End of Year Prize Giving 2016 Results


Hawks Trophy List 2016 – Juniors
Trophy Day Carson Trophy Girls U14 Charli Miller
Upton Cup Boy U14 Not awarded
Johnson Trophy Boy U10 Zac Miller
Humphries Cup Girl U10 Rosie Miller
Gilchrist Rosebowl Weller Cup Boy or Girl U14 Lucy Farrell
Adrian Hewitt Trophy Boy or Girl U12 Max Field
Sweeney Cup Llashram Trophy – 1st Midget Boy or Girl Kallam Mardon
Barbutt Barometer – 1st Boy or Girl U14 Charli Miller
Club Cross Country Champs Club Cross Country Parents Cup – Girl 10 Rylee Marden
Hamilton City Hawks Trophy – Girl 12 Not awarded
Woodhead Cup – Midget Boy Not awarded
Hamilton City Hawks Trophy – Boy 12 Kallam Mardon
Prima Donna Trophy – Girl 14 Charli Miller
White Cup – Boy 14 Max Field
Club Road Champs Hewitt Cup – Midget Girl Alba Watkins
Blackham Cup – Midget Boys Zac Miller
Ken Johnson Trophy – Girls 12 (& under) Rosie Miller
Hamilton City Hawks Trophy – Boys 12 (& under) Donovan Farrell
Stanley Cup – Girls 14 (& under) Charli Miller
Horan Cup – Boys 14 (& under) Mathijs Wetzels
Award Trophy Winner
Most improved -Girl U14 McCondach Cup Sophie Harris
Most improved -Boy U14 Izzard Cup Mathijs Wetzels
Most improved -Girl 12 & Under Bob Read Trophy Rylee Mardon
Most improved -Boy 12 & Under Neil Wilson Trophy Donovan Farrell
Special Trophies Vicki Boose Trophy – Best all round Girl 14 & Under Charli Miller
Eric Boose Best Trophy – Best all round Boy 14 & Under Mathijs Wetzels
Hawks Trophy List 2016 – Seniors
Trophy Day Cameron Cup Paula Ward
Chandler Cup Mary Rogerson
Cotterell Cup Sunil Fernandez-Ritchie
Ready Cup 1st New Male Rodney De Klerk
Gilchrist Rosebowl Gilchrist Rosebowl – Team International School
John Crane, Andrew Wark,
Colin King, Callum Mardon
Gilchrist Rosebowl – Marshall Cup Fastest Female Helen Hall-King
Gilchrist Rosebowl – Club Captains Trophy Fastest Male Harry Ewing
General Club Races Sweeney Cup Wendy Harris
Sing Relay Maureen Leonard & Marcus Daws
Bannister Plaque Gemma Horan Andrew Wark
Huntly Half Marathon Dave Larsen Trophy – 1st Club Male Steve Rees-Jones
J Varney Cup – 1st Club Female Rowan Torckler
Marathon Southwick Cup – Senior Male Ryan Stacey Christchurch   2.45
Atlanta Trophy – Senior Women Nancy Jiang Rotorua   3.05
Peter Buckland Cup – Master Men Chris Smith Rotorua   3.02
Rogerson Rosebowl – Masters Women Vicki Wade Rotorua   3.30
Club Cross Country L.G. Turner Cup Senior Men Lance Brew
Suttie Cup 2nd Senior Male Martin Ferry
Gamble Cup Senior Men Handicap Martin Ferry
Henshall Cup 1st Male Under 20 Kyle Smith
Goldbury Cup 2nd Under 20 Male Callum McDonald
Cain Shield 1st Male Under 18 Sam Montgomery
Cranston Cup Handicap Under 20 Sam Montgomery
Cranston Cup 1st Male Under 16 Eathan Murdoch
Pat Wood Masters Men 40-49 Kent Hodgson
Gordon Speirs Trophy Men 50-59 John Crane
John Sherson Trophy 60+ Evan Primmer
Masters Men Handicap Mayall Trophy Dave Gunn
Women Cross Country Graham Trophy Oliva Ritchie
Sealed Handicap Senior Women Malesa McNearney
Neeco Cup Women Under 20 Emerson Deverell
New Cup Women Under 18 Grace Ritchie
Hair Foundation Girl Under 16 Sam Corbett
Sealed Handicap for Women Under 20 Grace Ritchie
Clarke Trophy Masters Women 35 -45 Not awarded
Vet Womens Trophy 45-54 Bridget Deverell
King Trophy Master Women 55+ Maureen Leonard
Sealed Handicap Masters Women Lisa Joblin
Club Road Champs President Cup Senior Men Jai Davis-Campbell
Graham Trophy 2nd Senior Men John Merring
Sealed Handicap – Senior Men Reuben Tomlinson
Galloway Cup Men Under 20 Callum MacDonald
Battern Cup Men under 18 Isaiah Priddey
Sealed Handicap – Junior Men Connor Tristam
Daly Trophy Boys Under 16 Not awarded
Brownson Cup Masters Men 40-49 Glenn Sexton
Porter Cup Masters Men 50-59 John Crane
Ernie Battern Memorial Trophy Masters Men 60+ Evan Primmer
Sealed Handicap Master Men’s Ross Barnett
Celia Morris Cup Girl Under 16 Sam Corbett
KSM Trophy Women Under 18 Grace Ritchie
Sealed Handicap – Junior Women Grace Ritchie
Lynch Cup Senior Women Kovo McDonald
Sealed Handicap – Senior Women Kovo McDonald
Ted Hamilton Cup Masters Women 35-44 Celia Flori
Chandler Cup Masters Women 45-54 Kirsten Milne
Jack Hewitt Trophy Masters Women 55+ Marion Millward
Sealed Handicap – Masters Women Mary Rogerson
Special Trophies
Award Trophy Nominated Winner
Most improved -Senior Men Gardiner Cup Rhys Mildon Rhys Mildon
Sunil Ritchie
Malcolm King
Most improved -Senior Women Irvine Cup Nancy Jiang Malesa McNearney
Malesa McNearney
Most improved – Masters Men Lance Allen Trophy Ross Barnett Vaughan Kestle
Vaughan Kestle
Mike Harris
Garry Clare
Most improved – Masters Women Ted Hamilton Trophy Cecilia Floni Wendy Harris
Fiona Barnett
Wendy Harris
Shona Dewson
Lisa Joblin
Most Improved – JW U16 Keith Falla Trophy Lucy Farrell Lucy Farrell
Most Improved – JM U16 Hewitt Trophy Lochie Montgomerie Lochie Montgomerie
Most Improved – JW U18 Hewitt Trophy Grace Ritchie Grace Ritchie
Rose Dillon
Most Improved – JM U18 McLachlan Trophy Sean Trowern Sean Trowern
Connor Tristram
Sealed Handicaps McLeod Shield Sealed Handicap – Combined X Country and Road Grace Ritchie
Ray Curnow Memorial Trophy Best Sealed Handicap any Grade Cross Country and Road Dave Gunn
Trophy For Winner
60th Jubilee N/A (SM from Narrows XC Relay) Jai Davis-Campbell
Life Member Nomination Dave Southwick
The ‘Big 3’
Trophy Nominated Winner Achievement
Keith Trow – Best Individual Performance Charli Miller Charli Miller 1st Nat XC, 1st Nat Road, 2nd NRR, Fastest Lap NRR
Emerson Deverell
Isaiah Priddey
Gregor Cameron – Best Performance NRR Charli Miller Junior Women NRR Team NRR 2nd place – young team – nearly had the win.
Grace Ritchie
Maureen Leonard
Camille Buscomb
Cecilia Flori
Junior Women NRR Team
Harrier of the year Kevin Knowles Wendy Harris & Helen Hall-King
Lance Brew
Wendy Harris/Helen Hall-King

National Road Relays 2016 Results

The National Road Relays – such a special event! The finale for the winter road and cross country season, always full of drama (especially in the week before the race), where everyone is expected to give 100% and ends up giving 110%, awesome individual performances, team commitment … and most importantly, great fun. This year’s relay in Rotorua didn’t disappoint. It was all of these things … and to cap it off the Hawks finished with a 3 way share of top overall club alongside Wellington Harrier Athletic and Auckland City Athletic (the first time the honour has ever been shared) – a fantastic club result that reflects our depth across all age groups.


All teams performed magnificently on the day, but none more so than the Junior Women. This is a young junior team with most experiencing their first NRR and probably feeling a bit overwhelmed by it all. With some excellent guidance from Wendy and Helen as team managers they put in an exceptional performance to finish second and very nearly snatching the win. With several more years ahead of them, this team are already a force to be reckoned with at a national level.

There were many other great results and performances – too many to single out, but this is how the teams ended up …
Junior Women – 2nd
Senior Women – 2nd
Masters Women – 2nd
Junior Men – 6th
Senior Men – 3rd (B Grade)
Masters Men – 3rd
Masters 50 – 5th
Social Team – 5th

2016 NRR_Full Hawks_Results (PDF)
Full NRR results here

A huge thanks from me to everyone who took part, all those who helped organise, drive vans, support, etc. Thanks also to those people who marshalled a stage on behalf of the club – definitely the best organised change-over and great to see everyone out on the course.

We must also pass on a big thanks and congratulations to Lake City for hosting a very successful event.

Looking forward to next year already!

John Crane

And from Don – ‘Huge congratulations to all those involved in the national road relay champs over the weekend. To score 50 points in the champion club comp was a brilliant team effort. The fact that four clubs ended up with 50 was historic. Did Athletics NZ have spare gold medals available?

Superb effort to John Crane and his organising team. I was very proud to be a Hawk and was quite chuffed to be able to access Facebook and Twitter on my computer after noon and catch up with information about the many Hawks medal successes. There was some close racing for our teams and I look forward to hearing the many stories.  National road relays are FUN!’ – Don Willoughby

NRR report – Junior Womens Team

Report by Wendy Harris

Helen and I were privileged to be able to manage the Junior Women’s team of Sam Corbett, Aimee Ferguson, Monique MacDonald, Rose Dillon, Charli Miller and Grace Ritchie at this year’s NRR champs.  As a very young and inexperienced team we had no expectations of them placing and just hoped that they would enjoy the experience and see it as an opportunity to be a part of a national event and set themselves a goal for 2017.  The drive around the course on Friday followed by a team chat where Helen gave them instructions on not jumping into bushes and letting us know if they needed to go to the toilet while we were out on the course so we didn’t lose anyone only seemed to assist in increasing the nerves of the girls.


Race day dawned and we all jumped into “Betty” our trusty transport for the day with Sam who was up first looking rather nervous and quite possibly wondering what she had got herself into particularly as her longest ‘race’ previously was 5km and her lap was over 8km ending on a 2km hill.  Running a very well thought out and wisely paced lap Sam got the team into a creditable 5th place with the 4th placed runner within her sights as she handed the baton to Aimee.  Aimee was well aware that she had the biggest uphill lap and really needed to pace herself so she could do the distance.  She set off strongly and very quickly passed Pakuranga JW to gain a place and put us into 4th position.  Despite the tough uphill every time we saw her she was smiling and you could see the determination on her face – a really gutsy effort finishing strongly and resulting in being the second fastest JW on her lap.

Monique was next and with the shortest but nastiest lap, being a very steep downhill.  Monique maintained a fast even pace throughout and kept us close enough to the 3rd placed Wellington that there was a chance we could catch them.  Monique ran so hard her hips almost didn’t want to work anymore when she had done.  The very cheerful and bubbly Rose took over the baton at this point for leg 4 of the race and worked hard to close the gap between the Hawks and Wellington.  Her lap was a tough 6km of ups and downs but her triathlon training certainly paid off with Rose also ending up the second fastest JW runner for her lap.

With two laps to go and five minutes between the lead JW team of Auckland and our girls Charli took over.  She had been given strict instructions to ease off in the first 2kms as it is all uphill before it flattens out for the remaining 6km of her lap.  She seemed to have her own race plan though and took off flying up the hill.  Helen and I started to get a little concerned that she wouldn’t finish the lap as she couldn’t keep that pace up but she had obviously found a whole new level of speed and energy as she just kept going and going.  At this point the volume in ‘Betty’ increased somewhat as the girls realised that maybe, just maybe they might get a podium finish after all and there was much screaming out the windows as we cheered Charli on.  She passed the 3rd place, then she passed the 2nd place and by the time she had handed over the baton to Grace at the final changeover the girls were in 2nd place with only a minute and a half between them and Auckland.  Grace, the team’s most experienced runner in the team looked focused and calm as she set off (I’m sure she was actually quite anxious as the thought of keeping the team in 2nd place weighed on her mind).  We had to leave Grace at the 4km point of her 10.4km lap so we could get to the finish in time to see her but when we left her she was looking strong, determined and fast and we could see the gap between her and 3rd increasing as she made the prospect of a 2nd placing look very secure.

We saw Grace again as she came flying towards the finish having closed the gap between her and Auckland to around 30 seconds.  The girls (and Helen and I) were screaming in excitement knowing they were now silver medallists.  Charli and Grace also achieved the accolade of fastest runners on their prospective laps.  For Helen and I to say we are proud is an understatement.  The girls truly displayed guts, comradeship, support, encouragement, determination and I think most of all courage in what was an extremely tough race.  Well done girls.

Cambridge Half Marathon 2016 Results

The Cambridge Half Marathon and associated events was held in sunny conditions from Cambridge High School on Sunday and attracted a solid club entry among the 670+ finishers. It was pleasing to see the Hawks singlet prominent in many of the events. Here is a selection and brief comment on some club members who caught the eye.

In the half Alice Mason won the women’s section and set a new course record of 1.20.34 to show she is in good shape for upcoming races. John Mering ran second to Steve Rees-Jones of Cambridge in the mens race, 1.15.07 to Steve’s winning time of 1.14.14. Phil Murray was 4th with a 1.18.01 clocking while Kevin Knowles won the MM55 grade with 1.26.41 ahead of Sunil Fernandez-Ritchie 1.27.31. There were 195 finishers in this race.

In the 10 km with 205 finishers, pocket rocket Mathjis Wetzels left the large field in his wake and won very comfortably with a 35.12 time. Cameron Swales, now in Christchurch, was 2nd in 35.35 while other Hawks close up were John Bowe who won the MM40  section with 37.16 despite battling a niggling plantar fascia. It was good to see Kevin Fly 37.41 reaching a fitter level and Cameron Hall reappearing after a break running 39.50.  Kirsten Milne MW40 ran 42.09 while Kovo Macdonald on a light training load recorded 42.14 and Maureen Leonard won the MW 55 with 44.48.

Hawks singlets were to the fore at the start of the 5km with Rhys Mildon placing 2nd in 16.44, and Charli Miller winning the female section with 18.06 and a new course record ahead of the Ritchie sisters who chased her hard to clock 18.25 for Olivia and 18.58 for Grace. Sam Corbett was 10th 20.05 ahead of Lucy Farrell in 21.36 15th. There were many other Hawks scattered through each race so apologies to those missed but full results are on the Cambridge Harrier Club website.

Waikato BOP Road Champs 2016 Results

I was blown away by the course setting, the park like appearance the lack of traffic and the supportive land owner so congrats Glenn you did a stupendous job. The future potential for the Hawks club to hold events here is great news.

Sweeney Cup 2016 Results

The Sweeney Cup road races on Saturday attracted an excellent field of 53 in the open 8kms.  A huge thank you to Graham Dudfield and his team for another well-run club event. With urban sprawl accelerating the club’s time racing on this circuit is fast coming to a close so we need to looking for alternative race courses. A comment from the visiting Grogan family who said to me, “the Hawks must be in good heart if this number turn up to a club race.” I agree, so well done team. I am proud to be a Hawk.

Despite the squally SW showers which whipped across the course some hard racing was seen and it was a great sight over the last few kms to witness the whole field string out and in view but closing up. Wendy Harris took out the Sweeney Cup and full results can be viewed on the club’s Facebook.

So who caught my eye and impressed? Malcolm King did a duathlon and after a 30km bike whipped through his 8km in 29.44. It was neat to catch up again with Helen Gavin and hear her news. She is still able to run strongly on 3 days a week training. John Crane is rather like a good red wine as he appears to improve with age and by a second he beat first year masters Lance Brew 28.59 to 29.00 with a solid run. Olivia Richie with a 30.08 clocking was the fastest senior women. Charli Miller had a short blast over 2km in 7.08 which should help peak her for nationals at the Domain next weekend.

Congratulations to Wendy Harris – Sweeney Cup Winner.
Today’s results in finish order.
Name Surname Net Time Grade 

Malcom King 29:44 SM
Helen Gavin 34:27 SW
Robyn Smith 51:20 MW50+
Kim Trenwith 42:59 MW
Kovo McDonald 34:43 SW
Cameron Hall 30:58 SM
Malesa McNearney 31:18 SW
Wendy Harris 42:52 MW Sweeney Cup Winner
Grahame Clarkin 39:37 MM
Sunil Fernadez 30:14 SM
Bridget Deverell 33:58 MW45+ MW
Georgia Crane 36:02 JW
Mike Harris 30:49 MM40
Kris Moore 30:56 SM
Nick Freke 30:59 MM45
Chris Smith 29:38 MM50+
Kevin Knowles 31:06 M50
Garry Wilson 33:37 MM50+
Mary Rogerson 43:28 W50+
John Crane 28:59 MM50+ 1st MM
Emily Fyfe 46:33 sw
Maureen Foulds 51:04 MW50+
Vaughan Kestle 38:06 MM
Peter Horan 38:11 MM
Evan Primmer 38:17 MM50+
Andrew Wark 29:17 MM40
Veronika Lang 32:30 SW
Chris Keith 31:56 MM40
Sarah Woolerton 37:38 SW
Connor Tristram 29:53 MU18
Lance Brew 29:00 SM 1st SM
Emerson Deverell 30:57 U20 1st U20 W
Olivia Richie 30:08 SW 1st SW
Gordon Speirs 39:43 MM60+
Paul Ritchie 32:34 MM55
Grace Ritchie 31:26 U18
Annika Grogan 32:01 SW
Claire Montgomery 41:34 SW
Gilbert MacDonald 41:34 MM
Terry Hannah 51:47 MM60+

2 Km race 
Charli Miller 07:05 U13
Sam Corbett 07:14 JW
Lucy Farrell 07:36 JW
Kallum Mardon 07:41 U12
Ben Wild 08:26 U12
Gemma Horan 09:13 U12
Sophie Harris 09:14 U14
Rosie Miller 11:23 U12
Cory Brew 12:21 U7

Waikato BOP Cross Country Champs 2016 Results

Report by Mudlark

It was clear and cold with a SW wind keeping the temps down but it was a day of good racing for a few from the club with fields small and racing keen.
At long last I can give congrats and credit to Mathijis Wetzels who had his results in the North Island CC and the King of the Mountains last week fouled up so that he never got mentioned. Apologies for that. He was a superb winner of the B14 3km and his time of 10.18 over country was real quick for a guy who spends much of his weekend playing soccer (where he is also a gun).

There were many other Hawks gold winners. Nicolle Mitchell continues to impress in the women’s division where the new 10km  distance is a challenge. Kent Hodgson M45, Lance Brew M35, Kevin Knowles M55, Charli Miller G14, Isaiah Priddey M18, Emerson Deverell  W20, Bridget Ray W50, Maureen Leonard W55, and David Trow M70 all won golds so that was a pleasing set of results for the club.

Heaps of other medals were also won, with silvers to junior Harry Ewing running up a grade to provide Aaron Pulford with some competition. And where have all our runners gone, I ask, with only 2 in the senior men field? Grace Ritchie won silver in W20, providing Emerson with some opposition, and Paul Ritchie M55 and Gary Wilson M50 were others to score silvers.

All in all a disappointing day of racing, in terms of race numbers on a superb course. The resurgence of the Cambridge Club was noted and is pleasing. They are shaping well for the masters men section of the road relay, as are Lake City. They were also proud to wear the Cambridge ‘Red and Blue’. As a further comment – old fashioned perhaps, but it is important to follow the correct system of paying a WBOP registration and wearing a club singlet if you wish to compete officially and to be included in the results. Hopefully all will take that on board as I would hate to see further decline in numbers of registered athletes taking part in championship races.

On that note PLEASE make sure that your national cross country champs entries go in on time for the August 7 Sunday romp around the Auckland Domain. Knowing the area well after 7 years of training and racing there with the University Club, the surface will NOT be as fast as Spa Park Taupo and could in fact be quite muddy after many winter sports games the day before. However it may be dry as they run around the perimeter. On a more positive note I did run my first sub 2 minute half there at the Labour Day sports when a 17 year school kid from Takapuna Grammar. There was no mud there that day.

AWBOP XC 2016 Results

More of the event photos can be viewed here

WaiBOP XC Champs 2016-1 WaiBOP XC Champs 2016-2

Sanitorium Hill 2016 Results

Report by Olivia Ritchie

‘It is not the mountain we conquer but ourselves.’

I found this quote from the great Sir Ed Hillary very well-fitting for last Saturday’s Sanitorium Hill race, which is thankfully over for another year! The last time I ran this race was two years ago, and to be honest, my ‘run’ would probably be more accurately described as a ‘grovel’. I vividly recall reaching the ‘Rest and Be Thankful’ sign just over half way up and thinking to myself what a silly spot for such a sign. Already I felt like I was falling backwards, and at that moment I was far from thankful.

Turning corner after corner I was thrilled to reach the farm shed and what I had assumed to be the top, aka finish. But my relief soon turned to devastation as I was directed up two more walk-inducing pinches to the ‘very top’ and actual finish. Thankfully Dad served as a great taxi service that year and I successfully slunk away with him after, absolutely shattered!

This year was mine to redeem myself. And in order to do so, I knew I must be prepared. Thanks to some regular Wednesday arvo run with our famous mountain running champ, Emerson Deverell, and what has now become a handful of Cambridge Hills loops shared with fellow Hamilton and Cambridge running nuts, I felt more ready than I’d ever been to take on the challenge. Although I can honestly admit to being far from a mountain goat, I was thrilled with myself for finishing without walking, to have pulled in a lil time on Gracie (instead of watching her fly away into the horizon like 2years ago!), and to have successfully enjoyed a side-tracked run back down through the forest – no quick getaway this time as Dad had buggered off to sneak in some heat training at Fiji instead!

It was really awesome to see such a strong turn-out from both the Hawks and Cambridge Harriers. Huge thanks also to the Cambridge Harriers for hosting such a well-run event. I hope to see you all back next year, even stronger than ever! And if, like Dad, you conveniently missed (avoided) the event this year, I challenge you to pencil it in for next year. Give it a go and challenge yourself. I promise, it is well worth it!

    Sanitorium Hill 2016

Report by Mudlark

The popular challenge of running up Maungakawa/Sanitorium Hill in Cambridge attracted 28 Hawks club members on Saturday. It was a typical mid winter day, clear with a nippy SW wind and the views of snow clad volcanic peaks beyond Lake Karapiro to the south and the bush clad Kaimais to east more than compensated for the lung searing effort of mastering the mountain run.

Held in combination with host club Cambridge the uphill race proved to be an excellent short sharp blast prior to the WBOP cross country champs next week in Taupo. PhD student John Mering clocked the fastest time for our club of 19.16 to prove he will be a very useful addition to the senior men’s ranks. Next best was Jai Davies-Campbell who despite his heavy head cold made the journey to the top in 22.23 just a few clicks faster than Kent Hodgson’s 21.27. Other pleasing masters runs came from Andrew Wark 22.41 and John Bowe 22.50. Good to see John back running again after an injury break.

Among the women quickest to the summit was W20 national mountain champ Emerson Deverell who at 23.14 was just one second quicker than Olivia Ritchie with younger sibling Grace on 23.25. It was pleasing to see Marian Millward racing again and she appeared to enjoy running injury free. There were querying looks from other club’s members when they noted Kent leading the traditional Hawks 3 lap walk around the World War 2 pill boxes at the top.

Detailed results may be posted on the Cambridge Harrier Club website.

North Island XC Champs 2016 Results

Report by Kevin Knowles

The best weather ever.

Running with the frost still on the ground on the shaded areas of the Spa Park course. ( a bit cold on the toes of our bare-foot runner, eh Gilbert). A great number of entries, as usual, meant very competitive racing.

Full results:

20160702 NIXC Mens and Boys Results

20160702 NIXC Womens and Girls Results

Grade medal results for HAWKS include:
Mathijs Wetzel 1st,
Charli Miller 1st,
Isaiah Priddey 1st
Emerson Deverell 2nd
Bridget Deverell 2nd
Bridget Ray 3rd
Maureen Leonard 2nd
John Crane 2nd
Harry Ewing 3rd (upgrading himself to senior men for the day.)
See more podium results over at Athletics NZ

Also nice running by the rest of our Hawks team. Glad to have you all there.
The best way to fill the time between racing and prize-giving was a nice soak in the hot pools at the edge of the river.
A well spent day.

NIXC16_2  NIXC16_3

Report by Mudlark:

The 29th North Island Cross Country Champs were held on Spa Thermal Park in brilliant winter sun with no winds in quite the best conditions I can remember after a long association with this event as a cross country nut. For many North island clubs this is a total club trip so there were some good fields. The Hawks singlet was to the fore in many events which was very pleasing. The stand out Hawks run came from national secondary schools year 9 champion Charli Miller. She led from the gun and maintained good form throughout to finish strongly and set a new race record taking 2 seconds off the Hannah O’Connor 2015 mark by recording a smart 10.40 for 3kms. It was a run of real class and delighted coach John Tylden.

Another Hawks victory went to Isaiah Priddey who won the M18 5km with a front running display. It was great to see Isaiah back running freely and close to his best form again. Clocking 16.06 for 5km cross was very sound run. Emerson Deverell ran a cautious race in the W20 4000 after a wee break through a strained tendon and finished just 4 seconds off a win with  a time of 14.30.

In the masters women race over 5km Hawks were really prominent with training partners Bridget Deverell and Bridget Ray locked together through the early stages to finish 2nd for Bridget D in 20.49 ahead of Bridget R in 20.57.

In the MW55 section Maureen Leonard was 2nd in 22.57. Harry Ewing ran a controlled and sensible race in the senior men’s 9km to come home strongly on the last lap and take 3rd spot with a 29.19 time. He will hit the US high school scene in late August in great shape. Many other Hawks athletes took part and had solid runs and their individual times and places are still awaited. With the WBOP champs to be held there in a fortnight it was a real pleasure to be able to walk around a course with dry shoes despite the heavy rain that fell early in the week. The free draining pumice and ash course provides an excellent running surface and it is to be hoped that a huge turnout of club runners will take part. It is not a mudlark’s heaven.

NIXC16_4   NIXC16_5

Excerpt from Athletic NZ’s newsletter:

“Isaiah Priddey bounced back from his disappointing run of seventh at the secondary schools championship to also win the combined under 18 and under 20 5km in 16:06. Priddey said that he ran a more tactical race than he did two weeks ago.

“It was a completely different race tactically and it shows that tactics really do make a difference and I think that’s what I struggled with at national schools and I did my tactics a bit better this time,” he said.
“We went up the first hill and it was feeling really fast, but my legs weren’t as tight as they usually are so I was feeling good and I thought with 2ks to go we were moving a bit slower and there was going to be a tight finish with everyone sprinting but for some reason I just felt really good today and was able to pull away from the pack and I’m happy with that,” he added.
Hayden Wilde in the under 20 division was second in 16:14 with Angus White, runner up in the schools championship, third overall in 16:16.

Sally Gibbs won the master women’s 5km in 19:25 and Carolyn Smith led in the W55 division in 21:47. Stephen Day was a clear winner in the master men 6km in 20:06 and Dallas McCallum was equally convincing in the 50 plus masters in 21:50. Charli Miller, schools year nine champion, set a record of 10:40 in the girls 14 3km, breaking O’Connor’s record of last year by two seconds.”

Cross Country Club Champs 2016 Results

Despite a solid amount of rain at the outset, a good turnout of runners and supporters made it to our club champs at the Minogue Park course on Saturday…

Gilchrist Rose Bowl School of Origin XC 2016 Results

This is how it worked. Each runner was put in a team according to which high school they went to and their age. To make a team, had to be at least 3 from the same school. In the event of insufficient numbers, teams were made up of regions, or countries, or even a world/international selection. All runners are counted in results.

Race options were either 4 or 6 km. After the race, the results will be run through the highly technical and complicated World Masters Association age grade calculator.

Fastest Times Fastest Age Adjusted
Harry Ewing 6km 19.16 John Crane 6km 83.04%
Jai Davies Campbell 6km 19.57 Harry Ewing 6km 82.21%
Kent Hodgson 6km 21.18 Paul Ritchie 6km 80.73%
Team Results Age Adjusted Individual
International 1ST 75.00% John Crane 6km 21.36 83.04%
John Crane 6km 21.36 83.04% Harry Ewing 6km 19.16 82.21%
Andrew Wark 6km 21.58 79.08% Paul Ritchie 6km 23.11 80.73%
Colin King 6km 27.50 70.91% Kent Hodgson 6km 21.18 80.27%
Kallum Mardon 4km 17.39 66.95% Chris Keith 6km 23.08 79.54%
Andrew Wark 6km 21.58 79.08%
Odds 2ND 74.82% Marc Scott 6km 22.13 76.96%
Jemima Antoniazzi 4km 16.15 75.60% Jai Davies Campbell 6km 19.57 76.78%
Henny Swinkels 4km 16.14 68.17% Helen Hall-King 4km 17.49 76.49%
Lucy Farrell 4km 16.05 76.38% Lucy Farrell 4km 16.05 76.38%
Mike Harris 6km 22.46 74.52% Jemima Antoniazzi 4km 16.15 75.60%
Chris Keith 6km 23.08 79.54% Nick Freke 6km 22.38 74.96%
Mike Harris 6km 22.46 74.52%
Fairfield / Fraser Kay Stockman 4km 19.07 72.16%
Gary Clare 4km 17.31 63.52% Penny Burkhardt 4km 21.17 71.46%
Kris Moore 6km 22.28 69.28% Colin King 6km 27.50 70.91%
Grant Budd 6km 26.23 69.28% Monique MacDonald 6km 26.26 70.40%
Vaughan Kestle 4km 18.17 65.84% Kris Moore 6km 22.28 69.28%
Gilbert MacDonald 6km 28.16 60.97% Grant Budd 6km 26.23 69.28%
Mary Rogerson 4km 20.46 69.19%
Hamilton Boys High Henny Swinkels 4km 16.14 68.17%
David Southwick 4km 22.36 56.82% Kallum Mardon 4km 17.39 66.95%
Jai Davies Campbell 6km 19.57 76.78% Malesa McNearney 6km 22.58 66.69%
Vaughan Swale 4km 19.13 63.37% Vaughan Kestle 4km 18.17 65.84%
Nick Freke 6km 22.38 74.96% Gordon Speirs 6km 29.47 65.66%
Evan Primmer 6km 28.09 63.74% Sunil F 6km 23.34 64.99%
Grahame C 6km 29.56 64.75%
Hillcrest Evan Primmer 6km 28.09 63.74%
Kent Hodgson 6km 21.18 80.27% Gary Clare 4km 17.31 63.52%
Mary Rogerson 4km 20.46 69.19% Vaughan Swale 4km 19.13 63.37%
Helen Hall-King 4km 17.49 76.49% Gemma Horan 4km 20.27 61.23%
Sunil F 6km 23.34 64.99% Gilbert MacDonald 6km 28.16 60.97%
Peter Horan 6km 29.24 60.54%
Randoms David Southwick 4km 22.36 56.82%
Marc Scott 6km 22.13 76.96% Max Field 4km 20.49 53.83%
Paul Ritchie 6km 23.11 80.73%
Gordon Speirs 6km 29.47 65.66%
Grahame Clarkin 6km 29.56 64.75% Reilly 2km 9.12
Monique MacDonald 6km 26.26 70.40%
Harry Ewing 6km 19.16 82.21%
Gemma Horan 4km 20.27 61.23%
Max Field 4km 20.49 53.83%
Penny Burkhardt 4km 21.17 71.46%
Malesa McNearney 6km 22.58 66.69%
Kay Stockman 4km 19.07 72.16%
Peter Horan 6km 29.24 60.54%

Bannister Plaque 2016 Results

Report by John Crane

There was a small but enthusiastic turnout for the Bannister Plaque on Saturday, an event that was a late addition to the calendar for anyone who was around over the long weekend … and it turned out to be an enjoyable and sunny Hamilton afternoon for the 22 runners who came along.

Helen Hall-King had come up with a great idea for a different relay format, so we gave it a go. The format was based on teams of two (so we had eleven teams in total), and the course was our Cobham Drive cross country course, with a 2km lap and a 1km lap marked out. Each team had to run two 1km legs and two 2km legs, and the teams could decide for themselves how they split these between them and in what order they ran them in. The only rule was that the same runner couldn’t do consecutive legs (so they had to alternate). That kept things interesting right to the end as some had chosen to do the short legs first and get ahead, others ran the two longer legs first, and some just alternated between the two – so it wasn’t until the last few hundred metres that things unfolded.

First over the line and Bannister Plaque winners was the team of Gemma Horan & Andrew Wark. Second was the team of Vaughan Kestle and a fast-finishing Les Miller, just outsprinting the third placed team of Mary Rogerson and John Crane.

Many thanks to all the helpers who pitched in on the day.

Tauranga Open Cross Country 2016 Results

The annual Tauranga Open Cross Country was held on a remarkably dry Waipuna Park course with no surface water or mud despite the heavy overnight rain.

Narrows Cross Country Relay 2016 Results

What a magic day of old style cross country racing took place at the Narrows Christian Camp on Saturday.

Trophy Day Results 2016

Despite it being not only the school holidays but also a long weekend there was a great turnout of around 60 people on a beautiful autumn day.

Sing Relay 2016 Results

Report by Fiona Barnett

The Annual Sing Relay was held on Saturday 9th April at the Clubrooms. There was a good turnout, with 16 teams – special mention to Rosie Miller who stepped in to ensure everyone was able to run.

We start by lining up according to our 5km time, then pairing off from each end (fastest with the slowest), working in to the middle.

As a tail-end Charlie, I was pleased to be paired with the speedy Marc Scott (thus ensuring me of a relatively short run!).

The faster half of the teams start on Grantham St and follow the Trophy Day course – up to the Band Rotunda, across the bridge and down onto the river path on the east side of the river. The slower half start on the path at the other side of the carpark and run up towards Cobham Drive, across the bridge and back down to the path to meet their teammate. Meet your runner, hand over the baton and turn around back the way you came. The first team with both runners home are the winners.

High-tech batons were provided by Helen (bamboo skewers), which could be used to poke your teammate if you felt they hadn’t run fast enough to meet you! Just kidding, Marc!

Helen starts us off – next year, you need a loudhailer 🙂 – and away we go. There were quite a few runners at the faster end of the field, so the “slow” teams were not all that slow, with Terry and me firmly establishing our positions at the back of the pack (thanks for the company, Terry!).

Mary Rogerson was the first person I see handing the baton over to John Crane at the far end of the bridge, and then there is Marc coming towards me to take our baton. I turn for home and enjoy being in second place for a few seconds, before the faster of the slower teams start running me down once again.

It’s not too long before I get to enjoy the best part, the nice long downhill back to the finish, and I can see all those who have already finished milling around and chatting.

Top honours went to Maureen and Marcus and second place to Colin and Jemima (a new club member).

Back to the clubrooms for a spot of afternoon tea. This was a fun event at the start of the season.

Huntly Half Marathon 2016 Results

Report by Glenn Sexton

Due to the lack of fast half marathons, and continued problems with the townsfolk from Huntly regarding the old course, Huntly Half decided to go back to the traditional road race formula of looking for a fast flat course. Hopefully this  gives people a chance for a PB, or an age grade PB. To those Hawks who chose to run it or the 10 and 5k, thanks for continuing to support this event. Feedback from competitors and Huntly people has been positive. We took a bit of a hit with numbers competing but think this course and date is the way to go if Huntly Half is to continue.

9 runners went under 75 minutes which is a good start to attracting good fields. Hawks had a great day results wise.In the women’s race Rowan Torckler, Alice Mason and Nancy Jiang took out the trifecta. This is a fantastic effort and i’m sure it has never been done before. In the men’s race Steve Rees Jones finished 2nd overall and first 40+ while Tim Stewart outsprinted the field to take the 10.5km bonus prize of $100.

I was lead bike around the 10k and 5k course was a loop around Lake Puketirini and had a great view of Mathijs Wetzels outstanding lead from the front win in the 10k. Rhys Mildon managed to catch him at 9 k but Mathijs managed to get the lead back and kick away fro the win in 35.37.. Hawks Olivia Ritchie, Sarah Murphy and Veronkia Lang again took out the first 3 spots in the 10k. In the 5k lucy Farrell took took the female top spot.

Thanks to the Hawks volunteers who helped out on the day.
Photos from Huntly Half Facebook album

See full results here