11 leading home younger bro’ Isaiah 33.26. Jai Davies-Campbell was next with 33.40 while Mathijs Wetzells was very quick for a 14 year old clocking 34.55 ahead of Connagh Tristram 35.00, Sam Montgomery 35.25 Malcolm King 36.36, John Crane 37.28, Lochie Montgomery 37.58, Charli Miller 39.20, Sam Le Heron 39:.26, Jack Montgomery 39.58, Mike Harris 40.04, Oscar Emery 43.47, Helen Hall-King 45.14, Maureen Leonard 46.08 Georgie Crane 46.44 all were noted. The Farrell family had a good day’s racing with mum Toshimi running  PB 47.21 while Donovan was second to finish in the 2km with 8.23 and Lucy ran 22.20 for the 5km.

It was a real running day out for the Montgomery family as beside the three boys mum was noted among the 10km finishers as well. Great effort. There were many other Hawks who ran but it was quite a mission to note all and their time. Apologies for that. Those who took part all helped their preparation towards the national road relay with another race experience.

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Cambridge Half Marathon 2016 Results

The Cambridge Half Marathon and associated events was held in sunny conditions from Cambridge High School on Sunday and attracted a solid club entry among the 670+ finishers. It was pleasing to see the Hawks singlet prominent in many of the events. Here is a selection and brief comment on some club members who caught the eye.

In the half Alice Mason won the women’s section and set a new course record of 1.20.34 to show she is in good shape for upcoming races. John Mering ran second to Steve Rees-Jones of Cambridge in the mens race, 1.15.07 to Steve’s winning time of 1.14.14. Phil Murray was 4th with a 1.18.01 clocking while Kevin Knowles won the MM55 grade with 1.26.41 ahead of Sunil Fernandez-Ritchie 1.27.31. There were 195 finishers in this race.

In the 10 km with 205 finishers, pocket rocket Mathjis Wetzels left the large field in his wake and won very comfortably with a 35.12 time. Cameron Swales, now in Christchurch, was 2nd in 35.35 while other Hawks close up were John Bowe who won the MM40  section with 37.16 despite battling a niggling plantar fascia. It was good to see Kevin Fly 37.41 reaching a fitter level and Cameron Hall reappearing after a break running 39.50.  Kirsten Milne MW40 ran 42.09 while Kovo Macdonald on a light training load recorded 42.14 and Maureen Leonard won the MW 55 with 44.48.

Hawks singlets were to the fore at the start of the 5km with Rhys Mildon placing 2nd in 16.44, and Charli Miller winning the female section with 18.06 and a new course record ahead of the Ritchie sisters who chased her hard to clock 18.25 for Olivia and 18.58 for Grace. Sam Corbett was 10th 20.05 ahead of Lucy Farrell in 21.36 15th. There were many other Hawks scattered through each race so apologies to those missed but full results are on the Cambridge Harrier Club website.

Cambridge Half Marathon 2015 Results

The Cambridge Half Marathon and associated 10km and 5km walk and run on Sunday was based on Cambridge High School and attracted over 850  participants. It seemed to be efficiently run by the Cambridge Club with most areas of a such a large event well organised.

Many Hawks took part and were prominent in the final results but with some 754 actual finishers it was a challenge to identify all Hawks-associated runners, so apologies to those I have missed. It was a calm warm spring day after the shock of an early frost. All three courses provided a separate circuit and that was a bonus.

With 249 finishers in the half marathon the Hawks that stood out and caught my eye were Marc Scott who placed 3rd overall with a solid 1.21.49. Kovo MacDonald was the first woman to finish and her 1.26.44  was a pleasing run. Megan Arthur clocked 1.32.25 and was credited with 1st in the MW40 grade – a mighty effort. Sara Murphy continues to make progress and her 1.32.53 placed her 5th in the SW grade.

It was great to see Raglan beef farmer Marion Millward back running and she was pleased with her 1.34.05 as it was a test run on the way to taking part in the Auckland Marathon and showed she was on track. Others spotted in the half were Charlie Evans, 3rd MM50 in 1.37.26, and Sandra Jensen – MW35 3rd in 1.39.11.
Steve Rees-Jones, just back from a fortnight in the UK, had a test run over 10km and looked very classy, winning in 32.28. Now a master runner, Steve’s time augers well for the national road champs at Tauriko on the 5th September. By comparison, in provincial road champs last weekend both Todd Stevens (Wellington) and Simon Yarrow (Auckland)  ran quite a bit slower than Steve.

St Peters School duo Harry Ewing (35.29) and Matthew Scott in 36.25 (both M20) grade were next to finish and showed good form.

There was gaggle of Hawks runners among the fun runners with Kevin Knowles next through the finish arch in 39.21 to be 1st MM55, Mike Harris 40.17 and 2nd MM45, Darryl Conn 2nd MM50, clocking 42.38, Sunil Fernandez-Ritchie 5th SM 42.59, Arianna Lord 1st JW20 with 44.37, Colin King 1st MM60 45.20, Graham Clarkin in 54.19 and Terry Hannett in 57.34.

In the 5km there was also a smattering of younger Hawks runners. Emerson Deverell, using the 5km race as part of her Sunday run, clocked a promising 18.08 in a low key faster run. She races on the fast flat Moonee Valley Raceway next Saturday in the Australian National CC event wearing a NZSS singlet. Charli Miller, G14, was an impressive 2nd over 5km in 19.10 with Sam Corbett another G14 next in 19.49. Classy running from all three.

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The full results can be found on the website. 

Cambridge Half 2014 Results

There is something special about local events.  They usually start later, and you get to sleep in your own bed witha quick drive to the start.  Bliss.  Sunday was especially blissful as it was a crystal clear day that started with a minor frost but it cleared quickly.

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Cambridge Half 2013 Results

There were challenging weather conditions for this 2nd event which attracted 496 finishers. The heavy clouds and cold showers kept post entries down to 86. It was not a fast course on Sunday due to the surface water, muddy grass finish and the first 9kms into an easterly wind however there were a remarkable number of PB’s run by Hawks members. The club half marathon ranking list saw a number of changes.

Emerson Deverell won the women’s section of the 5km with 19.07.

It was pleasing to see Steve Rees-Jones running again after struggling all year with an achilles heel problem and he took out the 10km win in 33.52. While his time was not up to his usual best conditions were a challenge and slowed times. Kris Moore 38.08, Oscar Emery 42.11 Trish Stockman 43.51 and Sandra Jensen 47.48 were other Hawks names noted in the 10km.

The club had a big presence in the Half and I was chuffed to see so many Hawk singelets taking part. 2012 race winner Kerry Suter retained his title but found the going tougher than last year when he did 1.12.09. He won comfortably on Sunday after leading all the way and clocked 1.15.25. Evergreen John Crane short on long miles hung on well for a deserved second in 1.16.32. Stefan Wagner was next Hawk to finish in 1.22.39 followed by John Bowe 1.22.39, Anthony Hancy a PB 1.22.46, Mark Scott 1.22.54, Miguel Gomez 1.25.05, Kevin Knowles 1.25.13,Caleb Koia Hamling 1.33.29 and Sunil Fernandez Ritchie 1.27.38. Hadley Craig who was on pace making duties told Sunil to run near Kovo which he did and then beat her by 10 seconds.

Hadley did 1.33.24 and Mike Harris with the Auckland marathon as his goal did 1.38.00

Among the women Sue Cowley Lake City went out fast and won in 1.23.04 which was a new course record beating Candice Hammond’s time of 1.23.54. Kirsten Milne and Katy Dawson ran  together until 9km when Kirsten slowly pulled away to clock a PB 1.24.41. Katy hung on well to record 1.25.53 a PB. Kovo Kowalewski with even paced running did 1.27.48, Dawn Tuffery 1.32.43, and Maureen Leonard a PB 1.38.38.

I felt deeply for the unreal wet muddy conditions the time keeping team had to work in so a huge thank you to Graeme Dudfield and his team who plugged on amongst the tent drips, flowing rain water and gradually deepening mud and got the times out easily by 1 pm.

All in all a well run event that is proving popular and makes some good dosh for the Cambridge Club and the WBOP centre.

Results below photos

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Cambridge Half Marathon 25th Aug 2013 – Hawks Results
Place Race No Event Name Surname Gender Grade Grd Place Time
2 177 Half Marathon John Crane M MM45 1 1:16:32
9 219 Half Marathon Stefan Wagner M MM40 1 1:22:13
11 47 Half Marathon John Bowe M MM40 3 1:22:39
18 34 Half Marathon Ryan Stacey M SM 2 1:24:01
21 96 Half Marathon Miguel Gomez M SM 3 1:25:05
22 110 Half Marathon Kevin Knowles M MM55 1 1:25:13
27 122 Half Marathon Sunil Fernandez-Ritchie M SM 6 1:27:38
39 64 Half Marathon Dawn Tuffery F SW 2 1:32:43
44 224 Half Marathon Hadley Craig M MM40 8 1:33:24
56 137 Half Marathon Dave Melville M MM45 7 1:35:42
60 57 Half Marathon Katie Stone F SW 5 1:37:56
61 97 Half Marathon Mike Harris M MM40 10 1:38:00
63 147 Half Marathon Maureen Leonard F MW50 1 1:38:38
104 153 Half Marathon Clare Montgomery F SW 12 1:47:53
152 217 Half Marathon Kaye Sharp F MW45 4 1:59:30
10 2203 5km Run/Walk Jean Dorrell F MW40 1 0:22:58
14 2210 5km Run/Walk Milly Farrell F G14 1 0:24:11
1 548 10km Run/Walk Steve Rees-Jones M MM35 1 0:33:52
5 610 10km Run/Walk Kris Moore M SM 3 0:38:08
9 599 10km Run/Walk Oscar Emery M SM 5 0:42:11
13 600 10km Run/Walk Trish Stockman F MW45 1 0:43:51
25 439 10km Run/Walk Sandra Jensen F MW35 2 0:47:40
29 428 10km Run/Walk Toshimi Farrell F MW45 3 0:48:59
45 530 10km Run/Walk Janet Dale F MW60 1 0:54:37

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Cambridge Half Marathon

The Cambridge Half Marathon, 10km and 5km is an annual running and walking event at Cambridge High School.

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