Trophy Day 2020 Results

This year produced fast times on a slightly shorter course (approximately 4.85km) due to road works.

What a stunning day for a hard run along the riverbank…Yet another great turnout for the Trophy Day club event – a handicap 5km race from the Museum at the top of Grantham st, across the bridge, down to Cobham Bridge, then return to the club on the western river path. You submit an estimate of your 5km time, and then when the countdown clock hits your time – you are off…

The plan if everyone is honest and realistic is for all runners to hit the finish line at the same time (tough job for the timekeepers!) – but as always there are those that run better/worse than expected and so it is spread out when we hit the finish line…

Trophy day (a view from the other side)

Report by Lucie Kibblewhite

I’ve never run trophy day, last year I was in the UK and this year I am out injured. So I volunteered to do the timing with Glenn, thinking how hard can it be. Well apart from a tricky little spreadsheet, turns out not that bad.

What was hard was getting everyone to agree to their handicap.
Firstly – the mini competitions. “What time has that person put?” “I’ll go the same as so and so” There were claims of underselling and burgling.
Secondly – the changes of mind when everyone got talking out on the lawn before the race started. Vaughan Kestle gets the award for how many times he changed his estimated time.

Then up at the start line came the tactics…
Everyone started eyeing up who was going at the same or a similar time to them. Then came the thoughts that while someone might pull away they would slow slightly in the second half and the prospect of reeling them in or that some people are consistent and they can’t be able to get too far ahead or you won’t beat them.

And finally the smack talk, the trying to encroach on the start line to get a 5cm head start and the argy-bargy that came with that.

I can successfully say though that everyone got away at their allotted times and after that it was just the small task of recording everyone coming across the line. The bulk of the field finished within about a 2 mins of each other so for the most part, after all the too’ing and fro‘ing and the tactics, everyone’s estimates turned out to be pretty accurate.

A special shout out must go to Pat Gallagher for guessing his time spot on and to Peter Horan for being wrong by more than 5 minutes!

Link to event photos on FaceBook >>here>>

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Results based on first to finish

BibNamePlaceEst timeRace timePosition
10Peter Horan10:30:000:24:54
32Tan Miller20:24:000:20:44
5Boh Ritchie30:21:000:18:37
44Grahame Clarkin40:27:000:24:40
36Malesa McNearney50:21:100:19:00
9Lily James60:26:000:23:53
22Dawn Tuffery70:22:300:20:30
20Emily Fyfe80:35:000:33:05
31David Spedding90:27:000:25:11
21Ray Chrystall100:27:000:25:11
27Layton Mace110:23:000:21:23
46Kirsten Milne120:20:500:19:221st female
13Zarah Rattray130:24:000:22:33
7Sue Hunter140:24:300:23:03
15Dave Clark150:24:000:22:351st male
11Kerry Rattray160:27:000:25:37
23Jemima Antoniazzi170:20:300:19:11
1Kevin Knowles180:20:300:19:14
45Chris Keith190:20:300:19:14
40Helen Hall King200:23:300:22:17
6Andrew Wark210:20:000:18:50
4Dave Gunn220:19:500:18:47
30Joe Mace230:19:000:18:00
26Garry Wilson240:20:450:19:46
34Les Miller250:19:000:18:05
24Sunil Fernandez Ritchie260:18:300:17:36
37Anna OConnell270:25:000:24:08
14Wendy Harris280:25:450:24:55
41Colin King290:24:300:23:40
3Harry Coles300:18:300:17:411st new male
38Denise Graham310:25:000:24:12
18Will Taylor320:16:400:15:53
16Mike Harris330:18:300:17:43
28Thea Mace340:25:000:24:13
19Rob Townsend350:18:050:17:20
25Ryan Jones360:18:050:17:25
2Vaughan Kestle370:25:000:24:35
35Rhys Mildon380:18:050:17:48
17Arianna Lord390:19:300:19:15
39Vaughan Swale400:24:000:23:55
43Pat Gallagher410:19:000:19:00
8Monique Spedding420:20:300:20:401st new female
12Madison Rattray430:24:300:26:28
47Gilbert McDonald440:25:500:27:49

Results based on Race Time

BibNamePlaceEst timeRace timePosition
18Will Taylor10:16:400:15:53
19Rob Townsend20:18:050:17:20
25Ryan Jones30:18:050:17:25
24Sunil Fernandez Ritchie40:18:300:17:36
3Harry Coles50:18:300:17:411st new male
16Mike Harris60:18:300:17:43
35Rhys Mildon70:18:050:17:48
30Joe Mace80:19:000:18:00
34Les Miller90:19:000:18:05
5Boh Ritchie100:21:000:18:37
4Dave Gunn110:19:500:18:47
6Andrew Wark120:20:000:18:50
36Malesa McNearney130:21:100:19:00
43Pat Gallagher140:19:000:19:00
23Jemima Antoniazzi150:20:300:19:11
1Kevin Knowles160:20:300:19:14
45Chris Keith170:20:300:19:14
17Arianna Lord180:19:300:19:15
46Kirsten Milne190:20:500:19:221st female
26Garry Wilson200:20:450:19:46
22Dawn Tuffery210:22:300:20:30
8Monique Spedding220:20:300:20:401st new female
32Tan Miller230:24:000:20:44
27Layton Mace240:23:000:21:23
40Helen Hall King250:23:300:22:17
13Zarah Rattray260:24:000:22:33
15Dave Clark270:24:000:22:351st male
7Sue Hunter280:24:300:23:03
41Colin King290:24:300:23:40
9Lily James300:26:000:23:53
39Vaughan Swale310:24:000:23:55
37Anna OConnell320:25:000:24:08
38Denise Graham330:25:000:24:12
28Thea Mace340:25:000:24:13
2Vaughan Kestle350:25:000:24:35
44Grahame Clarkin360:27:000:24:40
10Peter Horan370:30:000:24:54
14Wendy Harris380:25:450:24:55
31David Spedding390:27:000:25:11
21Ray Chrystall400:27:000:25:11
11Kerry Rattray410:27:000:25:37
12Madison Rattray420:24:300:26:28
47Gilbert McDonald430:25:500:27:49
20Emily Fyfe440:35:000:33:05