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Sing Relay 2020 Results

Rhys Mildon

It started out like any other sunny Saturday afternoon.

Although the entry numbers were down, our spirits were not, and with only 17 adult runners one dog and 2 kids it was going to be a small field full of quality runners.

With myself wrongfully thrown into fastest runner position I teamed up with the ever reliable Gilbert McDonald, after a few misunderstandings between the two of us about the turnaround and the baton change rules we soon figured it out and took the start line…… although momentarily held up by the fact I had a horse race to watch in the closing seconds of the start countdown (thank you all for your patience and no it wasn’t a winner)

All 8 teams took the start line plus Mark Scott and his k9 companion Max, as usual Rob went like a cut cat from the outset and set a torrid pace, soon to be caught be me and later by the many Margueritas he slurped back the night before.

At the turn around I lead narrowly from Rob followed by a mass group chasing us down, Rob turned earlier than I and after that I barely saw another soul and my pace dropped dramatically till I sighted Gilbert who was dawdling towards the finish line waiting for me to catch up, when I yelled out I was approaching he sprinted that fast I couldn’t even get near him (man’s got a good turn of foot)

The victory went to Mark Cornaga and Paul Ewart narrowly over Mark Scott and Max.
With just over 2.1/2 minutes covering the whole field over the finish it was a very even and brilliantly organised race thanks to Dave Gunn and co.


Link to event photos <<here>>

[Foot note – the two running the kids race seemed to have an absolute blast as apparent in the great finish line photo! Fantastic seeing young ones enjoying themselves…]

And a different perspective from Dawn…

Sing Relay

Dawn Tuffery

Sing Relay coincided with a gorgeous Saturday as a keen gang of Hawks congregated in Memorial Park. This one has a fun format – teams of two head out on an out-and-back, with the slower person carrying a baton. The faster runner turns at the turnaround, takes the baton from their teammate when they meet them, and heads back once more to the turn, while the other runner can head back. The aim is for both runners to cross the line together, in as fast a time as they can collectively muster. Cue the always-fun line-up from (alleged) slowest to fastest, where there was a lot of this:

 Marc was the odd person out, so got paired with his dog Max. Was this a bold burglary attempt? Time would tell.  Everyone sped off optimistically. I was paired with Kirsten, kept her mostly in sight while puffing behind, and changed baton around the top of the last uphill. We appeared to be in a good position, so I didn’t get to relax as much as I fancied, in case she appeared behind me too early. I caught Marc and Max, and contemplated throwing a stick for canine distraction but it would have taken too much effort. Paul zipped by in a strong (non-24-minute-5k) pace, having handed over his baton to Mark C. Ultimately this strong duo would take it out, from Mark and Max who had a woofing good end rally, and Kirsten and I followed. 

Great storytelling Dawn!
 There was reportedly only 2.5 minutes or so between all teams, so well done to everyone, and thanks to Dave and helpers for setting it up. Marc produced some refreshing homebrew, some Hawks had a beverage at the Eastside, and a good time was had by all. 

Sweeney Cup 2020 Results

It was another good turnout in warm fine conditions out at Horsham Downs for this event – a handicap 8k out and back course where you assigned a start time based on your estimated 5k time, and start when the countdown clock hits your time. Then you are off, with the aim of catching those in front of you while not being caught by those starting after you…

Nice to see some new faces at the event – I hope you all enjoyed yourselves and we hope to see you again at more events in the future!

A ‘flying’ Vaughan Swale on his way to taking out the win!
Maybe it was the heat, or the wind, or the hilly course – but I heard many say it was a tough day out with times slower than expected for a number of runners…apart from Chris S however who dipped under 30 mins to take out the fastest time of the day, but it was Vaughan Swale who was the overall Sweeney Cup winner in the end, congratulations…

And link to event photos <<here>>

ROTATE your phone to view the full table of results

PlaceNameSurnameNet Time
8 Km 
PlaceNameSurnameTimeStartNet TimeHouseMin/Km
Sweeney CupVaughanSwale48:3208:3140:01Kiwi05:00
1st LadyKovoMcDonald48:4017:1931:21Kiwi03:55
Fastest MaleChrisSmith49:1919:5029:29Tui03:41
13Garry Wilson50:0016:0133:59004:15
Fastest Times
PlaceNameSurnameNet TimeMin/Km
Fastest MaleChrisSmith29:2903:41
1st LadyKovoMcDonald31:2103:55
13Garry Wilson33:5904:15

WaiBOP Road Champs 2020 Results

Report by Dave Gunn

We were lucky in the Waikato to remain in Level 2 restrictions for this event which meant while entries were limited, and supporters/spectators weren’t able to attend, we were at least still able to hold the event. Conditions were good, with a little wind to keep us all cool while we battled our way around St Peters school on an out and back 2.5km course.

Restrictions meant that the juniors had to complete their race first while the older competitors warmed up around the grass track next to the car park. A shame in some ways we couldn’t support the up and coming wave of runners, but by all accounts (and by the look of the photos) there was some great racing, with Boh Ritchie having another strong run to take out the U14 Girls race.

Next up was the adult races, which for the Senior Men 10k was won is a sharp time of 32:37 by Sam Tanner. That is one of the great things about this event is you get to run alongside some world class athletes!

There were plenty of other strong runs by a number of Hawks including PB’s to Charli Miller (fastest Hawks time of the day!) and Rob T. It was also great to see Bridget D and Dawn racing again – with a great quote by Dawn to me before the start “well you have to put yourself through it every now and then”. Sums it up pretty well I thought. Also a great finish by Grahame Clarkin storming over the finish line in an all out effort…Impressive.

My count makes it 18 medals going to Hawks runners in total…Fantastic effort!

I would also like to say a big thanks to all those who helped organise and run the day in challenging circumstances. We all appreciate your efforts and the fact that we could still get to compete.

Once again congratulations to all those who competed.

<<Seniors Photos on Tauranga FaceBook>>

<<Childrens Photos on Tauranga FaceBook>>

Trophy Day 2020 Results

This year produced fast times on a slightly shorter course (approximately 4.85km) due to road works.

What a stunning day for a hard run along the riverbank…Yet another great turnout for the Trophy Day club event – a handicap 5km race from the Museum at the top of Grantham st, across the bridge, down to Cobham Bridge, then return to the club on the western river path. You submit an estimate of your 5km time, and then when the countdown clock hits your time – you are off…

The plan if everyone is honest and realistic is for all runners to hit the finish line at the same time (tough job for the timekeepers!) – but as always there are those that run better/worse than expected and so it is spread out when we hit the finish line…

Trophy day (a view from the other side)

Report by Lucie Kibblewhite

I’ve never run trophy day, last year I was in the UK and this year I am out injured. So I volunteered to do the timing with Glenn, thinking how hard can it be. Well apart from a tricky little spreadsheet, turns out not that bad.

What was hard was getting everyone to agree to their handicap.
Firstly – the mini competitions. “What time has that person put?” “I’ll go the same as so and so” There were claims of underselling and burgling.
Secondly – the changes of mind when everyone got talking out on the lawn before the race started. Vaughan Kestle gets the award for how many times he changed his estimated time.

Then up at the start line came the tactics…
Everyone started eyeing up who was going at the same or a similar time to them. Then came the thoughts that while someone might pull away they would slow slightly in the second half and the prospect of reeling them in or that some people are consistent and they can’t be able to get too far ahead or you won’t beat them.

And finally the smack talk, the trying to encroach on the start line to get a 5cm head start and the argy-bargy that came with that.

I can successfully say though that everyone got away at their allotted times and after that it was just the small task of recording everyone coming across the line. The bulk of the field finished within about a 2 mins of each other so for the most part, after all the too’ing and fro‘ing and the tactics, everyone’s estimates turned out to be pretty accurate.

A special shout out must go to Pat Gallagher for guessing his time spot on and to Peter Horan for being wrong by more than 5 minutes!

Link to event photos on FaceBook >>here>>

*Rotate phone to landscape to see full results table*

Results based on first to finish

BibNamePlaceEst timeRace timePosition
10Peter Horan10:30:000:24:54
32Tan Miller20:24:000:20:44
5Boh Ritchie30:21:000:18:37
44Grahame Clarkin40:27:000:24:40
36Malesa McNearney50:21:100:19:00
9Lily James60:26:000:23:53
22Dawn Tuffery70:22:300:20:30
20Emily Fyfe80:35:000:33:05
31David Spedding90:27:000:25:11
21Ray Chrystall100:27:000:25:11
27Layton Mace110:23:000:21:23
46Kirsten Milne120:20:500:19:221st female
13Zarah Rattray130:24:000:22:33
7Sue Hunter140:24:300:23:03
15Dave Clark150:24:000:22:351st male
11Kerry Rattray160:27:000:25:37
23Jemima Antoniazzi170:20:300:19:11
1Kevin Knowles180:20:300:19:14
45Chris Keith190:20:300:19:14
40Helen Hall King200:23:300:22:17
6Andrew Wark210:20:000:18:50
4Dave Gunn220:19:500:18:47
30Joe Mace230:19:000:18:00
26Garry Wilson240:20:450:19:46
34Les Miller250:19:000:18:05
24Sunil Fernandez Ritchie260:18:300:17:36
37Anna OConnell270:25:000:24:08
14Wendy Harris280:25:450:24:55
41Colin King290:24:300:23:40
3Harry Coles300:18:300:17:411st new male
38Denise Graham310:25:000:24:12
18Will Taylor320:16:400:15:53
16Mike Harris330:18:300:17:43
28Thea Mace340:25:000:24:13
19Rob Townsend350:18:050:17:20
25Ryan Jones360:18:050:17:25
2Vaughan Kestle370:25:000:24:35
35Rhys Mildon380:18:050:17:48
17Arianna Lord390:19:300:19:15
39Vaughan Swale400:24:000:23:55
43Pat Gallagher410:19:000:19:00
8Monique Spedding420:20:300:20:401st new female
12Madison Rattray430:24:300:26:28
47Gilbert McDonald440:25:500:27:49

Results based on Race Time

BibNamePlaceEst timeRace timePosition
18Will Taylor10:16:400:15:53
19Rob Townsend20:18:050:17:20
25Ryan Jones30:18:050:17:25
24Sunil Fernandez Ritchie40:18:300:17:36
3Harry Coles50:18:300:17:411st new male
16Mike Harris60:18:300:17:43
35Rhys Mildon70:18:050:17:48
30Joe Mace80:19:000:18:00
34Les Miller90:19:000:18:05
5Boh Ritchie100:21:000:18:37
4Dave Gunn110:19:500:18:47
6Andrew Wark120:20:000:18:50
36Malesa McNearney130:21:100:19:00
43Pat Gallagher140:19:000:19:00
23Jemima Antoniazzi150:20:300:19:11
1Kevin Knowles160:20:300:19:14
45Chris Keith170:20:300:19:14
17Arianna Lord180:19:300:19:15
46Kirsten Milne190:20:500:19:221st female
26Garry Wilson200:20:450:19:46
22Dawn Tuffery210:22:300:20:30
8Monique Spedding220:20:300:20:401st new female
32Tan Miller230:24:000:20:44
27Layton Mace240:23:000:21:23
40Helen Hall King250:23:300:22:17
13Zarah Rattray260:24:000:22:33
15Dave Clark270:24:000:22:351st male
7Sue Hunter280:24:300:23:03
41Colin King290:24:300:23:40
9Lily James300:26:000:23:53
39Vaughan Swale310:24:000:23:55
37Anna OConnell320:25:000:24:08
38Denise Graham330:25:000:24:12
28Thea Mace340:25:000:24:13
2Vaughan Kestle350:25:000:24:35
44Grahame Clarkin360:27:000:24:40
10Peter Horan370:30:000:24:54
14Wendy Harris380:25:450:24:55
31David Spedding390:27:000:25:11
21Ray Chrystall400:27:000:25:11
11Kerry Rattray410:27:000:25:37
12Madison Rattray420:24:300:26:28
47Gilbert McDonald430:25:500:27:49
20Emily Fyfe440:35:000:33:05

Dudfield Duathlon 2020 Results

Great fun, and a good challenge for those new to multi sport type events (how tough is it to run hard straight off the bike!) but also for the seasoned pro’s.

We turned up at Race Headquarters (aka Graham’s house) where we registered, picked up our timing bibs, and admired the assortment of lycra on show…! After a bit of sandbagging and pre-race smack-talk we transitioned (that’s ‘tri” talk for those new to the game) down to the start/finish line on Peacockes rd. After some final gear checks and course briefings – we were under starters orders….3,2,1 and we are off…

Immediately Rob T showed a clean pair of heels with Paula and Dave G in hot pursuit…The runners soon sorted out their respective positions and it was head down and get to work….the first run leg is only 2.5km so before we knew it – we were back at the transition, and (at least some of us) fumbling for our helmets/shoes/hats etc…definitely some gains time wise to be made here….I think Shona had the right idea and ran/biked in her running shoes so saved many valuable seconds at the changeover…

Then it was the bike leg – 6km each way out to the end of Peacockes road and back. I have ridden this road a few times, but for some reason the hills seemed longer and higher this time? And there was fierce gale on the first half which really slowed me down [editor note Met Service had it pegged at around 11kmh so not exactly a gale]. It was a little better on the return leg downhill and with the wind – which is a cyclist’s favourite position…

Rob had led out the cycling leg but was eventually run down (or is that biked down) by Blair on his super aero TT bike – great average speed by Blair – well on his way to winning the teams section with Paula…

Rob had another strong run on the second run leg, but it wasn’t enough to catch Paula, who had another outstanding run to bring it home for Team Blair & Paula….

Other notable efforts were Kevin Knowles with 2 very fast, and even run legs, and Shona for doing it tough on the only mountain bike, while everyone else was on sleek road going machines…Also Graham Clarkin who turned up and won the 5km time trial.

Final results as below:

Event  TIMERun 1Bike +TransRun 2 +trans 2House
TeamBlair &Paula39:5109:5519:5310:03 
DuathlonKevin Knowles47:0710:0626:4810:13Ruru
5 KmGrahamClarkin26:2612:48   

Chloe (official event photographer) has posted a few photos of the event on the Hawks Facebook page – including this one of the athlete support dog in attendance…

Waikato BOP Cross Country Champs 2020 Results

The Hawks singlets were prominent at the Waikato Bay of Plenty Cross Country Champs at Waipuna Park in Tauranga on Saturday – with many Hawks runners taking podiums in their respective grades. Well done to all those who raced and congrats to those who placed.

View full results here

Lake D Relay 2020 Results

Report by John Crane

It was looking like a nice, warm Saturday afternoon as 30 runners gathered just north of Horsham Downs for the Lake D Relay … or was it 27 runners, or 29 … no it’s 28 … hold on, Kevin’s still warming up and Andrew can run … it’s 30 after all (thankfully!).
A moment of stress for Lucie as she lined everyone up to select evenly matched teams of 3 for the 3 x 3km relay.

The line-up from fastest to slowest was looking a bit suspect in places … Rob using the excuse of an Espresso Martini induced hangover to slip a little lower down the order. He then went on to produce the fastest lap of the day (10:52) … so the Espresso Martini may need to be part of his regular pre-race build up.

Then the sun disappeared, the wind got up and it started to get a bit cooler as the lap 2 and 3 runners grabbed an extra layer to keep warm.
It was clear from the start that teams had opted for different strategies … some ‘front-loading’ with their fastest runner going first in an attempt to build an unassailable lead, whilst others were relying on a glory-lap from their last runners to steal it at the end.
A slight hold up at the start as Gilbert had to go through the unfamiliar exercise of putting shoes on…then we were ready to go.

Teams 26 (Dave Gunn) and 29 (Iain Rattray) got off to good starts with their front-load approach, but it wasn’t to last as team 25 (Hayden Cressy, Dave Clark and Joe Mace) stormed through to take the honours, just 5 seconds ahead of team 28 (Mark Cornaga, Madison Rattray and Chris Keith). Fastest laps were Rob Townsend (10:52), Chris Smith (11:01) and John Crane (11:06) – I had to get my name in the write-up somehow…

A great job by team selector Lucie, with less than 5 minutes separating all 10 teams. Also some close racing all round … less than a minute separating the 10 fastest times.
If you haven’t been for a run around Lake D you should head over for a few laps one day – it’s a great little circuit and running surface.

Thanks heaps to the organisers for the day and to Wendy and Mike Harris for bringing the BBQ and sausages to cap-off an enjoyable event.

Click here to view photos on Facebook

Liam Miller9.13
Zach Miller9.28
Amber Rattray10.48
Rosie Miller12.25
 TeamsTime Fastest Individuals3k Time
2537.41Rob Townsend10.52
Hayden Cressy12.15Chris Smith11.01
Dave Clark14.06John Crane11.06
Joe Mace11.20Sunil Fernandez-Ritchie11.07
2837.46Les Miller11.13
Mark Cornaga12.08Joe Mace11.20
Madison Rattray13.49Dave Gunn11.26
Chris Keith 11.48Iain Rattray11.28
2938.04Andrew Wark 11.42
Iain Rattray11.28Chris Keith 11.48
Thea Mace14.24Mark Cornaga12.08
Kevin Knowles12.11Kevin Knowles12.11
2438.24Hayden Cressy12.15
Vaughan Swale15.02Garry Wilson 12.15
Tanja Miller12.30Tanja Miller12.30
Rob Townsend10.52Monique Spedding12.39
2638.48Dawn Tuffrey13.04
Dave Gunn11.26Carenza Elley 13.18
Helen Hall-King14.04Layton Mace13.31
Carenza Elley 13.18Madison Rattray13.49
2338.52Helen Hall-King14.04
Dawn Tuffrey13.04Dave Clark14.06
Colin King14.41Thea Mace14.24
John Crane11.06Lily James14.32
2739.05Colin King14.41
Garry Wilson 12.15Vaughan Swale15.02
Gemma Horan 15.07Gemma Horan 15.07
Andrew Wark 11.42Kerry Rattray15.48
2239.48Gilbert MacDonald16.07
Gilbert MacDonald16.07Peter Horan 16.21
Monique Spedding12.39
Chris Smith11.01
Kerry Rattray15.48
Layton Mace13.31
Les Miller11.13
Peter Horan 16.21
Sunil Fernandez-Ritchie11.07
Lily James14.32

Club Cross Country Champs 2020 Results

128 runners showed up for the Hawks Cross Country Champs this weekend, gathering from far and wide and attracting an array of talented, determined and committed runners. It was wonderful to see so many kids giving it a go and absolutely smoking it. Congratulations to everyone that conquered the mud, whether you took out the win, the club trophy, set a
new personal best or simply enjoyed testing yourself.

Results are below from this years Cross Country Champs – open event.

Hawks facebook photos
Cambridge Harriers facebook photos
Tauranga Ramblers facebook photos

1CaseCharlton06:33CAMU10 B1km
1AmberRattray04:52HawksU10 G1km
2IsabelNelson05:12U10 G1km
3SophiaMonacsi05:24U10 G1km
1LukeBelamy07:37CAMU12 B2km
2ZachMiller07:43HawksU12 B2km
3DavidSinclair08:01CAMU12 B2km
1MiaDonovan09:49HawksU12 G2km
1GeorgeWyllie10:46TGA U14 B3km
2JoshRowe11:16CAMU14 B3km
3OllieHercus11:33KaroriU14 B3km
4MatthewSinclair11:37CAMU14 B3km
5LiamMiller12:58HawksU14 B3km
1BohRitchie10:33HawksU14 G3km
2CarenzaElley12:55HawksU14 G3km
3BronwenRees-Jones13:06CAMU14 G3km
4Georgie-RoseBoyd13:18HawksU14 G3km
5LilyJames13:35HawksU14 G3km
6ZarahRattray14:49HawksU14 G3km
7IvyChiplin15:08CAMU14 G3km
8HannahJordon15:41CAMU14 G3km
1DanielSinclair09:52WHAU16 B3km
2HaydenWaddell09:57U16 B3km
3LouieEndres10:19U16 B3km
4JamesHercus10:29KaroriU16 B3km
5RyanNelson12:10CAMU16 B3km
6MatthewJordon12:11CAMU16 B3km
7LeoChiplin12:50CAMU16 B3km
8JackCharlton16:00CAMU16 B3km
1LuluJohnson11:00TGAU16 G3km
2MoniqueSpedding12:00HawksU16 G3km
3GraceWisnewski13:00U16 G3km
4MadisonRattray13:58HawksU16 G3km
5LillieHarris15:59HawksU16 G3km
1CharliMiller18:43HawksU18 G5km
2HannahGapes19:09LakeCityU18 G5km
3AnnaliesKalma22:17Te ArohaU18 G5km
4SashaJudson23:54HawksU18 G5km
5SophieHarris24:42HawksU18 G5km
6RosieMiller36:34HawksU18 G5km
1AimeeFerguson19:37HawksU20 W5km
1DebraLautenslager25:22CAMMW 60+5km
1Jean-PaulBiladi22:29HawksU18 B6km
1ZachBelamy19:14WHAU20 M6km
2BenBidois19:28HawksU20 M6km
3JamesCorbett19:54HawksU20 M6km
4AndrewCarr21:53HawksU20 M6km
1SallyGibbs22:54 TGA SW20-346km
6Hayden Cressy25:38HawksMM40-496km
5Pat Gallagher23:44HawksMM50-596km
1ChrisKeith24:14HawksMM 60+6km
2MarkHandley24:43TGAMM 60+6km
3KevinKnowles24:54HawksMM 60+6km
4GavinSmith26:48TGAMM 60+6km
5FredNeedham28:03CAMMM 60+6km
6DaveClark28:39HawksMM 60+6km
7VaughanSwale29:21HawksMM 60+6km
8DavidGriffith32:19CAMMM 60+6km
9GrahameClarkin32:25HawksMM 60+6km
10DavidTrow37:07HawksMM 60+6km
1TaylerReid28:48Tri NZSM20-399km
2JacobPriddey28:57Hill CitySM20-399km
8DanielChai35:22Akld UniSM20-399km

Current 2020 Hawks Members Results

1AmberRattray04:52HawksU10 G11km
2ZachMiller07:43HawksU12 B22km
1MiaDonovan09:49HawksU12 G12km
5LiamMiller12:58HawksU14 B53km
1BohRitchie10:33HawksU14 G13km
2CarenzaElley12:55HawksU14 G23km
4Georgie-RoseBoyd13:18HawksU14 G43km
5LilyJames13:35HawksU14 G53km
6ZarahRattray14:49HawksU14 G63km
2MoniqueSpedding12:00HawksU16 G23km
4MadisonRattray13:58HawksU16 G43km
5LillieHarris15:59HawksU16 G53km
1CharliMiller18:43HawksU18 G15km
4SashaJudson23:54HawksU18 G45km
5SophieHarris24:42HawksU18 G55km
6RosieMiller36:34HawksU18 G65km
1BridgetDeverell21:31HawksMW 50-5915km
5ShonaDewson27:17HawksMW 50-5955km
6KayeSharp28:17HawksMW 50-5965km
7TanjaPodjursky35:29HawksMW 50-5975km
1Jean-PaulBiladi22:29HawksU18 B16km
2BenBidois19:28HawksU20 M26km
3JamesCorbett19:54HawksU20 M36km
4AndrewCarr21:53HawksU20 M46km
3AriannaLord23:34HawksSW 20-3436km
5MalesaMcNearney24:37HawksSW 20-3456km
6ChloeMcDaniel25:58HawksSW 20-3466km
7AimeeElliott27:01HawksSW 20-3476km
8EmilyFyfe33:58HawksSW 20-3486km
2JohnBowe22:07HawksMM 40-4926km
3LesMiller22:45HawksMM 40-4936km
5IainRattray24:50HawksMM 40-4956km
6Hayden Cressy25:38HawksMM 40-4966km

Reduction Relay 2020 Results

Race Report by Joe Mace

The Reduction Relay was held on Saturday with the weather threatening and a great turnout of 44 runners.  Upon registering at the clubrooms we formed into three groups… those that wanted to do one lap, two laps, or three laps of a 2km course.  We were each then put into a team of three comprising one from each of the three groups.  After making sure we had introduced ourselves to our fellow team members we had a nice jog up to the start line near the Cobham bridge to get everyone warmed up for the event.

The course was on the big grassy area beside Cobham drive and included some challenging traversing up and down the slope between the river path and the road, and a section running beside the river path.  One part of the course even featured a dead possum to pass on the road verge!

It was a mass start with all runners sticking together in their teams of three.   Early in the first lap the teams quickly found their position and worked together to maximise their speed.  At the end of each lap, one member from each team dropped out.  In the second lap things started to heat up as the pace of the different teams changed.  During this lap the field was cleaned up by Boh Ritchie who was running solo doing one easy lap and one fast lap (with the fast lap time of 7:50!!!).  At the start of the final lap Sunil (team mates with Layton and Shona) was leading the field with Marc (team mates with Mark and Lillie) in second place and Joe (teammates with Amy and Keri) in third.  As the final lap progressed John-Paul (team mates with Amber and Cameron) started coming through the field steadily.  Meanwhile, Matt Scott took off at a blistering pace on his last lap coming from near the back of the field.  About halfway through the lap John-Paul passed Joe and Marc and went on to run down Sunil within the last few hundred meters to take the win (time 27:56).  All teams finished within two and a half minutes of the winner showing how competitive this race was.

Congratulations to the team of Amber, Cameron, and John-Paul for the win.

Event photos on Facebook

Past years results

20.6.20 Results:

Team NumberTeam MembersTime
21Amber Rattray27:56
 Cameron Hall 
 John Paul Biladi 
33Shona Dewson28:04
 Layton Mace 
 Sunil Fernades-Ritchie 
25Kerry Rattray28:24
 Amy Elliot 
 Joe Mace 
27Lillie Harris28:36
 Mark Cornaga 
 Marc Scott 
22Peter Horan28:42
 Kay Stockman  
 Mike Harris 
23Kaye Sharpe28:58
 Sophie Harris 
 John Crane 
32Karen Mumme29:20
 Helen King 
 Glenn Sexton 
26Gilbert MacDonald29:27
 Maddison Rattray 
 Arianna Lord 
24Emily Fyfe29:30
 Zarah Rattray 
 Andrew Wark 
30Thea Mace29:52
 Sue Hunter 
 Ian Rattray 
29Carenza Elley30:06
 Garry Wilson 
 Paul Ewart 
31Mia Donovan30:19
 Nichola Mcmahon 
 Chris Keith 
28Wendy Harris30:21
 Lily James 
 Kevin Knowles 
20Chloe Donovan30:25
 Gemma Horan 
 Matthew Scott 
34Boh Ritchie (2 Laps)19:09

Gilchrist Rose Bowl 2020 Results

Report by Lucie Kibblewhite

Saturday saw the Gilchrist Rosebowl at the lake. An ever popular event we had 32 adults and 7 children racing.

We started with the children’s race first and Andrew volunteered to lead the kids out on the first lap. However, a misunderstanding and some incorrect course marking by Dave and his crew meant Andrew went off in the correct direction, which confused the kids a little as they had listened to Dave’s flawed instructions! It was all sorted out quickly and the race was on…. Boh Ritchie brought home the kid’s in an impressive 5:52.

Luckily Dave’s briefing for the adults run was actually correct, and everyone started without a hitch.  As everyone came round past the start/finish line for the first time there wasn’t a lot of time separating groups, however, the second time of climbing the hill to the water tower put some space between people. Hayden Waddell won the adults race in 14:11,  Charli Miller coming in second at 14:25 and Mike Harris rounding out the top three in 14:50. A special mention must go to Lily and Vaughan for the sprint finish.

Event photos on Facebook

ZarahRattray9:15 1 lap
Kids Race

Waiwhakareke Random Relay 2020 Results

Well the weather held out for the first official club event of the year.

Saturday saw 30 keen runners meet at the Waiwhakareke Natural Heritage Reserve, for a 6 lap relay.

Teams were decided on the day, where each team had 3 runners, one would do 1 lap, one would do 2 laps, and the remaining runner doing 3 laps. Running order was decided by each team.

The gravel path meant not a lot of mud, but this made for good fast racing with the team of Amber, Chloe and Maia taking out the kids race, and the team of Wendy H, Garry W, and Chris Keith taking out the adults race.

Thank you to all runners, volunteers and supporters!

Event photos on Facebook