Hawks End of Year Prize Giving 2013 Results

Last Saturday night the annual Hawks Prizegiving dinner was held at the club rooms. There was a great turnout with a good mix of juniors, oldies and everyone in between.

Congratulations to all those members who took home trophies for their achievements this year. A special mention for Mike Harris who was awarded the Harrier of the Year for all his contributions to the club and most improved veteran. Along with Lance Brew – most improved senior man, Kovo Kowalewsla – most improved senior women, Ellie Broadbridge most improved masters women and Mary Bollen and Theunis Pieters – most improved juniors. The Keith Trow Memorial for best individual performance of the year went to Helen Rountree.

Thank you to Dave Southwick and Trish Stockman for organising a great evening and also to Jenni Hoogeveen for a very delicious dessert and impressive cake, complete with the Hawks logo.

Wendy Harris















Hawks  Trophy list 2013


Trophy Day

Cameron Cup 1st Woman – Jean Dorrell
Chandler Cup 1st New member – Wendy Harris
Cotterell Cup   1st male – Stephen Pitts
Ready Cup   1st new male – Dave Melville


Gichrist Rosebowl
Colin King, Dave Southwick, John Crane
Club Captains Trophy  Fastest Male – John Crane
Marshall Cup Fastest Female – Helen Hall King


Bannister Plaque
Grant Budd, Darryl Conn, Ken Johnson


Club Cross country champs
LG Turner Cup 1st SM  – Kerry Suter
Sutton Cup  2nd SM – Garit Read
Gamble Cup SM sealed handicap –  Brendan Woolerton
Hensall Cup 1st M20 – Jacob Priddey
Goldbury Cup   2nd M20 – Theunis Pieters
Cain Sheild  1st M18 – Cameron Swales
Cranston Cup Sealed Handicap M18/20 – Harry Ewing
Pat wood Trophy  1st MM40 – Kent Hodgson
Mayall trophy  M40 Sealed Handicap – Kevin Knowles
Gordon speirs Trophy  1st MM50 – Kevin Knowles
John Sherson Trophy  1st MM60 – Colin King
New Cup 1st W18 – Arianna Lord
Neeco Cup 1st W20 – Mary Bollen
Sealed Handicap W18/20 – Mary Bollen
Graham trophy   1st SW – Helen Rountree
Sealed Handicap SW – Katie Stone
Clarke Cup 1st MW35 – Katy Dawson
VW Trophy  MW45 – Trish Stockman
King Cup MW55 – No winner
Sealed Handicap all MW – Trish Stockman


Club Road champs
Presidents Cup 1st SM – Kerry Suter
Graham Wilson Trophy 2nd SM – Garit Read
Galloway Cup M20 – Theunis Pieters
Batten Cup M18 – Oliver Mclean
Brownson Cup  MM40 – Glenn sexton
Porter Cup MM50 – Kevin Knowles
Ernie Batten Cup MM60 – Colin King
Lynch Cup SW – Helen Rountree
Ted Hamilton Cup MW35 – Vicki Rees Jones
Chandler Cup MW45 – Trish Stockman
Jack Hewiit Cup MW 55 – No winner
KSM Trophy W18/20 – Mary Bollen
Sweeney Cup – Wendy Harris
Huntly Half Fastest Member – Tony Olsen


Sing Relay
Mary Bollen , Evan Primmer


Marathon Trophies
Southwick trophy   SM – Ants Hancy
Atlanta Trophy  SW – Kovo
Peter Buckland Cup MM – Hadley Craig
Rogerson Bowl MW – Kirsten Milne


Most Improved Gardiner Cup
-Ryan Stacey
-Miguel Gomez
-Ants Hancy
-Lance Brew
-Kris Moore
Winner: Lance Brew


Irvine Cup
-Katie Stone
-Emily Roughan
Winner: Kovo


Ted Hamilton Cup MW
-Sandra Jensen
-Wendy Harris
-Ellie Broadbridge
-Jean Dorrell
-Jenni Hoogeveen
Winner: Ellie Broadbridge


Lance Allen trophy MM
-Mike Harris
-Grant Budd
-Dave Melville
Winner Mike Harris


Hewitt Trophy
Winner Mary Bollen


McLachlan Trophy
Winner: Theunis Pieters


Special Trophies
60th Jubilee Cup in conjunction with Wilson Brown – Glenn Sexton
Mcleod Shield Sealed Handicap combined XC and road – Trish Stockman
Stirrers spoon – Jenni Hoogeveen
Ray Curnow Best sealed handicap any grade club XC – Trish stockman
Hard Luck Trophy – Charlie Evans
All comers and goers – Cameron Hall
Gregor Cameron Trophy Best national Road relay performance
-John Crane
-Jacob Priddey
-Kirsten Milne
Winner: Kovo


Keith Trow Memorial Best Individual performance of the year
-Camille Buscomb
-Helen Rountree
Winner Helen Rountree

Harrier of the year
-John Crane
-Mike Harris
-Kevin Knowles
Winner: Mike Harris


Hawks – Kids Trophy List 2013


Trophy Day
Carson cup G14/16 – Grace Ritchie

Upton Cup B14/16 – Zac Bellamy

Johnson Cup B10/12 – Donovan Farrell

Humphries Cup G10/12 – Charli Miller


Gilchrist Rosebowl

Weller Cup ?

Adrian Hewitt ?


Club XC

Parents Cup G10 – Rosie Miller

Prize G12 – Charli Miller

Woodhead Cup B10 – Seth Olsen

Prize B12 – No winner

Prima Donna G14 – Lucy Farrell

White Cup B14 – Finn Myles

Hair Foundation G16 – Emerson Deverell

Cranston Cup B16 – Harry Ewing


Club Road champs

Hewitt Trophy G10 – Sophie Harris

Ken Jihnson Trophy G12 – Charli Miller

Blackham Cup B10 – Abdullahi Ahmed

Prize B12 – Abdigani ahmed

Stonely Cup G14 – Grace Ritchie

Horan Cup B14 – Isiah Priddey

Celia Morris Cup G16 – No winner

Daly Trophy B16 – Harry Ewing


Sweeney cup

Llasram trophy – Sam Olsen

Baybutt Barometer – Charli Miller


Most Improved

Hewitt Trophy – Matt scott

Keith Falla Memoria – Emerson Deverell

McCondach Cup G14 – Grace Ritchie

Izzard Cup B14 – Connor Tristram

Bob read Trophy G12 – Charli Millar

Neil Wilson Trophy  B12 – Sam Olsen


Viki Boase Trophy Best all round girl –  Emerson Deverell

Eric Bose Trophy Best all round Boy – Isiah Priddey