Hawks End of Year Prize Giving 2013 Results

Last Saturday night the annual Hawks Prizegiving dinner was held at the club rooms. There was a great turnout with a good mix of juniors, oldies and everyone in between.

Congratulations to all those members who took home trophies for their achievements this year. A special mention for Mike Harris who was awarded the Harrier of the Year for all his contributions to the club and most improved veteran. Along with Lance Brew – most improved senior man, Kovo Kowalewsla – most improved senior women, Ellie Broadbridge most improved masters women and Mary Bollen and Theunis Pieters – most improved juniors. The Keith Trow Memorial for best individual performance of the year went to Helen Rountree.

Thank you to Dave Southwick and Trish Stockman for organising a great evening and also to Jenni Hoogeveen for a very delicious dessert and impressive cake, complete with the Hawks logo.

Wendy Harris















Hawks  Trophy list 2013


Trophy Day

Cameron Cup 1st Woman – Jean Dorrell
Chandler Cup 1st New member – Wendy Harris
Cotterell Cup   1st male – Stephen Pitts
Ready Cup   1st new male – Dave Melville


Gichrist Rosebowl
Colin King, Dave Southwick, John Crane
Club Captains Trophy  Fastest Male – John Crane
Marshall Cup Fastest Female – Helen Hall King


Bannister Plaque
Grant Budd, Darryl Conn, Ken Johnson


Club Cross country champs
LG Turner Cup 1st SM  – Kerry Suter
Sutton Cup  2nd SM – Garit Read
Gamble Cup SM sealed handicap –  Brendan Woolerton
Hensall Cup 1st M20 – Jacob Priddey
Goldbury Cup   2nd M20 – Theunis Pieters
Cain Sheild  1st M18 – Cameron Swales
Cranston Cup Sealed Handicap M18/20 – Harry Ewing
Pat wood Trophy  1st MM40 – Kent Hodgson
Mayall trophy  M40 Sealed Handicap – Kevin Knowles
Gordon speirs Trophy  1st MM50 – Kevin Knowles
John Sherson Trophy  1st MM60 – Colin King
New Cup 1st W18 – Arianna Lord
Neeco Cup 1st W20 – Mary Bollen
Sealed Handicap W18/20 – Mary Bollen
Graham trophy   1st SW – Helen Rountree
Sealed Handicap SW – Katie Stone
Clarke Cup 1st MW35 – Katy Dawson
VW Trophy  MW45 – Trish Stockman
King Cup MW55 – No winner
Sealed Handicap all MW – Trish Stockman


Club Road champs
Presidents Cup 1st SM – Kerry Suter
Graham Wilson Trophy 2nd SM – Garit Read
Galloway Cup M20 – Theunis Pieters
Batten Cup M18 – Oliver Mclean
Brownson Cup  MM40 – Glenn sexton
Porter Cup MM50 – Kevin Knowles
Ernie Batten Cup MM60 – Colin King
Lynch Cup SW – Helen Rountree
Ted Hamilton Cup MW35 – Vicki Rees Jones
Chandler Cup MW45 – Trish Stockman
Jack Hewiit Cup MW 55 – No winner
KSM Trophy W18/20 – Mary Bollen
Sweeney Cup – Wendy Harris
Huntly Half Fastest Member – Tony Olsen


Sing Relay
Mary Bollen , Evan Primmer


Marathon Trophies
Southwick trophy   SM – Ants Hancy
Atlanta Trophy  SW – Kovo
Peter Buckland Cup MM – Hadley Craig
Rogerson Bowl MW – Kirsten Milne


Most Improved Gardiner Cup
-Ryan Stacey
-Miguel Gomez
-Ants Hancy
-Lance Brew
-Kris Moore
Winner: Lance Brew


Irvine Cup
-Katie Stone
-Emily Roughan
Winner: Kovo


Ted Hamilton Cup MW
-Sandra Jensen
-Wendy Harris
-Ellie Broadbridge
-Jean Dorrell
-Jenni Hoogeveen
Winner: Ellie Broadbridge


Lance Allen trophy MM
-Mike Harris
-Grant Budd
-Dave Melville
Winner Mike Harris


Hewitt Trophy
Winner Mary Bollen


McLachlan Trophy
Winner: Theunis Pieters


Special Trophies
60th Jubilee Cup in conjunction with Wilson Brown – Glenn Sexton
Mcleod Shield Sealed Handicap combined XC and road – Trish Stockman
Stirrers spoon – Jenni Hoogeveen
Ray Curnow Best sealed handicap any grade club XC – Trish stockman
Hard Luck Trophy – Charlie Evans
All comers and goers – Cameron Hall
Gregor Cameron Trophy Best national Road relay performance
-John Crane
-Jacob Priddey
-Kirsten Milne
Winner: Kovo


Keith Trow Memorial Best Individual performance of the year
-Camille Buscomb
-Helen Rountree
Winner Helen Rountree

Harrier of the year
-John Crane
-Mike Harris
-Kevin Knowles
Winner: Mike Harris


Hawks – Kids Trophy List 2013


Trophy Day
Carson cup G14/16 – Grace Ritchie

Upton Cup B14/16 – Zac Bellamy

Johnson Cup B10/12 – Donovan Farrell

Humphries Cup G10/12 – Charli Miller


Gilchrist Rosebowl

Weller Cup ?

Adrian Hewitt ?


Club XC

Parents Cup G10 – Rosie Miller

Prize G12 – Charli Miller

Woodhead Cup B10 – Seth Olsen

Prize B12 – No winner

Prima Donna G14 – Lucy Farrell

White Cup B14 – Finn Myles

Hair Foundation G16 – Emerson Deverell

Cranston Cup B16 – Harry Ewing


Club Road champs

Hewitt Trophy G10 – Sophie Harris

Ken Jihnson Trophy G12 – Charli Miller

Blackham Cup B10 – Abdullahi Ahmed

Prize B12 – Abdigani ahmed

Stonely Cup G14 – Grace Ritchie

Horan Cup B14 – Isiah Priddey

Celia Morris Cup G16 – No winner

Daly Trophy B16 – Harry Ewing


Sweeney cup

Llasram trophy – Sam Olsen

Baybutt Barometer – Charli Miller


Most Improved

Hewitt Trophy – Matt scott

Keith Falla Memoria – Emerson Deverell

McCondach Cup G14 – Grace Ritchie

Izzard Cup B14 – Connor Tristram

Bob read Trophy G12 – Charli Millar

Neil Wilson Trophy  B12 – Sam Olsen


Viki Boase Trophy Best all round girl –  Emerson Deverell

Eric Bose Trophy Best all round Boy – Isiah Priddey

National Road Relays 2013 Results

What a great weekend away – great racing, loads of laughs, and simply the highlight of the harrier season. This event keeps people like me in the sport! Of course many thanks to everyone for attending, the club committee for putting this together for us, and to John Crane for leading the organisation and taking such good care of everything.
Corey Hinde

NRR2013_Hawks Team_Takehe Results 2013

NRR2013_Full Results_Takehe Results

NRR2013_Lap 1_Takehe Results

NRR2013_Lap 2_Takehe Results

NRR2013_Lap 3_Takehe Results

NRR2013_Lap 4_Takehe Results

NRR2013_Lap 5_Takehe Results

NRR2013_Lap 6_Takehe Results

NRR2013_Lap 7_Takehe Results

NRR2013_Lap 8_Takehe Results

NRR2013_Lap 3 Juniors_10K_Takehe Results

NRR2013_Lap 4 Juniors_Takehe Results

Captain reports below the photos.  More photos to be added over the week or so.

[AFG_gallery id=’22’]

Composite Team
Another great year for the Composite Team finishing second in their grade.

The team as follows – in running order:-

Chris (what do they mean a small hill) Powell
Michael (they feared the beard) Hoogeveen
Matt (take that) Scott
Katie (see ya later matie) Stone
Colin (the Aussie battler) King
Arthur (girlie lap) Green (Composite Team CEO)

A great effort by the team to finish second with three over 50 runners behind the first placed team containing none!! Hard hill running by Chris and Mike to cover the first two legs followed by the two younger greyhounds making quick work of the next two flat laps earning themselves an even share of most valuable team member. The penultimate lap was a typically stoic effort by Colin with limited recent running under his belt with the race finished off by a broken arsed Team Captain on what can only be described as the most girly relay leg you will ever see!! Thank you to my team mates for giving 100% even though medals were not up for grabs. Great to see the Composite Team flying the flag for the Hawks yet again and once more I thank the club for including them as it is a great way for Club members to experience the National Road Relays without the associated pressure that can often accompany inclusion in a team in contention for medals and Top Club points.

Once again to all involved (both participation and/or organisation wise) congratulations and thank you.

Arthur, Composite Team Captain and CEO.

Seriously…the pressure I’ve been under!!!

Masters Men Team
The Masters Men’s race was always going to shape up into a repeat of the close contest over the last 4 or 5 years between Wellington Scottish, Papanui Toc H, Athletics Nelson and Hawks … and so it turned out!

With an excellent run from Andrew, we’d hit the lead on the first leg, Glenn also putting in a stunner to build a 30 second advantage over Nelson at the end of leg two, with Papanui not far behind. Scottish had started to just drift off the pace – it was already starting to look like a three-way battle for the medals.

Solid runs from Hadley and John held the lead, but Nelson and Papanui brought out some big guns for the long leg five. Jason toughed it out and kept them close – enabling our own “gun” (Kent) to re-establish the lead with a fastest MM lap up the hill. Over to Marc who put in an awesome downhill to hand over to Tony for the final lap … just 16 seconds behind Phil Costley from Nelson and with 1 min 40 seconds lead over Richard Bennett (Papanui) – the current Masters National Cross Country and Road Champion! Who would want to be in that position, sandwiched between the two best masters runners in the country?

Costley was never going to be threatened, bringing Nelson home for the win – but the race was on for silver and Tony delivered a truly outstanding performance to hold off Richard Bennett by 15 seconds.

So, silver for the Hawks Masters Men, and whilst the gold continues to remain just outside our grasp, we all share the view that this was a fantastic team performance, nothing short of 100% from every runner and a result that we’re very proud of.

Bring on next year and another crack at that elusive gold!


Senior Men Team
Really happy with how SM performed. 4 guys attending their 1st NRR, another 1st time in SM. More than half the van on debut. Corey doing his last NRR as a SM and Garit heading to Ramblers this would certainly be a development/transitional year.

Leg 1 was the Suter-vs-the-world classic. 20s slower than 4 years ago, yet faster than anticipated. Very very sore.

Garit given the job of leg 2. Having only noticed the hill in the elevation profile the day before he was anxious about how it would turn out. Very much in the thick of it with-A grade runners Garit had a great run. 12th fastest time of the day on a leg stacked with some of the best runners.

3rd out of the van, the Road Relay veteran Corsta with a point to prove. Still hunting for his elusive sub 35 10km for 2013, he battled all the way with a Pap-Toc runner before finally burying him in the last meters of the leg. 34 minutes and change. Guts!

Marcus next up with a long hard time-trial, showed good form off the back of a PB at club champs. Delivered to us another corpse for the van spending it all to exceed handicappers expectations.

Leg 5 saw Miguel out in clean air with little for company outside of the stunning scenery in what was fast becoming a beautiful Akaroa afternoon. The conquistador holding his composure and showing his class to finish hard at the base of Mt ridiculous.

Ant Hancy had the unenviable task of the ascending the monster hill and performed admirably. Internalizing his struggle as he chipped away at the climb. Desperation only apparent in the final moments as he offloaded the baton to Kris. The moment followed by some quiet time on the roadside overlooking Akaroa harbor. Antz with that 100 yard stare of a man that has seen too much.

Leg 7 is a lonely one and without a van of cheerleaders your runner is left out there to do their job unsupervised. Waiting at the bottom with a few beers and a big spatula to pick up the pieces we could only hope Kris would do what was expected of him. 9th SM, 14th fastest of the day. Better than any dared to dream, ‘run-of-the-day’ a deserved accolade for his accomplishment.

Ryan, our last trump card to play given the opportunity of glory and a certain battle with the omnipresent Lakes City. The perennial slug-fest once again playing out in their favor with Ryan far out of his depth against a fit Matt Parsonage (ring-in!). A classy finish by Ryan also clear of handicappers estimated time. A bright future ahead for a guy going from strength to strength. We’ll be watching Auckland Marathon with interest.

4th place in a grade we didn’t even qualify for. It was great to see fledgling relay runners exceed expectations and making no mistakes. A team I was proud to be part of and a relay I will always remember.


Senior Women Team
The Senior Women’s team of 2013 seemed like it was falling apart a few months ago but thankfully we all pulled together and made a pretty serious attempt at a repeat gold medal. North Harbour Bays and Canterbury were given the top spots in the earlier rankings and so we knew we’d all have to race hard to try for the title. Dawn started off with her always gutsy, consistently strong performance to give us a great start and handed the baton to Sarah. Unfortunately for Sarah her hamstring decided it had had enough and in a credit to sarah struggled on in what was probably the grossest relay leg ever. Thankfully she hung in there and was able to hand the baton over to our debut road relay runner Emily. Emily was neck and neck with the Wellington harriers runner and pulled out a huge run to smash 1minute off her 10k PB to continue us on in 5th place. the moto “you haven’t raced hard enough until you spew” was reverberating through the van but Emily held it together and bounced back pretty quickly. Katherine was up next and her first road run in months was always going to be tough. As usual she ran brilliantly and sped along the tarseal at pace before handing the slippery baton to Mikayla. If Mikayla was hungry before her leg then she needent have worried as there was enough bugs and midgey’s along the way to keep her full until xmas. The sun decided to appear as well and the combination made it a seriously tough day but she powered on for a solid run. The hill leg was up next and it was certainly a challenge. I’ve done a few hills recently but that one was fairly ugly and it was a lovely sight to hand the baton on still in 4th place to Kovo. Kovo is a legend, she absolutely ripped the downhill apart and taught everyone around her how to do it… awesome effort, fastest leg by several minutes and put us into a medal winning position. Speedy Camille was up next and it was going to take something super human to improve our position but she tried anyway. It was a tough leg but she made it look easy and every shot on dawn’s camera had her perfect stride captured. Camille ran us through the shoot in 3rd place so we were all absolutely rapt. A fun as day with loads of laughter, challenges and good memories. Next time we’ll get the title back. Thanks to Graham for the superb driving and support. One last thing to mention was to explain how John Bowe managed to beat me up the beasty hill on lap 6. A mishap at the airport resulted in our bags being switched. My lucky pink (surprise surprise) undies were manhandled by John as he tried to explain away the heavier bag and therefore rendering my lucky pink undies no longer lucky. They were tarnished. Hehe, thankfully i was alerted to the mistake before i went through his tighty whities!!!!!!!

Helen Rountree

Junior Man team

Lap 1 – Conor 5th fastest time
Lap 2 – Harry 5th
Lap 3 – Jacob 2nd (4th overall seniors etc)
Lap 4 – Thuenis 4th (8th overall)
Lap 5 – Oliver 11th
Lap 6 – Cameron 6th

We were in 5th place for the entire race, with Jacob taking 40 – 60 sec out of most of the top teams on his lap (except ACA), and Theunis holding ground against other top runners from around the country.

We were hoping to be amongst the medals, and thought that we did have a chance, but this was a very tough race with some good competition amongst the top 5 teams. All teams had the top juniors from around the country who had competed recently in the Australian XC champs.


Masters Women Team
I am so very proud of the clubs Masters woman’s team who ran with guts and determination to grab the silver medal. Our team had been severely depleted with injuries and withdrawals in the 10 days leading up to departure day but we had wonderful women who were able to fill the gap and bring us to the finish line. Kirsten got us off to a flying start not only getting to the top first (and making Scottish exclaim ” where the f…. Is our runner”) but also to the bottom. She handed over to Maureen, who as she is running the Melbourne marathon next weekend agreed to run to make sure we had a team, ran strongly up and over Geddes Pass. I was the next runner on my speciality flat leg and made it to the end very happy with my run. Ever reliable Karen took over and ran a blinder to bring us back within a minute of Scottish. Trish ran amongst the sand flies in the heat beside the lake to hold our position of second and hand over to our first relay virgin, Jenni. Up that hill she went without missing a beat and had the Masters Men commenting on her “focus”. Jenni may have another name for it. And then our second relay virgin Ellie took us down the hill. Thank you Ellie for stepping in only five days before the day to run like she had never run before! Our British import, Vicki, ran up and down, and up and down to come flying into the finish and was heard to comment “I would like to do that again next time” or words to the effect.

Thank you girls for a wonderful day and a fantastic result. You rock! Helen Hall-King

Master Men 2
A competitive 50/50 mix of MM40 + MM50

Kicked off by a great show of Grant Budd enthusiasm, keeping our MM1 team in sight.

Next up Norm kept the pressure on, making short work of the hills in leg 2 before passing on to Oscar (our team comedian), Garry (run till you drop) Wilson and marathon trained Mike Harris who all fought off the mozzies along the shores of lakes Ellesmere and Forsyth, before handing over to John Bowe, who had recently eaten $100 worth of groceries to supply the energy required to run well up the monster hill.

Next I, Kevin, ran along the tops to the longest down-hill ever, chasing but not catching the flying Kovo.

‘Chicked’ again. More training for me.  “Why do my legs hurt so bad”.

I passed the baton to Dion to run leg 8 with Lake City hot on his heels. Dion held off this challenger for nearly 10km until Akaroa, where they slipped by. Close finish. Another Speights Carb shot may have done the trick. Great Team and great times.


Taitua Arboretum Reduction Relay 2013 Results

“Twas a BLUSTERY DAY in the woods” of the beautiful Taitua Arboretum.

12 people turned up and 8 ran in 3 teams. Still enjoyed a great little race, although I would love to see a bigger field next year.

The wind blew hard as we picked the 3 evenly matched teams, with one strong gust bringing a large tree limb crashing down close to Dion’s Van. We started watches and ran off, in our teams of 3, around the twisting pebble paths. On that first lap another gust of wind brought down a tree to our right, but we were not deterred. On completion of the first lap we dropped off one runner and the pace quickened into the second lap. Same again as we commenced the third and final lap with three runners within about 300m battling it out. Who would appear first from out of the bush and up the final steep hill climb to claim the glory? All finished in the space of 1 minute. Dion, Andrew and Grant. The handicapping worked. Good work Dion. Glad to be part of your team. Maybe Andrews 3 lap warm-up took its toll, but it will benefit him at NRR.

Fun event. Hope to see more of you next year.

Cheers, Kevin

Big thanks to Yvonne for the event photos.
Results posted below photos. 

[AFG_gallery id=’21’]


Results (2.4km/lap)
Maureen Leonard


Kevin Knowles


Dion Hardy


Team Total          


Anja Kuys


Lance Brew


Andrew Wark


Team Total        


Dawn  Tuffery


Dawn   Tuffery


Grant  Budd


Team Total        



Club Road Champs 2013 Results

Road Champs at Ruakura 2km loop course and what a day of racing!

In the 5km masters women race a tight group had a good battle, with Vicki Rees-Jones putting on a strong last lap surge for a good win. A welcome return to form for Vicki.

The 10k race saw a very tight pack stick together for 8km before Kerry Suter ran away from the field with a very fast last km. This is Kerry’s 3rd SM title, congratulations. Garit Read ran on strongly for 2nd.

Glenn Sexton hung tough at the front of the masters group. 4 men in the 40+ bracket ran sub 35 minutes in the windy conditions, quite a feat! Glenn and Kent Hodgson both ran faster than the club champs in 2006 (when they were both in their 30’s), pretty impressive!

Well done to everyone especially those who ran pb’s, including Marcus Daws who proceeded to put an engagement ring on Connie’s finger! Congratulations guys.

Congratulations to spot prize winners from Andrew at Shoe Clinic, great support and thanks so much, well done these people:

Sophie Harris
Connor Tristram
Colin King
John Bowe
Dawn Tuffery
Connie Crook

Results below photos.  Majority of photos taken by Nick Freke.

[AFG_gallery id=’17’]


Place Name Surname Net Grade Gd Pl
4 Glenn Sexton 0:34:15 MM40 1
5 Tony Olsen 0:34:25 MM40 2
6 Kent Hodgson 0:34:33 MM40 3
7 John Crane 0:34:36 MM40 4
9 Andrew Wark 0:35:46 MM40 5
10 Hadley Craig 0:36:15 MM40 6
11 John Bowe 0:37:10 MM40 7
12 Stephen Wagner 0:37:24 MM40 8
16 Grant Budd 0:38:02 MM40 9
26 Mike Harris 0:39:23 MM40 10
31 Dave Melville 0:43:14 MM40 11
22 Kevin Knowles 0:38:51 MM50 1
25 Norm Robbins 0:39:20 MM50 2
29 Gary Wilson 0:43:02 MM50 3
33 Oscar Emery 0:49:09 MM50 4
35 Grahame Clarkin 0:49:37 MM50 5
34 Steve Spackman 0:49:37 MM50 6
30 Colin King 0:43:58 MM60 1
36 Terry Hannett 0:54:20 MM60 2
38 Brian Smith 1:14:14 MM80 1
1 Kerry Suter 0:33:50 SM 1
2 Garrit Read 0:33:57 SM 2
3 Corey Whiting 0:34:06 SM 3
8 Corey Hinde 0:35:25 SM 4
13 Brent Nijssen 0:37:28 SM 5
14 Kris Moore 0:37:37 SM 6
15 Ryan Stacey 0:37:56 SM 7
17 Lance Brew 0:38:15 SM 8
19 Sunnil Fernandez-Ritchie 0:38:24 SM 9
20 Anthony Hancy 0:38:26 SM 10
21 Miguel Gomez 0:38:30 SM 11
23 Marcus Dawes 0:39:01 SM 12
32 Daniel Philpott 0:46:32 SM 13
18 Helen Roundtree 0:38:15 SW 1
24 Kovo Kowalewski 0:39:10 SW 2
27 Dawn Tuffery 0:41:47 SW 3
37 Connie Crook 0:54:20 SW 4
Place Name Surname Net GRADE  
1 Isiah Priddey 09:52 B14
2 Connor Tristram 10:14 B14
3 Sam Montgomery 10:33 B14
1 Grace Ritchie 10:41 G14
2 Millie Farrell 12:19 G14
Place Name Surname Net GRADE  
Theunis Pieters 20:27 M20
Harry Ewing  0:20:39 B16
Connor Glyde  0:21:21 M20
Oliver McLean 21:39 M18
Cameron Swales 22:00 M18
Matthew Scott 22:04 B16
Finn Myles 24:04 B18
Place Name Surname Net GRADE  
1 Vicki Rees-Jones 20:08 MW35
2 Mary Bollen 20:19 W18
3 Trish Stockman 20:22 MW45
4 Helen Hall 20:34 MW50
5 Maureen Leonard 20:36 MW50
6 Karyn McCready 20:50 MW45
7 Jenni Hoogeveen 21:28 MW35
8 Ellie Broadbridge 22:38 MW35
9 Jean Dorrell 23:28 MW40
10 Toshimi Farrell 23:45 MW40
11 Shona Dewson 25:01 MW40
12 Wendy Harris 26:55 MW40
Place Name Surname Net GRADE  
1 Abdigani Ahmed 07:19 B12
2 Charli Millar 07:35 G12
3 Abdullahi Ahmed 07:47 B10
4 Corinna Decker 08:03 G12
5 Sam Olsen 08:12 B10
6 Lucy Farrell 08:15 G12
7 Donovan Farrell 10:31 B10
8 Sophie Harris 10:43 G10
9 Levi Budd 22:35 B10

Red Stag Redwoods Relay 2013 Results

Red Stag relays is an event that is looked forward to by all and well represented by running clubs coming from as far as Hawera and Auckland. Once again Hawks had a strong representation with 8 teams and the weather held off for the race however heavy rain over night made the course a little heavy but all in all there was a great day of racing.

Hawks has a very successful day winning senior women’s in a time of 1:42.29 the team of

Emily Roughan, Emerson Deverell, Katie Stone, Ani Gemmill and Ciara Gyde and Emily posted fastest woman time of the day of 18.22.

Men’s masters team of Glenn Sexton, Kerry Suter, Jason Cameron, Kent Hodgeson and Tony Olsen placed 1st  and second overall with a time of 1:25:09, Kerry Suter posted the fastest MM time of 16:07 and with great depth in the men’s masters grade Andrew Wark, Mark Scott, Darryl Conn, Kevin Knowles and John Bowe  picked up 3rd in a time of 1:35:32 and Corey Hinde, Dion Hardy, Arthur Green, Garry Wilson and Grant Budd 4th place in a time of 1:40:53

Women’s masters team of Trish Stockman, Karyn McCready, Maureen Leonard, Helen Hall-King and Marion Millward place second in a time of 1:47:39 all with very consistent times only 14 seconds between all their times.

Junior men’s of Isaiah Priddey, Connor Tristram, Sam Montgomerie and Finn Myles placed 3rd in a time of 43:23

The composite team of Oliver Mclean, Bridget Deverell, Jenni Hoogeveen, Elli Broadbridge and Colin King posted a good time of 1:45:49

Thanks to Jenny for the great baking which was greatly appreciated by all post run.

Results below photos

[AFG_gallery id=’16’]


Redwoods 2013 – Hawks Results
Team Senor Men     Team Senior Women
Garit Read 16:13 Emily Roughan 18:22
Brent Nijssan 18:06 Emerson Deverell 19:48
Marcus Daws 18:33 Katie Stone 20:01
Matt Scott 18:18 Ani Gemmill 20:28
Kris Moore 18:28 Ciara Gyda 23:50
Total times 1:29:38     1:42:29
Team Master Men 1     Team Masters Men 2
Glenn Sexton 17:05 Andrew Wark 17:20
Kerry Suter 16.07 Mark Scott 18:35
Jason Cameron 17:41 Darryl Conn 22:29
Kent Hodgson 17:25 Kevin Knowles 19:09
Tony Olsen 16:51 John Bowe 17:59
Total time 1:25:09     1:35:32
Team Master Men 3     Team Master Women
Corey Hinde 16:57 Trish Stockman 21:39
Dion Hardy 18:20 Karyn McCready 21:43
Arthur Green 26.12 Maureen Leonard 21:29
Garry Wilson 20:16 Helen Hall-King 21:28
Grant Budd 19:08 Marion Millward 21:20
Total time 1:40:53     1:47:39
Team Youth Men     Team Composite
Isaiah Priddey 11:22 Oliver McLean 18:19
Connor Tristram 10:48 Ridget Deverell 21:19
Sam Montgomerie 10:35 Jenni Hoogeveen 21:45
Finn Myles 10:38 Elli Broadbridge 23:09
Colin King 21:18
Total time 43:23:00     1:45:49

Sweeney Cup 2013 Results

Sweeney Cup was held at Horsham Downs on Saturday and a huge thank you to Graham Dudfield who was day organizer. As the club has no handicapper I like his idea of self handicapping which seemed to work well. A strong walking group turned up including three octogenarians. There was an impressive walk from Barb Wilson who did 1.01.40 for the 8.1km

Wendy Harris won the Sweeney Cup in her first season of serious running but she had to run hard to hold off a fast finishing masters women trio of Maureen Leonard, Tracey Greenwood and Helen Hall-King.

As the first serious club road trial for the national road relays there were some quite determined efforts. Emily Roughan now being guided by John Tylden had a strong run and was scything through the 51 person field to take fastest womens time with 30.18. Katy Dawson also had a strong run to be quickest masters in 30.57 with Kirsten Milne close up in 31.06.

Kerry Suter was back marker and caught 20 places to take fastest time honours in 26.22.

Impressed with the attitude of the masters men who all started together and had a head to head full on hard race which is needed to be successful at national road relays. Tony Olsen cracked on the pace from the start to clock 27.40 followed by Kent 8 seconds back with just three seconds ahead of John Crane. Well done guys.

Results below photos

[AFG_gallery id=’15’]


Place Name Surname Net
1 Kerry Suter 0:26:22 Fastest Man
2 Tony Olsen 0:27:40 Fastest Master Male
3 Kent Hodgson 0:27:48
4 John Crane 0:27:51
5 Andrew Wark 0:28:25
6 Corey Hinde 0:28:29
7 Hadley Craig 0:28:55
8 Harry Ewing 0:28:56
9 Marc Scott 0:29:24
10 Mathew Scott 0:29:54
11 Kris Moore 0:30:02
12 Emily Roughan 0:30:18 Fastest Women
13 Miguel Gomez 0:30:18
14 Grant Budd 0:30:56
15 Katy Dawson 0:30:57 Fastest Masters women
16 Kirsten Milne 0:31:06
17 Kevin Knowles 0:31:08
18 Sunil Fernandez-Ritchie 0:31:14
19 Norm Robins 0:31:27
20 Nick Freke 0:32:06
21 Oscar Emery 0:33:16
22 Dawn Tuffery 0:33:31
23 Marion Millward 0:33:40
24 Bennet Rogers 0:33:58
25 Vicki ReesJones 0:34:02
26 Helen Hall king 0:34:24
27 Trish Stockman 0:34:27
28 Jenny Hoogeven 0:34:58
29 Colin King 0:35:46
30 Maureen Leonard 0:35:50
31 Tracey Greenwood 0:35:55
32 Dave Melville 0:36:03
33 Ellie Broadbridge 0:37:51
34 Sandra Jensen 0:38:19
35 Toshimi Farrell 0:39:13
36 Steve Spackman 0:39:47
37 Jean Dorerell 0:39:48
38 Clare Montgomery 0:40:07
39 Krystal Booker 0:44:18
40 Vaughan Kestle 0:44:36
41 Wendy Harris 0:44:57 Sweeney Cup
42 Terry Hannett 0:45:08
43 Barb Wilson 1:01:40
44 Leslie Ann Morgan 1:10:42
45 Chris Hattan 1:12:20
46 Raewyn Easton 1:13:29
47 Colleen Williamson 1:13:29
48 Janine Joubert 1:16:13
49 Catherine McCartney 1:23:37
50 Phyl Jones 1:24:22
51 Phyl Linsley 1:24:23
52 Elaine Byrne 1:45:00
1 Charli Miller Baybutt Barometer
2 Sam Olsen
3 Lucy Farrell
4 Ethan Murdoch
5 Max Field
6 Sfeth Olsen
7 Donovan Farrell
8 Bronwn Rees Jones

Cambridge Half 2013 Results

There were challenging weather conditions for this 2nd event which attracted 496 finishers. The heavy clouds and cold showers kept post entries down to 86. It was not a fast course on Sunday due to the surface water, muddy grass finish and the first 9kms into an easterly wind however there were a remarkable number of PB’s run by Hawks members. The club half marathon ranking list saw a number of changes.

Emerson Deverell won the women’s section of the 5km with 19.07.

It was pleasing to see Steve Rees-Jones running again after struggling all year with an achilles heel problem and he took out the 10km win in 33.52. While his time was not up to his usual best conditions were a challenge and slowed times. Kris Moore 38.08, Oscar Emery 42.11 Trish Stockman 43.51 and Sandra Jensen 47.48 were other Hawks names noted in the 10km.

The club had a big presence in the Half and I was chuffed to see so many Hawk singelets taking part. 2012 race winner Kerry Suter retained his title but found the going tougher than last year when he did 1.12.09. He won comfortably on Sunday after leading all the way and clocked 1.15.25. Evergreen John Crane short on long miles hung on well for a deserved second in 1.16.32. Stefan Wagner was next Hawk to finish in 1.22.39 followed by John Bowe 1.22.39, Anthony Hancy a PB 1.22.46, Mark Scott 1.22.54, Miguel Gomez 1.25.05, Kevin Knowles 1.25.13,Caleb Koia Hamling 1.33.29 and Sunil Fernandez Ritchie 1.27.38. Hadley Craig who was on pace making duties told Sunil to run near Kovo which he did and then beat her by 10 seconds.

Hadley did 1.33.24 and Mike Harris with the Auckland marathon as his goal did 1.38.00

Among the women Sue Cowley Lake City went out fast and won in 1.23.04 which was a new course record beating Candice Hammond’s time of 1.23.54. Kirsten Milne and Katy Dawson ran  together until 9km when Kirsten slowly pulled away to clock a PB 1.24.41. Katy hung on well to record 1.25.53 a PB. Kovo Kowalewski with even paced running did 1.27.48, Dawn Tuffery 1.32.43, and Maureen Leonard a PB 1.38.38.

I felt deeply for the unreal wet muddy conditions the time keeping team had to work in so a huge thank you to Graeme Dudfield and his team who plugged on amongst the tent drips, flowing rain water and gradually deepening mud and got the times out easily by 1 pm.

All in all a well run event that is proving popular and makes some good dosh for the Cambridge Club and the WBOP centre.

Results below photos

[AFG_gallery id=’10’]

View the full 2013 Cambridge Half Marathon Results


Cambridge Half Marathon 25th Aug 2013 – Hawks Results
Place Race No Event Name Surname Gender Grade Grd Place Time
2 177 Half Marathon John Crane M MM45 1 1:16:32
9 219 Half Marathon Stefan Wagner M MM40 1 1:22:13
11 47 Half Marathon John Bowe M MM40 3 1:22:39
18 34 Half Marathon Ryan Stacey M SM 2 1:24:01
21 96 Half Marathon Miguel Gomez M SM 3 1:25:05
22 110 Half Marathon Kevin Knowles M MM55 1 1:25:13
27 122 Half Marathon Sunil Fernandez-Ritchie M SM 6 1:27:38
39 64 Half Marathon Dawn Tuffery F SW 2 1:32:43
44 224 Half Marathon Hadley Craig M MM40 8 1:33:24
56 137 Half Marathon Dave Melville M MM45 7 1:35:42
60 57 Half Marathon Katie Stone F SW 5 1:37:56
61 97 Half Marathon Mike Harris M MM40 10 1:38:00
63 147 Half Marathon Maureen Leonard F MW50 1 1:38:38
104 153 Half Marathon Clare Montgomery F SW 12 1:47:53
152 217 Half Marathon Kaye Sharp F MW45 4 1:59:30
10 2203 5km Run/Walk Jean Dorrell F MW40 1 0:22:58
14 2210 5km Run/Walk Milly Farrell F G14 1 0:24:11
1 548 10km Run/Walk Steve Rees-Jones M MM35 1 0:33:52
5 610 10km Run/Walk Kris Moore M SM 3 0:38:08
9 599 10km Run/Walk Oscar Emery M SM 5 0:42:11
13 600 10km Run/Walk Trish Stockman F MW45 1 0:43:51
25 439 10km Run/Walk Sandra Jensen F MW35 2 0:47:40
29 428 10km Run/Walk Toshimi Farrell F MW45 3 0:48:59
45 530 10km Run/Walk Janet Dale F MW60 1 0:54:37

Waikato BOP Road Champs 2013 Results

There were some excellent Hawks performances in many races so well done to those who traveled to the Waikato Road Champs in Whakatane.

Some comment on the results.  Camille’s 34 minutes for her 10km does seem to be by far the fastest win in a provincial champs eg in Auckland Georgie Grgic did 36.47.  Kyle MacDonald won the men’s title with Cory Whiting having his best run for a while in second with 31.41.  It was pleasing to see Garit Read taking 3rd spot in 32.40.   Hawks Senior Men Road Champs next month will see a great battle between Cory Whiting, Kerry Suter, and Garit Read.  Could be the fastest club champs in years.

Katy Dawson’s quick 18.15 was an SB and as fast as she has run since Varsity days. The Priddey stable continues to impress with wins to Theunis, Jacob and Isaiah. There were many other excellent club runs.

Event results below photos

[AFG_gallery id=’8′]


Boys 10 2km
1 Corban Crowther Tauranga Ramblers B10 7.02
2 Ian Pugh Tauranga Ramblers B10 7.51
3 Sam Beasley Whakatane B10 7.53
4 Elliott Pugh Tauranga Ramblers B10 8.11
5 Michael Everett Whakatane B10 8.12
6 Sam Olsen Hamilton City Hawks B10 8.28
7 Emmerson Billings Whakatane B10 8.32
8 Thomas Flowerday Whakatane B10 8.37
9 Oliver Ashburn Whakatane B10 8.52
10 Hayden Sisson Whakatane B10 11.03
Girls 10 2km
1 Sasha Knight Whakatane G10 8.56
2 Shakira McDonald Whakatane G10 9.07
3 Amy Humpherson Whakatane G10 9.33
Boys 12   2km
1 Maxwell Humpherson Whakatane B12 8.09
2 Hunter Billings Whakatane B12 8.32
3 Anthony Powell Tauranga Ramblers B12 9.23
Girls 12 2km
1 Mia Pugh Tauranga Ramblers G12 7.21
2 Amber Knight Whakatane G12 7.54
3 Princess Elliott Whakatane G12 8.13
4 Grace Flowerday Whakatane G12 8.38
Boys 14 3km
1 Isaiah Priddey Hamilton City Hawks B14 9.54
2 Connor Tristram Hamilton City Hawks B14 10.17
Girls 14 3km
1 Gina Butler Hamilton City Hawks G14 11.27
2 Olivia Hines Tauranga Ramblers G14 12.13
Youth Women 5km
1 Nicole Van Der Kaay Taupo W18 18.10
2 Anneke Grogan Tauranga Ramblers W18 18.21
3 Emerson Deverell Hamilton City Hawks W18 18.51
4 Lauren Hines Tauranga Ramblers W18 28.08
Youth Men 6km
1 Jacob Priddey Hamilton City Hawks M18 18.47
2 Hayden Wilde Whakatane M18 20.15
3 Oliver McLean Hamilton City Hawks M18 20.35
4 Daniel Everett Whakatane M18 21.06
5 Liam Gordon Whakatane M18 22.06
6 Finn Myles Hamilton City Hawks M18 22.43
7 Lewis Butler Hamilton City Hawks M18 26.03
Junior Women 5km
1 Jessica Bitcheno Tauranga Ramblers W20 19.49
Junior Men 8km
1 Theunis Pieters Hamilton City Hawks M20 26.16
Masters Women 5km
1 Katy Dawson Hamilton City Hawks W40 18.15
2 Kirsten Milne Hamilton City Hawks W40 18.40
3 Siobhan Griffiths Lake City W40 19.54
4 Karyn McCready Hamilton City Hawks W40 19.59
5 Judith May Tauranga Ramblers W40 20.09
1 Trish Stockman Hamilton City Hawks W45 20.22
1 Maureen Leonard Hamilton City Hawks W50 19.58
2 Helen Hall-King Hamilton City Hawks W50 21.10
3 Bridget Ray Hamilton City Hawks W50 22.23
1 Marion Millward Hamilton City Hawks W55 20.17
1 Kathy Howard Lake City W60 23.55
2 Robyn Winter Whakatane W60 29.20
Christine Reed Lake City W60 34.04
Walk 10km
Peter Green Whakatane Walk 1.16.06
Masters Men 10km
1 Adrian Lysaght Lake City M35 34.45
1 Kent Hodgson Hamilton City Hawks M40 34.29
2 Stehen Blair Tauranga Ramblers M40 36.20
3 John Bowe Hamilton City Hawks M40 36.33
1 Tony Olsen Hamilton City Hawks M45 33.49
2 Tony Broadhead Lake City M45 34.36
3 Ian Bitcheno Tauranga Ramblers M45 43.01
1 Bruce Edwards Lake City M50 36.07
Dave Chambers Whakatane M50 37.21
2 Ross Butler Hamilton City Hawks M50 37.31
3 Colin Ditmar Lake City M50 38.24
4 Graeme Everett Whakatane M50 42.11
1 Kevin Knowles Hamilton City Hawks M55 37.51
2 Barry Watson Tauranga Ramblers M55 41.31
3 Peter Ayson Tauranga Ramblers M55 47.56
1 Gavin Smith Tauranga Ramblers M60 39.25
2 Dennis Madden Tauranga Ramblers M60 47.30
1 Trevor Ogilvie Lake City M65 38.25
2 Murray Clarkson Tauranga Ramblers M65 44.16
3 Robin Reed Lake City M65 45.04
1 Peter Vyver Lake City M70 52.45
Senior Men 10km
1 Kyle MacDonald Tauranga Ramblers SM 31.33
2 Cory Whiting Hamilton City Hawks SM 31.41
3 Garit Read Hamilton City Hawks SM 32.40
4 Iain MacDonald Tauranga Ramblers SM 32.46
Daniel Jones Whakatane SM 33.08
5 Douglas Hancock Wellington SM 35.49
6 Jason Steyn-Ross Lake City SM 37.06
7 Kris Moore Hamilton City Hawks SM 37.24
Senior Women 10km
1 Camille Buscomb Hamilton City Hawks SW 34.00
2 Emily Roughan Hamilton City Hawks SW 38.29

Matamata Road Relays 2013 Results

Popular long standing event. Attracted around 30 teams from around the Waikato Bay of Plenty. There was strong support from walkers. It is a great little event run well by a small club.

Despite forecast for rain it remained fine and was cloudy. Course was on footpaths and was a fast flat 3.3 km circuit. It provided clubs with a great short blast prior to provincial road champs on the Trident High School circuit in Whakatane next weekend.

There were some classy Hamilton City Hawks efforts which confirmed form for national road relay teams at Takahe Akaroa in October

There were ten teams from Hawks with excellent club spirit shown. Lots of laughs and loud support.

Hawks teams won quite a few events and our M19 team led by Theunis Pieters led the whole way to win the overall event. Camille Buscomb ran a smart 10.33 to give the open women a great start and her class was obvious when she finished ahead of Kent Hodgson and John Crane who had their usual head to head battle with Kent winning back a beer by a desperate sprint over the last 200. But they didn’t catch Camille.

The Masters Women’s A team showed remarkably consistent form with Marion MiIllward 13.17, Helen Hall King 13.19 and Maureen Leonard and Trish Stockman both on 13.22. Got to be a prize for that. A bar of chocolate perhaps!!!!

Some Matamata relay history. Event is in its 43rd year I think. In the boom period of the seventies and eighties Auckland clubs used to attend and University was a perennial winner. Fields of over 60 or more teams were common. Fastest lap time that can be recalled is that of John Campbell who at 40 was the world fastest masters marathoner and ran his lap around the streets of Matamata in about 9.05. I am searching all my old NZ Runner and NZ Athlete mags for more historical detail and to find the women’s fastest lap This year Kerry Suter Hawks at 9.58 was the quickest with a gutsy run.

Camille took out the fastest lap time for women at 10.33.

Results below photos

[AFG_gallery id=’11’]

43rd Matamata Around the Streets Relay Results – 3.3km

Sponsors: J Swap, Matamata Vet Club, Hobbiton, Base Auto Worx & Morrinsville New World

Boys U12
Team Runners Name

Lap Time

Total Time

Lake City Javier Browne



27 Jasper Dowland



Tome Poona



Boys U16
Team Runners Name

Lap Time

Total Time

Hamilton Hawks 1 Isaiah Priddey



32 Conner Tristram



Sam Montgomerie



Hamilton Hawks 2 Matt Scott



33 Finn Myles



Ollie Ng



Frankton Joel Shepherd



34 Ben Shepherd



Abbie Hanson



Girls U16
Team Runners Name

Lap Time

Total Time

Hamilton Hawks Emerson Deverell



15 Grace Ritchie



Hannah Harworth



Tauranga Jessica Bitcheno



7 Erin Conway



Olivia Hines



Lake City Jade Mitchell



13 Annabel Fordyce



Aria Browne



Men U19
Team Runners Name

Lap Time

Total Time

Hamilton Hawks Theunis Pieters



12 Harry Ewing



Oliver McLean



Matt Greenfell



Connor Gyde



Cambridge Duncan Fraser



14 Duncan Fraser



Corey Hart



Corey Hart



Ben Kirsop



Senior Woman
Team Runners Name

Lap Time

Total Time

Hamilton Hawks Camille Buscombe



9 Clara Gyde



Emily Broughton



Dawn Tuffery



Lake City Stephanie McHale



10 Lorna Mills



Sian Bremner



Kelly Mitchell



Cambridge Eliana Slaney



11 Sophie Fisher



Natasha Coleman



Juliette Coleman



Masters Woman
Team Runners Name

Lap Time

Total Time

Hamilton Hawks 1 Helen Hall/King



28 Maureen Leonard



Trish Stockman



Marion Millward



Hamilton Hawks 2 Tracey Greenwood



29 Jenni Hoogeveen



Karyn McCready



Sandra Jensen



Lake City Kerryn Barker



30 Jodie Hickson



Mere Attwater



Teresa Martin



Matamata Jenny Brady



31 Maree Earl



Patrice Stichbury



Patrice Stichbury



Senior Men
Team Runners Name

Lap Time

Total Time

Hamilton Hawks Glenn Sexton



2 John Bowe



Miguel Gomez



Ryan Stacey



Kris Moore



Cambridge 1 Matt van dalen



4 John Charlton



Hugh Allison



Hugh Allison




Allen Brears



Lake City Sam Rossiter



1 Steve O’Callaghan



Russell Clarke



Shayne Hossack



Adrian Lysaght



Matamata Jordon Hicks



6 Jordon Hicks



Richard Orr



Richard Orr



Jarred Treymane



Cambridge 2 Owen Mulligan



5 Hugo Dost



Kaito ??



Mark Searle



Declan Knowles



Frankton Mark Gower



3 Steve Shepherd



Tina Beckley



Craig Wilson



Craig Wilson



Masters Men
Team Runners Name

Lap Time

Total Time

Lake City 1 Bruce Edwards



16 Trevor Ogilvie



Andy Hickson



Tony Broadhead



Duncan Smith



Hamilton Hawks 1 Kent Hodgson



18 Marc Scott



Colin King



Hadley Craig



Kerry Suter



Hamilton Hawks 2 John Crane



19 Andrew Wark



Andrew Wark



Oscar Emery



Kevin Knowles



Tauranga Sally Gibbs



20 Sally Gibbs



Dean Willacy



Dean Willacy



Gavin Smith



Lake City 2 Phil Gulbransen



17 Chris Browne



Chris Corney



John Harvey



Jim Dowland



Matamata Kevin Guest



21 Frank Rowson



Craig McLean



Murray Levers



Gill Hampton



Mens Super Vet 60+
Team Runners Name

Lap Time

Total Time

Matamata Grant Williams



Dave Taylor



Viv Parker



Glenn Valler



Lake City Peter Vyver



Bruce Easton



Martin Harris



Robin Reed



Athletics NZ Cross Country Championships 2013 Results

What an outstanding national cross country for the club.

Four golds, two silvers and three bronzes.

The Hawks trifecta in the B14 grade was a brilliant effort and gave me great pleasure with Isaiah Priddey leading all the way but having to race hard to hold off Hamilton Boys High clubmates Sam Montgomery and Connor Tristram. Arianna Lord ran a very heady race in the Youth Girls 18 tracking the leading group of pace makers but not forcing the pace until the last bit when she used her 1500 track speed to force a convincing win.  Katy Dawson had her best masters woman’s run for some time placing 4th across the line and taking out the MW40 title. Brian Smith won gold in the Masters Men 80 grade.

Jacob Priddey worked hard to score a win in the Youth Boys 16 and came up with a creditable second. Sam Montgomery also scored a silver.

The three bronzes went to Grace Ritchie Girls 14, Maureen Leonard Masters Women 50 and Connor Tristram.

Teams medals were won by a number as part of WBOP teams. Katy Dawson and Karyn

McCready won gold in the winning Masters Women W35-49 team, and team bronzes were won by Tony Olsen, John Crane and Glenn Sexton M40 and Ross Butler M50.

I was delighted with Helen Rountree’s 5th her best nationals yet and this after spending all week trying to get her legs back into running mode after the physically demanding mountain race on the Sunshine Coast. Helen is off the World Mountain Champs in Poland in 3 weeks so her training programme includes some quite specific work on Sanitorium Hill.

A huge thank you must go to Hadleigh Craig and his Hawks team of course setters as the course attracted many compliments by its presentation and who would have thought that Minoque Park would be dry, firm and fast. I have never seen it so dry or looking so good or having so many spectators. Well done those Hawks who were involved.

Results below photos

[AFG_gallery id=’7′]


NZ Cross Country Champs 2013 Hawks Results
Place Name Surname Grade Gd Pl Time Event
4 Charli Miller G12 4 7:35 2000m
8 Corinna Decker-Thorburn G12 8 8:01 2000m
12 Lucy Farrell G12 12 8:30 2000m
5 Abdiqani Ahmed B12 5 7:26 2000m
3 Grace Ritchie G14 3 11:28 3000m
7 An i Gemmill G14 7 11:50 3000m
12 Gina Butler G14 12 12:08 3000m
1 Isaiah Priddey B14 1 9:58 3000m
2 Sam Montgomerie B14 2 10:16 3000m
3 Connor Tristram B14 3 10:21 3000m
4 Katy Dawson W40-44 1 23:20 6000m
14 Karyn McCready W40-44 6 26:06 6000m
18 Maureen Leonard W50-54 3 26:30 6000m
20 Helen Hall-King W50-54 4 27:29 6000m
14 Tony Olsen M45-49 4 28:15 8000m
16 John Crane M45-49 5 28:19 8000m
17 Glenn Sexton M45-49 6 28:27 8000m
18 Kent Hodgson M40-44 6 28:42 8000m
38 Ross Butler M50-54 6 30:49 8000m
48 Kevin Knowles M55-59 5 31:39 8000m
81 Brian Smith M80 1 58:32 8000m
1 Arian na Lord W-U18 1 14:23 4000m
9 Emersen Deverell W-U18 9 15:09 4000m
13 Mary Bollen W-U18 13 15:30 4000m
2 Jacob Priddey M-U18 2 19:07 6000m
24 Harry Ewing M-U18 24 21:01 6000m
31 Oliver McLean M-U18 31 22:07 6000m
35 Matthew Scott M-U18 35 22:30 6000m
36 Finn Myles M-U18 36 22:36 6000m
39 Oliver Ng M-U18 39 0:36 6000m
9 Theunis Pieters M-U20 9 27:10 8000m
5 Helen Rountree SW 5 29:55 8000m
9 Emily Roughan SW 9 30:24 8000m
19 Cory Whiting SM 19 40:15 12000m
39 Lance Brew SM 39 47:53 12000m

Waikato Bay of Plenty XC Championships 2013 Results

The Waipuna course was firm and dry on Saturday for the champs and 33 Hawks travelled over the hill to take part. In light fields club athletes won 12 golds, 6 silvers and 7 bronzes so a fair bit of metal returned to Hamilton. Thanks to Kent for tent duty and for those supporters who were there.

Abdigani Ahmed and his brother Abdillahi gave the Hawks a great start when they placed 1st and 3rd in the Boys 10 2000 race while Corinna Decker-Thorburn took gold in the G10. There was a Hawks trifecta Isaiah Priddey, Sam Montgomery and Connor Tristram in the B14 race.

Waikato Dio’s Emerson Deverell and Mary Bollen were placings in the W18 race while in the Masters Women Hawks won three golds with Katy Dawson W35 (birthday on Thursday), Karen McCready W40 and Maureen Leonard W50. Jacob Priddey won the M20 race and had a great battle with Kyle MacDonald who took out the senior men’s title.

In the Masters men we were well represented with Kent Hodgson winning the M40 and Tony Olsen leading a Hawks trifecta ahead of John Crane and Glenn Sexton in the M45 with Kevin Knowles and Brian Smith winning their M55 and M80 races. Helen Rountree won the 8000 women’s race in 30.45. All in all a solid days racing over a demanding course and excellent preparation for the national champs on our own Minoque Park course.

Results below the photos

 [AFG_gallery id=’4′]

Race  First Name Surname Club/School/Visitor Grade AWBOP Time
Place         Place  
Boys 10 2km
2 Abdigani Ahmed Hamilton City Hawks B10 1  0:08:02.32
4 Max Voss Lake City B10 2  0:08:11.31
5 Abdillahi Ahmed Hamilton City Hawks B10 3  0:08:15.54
12 Fynn McCulloch Tauranga Ramblers B10 4  0:08:47.36
13 Ian Pugh Tauranga Ramblers B10 5  0:08:52.53
14 Elliott Pugh Tauranga Ramblers B10 6  0:08:53.87
15 Clay Fookes Lake City B10 7  0:09:03.93
16 Sam Olsen Hamilton City Hawks B10 8  0:09:05.06
22 Conor Lysaght Lake City B10 9  0:11:07.38
Girls 10 2km
10 Corinna Decker-Thorburn Hamilton City Hawks G10 1  0:08:31.43
18 Kate Bradley Frankton G10 2  0:09:37.03
21 Kyra Addison Greerton G10 3  0:11:00.30
Boys 12 2km
1 Josh Tisch Tauranga Ramblers B12 1  0:07:45.56
2 Karl Bradley Frankton B12 2  0:08:07.10
4 Max Voss Lake City B12 3  0:08:11.31
7 Harrison Watt Trentham Harriers B12 Visitor  0:08:22.25
19 Drew Branje Cambridge B12 4  0:09:55.19
Girls 12 2km
6 Mia Pugh Tauranga Ramblers G12 1  0:08:16.77
8 Ruby Ryan Lake City G12 2  0:08:23.81
9 Tegan Fookes Lake City G12 3  0:08:30.67
11 Lucy Farrell Hamilton City Hawks G12 4  0:08:42.34
17 Jodi Mouat Cambridge G12 5  0:09:22.77
20 Eliana Slaney Cambridge G12 6  0:09:55.63
Boys 14 3km
1 Isaiah Priddey Hamilton City Hawks B14 1  0:10:07.66
2 Sam Montgomerie Hamilton City Hawks B14 2  0:10:24.03
3 Connor Tristram Hamilton City Hawks B14 3  0:10:38.48
5 Reuben Jones Auckland Normal Int G14 Visitor  0:11:35.35
6 Tom Voss Lake City B14 4  0:11:59.62
9 Harry McLean St Pauls Southland B14 Visitor  0:12:27.92
10 Rhys Dawson Auckland Normal Int B14 Visitor  0:12:33.98
Girls 14 3 km
4 Arleah Tippins Tauranga Ramblers G14 1  0:11:34.32
7 Ella Fookes Lake City G14 2  0:12:02.00
8 Gina Butler Hamilton City Hawks G14 3  0:12:16.68
11 Catlin Dawson Auckland Normal Int G14 Visitor  0:12:35.49
12 Erin Conway Tauranga Ramblers G14 4  0:12:48.35
13 Hannah Berry Auckland Normal Int G14 Visitor  0:13:00.42
14 Joanna Ngan Auckland Normal Int G14 Visitor  0:13:38.13
15 Stella Humberstone-Hurley Auckland Normal Int G14 Visitor  0:13:52.21
16 Kaitlyn Parkes Te Awamutu G14 5  0:14:59.61
Waipuna Park Tauranga
Race  First Name Surname Club/School/Visitor Grade AWBOP Time
Place Place
Youth Men U18 6km
6 Michael Voss Lake City MU18 1  0:21:39.84
7 Cameron Swales Hamilton City Hawks MU18 2  0:22:01.08
8 Oliver McLean Hamilton City Hawks MU18 3  0:22:22.10
10 Finn Myles Hamilton City Hawks MU18 4  0:23:57.08
13 Matt Van Dalen Cambridge MU18 5  0:26:36.49
Youth Women  U18 4km
1 Anneke Grogan Tauranga Ramblers WU18 1  0:15:35.52
2 Emmerson Deverall Hamilton City Hawks WU18 2  0:16:25.74
3 Mary Bollen Hamilton City Hawks WU18 3  0:16:59.58
4 Mia Milne Te Awamutu WU18 4  0:18:38.43
5 Chnae Todd Te Awamutu WU18 5  0:18:55.89
9 Lauren Hines Tauranga Ramblers WU18 6  0:23:24.59
Junior Women U20 6km
12 Kerry White Te Aroha WU20 1  0:24:59.31
14 Jessica Bitcheno Tauranga Ramblers WU20 2  0:27:05.24
Masters Women 6km
11 Katy Dawson Hamilton City Hawks W35 1  0:24:33.22
15 Karen McCready Hamilton City Hawks W40 1  0:27:09.84
16 Judith May Tauranga Ramblers W40 2  0:27:49.96
17 Maureen Leonard Hamilton City Hawks W50 1  0:28:14.91
18 Kathy Howard Lake City W60 1  0:32:30.15
20 Robyn Winter Whakatane W60 2  0:39:36.87
19 Pam Kenny Lake City W70 1  0:35:47.87
21 Iris Hansen Tauranga Ramblers W70 2  0:56:26.53
Jr Men U20 8km
1 Jacob Priddey Hamilton City Hawks MU20 1  0:27:00.76
2 Theunis Pieters Hamilton City Hawks MU20 2  0:28:32.10
Master Men 35 8km
7 Chris Morrissey Tauranga Ramblers M35 1  0:29:44.32
11 Adrian Lysaght Lake City M35 2  0:30:32.36
15 Dean Willacy Tauranga Ramblers M35 3  0:30:46.93
32 Winston Murton Tauranga M35 Visitor  0:37:12.34
34 Mark Gower Frankton M35 4  0:38:24.87
3 Kent Hodgson Hamilton City Hawks M40 1  0:28:59.48
5 Russell Lake Tauranga Ramblers M40 2  0:29:22.44
13 Steven Blair Tauranga Ramblers M40 3  0:30:43.79
16 John Bowe Hamilton City Hawks M40 4  0:31:33.27
41 Owen Mulligan Cambridge M40 5  0:42:22.30
4 Tony Olsen Hamilton City Hawks M45 1  0:29:07.91
6 John Crane Hamilton City Hawks M45 2  0:29:35.47
8 Glenn Sexton Hamilton City Hawks M45 3  0:29:46.43
9 Tony Broadhead Lake City M45 4  0:29:52.38
10 John Caie Tauranga Ramblers M45 5  0:30:23.58
23 Paul Signal Cambridge M45 6  0:33:45.80
Race  First Name Surname Club/School/Visitor Grade AWBOP Time
Place         Place  
Masters Men 8km
12 Bruce Edwards Lake City M50 2  0:30:35.89
18 Ross Butler Hamilton City Hawks M50 3  0:32:05.64
25 Terry Furmage Tauranga Ramblers M50 6  0:34:09.33
26 Craig Wilson Frankton M50 4  0:35:06.48
28 Gary Wilson Hamilton City Hawks M50 1  0:35:53.59
31 Les Dobson Tauranga Ramblers M50 5  0:37:01.30
20 Kevin Knowles Hamilton City Hawks M55 1  0:32:26.56
24 Rodney Poulgrain Thames M55 2  0:33:49.30
30 Stu Smith Tauranga Ramblers M55 3  0:36:20.95
35 Peter Kennedy Tauranga Ramblers M55 4  0:38:43.55
21 Trevor Ogilvie Lake City M60 1  0:32:29.83
22 Gavin Smith Tauranga Ramblers M60 2  0:33:19.69
47 Graeme Collett Cambridge M60 3  0:48:54.24
33 Murray Clarkson Tauranga Ramblers M65 1  0:37:44.53
36 Robin Reed Lake City M65 2  0:39:21.50
37 David Trow Frankton M65 3  0:40:45.27
39 Robert McPherson Tauranga Ramblers M70 1  0:41:51.71
44 Peter Vyver Lake City M70 2  0:46:18.22
48 Brian Smith Hamilton City Hawks M80 1 0:58:53:18
Women Open 8km
14 Helen Rountree Hamilton City Hawks SW 1  0:30:45.22
17 Sue Crowley Lake City SW 2  0:31:51.95
19 Emily Roughan Hamilton City Hawks SW 3  0:32:25.38
27 Dawn Tuffery Hamilton City Hawks SW 4  0:35:17.43
29 Steph Mchale Lake City SW 5  0:36:08.78
45 Rebecca Johnston Frankton SW 6  0:47:05.89
46 Kris Moore Hamilton City Hawks SW 7  0:48:05.32
Men Open 12km
38 Kyle MacDonald Tauranga Ramblers SM 1  0:40:49.24
40 Iain MacDonald Tauranga Ramblers SM 2  0:42:07.29
42 Angus Bell Tauranga Ramblers SM 3  0:42:43.43
43 Garit Read Hamilton City Hawks SM 4  0:43:19.08

Sanitorium Hill Run 2013 Results


On the mountain on Saturday it was cold but fine and many club members joined host club Cambridge with Matamata, Hamilton Road Runners and Frankton for the annual blast up Sanitorium Hill. Past best times were not threatened and the 2011 Steve Rees-Jones 18.00 and Sarah Biss ‘s 21.07 remain. However some quick times and intense racing occurred. Helen R ran a PB 21.33 in the middle of a heavy training load while Kent and Kerry had a great battle for fastest club male. Kent’s time was 20.34 but haven’t been able to access other times.

Some members gave themselves a handicap and Dawn was seen walking to the top with her daughter on her back, Lance pushed a pram and 15kg child while Grant Budd rode up on his bike trailing a youngster. All three had great workouts.

Guess who was last to arrive at both the start and the finish??

What’s with the 3 laps around the pill box at the top? Sounds like rather an odd Hawks training tradition.

Did you know that DOC have created a neat bush circuit walking track around the Gudex Memorial. Many checked it out on their warm down.

Sanitorium Hill has always been a great training challenge for local Cambridge distance runners and currently Helen,Camille Katy, Kent and Kerry enjoy weekly sessions here.

For the record Evan Primmer was the first Hawks to the top.

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North Island XC Champs 2013 Results

The 26th North Island Cross Country Champs was held on Saturday in mild dry weather on the challenging but fast Spa Park course. One had to search for any sign of mud and there was a strong Hawks presence in numerous events with many successes. John T and I were proud to be Hawks and vocally supporting the blue and yellow singlet. A huge thanks to Mike Harris and his team for establishing the club tent beside a tall in flower banksia from which we were serenaded by cavorting bellbirds and tuis. Was there a touch of early spring? It made the ever special Taupo cross country event even more memorable and it is an event I just love attending. For a cross country nut like myself this event is close to the pinnacle of our winter sport and attracts large numbers.

The coaching work done by Vaughan Priddey in developing our young teenagers with his squad training was clearly evident in the younger grades. Jacob ran a very confident race front running and on the second lap he was dominant and ran a course record of 15.51 compared to 16.27 last year to win the M18 race. Younger bro Isaiah was 3rd in the B14 race with Sam Montgomery 7th and Connor Tristram 8th.

Tim Stewart had a break through run with his impressive 4th in the senior men’s 9000. It was his first run in the open grade and we wish him all the best for his six month track stint in the USA. He departs to the States the day after running the national cross country at Minogue Park.

I was really chuffed with my three athletes Katy running 5th in the masters women placing 1st in W35 grade. Emerson was 4th and Helen R 3rd to make me think that I should spend more time coaching than planting trees. As Helen reminds me however with her name rounTree she is very much part of my tree scene anyway.

Emerson Deverell’s fourth in the U18 grade was an eye catching effort for a first year harrier. Still not used to the fast start that teenagers use she was back in 20th place after the first km but then worked her way through to 4th with a gradual increase in pace to come through the field strongly.


I was impressed with the performance of our three senior women. Helen R was third, a one place improvement on last year when she ran 18.53. This year she ran 18.32 and that was in the middle of a heavy training phase so it was a strong run by Helen. Emily Roughan, our Taranaki track import now doing a Sport and Leisure course at Waikato Uni, was a close up 6th just ahead of barefooted triathlete Mikayla Nielsen who is shortly to depart overseas for some triathlete training and racing.

These three form the nucleus of our senior women’s team for the NRR. Who else will make this team to defend the title they won last year?

Besides Katy our masters runners scored many places with Tony Olsen 2nd M45, Kevin Knowles 3rd M55 and Maureen Leonard 3rd W50 and Helen Hall-King 4th in the same grade.

At least 36 from the club took part.

Provisional results can be viewed here

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Cross Country Club Champs 2013 Results

Reverting to the traditional club 3km circuit at Minogue Park after five days of sun shine the surface was quite dry. However racing over CC provides physical demands you don’t get in any other form of distance racing as Kerry found out when he beat an improving Garit Read by 11 seconds in the senior men 9kms. There was a great battle among the masters men and only 9 seconds separated Kent the winner from Glenn and Tony. Helen clocked 19.05 for 5km to win the women while Katy took out the masters women comfortably. Jacob Priddey ran a hard solo race to win the M19. Some 59 club members finished their race on Saturday in the sun.


Place Tag No Name Surname Finish Grade
1 192 Kerry Suter 31:28 SM
2 157 Garit Read 31:39 SM
3 227 David Southwick 31:53 SM
4 233 Brendon Woolerton 35:46 SM
5 129 Kris Moore 35:51 SM
6 11 Lance Brew 36:05 SM
7 53 Sunil Fernandez-Ritchie 36:12 SM
8 74 Anthony Hancy 36:14 SM
Place Tag No Name Surname Finish Grade
1 86 Kent Hodgson 21:42 VM
2 176 Glenn Sexton 21:48 VM
3 140 Tony Olsen 21:51 VM
4 206 Andrew Wark 22:34 VM
5 239 Stefan Wagner 23:00 VM
6 238 John Bowe 24:13 VM
7 228 Kevin Knowles 24:19 VM
8 79 Mike Harris 24:50 VM
9 210 Garry Wilson 25:15 VM
10 88 Michael Hoogeveen 26:20 VM
11 45 Oscar Emery 26:28 VM
12 62 Glenn Graham 26:28 VM
13 126 Dave Melville 26:56 VM
14 236 Colin King 27:21 VM
15 151 Evan Primmer 28:02 VM
16 144 Craig Peebles 30:00 VM
17 181 Steven Spackman 30:15 VM
18 223 David Trow 32:03 VM
19 182 Gordon Speirs 33:16 VM
20 75 Terry Hannett 33:36 VM
21 240 Graham Clarkin 34:48 VM
22 178 Brian Smith 43:52 VM
Place Tag No Name Surname Finish Grade
1 149 Jacob Priddey 20:16 M20
2 146 Theunis Pieters 21:26 M20
3 47 Harry Ewing 21:58 M20
4 237 Cameron Swales 22:10 M20
5 124 Oliver McLean 22:42 M20
6 175 Matthew Scott 22:48 M18
7 133 Finn Myles 23:17 M20
8 134 Oliver Ng 24:05 M20
Place Tag No Name Surname Time Grade Gd Place
1 170 Helen Rountree 19:04 SW 1
2 110 Arianna Lord 19:54 W16 1
3 221 Katy Dawson 20:21 MW 1
4 41 Emmerson Deverell 20:26 W16 2
5 106 Kovo Kowalewsla 21:10 SW 2
6 7 Mary Bollen 21:11 W20 1
7 198 Dawn Tuffery 22:02 SW 3
8 224 Katie Stone 22:31 SW 4
9 188 Trish Stockman 22:57 MW 2
10 71 Helen Hall-King 23:07 MW 3
11 109 Maureen Leonard 23:29 MW 4
12 87 Jenni Hoogeveen 23:42 SW 4
13 50 Toshimi Farrell 25:39 MW 5
14 42 Shona Dewson 29:44 MW 6
15 121 Karyn McCready 32:21 SW 5
Place Name Surname Grade Time
1 Emily G10 05:22
1 Seth Olsen B10 06:12
2 Rosie Millar G10 06:23
1 Charli Miller G12 09:39
2 Lucy Farrell G12 09:57
3 Holly Miller G12 04:46 1 lap

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Patterson Cup 2013 Results

35 Hawks runners raced, and 10 Calliope runners raced on the day.

First across the line in the 5km event was John Crane in 17:14, then Kent Hodgson in 17:18, Glenn Sexton third in 17:20.

Helen Rountree was the first lady across the line in the womens 3km.

Individual times can be view by clicking here Patterson Cup results 2013_Spilt Times


Name Grade Place Time
2km Female
Charli Miller G12 1 0:08:17
Lucy Farrell G12 2 0:08:31
Holly Miller G14 3 0:09:55
2km Male
Donovan Farrell B10 1 0:09:45
3km Junior Girls
Ani Gemmill U14 1 0:12:03
Hannah Haworth U14 2 0:12:17
Milly Farrell U14 3 0:13:14
Anja Kuys U14 4 0:13:15
3km Female
Helen Rountree SW 1 0:10:44
Olivia Ritchie SW 2 0:10:48
Dawn Tuffery SW 3 0:12:27
Helen Hall-King W45 4 0:12:41
Trish Stockman W45 5 0:12:37
Katie Stone SW 6 0:12:48
Maureen Leonard W45 7 0:13:19
Sandra Haynes W45 8 0:15:22
Bev Steward W45 9 0:15:48
5km Male
John Crane M40 1 0:17:14
Kent Hodgson M40 2 0:17:18
Glenn Sexton M40 3 0:17:20
Kevin Fly SM 4 0:17:41
Andrew Wark M40 5 0:17:52
Sunil Frenandez-Ritchie SM 6 0:18:44
Kris Moore SM 7 0:18:27
Lance Brew SM 8 0:18:35
Mike Harris M40 9 0:19:52
Nathan Campbell SM 10 0:20:30
Oscar Emery M50 11 0:21:11
Glenn Graham M50 12 0:21:09
Craig Peebles M50 13 0:21:13
Nic Alley M40 14 0:21:21
Colin King M60 15 0:21:19
Dave Melville M40 16 0:21:28
Evan Primmer M60 17 0:21:41
Steve Spackman M50 18 0:24:21
Dave Southwick M65 19 0:24:47
Terry Hannett M65 20 0:26:36
Steve Herstell M50 21 0:26:42
John Rhodes M60 22 0:28:14
Mens Walk
Alan Moore M50 1 0:32:18
Grant Simmonds M40 2 0:32:30
Murray Stevens M70 3 0:38:22
Malcolm Wade M65 4 0:44:56
Bill Fell M70 5 0:44:56
Please advise if your time is incorrect or missing



Huntly Half Marathon 2013 Results

Huntly Half Marathon 2013   Visit the official Website  

Full results for 2013 here

One of the benefits of licensing out the Huntly Half Marathon (apart from getting my lounge floor back in May) was that more Hawks were able to take part in the event. 110 Hawks took advantage of a free entry, which surpassed the 95 Hawks who ran the 30th anniversary 2010 event.

Dion Jelley must have some links to the Weather Gods – Torrential rain over night gave way to blue skys in the morning.

The experienced Hawks team led by Trish Stockman provided valuable help at the late entry and help desk area – almost 200 late entries turned up – there possibly would have been more with out the overnight rain. Kent and the A-Team set up part of the course like a well oiled machine and provided the new organisers with their invaluable knowledge and know how – garnered over the years.

It was refreshing to be able to wander around and talk to people with out being constrained by time keeping or race director duties.

Thermals and long pants packed on Saturday were left in the bags as the weather warmed up for the start of the Half marathon. 53 Hawks lined up for the Half and some great results ensued.

Helen Rountree wasn’t going to die wondering if she could match Auckland Champ Lisa Robertson disbanding her normal conservative start and running with Lisa for almost 10 , hanging on for a good second place. Hawks filled 2nd 3rd Katherine Prumm and 4th Mikayla Nielsen and had 5 in the top ten with Kirsten Milne 7th and Bridget Deverall 8th. Looks good for the National relays. Huge PB’s to Megan Arthur and Karen Hopson.

The Hawks Men weren’t quite as dominant with Jono Jackson ACA taking his first Huntly Half win and Aucklanders taking the first 9 places. Tony Olsen was the First Hawks home taking out the Masters Race – Andrew Wark getting a well deserved handshake for 3rd master. Run of the day for the Hawks Men has to go to Lance Brew – 3 Minute PB.

The 10k was a closely fought race with Cory Whiting piping Simon Rogers and half iroman – Graham O’Grady (who had a little ride from Taupo to Hamilton the day before)

New Hawks member – Emily Roughan was first Female home in the 10k – leading Katie Dawson and Emmerson Deverell for a clean sweep by the Hawks – Grace Ritchie beat all the boys – and men – in the 5k – with an outstanding 18:01 – Gordon Speirs showed the flag for the men.

Full results from 2012 here

Cambridge XC Relays 2013 Results

The first open cross country event of the WBOP season on the Cambridge Green Belt attracted a pleasing 49 teams and Hawks had 51athletes taking part which was an excellent club effort. As always Cambridge turned on a well run event on a challenging course with 12 obstacles that included water jumps, hay bales and hurdles to keep everyone on their toes. For some the challenge was too much and hurdling ability fell short. Old style courses of the past over farmland often included seven wire fences and Kerry Williams who won five nationals on the trot in the seventies cleared such obstacles without a touch. Clearing obstacles efficiently seems to be a lost skill by the number of falls on Saturday.

Race honours were dominated by Hawks taking out top spot in senior men, masters men, mixed, U15, U18 while Cambridge won masters women and Tauranga senior women.

In the U12 2000 Charli Millers showed her class with a quick run of 9.24 beating all guys and gals. A super effort Charli.

First year senior Tim Stewart gave the SM team a flying start and took out fastest time with a 9.39
clocking. Ben Ruthe has the course record in 9.08 set in 2006.Tim’s lead was extended after strong laps from Corey Whiting 10.04 and Jai Davies Campbell 9.48 and Garit Read 10.20 was able to cruise though to give Hawks its first win of the day.
In the Masters Men Kerry Suter ran a quick first lap 9.59 for Cambridge but through very consistent lapping just 3 seconds separated Kent Hodgson 10.56, John Crane 10.57 and Andrew Wark 10.59 the Hawks MM team scored a 2minute victory over Lake City.
The Tauranga SW team finished fast with a classy run from Laurie Pugh 11.33 to relegate the Hawks ( missing two top athletes to a Tauranga beer mile) team to second.
The briefly borrowed (I hope) Cambridge masters women team of Bridget Deverell, Katy Dawson and Jenni Hoogeveen proved the winner from Lake City in the Masters Women’s race. Katy Dawson still on marathon recovery ran a quick 11.46 for second equal fastest lap with Olivia Ritchie.

An interesting additional event “the skins lap” occurred towards the end of the relay when five
young Hawks bared their flesh and ran a quick repeat lap with Tim 9.49, Jacob 9.53 and Jai 10.14. Good to see the guys having fun.
All in all a great interclub opening event for the club but I do wonder why Auckland has already had three serious interclub open cross country events. What about a couple of new under distance CC races on our winter programme say one at Kihikihi and another at Minoque Park while still dry. Worth a thought?

All detailed lap times and results available from the attached PDF’s below:

Cambridge Relay 2013 Results

Cambridge Relay 2013 Individual Results


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Photos by Hadley Craig and Mike Harris

Bannister Plaque 2013 Results

This year 10 x three person teams fronted in the autumn sun and ran together over a 2000, 4000 and then finally a 6000 dropping off the slowest runner each lap. There was a great deal of laughter, interference and encouragement for slower members as the event gained speed and progressed to its exciting climax.

Grant Budd’s team of Darryl Conn and Ken Johnson won in 23.36. While Kent Hodgson, Colin King and Arthur Green to second spot with 23.49 and Andrew Wark, Dawn Tuffery and Sandra Jensen were third in 24.04 just 5 seconds ahead of the Mike Brightwell team. The cheering was loudest when Cameron Hall and Sunil Ritchie dead heated on 24.26.

Those taking part voted it a low key but good club day. It was a great workout for the Cambridge Cross country relays.

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