Te Awamutu Golf Course 2021 Results

Report by Jono Dawson

On Saturday, a hundred, well at least, took to the line for the annual Te Awamutu cross country race. A mixture of returning veterans, and eager youths, including an impressive contingent from Te Awamutu primary, gathered on the start line to race either nine, six, or three kilometres. There was a mixture of footwear present with some competitors opting to harness an advantage through the use of spikes while others wore the more traditional trail shoes, or some even going au natural with bare feet. With the shot of the gun the competitors were off to run the golf course between Te Awamutu and Kihikihi. A three kilometre course mapped out with cones covering all sorts of rolling hills had been expertly set out. The weather, which seemed wet at the beginning of the day, had eased off giving way to humid Waikato sunshine and providing a firm underfoot for all the runners.

The Hamilton Hawks themselves had an impressive display of talent to tackle the course, and what I am told is the first event of the running season. With competitors choosing their distance, it was up to them whether they ran two or three laps of the course. This meant that each time a runner completed the particularly nasty hill at the back end of the course, they could take little solace in the fact that it would be waiting for them on the next lap. A massive congratulations to all that competed, and a massive thank you to the organisors. Hoping that all who managed to win a pot plant, or teapot are enjoying these things. I look on my puzzle with an odd satisfaction.

Photos thanks to the Tauranga Ramblers – view album here

Along with a few photos taken by Kirsten Milne – view on facebook here

Walk 6k1081Mike RileyHamilton6k Walk0:43:47
1122Alex WhimsterTauranga6k Walk0:45:06
1173Samantha UsherOtorohanga6k Walk0:52:58
1194Hilde MoorhouseTe Awamutu6k Walk0:56:36
1205Jonelle MoorhouseTe Awamutu6k Walk0:56:37
1226Catherine McCartneyTe Awamutu6k Walk1:00:52
1247Cherie Van tol-roseTe Awamutu6k Walk1:02:19
Walk 3k421Megan BlackwellTe Awamutu3k Walk0:22:57
462Jason PaengaTe Awamutu3k Walk0:23:50
533Maria BlackwellTe Awamutu3k Walk0:26:41
624Annabelle UsherOtorohanga3k Walk0:30:00
635Chloe BrowneOtorohanga3k Walk0:30:01
666Dale Brown DaleTe Awamutu3k Walk0:30:14
677Simone BrowneTe Awamutu3k Walk0:30:20
718Debbie RichardsTe Awamutu3k Walk0:31:30
729Stu RichardsTe Awamutu3k Walk0:31:31
7310Dawn DevineTe Awamutu3k Walk0:31:49
Female Run 6k481Renee CareyTauranga6k Run0:23:55
502Sophie HarrisHamilton6k Run0:25:00
523Tara SackeCambridge6k Run0:26:06
544Lily JamesTe Awamutu6k Run0:26:53
575Vicki Rees-JonesCambridge6k Run0:27:29
586Sarah UlmerCambridge6k Run0:27:33
607Toshimi FarrellHamilton6k Run0:29:20
618Andrea NealTauranga6k Run0:29:33
749Debra LautenslagerMorrinsville6k Run0:32:21
7810Wendy HarrisHamilton6k Run0:33:16
8411Jorja SackeCambridge6k Run0:35:19
9512Gayle GoudswaardHamilton6k Run0:37:46
11613Ruth GalvinCambridge6k Run0:51:01
12314Raewyn EastonTe Awamutu6k Run1:02:18
Male Student 3k41Layton MaceHamilton3k Student0:12:46
72Jaoquin BurkeTe Awamutu3k Student0:13:09
93Alex RichardsTe Awamutu3k Student0:13:38
104Jack TomlinsonMatamata3k Student0:14:00
135Quin King-PoraTe Awamutu3k Student0:14:15
176Silas GannMatamata3k Student0:14:44
207Nathan HarrisonPuahue3k Student0:15:22
238Jairo BurkeTe Awamutu3k Student0:15:25
249Adam WatsonTe Awamutu3k Student0:15:54
2810Evan Rees-JonesCambridge3k Student0:16:39
2911Coby MurrellTe Awamutu3k Student0:16:41
3212Darcy BrowneTe Awamutu3k Walk0:19:09
3913Brody JamesTe Awamutu3k Student0:22:16
4314Aiden JamesTe Awamutu3k Student0:22:48
5115Joshua ToomTe Awamutu9k Run0:25:52
6416Owen WatsonTe Awamutu3k Student0:30:08
6517Conrad  BrowneTe Awamutu3k Walk0:30:12
Female Student 3k11Boh RitchieHamilton3k Student0:11:10
22Delaney UlrichHamilton3k Student0:11:43
33Letizia HaydenTamahere3k Student0:11:47
54Bronwen Rees-JonesCambridge3k Student0:12:48
65Zarah RattrayHamilton3k Student0:12:54
86Alanah EruTauranga3k Student0:13:20
117Ryden QuinnTe Awamutu3k Student0:14:06
128Lily CameronCambridge3k Student0:14:09
149Thea MaceHamilton3k Student0:14:21
1510Madison RattrayHamilton3k Student0:14:22
1611Erin McKeeCamlbridge3k Student0:14:25
1812Taylin QuinnTe Awamutu3k Student0:15:06
1913Polly  ChiplinCambridge3k Student0:15:12
2114Hannah JordanCambridge3k Student0:15:23
2215Grace NormansellTe Awamutu3k Student0:15:24
2516Kayla ToomTe Awamutu3k Student0:16:03
2617Nina Davie-ColleyCambridge3k Student0:16:21
2718Ruby  RichardsTe Awamutu3k Student0:16:26
3019Hollie NormansellTe Awamutu3k Student0:18:18
3120Samantha HarrisonTe Awamutu3k Student0:18:19
3321Chloe UsherOtorohanga3k Student0:19:45
3422Mia FraserOtorohanga3k Student0:19:46
3523Brilee  DaviesOtorohanga3k Student0:19:49
3624Lucinda UsherOtorohanga3k Student0:19:50
3725Alavina LatuOtorohanga3k Student0:19:53
4026Matilda JamesTe Awamutu3k Student0:22:26
4127Imogen BurkeTe Awamutu3k Student0:22:55
4428Tina SmithTe Awamutu3k Student0:23:49
4529Marie Blackwell-PaengaTe Awamutu3k Student0:23:49
9430Jaskia ToomTe Awamutu3k Student0:37:27
Female Run 9k1041Molly PeateNgaruawahia9k Run0:42:03
1102Dee AtkinsonCambridge9k Run0:44:34
1133Heken King-HallHamilton9k Run0:45:09
1144Kate McNallyWaipa9k Run0:45:32
1155Carenza ElleyHamilton9k Run0:46:13
1216Christina HemaraTe Awamutu9k Run0:58:27
Male Run 6k381Hayden WaddellHamilton6k Run0:21:37
492Ruben ThomlinsonMatamata6k Run0:24:10
553Colin KingHamilton6k Run0:27:10
564Ryan NelsonLeamington, Cambridge6k Run0:27:25
595Scott NelsonLeamington, Cambridge6k Run0:27:52
686Caleb HighamTe Awamutu6k Run0:30:21
767Jack CharltonHamilton6k Run0:33:06
778Gilbert MacdonaldHamilton6k Run0:33:14
799Dean ChiplinCambridge9k Run0:33:38
8210Speris GordonHamilton6k Run0:35:10
8611Peter HoranTe Awamutu6k Run0:35:46
8812John WilliamsonTe Awamutu6k Run0:35:56
9613Colin KingHamilton6k Run0:37:47
9914Jono DawsonHamilton9k Run0:38:28
10015Andrew JordanCambridge6k Run0:38:42
10716Bruce McCombCambridge6k Run0:43:38
11117Malcolm TaylorTauranga6k Run0:44:41
Male Run 9k691Ben BidoisPutaruru9k Run0:30:44
702Jonny McKeeCambridge9k Run0:31:26
753Steve Rees-JonesCambridge9k Run0:32:27
804Anthony HancyTe Awamutu9k Run0:34:12
815Allen BrearsTe Awamutu9k Run0:34:47
836Harrison ColesHamilton9k Run0:35:18
857John CharltonHamilton9k Run0:35:20
878Arron McKoyHamilton9k Run0:35:47
899Brent NijssenHamilton9k Run0:36:09
9010Lewis ButlerHamilton9k Run0:36:14
9111Dave GunnHamilton9k Run0:36:18
9212Robert TownshendHamilton9k Run0:36:43
9313Mike HarrisHamilton9k Run0:36:59
9714Russell LakeTauranga9k Run0:37:53
9815Joe MaceHamilton9k Run0:38:15
10116Marc ScottHamilton9k Run0:38:45
10217Terry FurmageTauranga9k Run0:40:29
10318Paul SignalCambridge9k Run0:40:51
10519Thomas TurnerTe Awamutu9k Run0:42:42
10620Gavin SmithTauranga9k Run0:43:27
10921Paul EwartHamilton9k Run0:44:17
11822Sunil Fernandez-RitchieHamilton9k Run0:55:04
Male Run 3k471Colin BurkeTe Awamutu3k0:23:54