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Dudfield Duathlon 2021 Results

Report by Dawn

Chloe McDaniel – 1st Female
Michael Peak – World Champion!

I was nervous about the idea of taking part in the Dudfield Duathlon, due to traumatic memories of being pulverised on the bike leg by actual cyclists when attempting such things. However, it’s a classic event, possibly in its final year of this format, considering the Peacockes Rd development. So I put on my big-girl shoes and threw the mountain bike in the car. 

A small but enthusiastic crew gathered at the Dudfield’s, christened by a short sharp shower of rain en route to the start. There was no small amount of smack talk amongst the frontrunners vying for the world champ jersey. I just tried to work out how to make my watch record something other than ‘run’. Everyone set off on a new keyhole run course down through the trees, except Harry who initially headed off towards Graham’s (and I apparently swum 300m instead, if you ask Strava). This 2.5k course was an interesting variation to the previous flat one, and quite the lungbuster.  Pace was hot at the front and they’d disappeared by the time I hit the bike leg.

At 9k, this was a nice doable distance even for those of us without clip pedals or road bikes. My cursory map glance indicated we stayed on Peacockes Rd for this leg – easy! So when Iain gestured questioningly down the Peacockes Rd that turned off Peacockes Rd, we both had a wee detour, but were soon called back on track. After some nice rolling hills heading towards the turn cone, our small group saw Chloe coming back in the lead and marvelled at her bike prowess in coming past the speedy guys’ pack. Wait, where are all those speedy guys? Giving us a handicap catch-up chance perhaps – how generous. As we headed back, this pack trickled past slightly abashed having missed the cone and added a few extra kms for good measure. Although possibly Vaughan added more, after heading out alone for a lap 2 on the bike – keen.

The good part of all this was pulling the field back together a bit for the last few kilometres and improving the spectacle for the mid-pack. Legs were predictably dead on the second run leg, but it was fun to push through and try something new. My nervousness was unfounded – this was a fun relaxed event all round. Congratulations to champs Mike and Chloe, and big thanks to Graham and Lorraine for hosting us all.

1Michael Peck09:0320:2308:2937:57
10Kevin Knowles09:0323:1109:0141:17

Lake D Relay 2021 Results

Report by Glenn Sexton

Another great day of gravel relay racing out at Lake D. We had 28 Hawks runners as well as 6 visitors from today’s Parkrun volunteer roster coming along. It was great to see Brent, Morris, Seaton, Cherie, Rachel and Bruce boosting our numbers. We hope you enjoyed your afternoon with us. Some hard fought racing with 9 of the teams within 2 minutes 20 seconds and the lead changing 3 times in the final lap. We had a technical issue with the timing but we sorted the best we could. Once again Richard E was the fastest of the day but only just nudging out Harry by 1 second. The extremely wily Kirsten M was the fastest lady closely followed by Dawn, with Toshimi only 1 second back! Thanks to Base Manager Shona, course guy Kevin, Vanessa Mace for being the kids turnaround marshal and the Harris family for bringing the BBQ

BibNameTimeLap 1Lap 2Lap 3
26Vaughan K, Garry W, Rhys M38:1314:3512:2311:15
32Dawn T, Kay S, Richard E38:2512:5614:4910:40
33Esther, Kirsten M, Mike P38:3013:5612:4611:48
23Kerry R, Peter C, Harry C39:2116:2212:1810:41
22Wendy H, Kevin K, Will S39:3415:5012:4311:02
25Iain R, Madison R, Glenn S39:3711:5014:4313:05
31Paul E, Jack C, Andrew W39:4213:1914:4911:34
27Pat G, Lily J, Peter H40:0911:0313:3015:37
24Carenza E, Thea M, Layton M40:3313:2114:2812:44
30Bruce, Bruce, Bruce Parkrun49:3332:4616:46
28Brent, Morris, Seaton Parkrun51:2918:0433:25
29Cherie, Rachel Parkrun, Toshimi F56:5822:2821:3312:57

Waikato BOP Cross Country Champs 2021 Results

Report by Kevin Knowles

Held at Ray Board Park, Rotorua, on a beautiful, sunny, winters day.
About 20 Hawks members made the trip.
We arrived in time for a jog around the 2km course which had some similarities to Tauranga’s Waipuna park, including a fast start around sports fields, some twisty tree sections and lumpy grasslands, plus a hill climb up and back down.

The first race was the start of the great results for our club members with our new members Jack and Max Stirling taking out 1st and 2nd in the U12 boys. This was followed by many other great performances in all grades.

To mention a few memorable moments during the day:

It was great to see Pat Gallagher take out the win in the M50 grade, closely followed into 2nd place by Mike Harris, who paused for a time during the race with a shoe lace malfunction.
The course was quite dry apart from one giant puddle, which everybody managed to avoid, via a slippery off-camber, except Les Miller, who ending up wearing some of the mud and a blood knee. I hope you are all good Les.

Our young members were the stars of the day, many ending up on the podium. (sign them up for NRR in October)

Overall a very satisfying event.  Thanks

P.S.  Where were our senior men  🙂

Hawks individual results

U12 Boys (2k)
      1 – Jack Stirling (7:31)
      2 – Max Stirling (7:33)

U12 Girls (2k)
      6 – Mckenzie Liang (10:14)
      9 – Claire Liang (10:33)

U14 Boys (3k)
      3 – Jake Lomas (11:15)

U14 Girls (3k)
      4 – Carenza Elley (13:12)

U16 Boys (4k)
      4 – Caleb Woodfield (14:15)

U16 Girls (4k)
      3 – Letizia Hay (16:30)

U18 Women (4k)
      1 – Boh Ritchie (14:40)
      4 – Monique Spedding (17:30)

U20 Men (8k)
      1 – Ben Bidois (26:55)

U20 Women (6k)
      2 – Charli Miller (22:13)
      3 – Jemima Antoniazzi (23:25)
      5 – Tara Sacke (26:27)

Senior Women (10k)
      1 – Kerry White (37:31)
      2 – Aimee Ferguson (41:01)

Masters Men 35-64 (8k)
      1 (MM50-54) – Pat Gallagher (31:08)
      2 (MM50-54) – Mike Harris (31:46)
      – (MM40-44) – Les Miller (33:27)
      2 (MM60-64) – Kevin Knowles (35:16)
      – (MM55-59) – Paul Ewart (38:20)

Masters Women (6k)
      1 (MW50-54) – Karen McCready (28:15)

Masters Men 65+ (6k)
      3 (MM70-74) – Dave Clarke (31:06)

Waiwhakareke Random Relay 2021 Results

For all those softies who cosied up to the fire, a hardy wee bunch of runners braved the weather at Waiwhakareke reserve today for our random relay this afternoon. It wasn’t that bad in the end but luckily we had the barn as extra cover which was our start/finish line and transition area. Also a big welcome back to former Hamilton Harrier Andrew Wilson in NZ from Colorado for a couple of weeks. Safe travels home Andrew. Names in red did 3 laps, green did 2 and blue ran 1. Well done to everybody who showed up. Some close racing with Richard Ellison setting a blistering pace and ran 4 laps in total.

Sanitorium Hill 2021 Results

Around 15 Hawks took on the King and Queen of the Mountain….a tough unrelenting 4.8 ks up Maungakawa (Sanitorium Hill) just outside of Cambridge. Good strong runs by Harry Coles (22:38) to take out the Senior Men, and Joe Mace (23:27) to come second in the Masters Men (the largest of the fields by far with 19 runners). Also Tara Sacke running well (26:26) to win the WU18 division.

In the junior divisions, Jack Conder had a good run to win the 3km BU14 race in 18:50, and also Layton Mace winning the BU12 2km event in 9:55.

Well done, looks like it was a great day on the hill!

Looking good Sunil..!

Cambridge Harriers have once again also made a cool video of the event <<here>> – Enjoy!

Cougar Trail Run 2021 Results

A large group of Hawks who traveled down to Tokoroa to take part in the Total Sport Cougar Trail Run – a really cool (literally!) run around the Cougar Mountain bike park…Unusual in that it is not often you get to run dedicated mountain bike trails!

While it was a very cool start (~2 degs) once the sun came up it was really nice running conditions. Outstanding run of the day (from Hawks perspective) was Andrew Beggs winning the Mid Course 14km event in 1:03:41 – over 3 minutes ahead of second-place….Well done Andrew! And once again Boh Ritchie extending her impressive run of results with an overall win in the Short Course Run.

The winner of the 21km event was Casey Thorby in an almost unbelievable 1:26:13 for the men, and the always impressive Sue Crowley from Rotorua taking the women’s race in 1:40:56 (also 9th overall). 

Other commendable results were:

Dave Gunn  21k  1:47:40  1st MM50-59 (11th overall)
Garry Wilson  21k  1:52:45  3rd MM50-59 (22nd overall)
Kevin Knowles  21k  1:54:24  1st MM60-69 (29th overall)
Wendy Fox  21k  2:26:35  2nd MW60-69
Dot Larsen  21k  2:26:38  3rd MW60-69
Helen Hall-King 14k  1:27:24  1st MW50-59
Mike Riley  14k walk  1:55:21  1st MM60 (2nd overall)

And of course Sue Hunter and Sandra Jensen taking care of the all-important TEC duties once more – well-done ladies..!

Check out the full results <<here>>

North Island XC Champs 2021 Results

Report by Mike Riley

What a beautiful day following a frosty early start to arrive in Taupo by about 10.00 AM.  Why so early you might ask, well to help Mike & Wendy Harris to erect the gazebo when they were kind enough to bring it along, it’s always nice to have a base to find fellow members and leave gear bags there.

As there weren’t a great number of Hawks competing, I’m going to try and mention everyone who did run, they are just as important as those few who manage to place in their grades.  If I have missed anyone it’s not intentional although I did notice a couple of names who aren’t recorded as belonging to any centre or club and I’m pretty sure they weren’t members but I have excluded their performances from this report as I assume they currently aren’t members.

First off were the G10 and B10 grades with our only members Claire Liang finish 6th in 5.10.1 for her 1000 metres in the girls race and her brother Austin who was 8th in the boys recording 5.25.0.  Next up was older sister McKenzie who competed over 2000 metres finishing 14th in the G12 grade in 10.24.6.

The G14 grade over 3000 metres had two club members competing with Carenza Elley finishing 11th in 12.28.8 followed by Nisha Moorfield close behind in 14th running 12.39.8.  That could be 2-2 between these girls this winter so a bit of club rivalry developing here.  In the boys G14 race we were represented by Jack Conder who was 15th in 14.22.1 for 3000 metres.

No entrants in the G16 grade but Boh Ritchie who couldn’t make in time for this ran in the W18 grade to take out the NI title recording 14.31.9 for 4000 metres and I’m pretty sure it was a course record for her age and distance.  Well done Boh.  The only M18 member competing was Jack Murray who was 13th in 17.49.4

The W18 and the W20 grades both started together as both ran 4000 metres.  In the W20 grade our first member home was Jemima Antoniazzi who was just back from injury and finished 5th in 15.30.4 and was well backed up by Sophie Harris in 8th who recorded 16.01.3 then Tara Sacke 10th in 16.25.7 and Gemma Horan 13th in 20.30.2.  The winner of the W20 race was Hannah Gapes who also recreated a new race record.

We had two members in the keenly contested M20 race with Ben Bidois finishing 3rd in 16.07.3 and the winner recording 16.05.5.  Our second member was Alex Brackenbury who was 15th in 18.05.3

In the older ranks of masters and seniors, there was a smattering of club members competing.  In the MW50-54 grade, Karen McCready finished 4th in 23.20.3 for her 5000 metre event and in the MW60-64, also over 5000 metres as Wendy Fox who was 6th in 28.09.4.

John Bowe finished 2nd in the MM45-49 grade recording 22.13.0 for 6000 metres supported by Peter Conder in 10th recording 26.57.8.  Moving on to the MM50-54 grade saw Mike Harris also finishing 2nd over 6000 metres in 23.42.3, Gary Wilson 2nd in the MM55-59 grade in 25.16.0 and finally Kevin Knowles appears to have been 3rd in the MM60-65 after some confusion at the prizegiving being awarded the silver medal so this may not be finalised yet.

The only senior member who competed was Kerry White in the SW grade where she finished a good 5th placing in 18.21.1 just over 30 seconds from the first placed athlete.

Overall there was some very closing racing, especially in the combined age groups which boosted numbers in many races.  It was an enjoyable day of cross-country and it’s such a great course.

  Girls U10 1000m 
6210Claire Liang05:10.1
  Girls U12 2000 
14406Mckenzie Liang10:24.6
  Girls U14 3000m 
11522Carenza Elley12:28.8
14521Nisha Moorfield12:39.8
  Women U18 4000m 
1356Boh Ritchie14:31.9
  Women U20 4000m 
5525Jemima Antoniazzi15:30.4
8528Sophie Harris16:01.3
13564Gemma Horan20:30.2
  Senior Women 5000m 
531Kerry White18:21.1
  Masters Women 50-54 5000m 
4438Karyn McCready23:20.3
  Masters Women 60-64 5000m 
6656Wendy Fox28:09.4
  Boys U10 1000m 
8360Austin Liang05:25.0
  Men U18 5000m 
13657Jack Murray17:49.4
  Men U20 5000m 
15711Alex Brackenbury18:05.3
  Masters Men 45-49 6000m 
2307John Bowe22:13.0
11331Peter Conder26:57.8
  Masters Men 50-54 6000m 
2122Mike Harris23:42.3
  Masters Men 55-59 6000m 
2527Garry Wilson25:16.0
  Masters Men 60-64 6000m 
3613Kevin Knowles26:17.1

Club Cross Country Champs 2021 Results

Results from Club Cross Country Champs 2021 held at Minogue Park, Hamilton.

Rotate display on mobile phone to view all results.

2kmU12 G154QuinnPike08:42Cambridge
2kmU12 G27EmilyCameron9:30Cambridge
2kmU12 G344MckenzieLiang10:15Hawks
2kmU12 G455AmberRattray10:18Hawks
2kmU12 G595Nina Davies-Colley10:21Cambridge
2kmU12 G681KholeMaree10:29Cambridge
1kmU10 G143ClaireLiang5:28Hawks
1kmU10 G280EllieMaree5:30Cambridge
3kmU14 B151ZachMiller12:57Hawks
3kmU14 B296JamesMacdiarnid13:15Cambridge
3kmU14 B374JackCondor15:02Hawks
3kmU14 G188NishaMoorfield12:38Hawks
3kmU14 G2101Thea Mace13:08Hawks
3kmU14 G346ErinMcKee13:59Hawks
3kmU14 G48LilyCameron15:39Cambridge
3kmU16 B159JoshRowe11:20
3kmU16 B291RyanNelson12:01Cambridge
3kmU16 B310JackCharlton16:16Cambridge
3kmU16 G137LilyJames13:11Hawks
5kmMW 35-49166DawnTuffery23:04Hawks
5kmMW 35-49267SarahUlmer24:38 
5kmMW 35-4933DeeAtkinson25:10
5kmMW 35-49436SueHunter25:43Hawks
5kmMW 35-49538SandraJensen26:40Hawks
5kmMW 35-49657KerryRattray28:54Hawks
5kmMW 35-49732WendyHarris29:36Hawks
5kmMW 50-59175BridgetDeverell22:28Hawks
5KmMW 50-59279HelenHall24:58Hawks
5kmMW 50-59319ShonaDewson27:51Hawks
5kmMW 50-59476KayeSharp30:20Hawks
5kmMW 50-595105TracyHopkins29:32
5kmMW 60+133WendyFox29:56Hawks
5kmU18 W162MoniqueSpedding23:21Hawks
5kmU20 W131SophieHarris21:28Hawks
5kmU20 W2104Lucy Farrell24:26Hawks
5kmU20 W334GemmaHoran27:18Hawks
6kmMM 40-49112DeanChiplin22:06Cambridge
6kmMM 40-4926JohnBowe22:39Hawks
6kmMM 40-49311JohnCharlton23:06Cambridge
6kmMM 40-49450LesMiller23:42Hawks
6kmMM 40-49599JoeMace23:50Hawks
6kmMM 40-496102Aidan Potter25:01Cambridge
6kmMM 40-49789Paul Stinton25:17Cambridge
6kmMM 40-49856IainRattray25:50Hawks
6kmMM 40-49918MarcusDaws27:33Hawks
6kmMM 40-491073PeterCondor27:44Hawks
6kmMM 40-491186Robert Brockett27:57Cambridge
6kmMM 40-491292Hayden Cressy29:33Hawks
6kmMM 40-491390ScottNelson29:45Cambridge
6kmMM 50-59125PatrickGallagher23:13Hawks
6kmMM 50-59216JohnCrane23:16Hawks
6kmMM 50-59330MikeHarris23:21Hawks
6kmMM 50-59427DaveGunn24:09Hawks
6kmMM 50-59569GarryWilson26:11Hawks
6kmMM 50-59660PaulSignal27:02Cambridge
6kmMM 50-59722PaulEwart28:55Hawks
6kmMM 50-598VaughanKestle34.22Hawks
6kmMM 50-599103Gilbert Macdonald34:46Hawks
6kmMM 50-591035PeterHoran45:45Hawks
6kmMM 60+182ChrisKeith25:02Hawks
6kmMM 60+240KevinKnowles26:42Hawks
6kmMM 60+358JohnRobinson30:09Cambridge
6kmMM 60+414DaveClark30:45Hawks
6kmMM 60+563VaughanSwale31:08Hawks
6kmMM 60+683DavidGriffith34:48Cambridge
6kmSW 20-34149CharliMiller23:12Hawks
6kmSW 20-34293Kimberly May23:36Auckland
6kmSW 20-34323AimeeFerguson23:56Hawks
6kmSW 20-3444LucyBackus25:11 
6kmSW 20-34526SallyGibbs25:15Tauranga
6kmSW 20-3469YasminCampbell29:35Hawks
6kmSW 20-34777EsterNeill30:49Hawks
6kmU18 B194ZachBellamy21:18Hawks
6kmU18 B278JackMurray23:08Hawks
6kmU20 M15BenBidois20:44Hawks
6kmU20 M217RyanDanby22:25Hawks
9kmSM 20-39152JosiahNey31:30Hawks
9kmSM 20-39245IainMacdonald31:54
9kmSM 20-39398Liam Bird33:46Cambridge
9kmSM 20-39484JohnMering34:07Hawks
9kmSM 20-39520RichardEllison35:31Hawks
9kmSM 20-39648RhysMildon37:34Hawks
9kmSM 20-39765RobTownsend37:56Hawks
9kmSM 20-39870SunilFernandez-Ritchie40:07Hawks
9kmSM 20-39972Jono Dawson41.51Hawks

Gilchrist Rose Bowl 2021 Results

The Gilchrist Rosebowl Cross Country event was held on the grass area on the eastern side of Hamilton Lake.

Kids ran 2 x 1k laps and the adults did 2 x 1.92k laps.

Great to see so many turn out (around 45 runners – 44 human and 1 canine) and looking great in the Hawks colours…The weather turned it on and we had a brilliant day – lots of good hard running, a highlight being a great run by Pat Gallagher resulting in a finish line sprint for 3rd overall with Charli Miller….Awesome to watch.

Congratulations to all those competing, you can check out the full results for this event <<here>>

Podium results as below:
Kids race (2k)

1stLayton Mace08:18.4
2ndThea Mace09:09.6
3rd Mckenzie Liang10:07.4

Women (4k):

1st (3rd overall) Charli Miller15:16.5
2ndSophie Harris16:51.7
3rdNisha Moorfield17:48.3

Men (4k):

1stRichard Ellison14:55.4
2ndJack Murray15:00.6
3rdPat Gallagher15:16.8

Overall Results

PlaceBibNameTeam nameTime
116Richard EllisonKiwi14:55.4
27Jack MurrayKahu15:00.6
319Charli MillerTui15:16.5
41Pat GallagherKiwi15:16.8
521Les MillerRuru15:20.7
614Mike HarrisTui15:24.5
733John CraneKiwi15:29.8
839Ryan JonesTui15:33.4
924Joe MaceRuru15:38.5
105Rob TownsendRuru15:51.5
1110Chris KeithTui16:35.6
1212Sophie HarrisKiwi16:51.7
1329Iain RattrayRuru16:58.8
1438Garry WilsonRuru17:02.4
1534Kevin KnowlesTui17:15.0
166Sunil Fernandez-RitchieTui17:31.5
1728Mark CornagaKahu17:48.1
188Nisha MoorfieldRuru17:48.3
1932Corenza ElleyKahu17:49.6
2036Marcus DawsKahu18:34.5
2125Paul EwartKahu18:41.9
2227Monique SpeddingRuru18:47.0
2323Lily JamesKahu18:47.9
2413Helen Hall-kingTui19:47.9
2522Esther NeillRuru19:55.6
262Sue HunterKahu20:21.4
2717Vaughan SwaleKiwi20:43.3
283Sandra JensenRuru20:51.7
2931Madison RattrayKahu20:56.8
3035Vaughan KestleTui21:33.8
314Gemma HoranTui21:50.9
3230Kerry RattrayKiwi22:46.9
3318Natalie CareTui23:25.2
3437Gilbert MacdonaldKiwi23:33.8
3526Nicola McMahonTui23:47.7
3611Wendy FoxKiwi24:07.2
379Karen MummeKahu24:22.0
20Peter HoranKahuDNF

Kids Results

PlaceBibNameTeam nameTime
127Layton MaceTui08:18.4
228Thea MaceKahu09:09.6
326Mckenzie LiangTui10:07.4
429Amber RattrayTui10:16.0
525Claire LiangKahu11:05.3

Reduction Relay 2021 Results

Report by Dave Gunn

After Kevin and I had a bit of a rushed course marking (I am blaming heavy traffic and catching every red light across town to get there…) – we managed to make it back to the club in time to see Lucie had already very efficiently collated, co-ordinated, and corralled everyone into their respective teams (11 in total).

35 runners arrived (although a couple a bit late eh Rhys?) and all appeared chipper and excited to be there (nervous excitement maybe?).

Eventually we all jogged up to the start of the course on the grass alongside Cobham Drive. The course is a 2km loop on the grass (expertly marked out almost to the metre by Kevin and I – and I am claiming this was not a fluke, but instead expert use of the “eye-crometer”). In due course the teams all lined up and we were off…

The first lap of this event is always a bit of an unknown, with each team having to run together – and so there is lots of glancing around at who is in the other teams, who to look out for, and who will be “laying it down” on the final lap to the finish line…

There are a few pretty good little hills and some longish soft grass to run on, which seems to sap the energy pretty effectively…

Lap one came and went, and the 1-lappers all dropped off to then become team cheerleaders and excited spectators (once they caught their breath…). There was a lot of jostling for position in this second lap, with some of the faster teams at this point moving up the rankings (Chloe and Joe effortlessly breezing past us at this point)…but all could change with the last lap runners pushing hard…

As the teams came through and the 2-lap runners dropped off, the speedsters shifted up a gear and there were a few great times as a result – with Hayden Waddell and Richard Ellison impressing with 2k final lap times of 6:56 and 7:01 respectively…!

However there has to be a winner, and in first place and with a combined team time of 25:31 was Rhys Mildon leading his team of Peter Horan and Garry Wilson. And 35 seconds later in a time of 26:06 was Andrew Wark, Boh Ritchie and Fleur Marillier. 3rd team home in 26:35 was Marc Scott, Layton Mace and Natalie Care.

Great running by all – and just as impressive was the expert (scientifically based) team selection by Lucie (even endorsed by David Southwick!) which meant there was only 3 minutes separating all 11 teams over the finish line..! Well done Lucie.

Final kudos to Kevin and I for the course marking – no one got lost, no controversy, and my Garmin had the final distance of 3 laps at 6.01km…! Not too bad considering we didn’t have course marking gurus Glenn or Andrew directing us…!

Anyway – everyone seemed to have a good time based on the chatter at the club afterwards during the afternoon tea (I even overheard some combined club wisdom dishing out relationship advice…?) Finally, I think this is a fantastic format for a club event as you often end up running with others you would not normally get to run with…Great fun, bring on the next one!

Rotate mobile phone to view results in landscape mode.

Team #Team Members2km Time TimePlace
11Peter Horan9:5825:311st
 Garry Wilson8:01  
 Rhys Mildon7:32  
Hayden Waddell6:56
5Fleur Marillier9:5526:062nd
 Boh Ritchie7:56  
 Andrew Wark8:15  
4Natalie Care9:5926:353rd
 Layton Mace8:27  
 Marc Scott8:09  
1Sandra Jensen 9:3126:404th
 Carenza Elley9:01  
 Chris Keith8:08  
3Shona Dewson10:0527:275th
 Lily James9:14  
 Iain Rattray8:08  
7Nichola McMahon10:5727:316th
 Chloe McDaniel 8:31  
 Joe Mace8:03  
10Karen Mumme10:5927:467th
 Paul Reynolds8:52  
 Rob Townsend7:55  
Richard Ellison7:01
8Kerry Rattray10:1327:528th
 Esther Neill9:57  
 Dave Gunn7:42  
6Wendy Harris10:1828:199th
 Sue Hunter10:01  
 Sunil Fernandez-Ritchie8:00  
2Jack 10:0528:2310th
 Nisha Moorfield9:22  
 Kevin Knowles8:56  
9Amber Rattray11:0228:3911th
 Vaughan Swale10:03  
 Mike Harris7:34  

….And for those who like to analyse results and all the “what if’s”…Mike has added a table to the results page to compare the order we were all lined up for the team selection (Pre-Race order in the right column), with the actual lap time order (Race Results in the left column)….and has marked  the number of spots (dif) this would have bumped you up or down that list…He then re-jigged the team selections based on this revised order, and added up the combined times to determine where every team would have come had we lined up in the order that matched our actual times…And it appears, no matter how we slice and dice the results, that Rhys Mildon still managed to come out on top! Well done Rhys…

race resultsdif2km timepre-race order
Hayden Waddell06:56Hayden Waddell
Richard Ellison07:01Richard Ellison
Rhys Mildon07:32Rhys Mildon
Mike Harris↑17:34Rob Townsend
Dave Gunn↑17:42Mike Harris
Rob Townsend↓27:55Dave Gunn
Boh Ritchie↑117:56Joe Mace
Sunil Fernandez-Ritchie08:00Sunil Fernandez-Ritchie
Garry Wilson↑158:01Andrew Wark
Joe Mace↓38:03Marc Scott
Chris Keith↑28:08Iain Rattray
Iain Rattray↓18:08Kevin Knowles
Marc Scott↓38:09Chris Keith
Andrew Wark↓58:15Carenza Elley
Layton Mace↑28:27Nisha Moorfield
Chloe McDaniel ↑48:31Lily James
Paul Reynolds↑68:52Layton Mace
Kevin Knowles↓68:56Boh Ritchie
Carenza Elley↓59:01Sue Hunter
Lily James↓49:14Chloe McDaniel 
Nisha Moorfield↓69:22Esther Neill
Sandra Jensen ↑39:31Vaughan Swale
Fleur Marillier↑69:55Paul Reynolds
Esther Neill↓39:57Garry Wilson
Peter Horan↑109:58Sandra Jensen 
Natalie Care↑29:59Jack 
Sue Hunter↓810:01Shona Dewson
Vaughan Swale↓610:03Natalie Care
Shona Dewson↓210:05Fleur Marillier
Jack ↓410:05Wendy Harris
Kerry Rattray↑110:13Nichola McMahon
Wendy Harris↓210:18Kerry Rattray
Nichola McMahon↓210:57Amber Rattray
Karen Mumme010:59Karen Mumme
Amber Rattray↓211:02Peter Horan

What the teams would have been based on the actual individal laps times:

Team #Team Members2km Time TimePlace
11Rhys Mildon07:3226: 491st
 Andrew Wark08:15 
Amber Rattray11:02  
10Mike Harris07:3427: 002nd
 Layton Mace08:27 
Karen Mumme10:59  
Rob Townsend07:5527: 053rd
 Paul Reynolds08:52 
Wendy Harris10:18  
7Boh Ritchie07:5627: 053rd
 Kevin Knowles08:56 
Kerry Rattray10:13  
6Sunil Fernandez-Ritchie08:0027: 064th
 Carenza Elley09:01 
Jack 10:05  
9Dave Gunn07:4227: 105th
 Chloe McDaniel 08:31 
Nichola McMahon10:57  
Garry Wilson08:0127: 206th
 Lily James09:14 
Shona Dewson10:05  
4Joe Mace08:0327: 287th
 Nisha Moorfield09:22 
Vaughan Swale10:03  
3Chris Keith08:0827: 408th
 Sandra Jensen 09:31 
Sue Hunter10:01  
Marc Scott08:0928: 0410th
 Esther Neill09:57 
Peter Horan09:58  
2Iain Rattray08:0828: 029th
 Fleur Marillier09:55 
Natalie Care09:59  

Huntly Half Marathon 2021 Results

Huntly turns it on!

Yes…The Huntly Half Marathon was held Sunday in what turned out to be near perfect weather for running.

After a typically cold and foggy start, the sun came out as people gathered at the start line of this iconic event. There were a good number of Hawks up before dawn to make it out there by 7am for pre-race registration duties. All went well and the main event got under way at 9am in bright sunlight!.

Lots of Hawks about in all events, most sporting the blue and yellow! Great representation by the club, and some great results too…

Former Hawk Logan Rodger had a strong showing to finish 2nd, in 1:12:24. behind the overall winner Mark Boyce in 1:10:50. Then a few places later in 15th overall Harry Coles had a blinder to be first (current) Hawk home, in 1:19:46…Followed closely by Les Miller (1:21:28), Brent Nijssen (1:21:55), and John Bowe (1:23:53) – all having strong runs…Dave Gunn and Jono Dawson also pushed hard to come in under 1:30…with Sunil fading early but making up ground to get home in 1:31:44.

In the women’s field Yasmin Campbell was first Hawk home in 1:39:39 (overall women’s winner in a strong field was Kelly Parlane once again in 1:16:54) and then we had Kirsten Milne (1:50) and Sandra Jensen (2:10) selflessly performing pacing duties once again. Thank you ladies!

It was however in the 10k where things really heated up, with Sophie Harris taking the women’s overall win (8th place overall) in a speedy 41:24, followed closely by Chloe McDaniel second (also 10th overall) in 42:28. Congratulations ladies! Great running.

In the men’s 10k event, Rhys Mildon (without a watch) paced it beautifully to come in 3rd in 37:35, then in 5th, 6th, and 7th place we had Pat Gallagher (just out-sprinting Rob) in 38:46, Rob Townsend in 38:48 and Joe Mace 39:45. Then Kevin Knowles just outside the top 10 in 11th with 42:35. So that makes it 7 out of the first 11 in the 10k current Hawks members – well done to you all!

Sophie Harris also managed to pick up a spot prize of a coffee machine to go along with the 10k win! Overall it was a great day that all in all went pretty smoothly, there was a nice vibe, and I think everyone had a great time.

And once again a huge thank you to all those who gave up their time on the day to help out, whether it be registrations, pacing duties or lead bikes, it is very much appreciated. And also to all those Hawks who turned out in the club colours to showcase this great event!

Check out the full Huntly results <<here>>

Report by Sandra Jensen
OMG it wasn’t raining this time!

We just had that familiar Huntly fog which I’ll admit I was sad when it lifted cos it meant the sun beamed down on my runners too far from the finish, and they started to flail.

I paced the 2:10 for the half. It’s hard to maintain a 6min 11 second km when the course is so flat and I felt it was almost harder than pacing 2:20 at Rotorua.

I didn’t have large groups with me and definitely told some folk they were to not hang with me, and I expected much better of them. A party in the back was not what I was about today.

But I had quite a few folk who stuck with me for the majority of the run, they didn’t blink when I yelled at each of the fast Hawks as they sped past after the turn around and weren’t bothered when I got miffed at the Darts tournament fellow getting pissy about being late because of the runners when he chose to take the back road. This is why we use the back road for our running event, cos it’s the BACK ROAD!!

Considering the amount of other running events on this weekend, I think the turn out was good – it can always be better but we are spoiled for choice here in jolly ol’ NZ and shouldn’t really complain.

I enjoyed my time chatting ‘n’ running and one lady who spent about 18km with me was relieved when I mentioned that as this was her first half she was guaranteed a PB! It’s a win/win.

End of the day, I did my job, enjoyed myself, hung with some peeps and would run/pace again if needed.

Rotorua Marathon 2021 Results

Rotorua put on a bit of a dreary day for the Rotorua Marathon last Saturday, where a good number of Hawks attended – either competing or pacing in both the marathon and the half. Actually the weather despite being damp was quite warm and so ended up being pretty good conditions for a lap of the lake…or the forest…

Well done to those who competed and to those who once again selflessly gave up their time to pace other runners…I can tell you from experience, the pacers do a fantastic job and are responsible for may runners hitting PB’s… Thank you.

The male winner once again was local Rotorua boy Michael Voss backing up from his win last year in a time of 2:29:29, and the women’s race was won by Ingrid Cree in a time of 2:54:11.

Some nice runs by Hawks past and present with notable results being:
Anthony Hancy – 13th in 2:52:13 (PB)
Kovo McDonald – 4th female (again!) in 3:12:08
Dave Gunn – 57th in 3:15:39 (PB)
Kevin Knowles – 87th in 3:26:43 (despite suffering a bad cold this week)
Evan Primmer – Completing yet another marathon..!
Sue Hunter – perfectly pacing the 4:45 marathon time…

Check out the full results <<here>>

Rotorua Marathon Race Report

Report by Sandra Jensen

It’s not often my Saturdays consist of running with a man dressed as a “super turd” or yelling at Radio personality Mike Puru to “hurry up Mike” and have him scuttle in my direction uttering ” yes master” – but its also not unusual.

My 3rd time pacing the 2hr 20 min at Rotorua half started off damp, solo ( the other dude pulled out, possibly out of fear) and a bit speedy but it can take a couple km’s to settle into the slooooooowwww pace that i need to maintain.

 I actually really like pacing and its definitely a feel good thing to do as you get sweaty hugs and thank yous afterwards from people who were aware that you sacrificed speeding on the down hills screaming “weeeeee” so they could achieve their own PB.

 This time we didn’t quite get to the finish before the lead marathon runner but we made way for him, we slowed down so he wouldn’t feel bad, and clapped as only those of us who are slightly bitter and twisted about our lack of pace can do.

I finished near spot on time.

After getting a special fitting of a Spanish plaid vintage jacket from my personal costumier from Auckland whose husband ran the half, I trundled off to find some mid century German pottery and was back in time to see Sue come in bang on time pacing the 4:45 for the full.

10 out of 10 would re-offend. 

P.S. I’m always down for a free hat and a Hell’s Pizza.  

The Nugget Events 2021 Results

Report by Mike Harris

It started with an early drive from Hamilton to Waihi to meet Marc and then carpool down to Waihi Beach in time for the race briefing at 8:15 am. We then gathered on the beach for the start. Marc and I cruised the beach at a low 4min per kilometre pace for 500 metres to be in the first dozen to enter the Orokawa Bay Track till it reached Homunga Bay Beach. Through out this I was keeping Marc and another seasoned Nuggeter in reach and only losing sight of them both as Marc did his renowned speedy descents through the bush. Then it was up a 9.6% grade climb over 2kms, appropriately named as a Strava segment called “Nugget climb of death”. A good proportion of steeper sections we walked and as I was aiming to keep my heart rate in control at around 90% max I was happy to stay with them. As the climb began to level off a bit I took the opportunity to get ahead and have some buffer against Marc’s speedy descents and needed to prove that my summer of close to PB 5km races under my belt would give me the win against Marc whose been doing a year or more of endurance training for the GodZone event which was held a couple of months ago.
At the first aid station at the top of the hill I grabbed a couple of pieces of pineapple as I was aware I needed something to keep me going and not having my own carry cup I couldn’t grab the electrolytes available. As I was passing through a volunteer told me I was in 5th position and gave me confidence to now start working harder to pick up at least a place or two. The climb continued and I managed to pass the 4th place runner who was clearly already broken and in the distance I could see 3rd place which was good. I decided to keep the constant pace and heart rate by just keeping him in sight until around the 8km to go point where I came up along side and had a friendly chat. In hindsight I may have given away too much intel as he raced off when I gathered some more fruit to assist my water only supplements.

I wasn’t too concerned as I thought I had the 3rd position in the bag… alarm bells started when my heart rate started peaking while not even climbing or pushing the pace. I carried on for a few more kms and then started feeling pretty bad, so much so all I wanted to do was dream about finishing and laying down in a fetal position. It got worse and I was close to complete shut down. I kept telling myself as I saw the 2km to go sign that it was only less then 10 minutes to end the nightmare. As I got onto the final road stretch a volunteer was pointing at me and I stopped in the middle of the road in confusion… had I gone the wrong way… is this only for the multi-sport bikers. I chose to ignore and keep running and came to my senses that the route split into two for bikers and runners.

Finally I got to the last stretch, gave a quick look back and to my horror saw a guy behind who also looked 50+ and could grab the age group win. Surprisingly I managed to give it everything and ran as hard as I could to the finish line where I collapsed on to the chairs in exhaustion. Shortly after Marc came to my aid with Gels and whatever else he could find to get me out of the sugar deficient delirious state that I was in. It ended up only 18 secs between us and Marc finished in 5th place. The other guy didn’t pass and was in the duathlon event anyway. Towards the end I did expect everyone to start pouring past me and I was thankful that I managed to just hold it out to the end. Marc did admit that he often ran close along the tree lines to stay out of my sight and was keeping an account of the decreasing split times between us both.

I ended up with 4th place and 1st in the 50+ grade. The final result helped me forget the final traumatic 30 minutes – even if there was nothing in the seconds between us!

Well done to all the Hawks who competed and Malesa for coming 1st Women and Jono an an impressive time for his longest ever run.

23km Adventure Run
PlaceBibNameGenderAG/DIV (Place)Time
42136Mike HarrisMale (4.)Male 50-59 (1.)2:14:38
52097Marc ScottMale (5.)Male 50-59 (2.)2:14:56
62139Ryan JonesMale (6.)Male 18-39 (4.)2:17:49
72131Malesa McNearneyFemale (1.)Female 18-39 (1.)2:18:03
122138Jono DawsonMale (11.)Male 18-39 (6.)2:23:24
6km Run
PlaceBibNameGenderAG/DIV (Place)Time
15050Carenza ElleyFemale (1.)Female Under 18 (1.)28:57:00
35088Lucy FarrellFemale (2.)Female 18-39 (1.)29:52:00

Te Awamutu Golf Course 2021 Results

Report by Jono Dawson

On Saturday, a hundred, well at least, took to the line for the annual Te Awamutu cross country race. A mixture of returning veterans, and eager youths, including an impressive contingent from Te Awamutu primary, gathered on the start line to race either nine, six, or three kilometres. There was a mixture of footwear present with some competitors opting to harness an advantage through the use of spikes while others wore the more traditional trail shoes, or some even going au natural with bare feet. With the shot of the gun the competitors were off to run the golf course between Te Awamutu and Kihikihi. A three kilometre course mapped out with cones covering all sorts of rolling hills had been expertly set out. The weather, which seemed wet at the beginning of the day, had eased off giving way to humid Waikato sunshine and providing a firm underfoot for all the runners.

The Hamilton Hawks themselves had an impressive display of talent to tackle the course, and what I am told is the first event of the running season. With competitors choosing their distance, it was up to them whether they ran two or three laps of the course. This meant that each time a runner completed the particularly nasty hill at the back end of the course, they could take little solace in the fact that it would be waiting for them on the next lap. A massive congratulations to all that competed, and a massive thank you to the organisors. Hoping that all who managed to win a pot plant, or teapot are enjoying these things. I look on my puzzle with an odd satisfaction.

Photos thanks to the Tauranga Ramblers – view album here

Along with a few photos taken by Kirsten Milne – view on facebook here

Walk 6k1081Mike RileyHamilton6k Walk0:43:47
1122Alex WhimsterTauranga6k Walk0:45:06
1173Samantha UsherOtorohanga6k Walk0:52:58
1194Hilde MoorhouseTe Awamutu6k Walk0:56:36
1205Jonelle MoorhouseTe Awamutu6k Walk0:56:37
1226Catherine McCartneyTe Awamutu6k Walk1:00:52
1247Cherie Van tol-roseTe Awamutu6k Walk1:02:19
Walk 3k421Megan BlackwellTe Awamutu3k Walk0:22:57
462Jason PaengaTe Awamutu3k Walk0:23:50
533Maria BlackwellTe Awamutu3k Walk0:26:41
624Annabelle UsherOtorohanga3k Walk0:30:00
635Chloe BrowneOtorohanga3k Walk0:30:01
666Dale Brown DaleTe Awamutu3k Walk0:30:14
677Simone BrowneTe Awamutu3k Walk0:30:20
718Debbie RichardsTe Awamutu3k Walk0:31:30
729Stu RichardsTe Awamutu3k Walk0:31:31
7310Dawn DevineTe Awamutu3k Walk0:31:49
Female Run 6k481Renee CareyTauranga6k Run0:23:55
502Sophie HarrisHamilton6k Run0:25:00
523Tara SackeCambridge6k Run0:26:06
544Lily JamesTe Awamutu6k Run0:26:53
575Vicki Rees-JonesCambridge6k Run0:27:29
586Sarah UlmerCambridge6k Run0:27:33
607Toshimi FarrellHamilton6k Run0:29:20
618Andrea NealTauranga6k Run0:29:33
749Debra LautenslagerMorrinsville6k Run0:32:21
7810Wendy HarrisHamilton6k Run0:33:16
8411Jorja SackeCambridge6k Run0:35:19
9512Gayle GoudswaardHamilton6k Run0:37:46
11613Ruth GalvinCambridge6k Run0:51:01
12314Raewyn EastonTe Awamutu6k Run1:02:18
Male Student 3k41Layton MaceHamilton3k Student0:12:46
72Jaoquin BurkeTe Awamutu3k Student0:13:09
93Alex RichardsTe Awamutu3k Student0:13:38
104Jack TomlinsonMatamata3k Student0:14:00
135Quin King-PoraTe Awamutu3k Student0:14:15
176Silas GannMatamata3k Student0:14:44
207Nathan HarrisonPuahue3k Student0:15:22
238Jairo BurkeTe Awamutu3k Student0:15:25
249Adam WatsonTe Awamutu3k Student0:15:54
2810Evan Rees-JonesCambridge3k Student0:16:39
2911Coby MurrellTe Awamutu3k Student0:16:41
3212Darcy BrowneTe Awamutu3k Walk0:19:09
3913Brody JamesTe Awamutu3k Student0:22:16
4314Aiden JamesTe Awamutu3k Student0:22:48
5115Joshua ToomTe Awamutu9k Run0:25:52
6416Owen WatsonTe Awamutu3k Student0:30:08
6517Conrad  BrowneTe Awamutu3k Walk0:30:12
Female Student 3k11Boh RitchieHamilton3k Student0:11:10
22Delaney UlrichHamilton3k Student0:11:43
33Letizia HaydenTamahere3k Student0:11:47
54Bronwen Rees-JonesCambridge3k Student0:12:48
65Zarah RattrayHamilton3k Student0:12:54
86Alanah EruTauranga3k Student0:13:20
117Ryden QuinnTe Awamutu3k Student0:14:06
128Lily CameronCambridge3k Student0:14:09
149Thea MaceHamilton3k Student0:14:21
1510Madison RattrayHamilton3k Student0:14:22
1611Erin McKeeCamlbridge3k Student0:14:25
1812Taylin QuinnTe Awamutu3k Student0:15:06
1913Polly  ChiplinCambridge3k Student0:15:12
2114Hannah JordanCambridge3k Student0:15:23
2215Grace NormansellTe Awamutu3k Student0:15:24
2516Kayla ToomTe Awamutu3k Student0:16:03
2617Nina Davie-ColleyCambridge3k Student0:16:21
2718Ruby  RichardsTe Awamutu3k Student0:16:26
3019Hollie NormansellTe Awamutu3k Student0:18:18
3120Samantha HarrisonTe Awamutu3k Student0:18:19
3321Chloe UsherOtorohanga3k Student0:19:45
3422Mia FraserOtorohanga3k Student0:19:46
3523Brilee  DaviesOtorohanga3k Student0:19:49
3624Lucinda UsherOtorohanga3k Student0:19:50
3725Alavina LatuOtorohanga3k Student0:19:53
4026Matilda JamesTe Awamutu3k Student0:22:26
4127Imogen BurkeTe Awamutu3k Student0:22:55
4428Tina SmithTe Awamutu3k Student0:23:49
4529Marie Blackwell-PaengaTe Awamutu3k Student0:23:49
9430Jaskia ToomTe Awamutu3k Student0:37:27
Female Run 9k1041Molly PeateNgaruawahia9k Run0:42:03
1102Dee AtkinsonCambridge9k Run0:44:34
1133Heken King-HallHamilton9k Run0:45:09
1144Kate McNallyWaipa9k Run0:45:32
1155Carenza ElleyHamilton9k Run0:46:13
1216Christina HemaraTe Awamutu9k Run0:58:27
Male Run 6k381Hayden WaddellHamilton6k Run0:21:37
492Ruben ThomlinsonMatamata6k Run0:24:10
553Colin KingHamilton6k Run0:27:10
564Ryan NelsonLeamington, Cambridge6k Run0:27:25
595Scott NelsonLeamington, Cambridge6k Run0:27:52
686Caleb HighamTe Awamutu6k Run0:30:21
767Jack CharltonHamilton6k Run0:33:06
778Gilbert MacdonaldHamilton6k Run0:33:14
799Dean ChiplinCambridge9k Run0:33:38
8210Speris GordonHamilton6k Run0:35:10
8611Peter HoranTe Awamutu6k Run0:35:46
8812John WilliamsonTe Awamutu6k Run0:35:56
9613Colin KingHamilton6k Run0:37:47
9914Jono DawsonHamilton9k Run0:38:28
10015Andrew JordanCambridge6k Run0:38:42
10716Bruce McCombCambridge6k Run0:43:38
11117Malcolm TaylorTauranga6k Run0:44:41
Male Run 9k691Ben BidoisPutaruru9k Run0:30:44
702Jonny McKeeCambridge9k Run0:31:26
753Steve Rees-JonesCambridge9k Run0:32:27
804Anthony HancyTe Awamutu9k Run0:34:12
815Allen BrearsTe Awamutu9k Run0:34:47
836Harrison ColesHamilton9k Run0:35:18
857John CharltonHamilton9k Run0:35:20
878Arron McKoyHamilton9k Run0:35:47
899Brent NijssenHamilton9k Run0:36:09
9010Lewis ButlerHamilton9k Run0:36:14
9111Dave GunnHamilton9k Run0:36:18
9212Robert TownshendHamilton9k Run0:36:43
9313Mike HarrisHamilton9k Run0:36:59
9714Russell LakeTauranga9k Run0:37:53
9815Joe MaceHamilton9k Run0:38:15
10116Marc ScottHamilton9k Run0:38:45
10217Terry FurmageTauranga9k Run0:40:29
10318Paul SignalCambridge9k Run0:40:51
10519Thomas TurnerTe Awamutu9k Run0:42:42
10620Gavin SmithTauranga9k Run0:43:27
10921Paul EwartHamilton9k Run0:44:17
11822Sunil Fernandez-RitchieHamilton9k Run0:55:04
Male Run 3k471Colin BurkeTe Awamutu3k0:23:54