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Waikato BOP Cross Country Champs 2021 Results

Report by Kevin Knowles

Held at Ray Board Park, Rotorua, on a beautiful, sunny, winters day.
About 20 Hawks members made the trip.
We arrived in time for a jog around the 2km course which had some similarities to Tauranga’s Waipuna park, including a fast start around sports fields, some twisty tree sections and lumpy grasslands, plus a hill climb up and back down.

The first race was the start of the great results for our club members with our new members Jack and Max Stirling taking out 1st and 2nd in the U12 boys. This was followed by many other great performances in all grades.

To mention a few memorable moments during the day:

It was great to see Pat Gallagher take out the win in the M50 grade, closely followed into 2nd place by Mike Harris, who paused for a time during the race with a shoe lace malfunction.
The course was quite dry apart from one giant puddle, which everybody managed to avoid, via a slippery off-camber, except Les Miller, who ending up wearing some of the mud and a blood knee. I hope you are all good Les.

Our young members were the stars of the day, many ending up on the podium. (sign them up for NRR in October)

Overall a very satisfying event.  Thanks

P.S.  Where were our senior men  🙂

Hawks individual results

U12 Boys (2k)
      1 – Jack Stirling (7:31)
      2 – Max Stirling (7:33)

U12 Girls (2k)
      6 – Mckenzie Liang (10:14)
      9 – Claire Liang (10:33)

U14 Boys (3k)
      3 – Jake Lomas (11:15)

U14 Girls (3k)
      4 – Carenza Elley (13:12)

U16 Boys (4k)
      4 – Caleb Woodfield (14:15)

U16 Girls (4k)
      3 – Letizia Hay (16:30)

U18 Women (4k)
      1 – Boh Ritchie (14:40)
      4 – Monique Spedding (17:30)

U20 Men (8k)
      1 – Ben Bidois (26:55)

U20 Women (6k)
      2 – Charli Miller (22:13)
      3 – Jemima Antoniazzi (23:25)
      5 – Tara Sacke (26:27)

Senior Women (10k)
      1 – Kerry White (37:31)
      2 – Aimee Ferguson (41:01)

Masters Men 35-64 (8k)
      1 (MM50-54) – Pat Gallagher (31:08)
      2 (MM50-54) – Mike Harris (31:46)
      – (MM40-44) – Les Miller (33:27)
      2 (MM60-64) – Kevin Knowles (35:16)
      – (MM55-59) – Paul Ewart (38:20)

Masters Women (6k)
      1 (MW50-54) – Karen McCready (28:15)

Masters Men 65+ (6k)
      3 (MM70-74) – Dave Clarke (31:06)

Waikato BOP Cross Country Champs 2020 Results

The Hawks singlets were prominent at the Waikato Bay of Plenty Cross Country Champs at Waipuna Park in Tauranga on Saturday – with many Hawks runners taking podiums in their respective grades. Well done to all those who raced and congrats to those who placed.

View full results here

Waikato BOP Cross Country Champs 2019 Results

For those keen on racing at Centre and national level we are getting into the nitty gritty time of the year with the main focus this week being the Waibop XC Camps which Hawks hosted at Tauhara park.

As race director I was a tad nervous, being a new course and venue, and not having Graham’s timing system this year. A bad start was finding out the Council gave us a key that didn’t fit the lock into the venue so some hastily organised extra early help to use pack horses was arranged . Thanks Mike R, Nick F and Garry. Fortunately President Shona was on hand to lead the way with the Webscorer timing we have been using at the Eastside the last couple of seasons with the only problems being as a result of my fat fingers putting the wrong data in on Friday night. Shona and Wendy H did a great job despite the clock being a bit low on brightness. Kirsten also gave a helping hand on course.

Some great running from Hawks had us dominating the field both in numbers and placings with way too many to mention here without boring you all.

WaiBOP site posted results here and here
Lots of photos by Tauranga Ramblers here.
And from Cambridge here.

Waikato BOP Cross Country Champs 2018 Results

Report by Garry Wilson

Fifteen Hawks athletes made the journey across to the Eastern Bay of Plenty to enjoy a warm dry day at the Te Teko racecourse. The course itself could be described as flat, mostly firm underfoot, although there were large patches of sand and some rough footing on the race-course proper. Three track steeples per lap added a small challenge, particularly to those of us who struggle to get our bodies off the ground.

There were some excellent results from the club. None better than the Morgan Brothers Joseph and Adam providing the 1-2 quinella in the Under 15 Boys race. Do these two remind you of a certain set of twins from a few years ago?

Demi Welch ran a close meritorious second place in the U15 girls. Gemma Horan a third in the U18s.

The always improving Cory Brew finished 8th in the U11 Boys.

In the combined Masters/Senior Mens division Hamilton Hawks provided a Trifecta in the Mens 35-39 division. Reuben Tomlinson, Lance Brew and Leon Govender went 1-2-3. Logan Rodger picked up a silver in the Senior Mens division, and took the Hawks Senior Mens Honours, finishing ahead of Rodrigo, Josh and Simon.

Okay, the course wasn't the most exciting, but it did provide some good racing in a compact venue.

Locals provided a friendly, well organised event. Numbers were low , but we can anticipate a greater turnout in numbers for the Waikato Bay of Plenty Road Champs in a few weeks.

Report by Lance Brew

With the WaiBop X Country Champs this year been held at the Te Teko race course 30 km outside of Whakatane it was a reasonable drive to get there hence maybe why we didn’t have a lot of Hawks there or big fields in the races.

The first race was the U11/13’s race over 2 km which we had our youngest Hawk run in Cory 10.55 who went very well keeping a constant pace all the way picking off the kids who had gone of to fast at the start and with a little sprint finish to pick up another place.

Up next we had the U15’s 2.7 km which right from the start it was a race between the Morgan twins who went out strong and keep a very good pace all the way to the line with Joseph 9.09 pipping Adam 9.19. In the girls race Demi Welch 10.21 was 2nd.

Gemma Horan 17.47 was next up in the U18’s 4km race and ran strong for her 3rd

In the Masters 8 km race we had Rueben Tomlinson 29.23 1st 35-39 Lance Brew 29.36 2nd 35/39 Leon Gvender 39.24 3rd 35-39 Gilbert Macdonald 44.31 3rd 50-54 Garry Wilson 35.56 1st 55-59.

In the Senior race which was taken out by a former Hawk in Steve Rees-Jones 33.44 we had Logan Rodger 34.37 2nd Rodrigo Jaca Gonzale 35.20 4th Josh Nyika 36.28 5th and Simon Kerr 37.10 6th.

Great showing by all hawks who was there.

Full results below or view here on Athletics Waikato website

Photos on facebook here

Waikato Bay of Plenty Cross Country Championships Te Teko 21st July 2018
Championship Bib First Name Last Name Club Time
BoysU11 2000m
1 286 David Sinclair Boys U11 Cambridge Athletic and Harriers 8.15
2 285 Josh Smith Boys U11 Tauranga Ramblers 8.16
3 291 Max Kirk Boys U11 Whakatane Athletics & Harriers Club 8.27
4 272 Jonah Funnell Boys U11 Lake City Rotorua 8.49
5 294 Joshua Spalding Boys U11 Whakatane Athletics & Harriers Club 9.01
6 292 Samuel Massey Boys U11 Lake City Athletics 9.46
Non Reg 295 Jack Tomlinson Boys U11 Hamilton 10.00
7 271 Heath Rogerson Boys U11 Cambridge Athletic and Harriers 10.13
8 265 Cory Brew Boys U11 Hamilton City Hawks 10.55
9 288 Te Koha Hunia Boys U11 Kawerau Harriers 10.56
10 266 Declan Albrecht Boys U11 Lake City Athletics 11.57
11 284 Hunter Hunia Boys U11 Kawerau Harriers 12.20
12 290 Ekekiei Elliott Boys U11 Kawerau Harriers
DNF 269 Flynn Wilson Boys U11 Cambridge Athletic and Harriers
BoysU13 2000m
1 268 Elliott Pugh Boys U13 Tauranga Ramblers 7.10
2 259 Adisen Mahy Boys U13 Tauranga Ramblers 7.22
3 280 George Wyllie Boys U13 Tauranga Ramblers 7.31
4 293 Joseph Spalding Boys U13 Whakatane Athletics & Harriers Club 7.38
5 287 Matthew Sinclair Boys U13 Cambridge Harriers 7.46
6 264 Cooper Simes Boys U13 Lake City Athletics 8.48
Girls U11 2000m
1 267 Eleanor Pugh Girls U11 Tauranga Ramblers 8.40
Non Reg 289 Olivia Tanner Girls U11 Te Puke Harriers 9.07
2 275 Stevie Reid McAllu Girls U11 Whakatane Athletics & Harriers Club 9.35
3 296 Amber Lysaght Girls U11 Lake City Athletics 9.56
4 282 Hawaiiki Rangiaho Girls U11 Kawerau Harriers 10.52
5 281 Pounamu Rangiaho Girls U11 Kawerau Harriers 10.53
6 277 Tyla Wallis Girls U11 Tokoroa junior athletic & harrier club 11.16
7 276 Tyla Albrecht Girls U11 Lake City Athletics 11.35
8 279 Vesty Simes Girls U11 Lake City Athletics 12.35
9 262 Amber Albrecht Girls U11 Lake City Athletics 12.37
Girls U13 2000m
1 263 Anna Isaac Girls U13 Whakatane Athletics & Harriers Club 8.01
2 270 Gemma Groenewald Girls U13 Katikati Athletics 8.03
3 260 Alanah Eru Girls U13 Te Puke Harriers 8.26
4 283 Jayd Hunia Girls U13 Kawerau Harriers 9.09
5 274 Lily Isaac Girls U13 Whakatane Athletics & Harriers Club 9.11
6 273 Kyra Rogerson Girls U13 Cambridge Athletic and Harriers 10.12


Boys U15 2700m
1 308 Joseph Morgan Boys U15 Hamilton City Hawks 9.09
2 306 Adam Morgan Boys U15 Hamilton City Hawks 9.19
3 320 Daniell Sinclair Boys U15 Cambridge Athletic and Harriers 9.24
4 303 Sam Proctor Boys U15 Tauranga Ramblers 9.31
5 302 Jackson Jones Boys U15 Tauranga Ramblers 9.55
6 304 Ian Pugh Boys U15 Tauranga Ramblers 10.13
7 319 Sean Byderley Boys U15 Te Puke 10.51
8 323 Quin Boyle Boys U15 Whakatane Athletics & Harriers Club 10.53
9 316 Isaac Holland Boys U15 Kawerau Harriers 11.25
10 317 Tailah Hunia Boys U15 Kawerau Harriers 14.1
11 318 Cullen Hunia Boys U15 Kawerau Harriers 15.36
Girls U15 2700m
1 311 Lulu Johnson Girls U15 Tauranga Ramblers 10.14
2 324 Demi Welch Girls U15 Hamilton City Hawks 10.21
3 310 Olivia Hala Girls U15 Tauranga Ramblers 10.49
4 313 Morgan Overington Girls U15 Whakatane Athletics & Harriers Club 10.53
5 312 Sophie Kirk Girls U15 Whakatane Athletics & Harriers Club 11.03
6 301 Teigan Nolan Girls U15 Whakatane Athletics & Harriers Club 11.07
7 321 Ruby Sinclair Girls U15 Cambridge Athletic and Harriers 11.31
8 300 Olivia Nolan Girls U15 Whakatane Athletics & Harriers Club 11.37
DNS 309 James Swan Girls U15 Cambridge Athletic and Harriers
DNS 314 Katie Tapsell Girls U15 Lake City Athletics
Women U18 4km
1 402 Gemma Baldey Women U18 Whakatane Athletics & Harriers Club 15.12
2 401 Hannah Gapes Women U18 Lake City Athletics 15.52
3 400 Gemma Horan Women U18 Hamilton City Hawks 17.47
DNS 403 Samantha Corbett WU18 Hamilton City Hawks
Men U18 6km
1 618 Oliver Ashburn Men U18 Whakatane Athletic and Harrier Club 23.24
2 604 Liam Dooley Men U18 Whakatane Athletic and Harrier Club 24.20
Masters Men 6km
1 665 Gavin Smith MM65-69 Tauranga Ramblers 26.35
1 603 Murray Clarkson MM70-75 Tauranga Ramblers 32.11
2 672 John Shivas MM70-75 Tauranga Ramblers 32.35
1 601 Peter Vyver MM75-80 Lake City Athletics 39.08
Masters Women 6km
1 667 Kathy Howard MW65-69 Lake City Athletics 32.03


Men U20 8km
Placing Bib First Name Last Name Grade Club TIME
1 804 Lachlan Haycock Men U20 Tauranga Ramblers 28.37
2 810 Harrison Fountain Men U20 Te Aroha 29.54
DNS 819 Darren Hurst MU20 Tauranga Ramblers
Masters Men 35-64 8km
1 805 Rueben Tomlinson MM35-39 Hamilton City Hawks 29.23
2 837 Lance Brew MM35-39 Hamilton City Hawks 29.36
3 801 Leon Gvender MM35-39 Hamilton City Hawks 39.24
1 806 Adrian Lysaght MM40-44 Lake City Athletics 31.37
1 845 Michael Pugh MM45-49 Tauranga Ramblers 27.58
2 806 Dean Chiplin MM45-49 Cambridge Athletic and Harriers 29.28
3 811 Andrew Vane MM45-49 Tauranga Ramblers 30.28
4 847 Jason Cameron MM45-49 Lake City Athletic Club 30.54
5 803 Russell Lake MM45-49 Tauranga Ramblers 32.57
6 808 Craig Sinclair MM45-49 Cambridge Athletic and Harriers 34.51
1 812 Tony Broadhead MM50-54 Lake City Athletics Club 30.24
2 850 Kerry Robinson MM50-54 Lake City Athletics Club 32.40
3 853 Gilbert Macdonald MM50-54 Hamilton City Hawks 44.31
5 852 Phil Baldey MM50-54 Whakatane Athletics & Harriers Club 45.34
1 814 Garry Wilson MM55-59 Hamilton City Hawks 35.56
DNF 802 Andrew Ross MM55-59 Whakatane Athletics & Harriers Club
DNS 856 David James MM55-59 Tauranga Ramblers
1 863 Neil Spanhake MM60-64 Whakatane Athletics & Harriers Club 37.01
2 813 Phillip Curtis MM60-64 Tauranga Ramblers 37.01
Senior Men 10km
1 10 Steve Rees-Jones Senior Men Cambridge Athletic and Harriers 33.44
Visitor 6 William Sinclair Senior Men Wanganui Harriers 33.57
Non Reg 37 Ben Ruthe Senior Men Tauranga 34.07
2 15 Logan Rodger Senior Men Hamilton City Hawks 34.37
3 11 Regan Bones Senior Men Tauranga Ramblers 35.02
4 18 Rodrigo Jaca Gonzal eSenior Men Hamilton City Hawks 35.20
5 14 Josh Nyika Senior Men Hamilton City Hawks 36.28
6 17 Simon Kerr Senior Men Hamilton City Hawks 37.10
Visitor 7 Zac Bellamy Senior Men Wanganui Harriers 38.27
Non Reg 19 Austin Brooks Senior Men No 40.35
Non Reg 16 Max Gordon Senior Men No
Senior Women 10km
1 1 Anneke Grogan Senior Women Tauranga Ramblers 39.02
2 5 Sally Gibbs Senior Women Tauranga Ramblers 39.56
3 4 Kerry White Senior Women Te Aroha Athletics Club 40.22
4 41 Corrine O’Donnell Senior Women Whakatane Athletics & Harriers Club 44.59

Waikato BOP Cross Country Champs 2017 Results

The WBOPCCC was held at Waipuna Park in magnificently fine weather on a firm fast surface. Once again a huge thanks to Tauranga for a well organised event.  Sadly fields  were small but with 27 Hawks taking part our club at least made an impact. Cory Brew started the day for the Hawks and was 8th and youngest in the B11 event.  Charli Miller with a 15.27 clocking for the 4km U18 title led from the start and was an impressive winner. Aimee Ferguson took second spot with a 15.48 run while Samantha Corbett was 5th in 16.58. Mathijis Wetzels ran a sensible first 1km in the B15 3km and blitzed the field as the race progressed to win with style in a quick 10.18. In the U15G Kate Bradley and Gemma  Horan with 5th and 6th. It was pleasing to see Bridget Ray back to racing and in her first race this winter she won the MW55 from Maureen Leonard 27.00 to 29.37. Karyn McCready was 1st in MW45 with 29.10. In M18 over 6km Connor Tristram took 3rd in 22.17 with Karl Bradley 8th in 27.42.

It was really pleasing to see so many Hawks singlets feature in the Master Men grades. After running half the 8km as a group Mike Causer took off and looked real strong to win the MM45. Kent Hodgson produced his usual gutsy run to place 3rd MM45 in 30.45 just ahead Lance Brew 30.57 1st MM35. In quick succession came John Bowe 31.11, Gavin Butler 31.14, John Crane 1st MM50, Andrew Wark 2nd MM50 32.04. Mike Harris 33.09, Kevin Knowles 33.50 and 2nd in MM55,. Others to take part were Gary Wilson 36.32, Gilbert Macdonald 43.36, Grahame Clarkin 41.44 and Stepen Spackman 47.05. Our new recruit from Yorkshire Russ Best had a strong run in the Senior Mens 10km to place 2nd behind class masters runner Steve Ree-Jones. Russ ran 35.16 and the Waikato Uni lecturer will be a real asset to the club. Malesa McNearney showed the Hawks flag in  the senior women’s 10km placing 3rd in 42.12.

On reflection I ask where have all our runners gone? Hopefully once the road season starts there will be a massive turn out.

View full events results in PDF format here:

WaiBOP Cross Country Champs Results 2017

Click photo for larger view and more photos also on facebook click here

Waikato BOP Cross Country Champs 2016 Results

Report by Mudlark

It was clear and cold with a SW wind keeping the temps down but it was a day of good racing for a few from the club with fields small and racing keen.
At long last I can give congrats and credit to Mathijis Wetzels who had his results in the North Island CC and the King of the Mountains last week fouled up so that he never got mentioned. Apologies for that. He was a superb winner of the B14 3km and his time of 10.18 over country was real quick for a guy who spends much of his weekend playing soccer (where he is also a gun).

There were many other Hawks gold winners. Nicolle Mitchell continues to impress in the women’s division where the new 10km  distance is a challenge. Kent Hodgson M45, Lance Brew M35, Kevin Knowles M55, Charli Miller G14, Isaiah Priddey M18, Emerson Deverell  W20, Bridget Ray W50, Maureen Leonard W55, and David Trow M70 all won golds so that was a pleasing set of results for the club.

Heaps of other medals were also won, with silvers to junior Harry Ewing running up a grade to provide Aaron Pulford with some competition. And where have all our runners gone, I ask, with only 2 in the senior men field? Grace Ritchie won silver in W20, providing Emerson with some opposition, and Paul Ritchie M55 and Gary Wilson M50 were others to score silvers.

All in all a disappointing day of racing, in terms of race numbers on a superb course. The resurgence of the Cambridge Club was noted and is pleasing. They are shaping well for the masters men section of the road relay, as are Lake City. They were also proud to wear the Cambridge ‘Red and Blue’. As a further comment – old fashioned perhaps, but it is important to follow the correct system of paying a WBOP registration and wearing a club singlet if you wish to compete officially and to be included in the results. Hopefully all will take that on board as I would hate to see further decline in numbers of registered athletes taking part in championship races.

On that note PLEASE make sure that your national cross country champs entries go in on time for the August 7 Sunday romp around the Auckland Domain. Knowing the area well after 7 years of training and racing there with the University Club, the surface will NOT be as fast as Spa Park Taupo and could in fact be quite muddy after many winter sports games the day before. However it may be dry as they run around the perimeter. On a more positive note I did run my first sub 2 minute half there at the Labour Day sports when a 17 year school kid from Takapuna Grammar. There was no mud there that day.

AWBOP XC 2016 Results

More of the event photos can be viewed here

WaiBOP XC Champs 2016-1 WaiBOP XC Champs 2016-2

Waikato BOP Cross Country Champs 2015 Results

Report by Don  Willoughby

This event was a mudlark’s heaven, held at the Narrows Christian camp. The course designers Glenn Sexton and Steve Rees-Jones have to be congratulated for returning cross country back to a genuine test over more traditional terrain. It was a challenging course with a mix of genuine hills and faster flat terrain and when the predicted weather bomb arrived just prior to the start of the first race, sloppy mud and fast flowing rivulets were added and running lines became another skills test for those taking part. On a sunny Friday as Murray Green, Glenn Sexton and the Rees-Jones family marked the course out, the only challenge was to remove frisky cows off the chosen route and the course really looked in splendid shape.











Just prior to the 12.30 start, as the rain bucketed down, it was discovered that cows had broken out and wrecked a marked section and a hasty new loop was marked out by Glenn and Steve. This was not the only livestock drama as during the first race sheep joined in and ran among the youngsters, and nearby horses were spooked into efforts to also join the action. Glenn became a troll under the bridge as a horse guard or, as he puts it, he became a horse whisperer, as he tried to control their entry onto the course. It was a day of drama but it did provide much positive comment from those taking part.

The Hawks Club were charged with running the champs and under trying conditions ran a great event. There were four seasons in less than four hours and the medal presentation was done in splendid sunshine in sharp contrast to the torrential downpour during racing. The results and timing team led by Graham and the course clean up team of John, Kent, Andrew and others all did a superb job. I was full of admiration for everyone’s efforts and I was proud to be a Hawk. Well done guys and girls. Glenn and Shona’s holiday break in Cairns is well deserved.

10 titles were won by Hawks athletes and they were as follows:

Lochie Montgomery B14 3km 10.47
Charli Miller G14 3km 11.05
Isaiah Priddey M18  6km 20.52
Ani Gemmill W18 4km16.23
Lance Brew SM 12km 45.40
Alice Mason SW 8km 31.46
Vicki Wade MW45 6km 27.05
Bridget Ray MW50 6km 27.06
Kent Hodgson MM45 8km 29.38
John Crane MM50 8km 30.01

Full results PDF here


Waikato BOP Cross Country Champs 2014 Results

The day started with a – 4c frost, all signs pointing to a firm track for a new course in Rotorua. The Hawks contingent on arrival were met with the sound of my dear colourful little friend Chris Corney on the microphone ( nice bright red pants ). Off the mike Corney as always talked up his Lake City club explaining the butt kicking the Hawks were about to get. I reminded him of the Waikato BOP champs some years ago in Cambridge where after a post race drink at the then Leamington tavern, and a trip to the Wholesalers where we were almost back to Hamilton when I had this strange feeling someone was missing, I calmly asked Corney, “didn’t you have one of your kids with you today”? It appears  we had left him at the pub. What is even funnier is that we were made to swear not to tell the then current Mrs Corney. However he forgot to tell me not to print the story in their weekly news letter that she regulary read.

The course was a real back to the country , across uneven farmland with some challenging little rises, all in all a excellent venue. The junior ranks performed well, Donovan Farrell 4th in the Boys 10 race, Charli Miller running away to win the Girls 12 race and Emerson Deverell taking the youth woman  title with Grace Ritchie hot on her tail for 2nd  with Jordan Hitchcock 6th . A great turnout in the youth mens race with 5 Hawks in the top 7. There has been huge improvement with the hard training and commitment these dudes have been putting in. Harry Ewing 2nd followed by Isaiah Priddey 3rd , Matt Scott 4th  with Finn Myles and Sam Montgomerie 6th and 7th.

Jacob Priddey flew round the course to take the Junior Mens title.

In the masters Woman it was a welcome return to the two Bridgets battling it out with the senior Deverall joining her Daughter with a Waikato title in the Womans 45 with Karen McCready 2nd . The unregistered Bridget Ray meant the Women 50 title went to the fast finishing Maureen Leonard  proud mother of Zane,  the now fourth fastest New Zealander over the mile on the all-time list.

An outright win for me in the Masters mens grade after a tough battle with Ramblers Russell Lake and Marc Scott  taking 3rd in the masters 45.

Kevin Knowles cleaned-up all the 50 + masters with gold in the 55.

Senior Womans race saw Ramblers Sally Gibbs running the open race to continue her winning streak with Hawks Emily Roughan coming in 3rd for the bronze.

In the Mens race Tim Stewart and the “Jai Man” Davies-Campbell had a battle in the early stages before the in-form Tim ran away to take the win over a gruelling 12k and Sunil paced himself well to take 3rd place.

Report by Kent Hodgson

View Result here: WaiBOP Cross Country Champs Results 19th July 2014

WaiBOP XC 2014

Waikato Bay of Plenty XC Championships 2013 Results

The Waipuna course was firm and dry on Saturday for the champs and 33 Hawks travelled over the hill to take part. In light fields club athletes won 12 golds, 6 silvers and 7 bronzes so a fair bit of metal returned to Hamilton. Thanks to Kent for tent duty and for those supporters who were there.

Abdigani Ahmed and his brother Abdillahi gave the Hawks a great start when they placed 1st and 3rd in the Boys 10 2000 race while Corinna Decker-Thorburn took gold in the G10. There was a Hawks trifecta Isaiah Priddey, Sam Montgomery and Connor Tristram in the B14 race.

Waikato Dio’s Emerson Deverell and Mary Bollen were placings in the W18 race while in the Masters Women Hawks won three golds with Katy Dawson W35 (birthday on Thursday), Karen McCready W40 and Maureen Leonard W50. Jacob Priddey won the M20 race and had a great battle with Kyle MacDonald who took out the senior men’s title.

In the Masters men we were well represented with Kent Hodgson winning the M40 and Tony Olsen leading a Hawks trifecta ahead of John Crane and Glenn Sexton in the M45 with Kevin Knowles and Brian Smith winning their M55 and M80 races. Helen Rountree won the 8000 women’s race in 30.45. All in all a solid days racing over a demanding course and excellent preparation for the national champs on our own Minoque Park course.

Results below the photos

 [AFG_gallery id=’4′]

Race  First Name Surname Club/School/Visitor Grade AWBOP Time
Place         Place  
Boys 10 2km
2 Abdigani Ahmed Hamilton City Hawks B10 1  0:08:02.32
4 Max Voss Lake City B10 2  0:08:11.31
5 Abdillahi Ahmed Hamilton City Hawks B10 3  0:08:15.54
12 Fynn McCulloch Tauranga Ramblers B10 4  0:08:47.36
13 Ian Pugh Tauranga Ramblers B10 5  0:08:52.53
14 Elliott Pugh Tauranga Ramblers B10 6  0:08:53.87
15 Clay Fookes Lake City B10 7  0:09:03.93
16 Sam Olsen Hamilton City Hawks B10 8  0:09:05.06
22 Conor Lysaght Lake City B10 9  0:11:07.38
Girls 10 2km
10 Corinna Decker-Thorburn Hamilton City Hawks G10 1  0:08:31.43
18 Kate Bradley Frankton G10 2  0:09:37.03
21 Kyra Addison Greerton G10 3  0:11:00.30
Boys 12 2km
1 Josh Tisch Tauranga Ramblers B12 1  0:07:45.56
2 Karl Bradley Frankton B12 2  0:08:07.10
4 Max Voss Lake City B12 3  0:08:11.31
7 Harrison Watt Trentham Harriers B12 Visitor  0:08:22.25
19 Drew Branje Cambridge B12 4  0:09:55.19
Girls 12 2km
6 Mia Pugh Tauranga Ramblers G12 1  0:08:16.77
8 Ruby Ryan Lake City G12 2  0:08:23.81
9 Tegan Fookes Lake City G12 3  0:08:30.67
11 Lucy Farrell Hamilton City Hawks G12 4  0:08:42.34
17 Jodi Mouat Cambridge G12 5  0:09:22.77
20 Eliana Slaney Cambridge G12 6  0:09:55.63
Boys 14 3km
1 Isaiah Priddey Hamilton City Hawks B14 1  0:10:07.66
2 Sam Montgomerie Hamilton City Hawks B14 2  0:10:24.03
3 Connor Tristram Hamilton City Hawks B14 3  0:10:38.48
5 Reuben Jones Auckland Normal Int G14 Visitor  0:11:35.35
6 Tom Voss Lake City B14 4  0:11:59.62
9 Harry McLean St Pauls Southland B14 Visitor  0:12:27.92
10 Rhys Dawson Auckland Normal Int B14 Visitor  0:12:33.98
Girls 14 3 km
4 Arleah Tippins Tauranga Ramblers G14 1  0:11:34.32
7 Ella Fookes Lake City G14 2  0:12:02.00
8 Gina Butler Hamilton City Hawks G14 3  0:12:16.68
11 Catlin Dawson Auckland Normal Int G14 Visitor  0:12:35.49
12 Erin Conway Tauranga Ramblers G14 4  0:12:48.35
13 Hannah Berry Auckland Normal Int G14 Visitor  0:13:00.42
14 Joanna Ngan Auckland Normal Int G14 Visitor  0:13:38.13
15 Stella Humberstone-Hurley Auckland Normal Int G14 Visitor  0:13:52.21
16 Kaitlyn Parkes Te Awamutu G14 5  0:14:59.61
Waipuna Park Tauranga
Race  First Name Surname Club/School/Visitor Grade AWBOP Time
Place Place
Youth Men U18 6km
6 Michael Voss Lake City MU18 1  0:21:39.84
7 Cameron Swales Hamilton City Hawks MU18 2  0:22:01.08
8 Oliver McLean Hamilton City Hawks MU18 3  0:22:22.10
10 Finn Myles Hamilton City Hawks MU18 4  0:23:57.08
13 Matt Van Dalen Cambridge MU18 5  0:26:36.49
Youth Women  U18 4km
1 Anneke Grogan Tauranga Ramblers WU18 1  0:15:35.52
2 Emmerson Deverall Hamilton City Hawks WU18 2  0:16:25.74
3 Mary Bollen Hamilton City Hawks WU18 3  0:16:59.58
4 Mia Milne Te Awamutu WU18 4  0:18:38.43
5 Chnae Todd Te Awamutu WU18 5  0:18:55.89
9 Lauren Hines Tauranga Ramblers WU18 6  0:23:24.59
Junior Women U20 6km
12 Kerry White Te Aroha WU20 1  0:24:59.31
14 Jessica Bitcheno Tauranga Ramblers WU20 2  0:27:05.24
Masters Women 6km
11 Katy Dawson Hamilton City Hawks W35 1  0:24:33.22
15 Karen McCready Hamilton City Hawks W40 1  0:27:09.84
16 Judith May Tauranga Ramblers W40 2  0:27:49.96
17 Maureen Leonard Hamilton City Hawks W50 1  0:28:14.91
18 Kathy Howard Lake City W60 1  0:32:30.15
20 Robyn Winter Whakatane W60 2  0:39:36.87
19 Pam Kenny Lake City W70 1  0:35:47.87
21 Iris Hansen Tauranga Ramblers W70 2  0:56:26.53
Jr Men U20 8km
1 Jacob Priddey Hamilton City Hawks MU20 1  0:27:00.76
2 Theunis Pieters Hamilton City Hawks MU20 2  0:28:32.10
Master Men 35 8km
7 Chris Morrissey Tauranga Ramblers M35 1  0:29:44.32
11 Adrian Lysaght Lake City M35 2  0:30:32.36
15 Dean Willacy Tauranga Ramblers M35 3  0:30:46.93
32 Winston Murton Tauranga M35 Visitor  0:37:12.34
34 Mark Gower Frankton M35 4  0:38:24.87
3 Kent Hodgson Hamilton City Hawks M40 1  0:28:59.48
5 Russell Lake Tauranga Ramblers M40 2  0:29:22.44
13 Steven Blair Tauranga Ramblers M40 3  0:30:43.79
16 John Bowe Hamilton City Hawks M40 4  0:31:33.27
41 Owen Mulligan Cambridge M40 5  0:42:22.30
4 Tony Olsen Hamilton City Hawks M45 1  0:29:07.91
6 John Crane Hamilton City Hawks M45 2  0:29:35.47
8 Glenn Sexton Hamilton City Hawks M45 3  0:29:46.43
9 Tony Broadhead Lake City M45 4  0:29:52.38
10 John Caie Tauranga Ramblers M45 5  0:30:23.58
23 Paul Signal Cambridge M45 6  0:33:45.80
Race  First Name Surname Club/School/Visitor Grade AWBOP Time
Place         Place  
Masters Men 8km
12 Bruce Edwards Lake City M50 2  0:30:35.89
18 Ross Butler Hamilton City Hawks M50 3  0:32:05.64
25 Terry Furmage Tauranga Ramblers M50 6  0:34:09.33
26 Craig Wilson Frankton M50 4  0:35:06.48
28 Gary Wilson Hamilton City Hawks M50 1  0:35:53.59
31 Les Dobson Tauranga Ramblers M50 5  0:37:01.30
20 Kevin Knowles Hamilton City Hawks M55 1  0:32:26.56
24 Rodney Poulgrain Thames M55 2  0:33:49.30
30 Stu Smith Tauranga Ramblers M55 3  0:36:20.95
35 Peter Kennedy Tauranga Ramblers M55 4  0:38:43.55
21 Trevor Ogilvie Lake City M60 1  0:32:29.83
22 Gavin Smith Tauranga Ramblers M60 2  0:33:19.69
47 Graeme Collett Cambridge M60 3  0:48:54.24
33 Murray Clarkson Tauranga Ramblers M65 1  0:37:44.53
36 Robin Reed Lake City M65 2  0:39:21.50
37 David Trow Frankton M65 3  0:40:45.27
39 Robert McPherson Tauranga Ramblers M70 1  0:41:51.71
44 Peter Vyver Lake City M70 2  0:46:18.22
48 Brian Smith Hamilton City Hawks M80 1 0:58:53:18
Women Open 8km
14 Helen Rountree Hamilton City Hawks SW 1  0:30:45.22
17 Sue Crowley Lake City SW 2  0:31:51.95
19 Emily Roughan Hamilton City Hawks SW 3  0:32:25.38
27 Dawn Tuffery Hamilton City Hawks SW 4  0:35:17.43
29 Steph Mchale Lake City SW 5  0:36:08.78
45 Rebecca Johnston Frankton SW 6  0:47:05.89
46 Kris Moore Hamilton City Hawks SW 7  0:48:05.32
Men Open 12km
38 Kyle MacDonald Tauranga Ramblers SM 1  0:40:49.24
40 Iain MacDonald Tauranga Ramblers SM 2  0:42:07.29
42 Angus Bell Tauranga Ramblers SM 3  0:42:43.43
43 Garit Read Hamilton City Hawks SM 4  0:43:19.08