Report by Don Willoughby

A huge thank you to Glenn Sexton and his team for the organisation of the WBOP road champs last weekend. I was blown away by the course setting, the park like appearance the lack of traffic and the supportive land owner so congrats Glenn you did a stupendous job. The future potential for the Hawks club to hold events here is great news.

There appeared to be some good fields and close racing and Hawks athletes produced some promising results. Going logically through the grades Rylee Mardon gave the club a great start with a win in the first race G10 over 2km in 8.11. Cory Brew was 3rd in the B10 with 12.32, Rosie Miller was 2nd in G12 with 9.31. Pocket rocket  Mathijjs Wetzels zipped through 2km quickly to win the B12 event with a smart 6.42. In the same race Kallum Mardon was 7th in 7.27 while Donovan Farrell was next with 7.53.

Moving out to the G14 Charli Miller had an impressive win over 2.5km clocking 8.22 and was chased hard by Sam Corbett 2nd in 9.06 and Jemima Antoniazzi in 3rd on 9.20. What a nucleus of talent here among these youngsters.  There was quality racing over 5km with Grace Ritchie winning the W18 title in 18.22 with Monique Macdonald 2nd in 21.08. Emerson Deverell won the W20 in an encouraging 18.08 after a very solid training week on hills and looks in great shape for the World Mountain in running chaps in Bulgaria in a few weeks. Rose Dillon was 2nd 19.55 and Hannah Howarth 3rd on 21.06. Also over 5km Bridget Deverell took out the MW45 title with 19.28 and we wish her well in the World Masters Mountain champs in North Italy this Sunday. Shona Dewson was 2nd in 24.30. Kay Stockman despite butt problems won the MW 50 in 23.42 while Marion MIllward had a classy win in the W+MW 55 race with a 21.06 clocking. Also over 5km Mathijis Wetzels was 2nd in 16.52 with Connor Tristram 4th in 17.32.

The main race over 10km saw Jai Davies-Campbell run 33.25 for 3rd with Malcolm King 6th in 36.40 and Sunil Fertnandez-Ritchie 7th. 37.38. Lance Brew was fastest masters taking out the MM35 title with 35.44 while Mike Causer was 4th in 36.20. Moving up to the next masters grade 45-49 Andrew Wark was 3rd 36.37, Mark Scott 4th 37.747, Mike Harris 6th 38.19 and Nick Freke 7th in 38.36  John Crane was 2nd MM50 in 35.48 after a close battle with Tauranga’s John Caiae.  Kevin Knowles won the MM55 race in 39.20 Grahame Clarkin was 5th MM60 54.57 David Trow won the MM70 with 60.35.

In the women’s field Nancy Jiang had an excellent race for 2nd ahead of 3rd Olivia Ritchie 37.29 to 37.37. Elise Salt was 4th 38.51, Veronica Lang 6th in 42.07 and Dawn Tuffery 7th 44.34.  With the national road relay champs in Rotorua looming weekly hard road racing is vital so we look forward to great club  turn out at Cambridge this coming weekend.

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GdPl Name Surname Time Reg Club/Town Gender GRADE
1 Rylee Mardon 8:11 Y Hawks F G10
2 Jasmine Davis 8:48 Y Cambridge F G10
3 Paige Rameka 9:38 N Hamilton F G10
1 Matthew J R Sinclair 8:43 Y Cambridge M B10
2 David I A Sinclair 9:46 Y Cambridge M B10
3 Cory Brew 12:32 Y Hawks M B10
1 Ruby H Sinclair 8:22 Y Cambridge F G12
2 Rosie Miller 9:31 Y Hawks F G12
1 Mathijs Wetzels 6:42 Y Hawks M B12
2 Joe Morgan 6:52 Y Hinemoa M B12
3 Ian Pugh 6:58 Y Tauranga M B12
4 Adam Morgan 6:58 Y Hinemoa M B12
5 Liam Davis 7:17 Y Cambridge M B12
6 Tobias Wetzels 7:19 Y Cambridge M B12
7 Kallum Mardon 7:27 Y Hawks M B12
8 Donovan Farrell 7:53 Y Hawks M B12
9 Ryan Nelson 8:28 Y Cambridge M B12
GdPl Name Surname Time Reg Club/Town Gender GRADE
2.5 Km
1 Corban Crowther 8:14 Y Tauranga M B14
1 Charli Miller 8:22 Y Hawks F G14
2 Sam Corbett 9:06 Y Hawks F G14
3 Jemima Antoniazzi 9:20 Y Hawks F G14
4 Krystie Solomon 9:43 N Frankton F G14
5 Km Walk
1 Brendon Gibbs 37:23 Y Tauranga M MM55-59
5 Km
1 Monique Macdonald 21:08 Y Hawks F W18
1 Emerson Deverell 18:08 Y Hawks F W20
2 Rose Dillon 19:55 N Hawks F W20
3 Hannah Haworth 21:06 Y Hawks F W20
1 Karen Moore 20:02 N F MW35-39
1 Sian Bremner 21:27 N F MW 40-44
1 Bridget Deverell 19:28 Y Hawks F MW 45-49
2 Shona Dewson 0:30 N Hawks F MW 45-49
3 Tina Beckley 0:59 N Frankton F MW 45-49
4 Kirsty Marlow 30:50 N Frankton F MW 45-49
1 Kay Stockman 23:42 N Hamilton F MW 50-54
1 Marion Millward 21:06 Y Hawks F MW 55-59
1 Kathy Howard 25:19 Y Lake City F MW 65-69
1 William B Sinclair 16:28 Y Cambridge M M18
2 Mathijs Wetzels 16:52 Y Hawks M M18
3 Harrison Fountain 17:08 Y Te Aroha M M18
4 Connor Tristram 17:32 Y Hawks M M18
5 Grace Ritchie 18:48 Y Hamilton F M18
10 Km
1 Sally Gibbs 36:46 Y Tauranga F SW
2 Nancy Jiang 37:29 Y Hawks F SW
3 Olivia Ritchie 37:37 Y Hawks F SW
4 Elise Salt 38:51 Y Hawks F SW
5 Megan Grant 40:24 Y Lake City F SW
6 Veronika Lang 42:07 Y Hawks F SW
7 Dawn Tuffery 44:34 Y Hamilton F SW
8 Charlotte Bartrum 50:29 Y Tauranga F SW
9 Britta Jensen 51:45 Y Cambridge F SW
1 Craig Kirkwood 32:37 Y Tauranga M SM
2 Kyle Macdonald 33:13 N Tauranga M SM
3 Jai Davies Campbell 33:25 y Hawks M SM
4 Iain Macdonald 34:39 Y Tauranga M SM
5 Steve O’Çallaghan 35:14 Y Lake City M SM
6 Malcolm King 36:40 Y Hamilton M SM
7 Sunil Fernandez-Ritchie 37:38 Y Hawks M SM
8 Todd Rowan 38:38 N Mt Maunganui M SM
9 Jason Steyn-Ross 38:46 Y Lake City M SM
10 Ewen Cumming 45:59 N Cambridge M SM
1 Lance Brew 35:44 Y Hawks M MM35-39
2 Reuben Tomlinson 37:26 N M MM35-39
3 Andrew Jamieson 40:43 Y Lake City M MM35-39
1 Jason Cameron 34:53 Y Lake City M MM40-44
2 Brad Dixon 35:20 N M MM40-44
3 Dean Chiplin 35:30 Y Cambridge M MM40-44
4 Mike Causer 36:20 Y Hawks M MM40-44
5 John Charlton 36:28 Y Cambridge M MM40-44
6 Brendon Keenan 37:00 Y Lake City M MM40-44
7 Stewart Simpson 38:22 Y Tauranga M MM40-44
8 Andrew Hickson 39:36 Y Lake City M MM40-44
1 Chris Myland 34:59 Y Tauranga M MM45-49
2 Tony Broadhead 35:33 Y Lake City M MM45-49
3 Andrew Wark 36:37 Y Hamilton M MM45-49
4 Mark Scott 37:27 Y Hamilton M MM45-49
5 Kerry Robinson 38:04 Y Lake City M MM45-49
6 Mike Harris 38:19 Y Hawks M MM45-49
7 Nick Freke 38:26 Y Hawks M MM45-49
8 Craig T Sinclair 39:56 Y Cambridge M MM45-49
9 Alan Crombie 40:46 Y Lake City M MM45-49
10 Gilbert Macdonald 55:09 Y Hawks M MM45-49
1 John Caie 35:40 Y Tauranga M MM50-54
2 John Crane 35:48 Y Hawks M MM50-54
3 Dave Cronshaw 37:32 Y Lake City M MM50-54
4 Chris Corney 38:32 Y Lake City M MM50-54
1 Kevin Knowles 39:20 Y Hawks M MM55-59
2 Chris Keith 39:37 Y Hamilton M MM55-59
3 Max Ball 43:29 Y Tauranga M MM55-59
1 Gavin Smith 40:00 Y Tauranga M MM60-64
2 Stu Smith 43:39 Y Tauranga M MM60-64
3 Phillip Curtis 45:52 Y Tauranga M MM60-64
4 Phil Gulbransen 47:28 Y Lake City M MM60-64
5 Grahame Clarkin 54:57 Y Hawks M MM60-64
1 Trevor Ogilvie 43:43 Y Lake City M MM65-69
2 Dennis Madden 44:31 Y Tauranga M MM65-69
3 Murray Clarkson 46:35 Y Tauranga M MM65-69
1 David Trow 1:00:35 Y Hamilton M MM70-74
2 Peter Vyver 1:00:43 Y Lake City M MM70-74
1 George Caddie 1:29:42 Y Kaimai Runners M MM80