Sing Relay 2016 Results

Report by Fiona Barnett

The Annual Sing Relay was held on Saturday 9th April at the Clubrooms. There was a good turnout, with 16 teams – special mention to Rosie Miller who stepped in to ensure everyone was able to run.

We start by lining up according to our 5km time, then pairing off from each end (fastest with the slowest), working in to the middle.

As a tail-end Charlie, I was pleased to be paired with the speedy Marc Scott (thus ensuring me of a relatively short run!).

The faster half of the teams start on Grantham St and follow the Trophy Day course – up to the Band Rotunda, across the bridge and down onto the river path on the east side of the river. The slower half start on the path at the other side of the carpark and run up towards Cobham Drive, across the bridge and back down to the path to meet their teammate. Meet your runner, hand over the baton and turn around back the way you came. The first team with both runners home are the winners.

High-tech batons were provided by Helen (bamboo skewers), which could be used to poke your teammate if you felt they hadn’t run fast enough to meet you! Just kidding, Marc!

Helen starts us off – next year, you need a loudhailer 🙂 – and away we go. There were quite a few runners at the faster end of the field, so the “slow” teams were not all that slow, with Terry and me firmly establishing our positions at the back of the pack (thanks for the company, Terry!).

Mary Rogerson was the first person I see handing the baton over to John Crane at the far end of the bridge, and then there is Marc coming towards me to take our baton. I turn for home and enjoy being in second place for a few seconds, before the faster of the slower teams start running me down once again.

It’s not too long before I get to enjoy the best part, the nice long downhill back to the finish, and I can see all those who have already finished milling around and chatting.

Top honours went to Maureen and Marcus and second place to Colin and Jemima (a new club member).

Back to the clubrooms for a spot of afternoon tea. This was a fun event at the start of the season.