Sweeney Cup 2016 Results

The Sweeney Cup road races on Saturday attracted an excellent field of 53 in the open 8kms.  A huge thank you to Graham Dudfield and his team for another well-run club event. With urban sprawl accelerating the club’s time racing on this circuit is fast coming to a close so we need to looking for alternative race courses. A comment from the visiting Grogan family who said to me, “the Hawks must be in good heart if this number turn up to a club race.” I agree, so well done team. I am proud to be a Hawk.

Despite the squally SW showers which whipped across the course some hard racing was seen and it was a great sight over the last few kms to witness the whole field string out and in view but closing up. Wendy Harris took out the Sweeney Cup and full results can be viewed on the club’s Facebook.

So who caught my eye and impressed? Malcolm King did a duathlon and after a 30km bike whipped through his 8km in 29.44. It was neat to catch up again with Helen Gavin and hear her news. She is still able to run strongly on 3 days a week training. John Crane is rather like a good red wine as he appears to improve with age and by a second he beat first year masters Lance Brew 28.59 to 29.00 with a solid run. Olivia Richie with a 30.08 clocking was the fastest senior women. Charli Miller had a short blast over 2km in 7.08 which should help peak her for nationals at the Domain next weekend.

Congratulations to Wendy Harris – Sweeney Cup Winner.
Today’s results in finish order.
Name Surname Net Time Grade 

Malcom King 29:44 SM
Helen Gavin 34:27 SW
Robyn Smith 51:20 MW50+
Kim Trenwith 42:59 MW
Kovo McDonald 34:43 SW
Cameron Hall 30:58 SM
Malesa McNearney 31:18 SW
Wendy Harris 42:52 MW Sweeney Cup Winner
Grahame Clarkin 39:37 MM
Sunil Fernadez 30:14 SM
Bridget Deverell 33:58 MW45+ MW
Georgia Crane 36:02 JW
Mike Harris 30:49 MM40
Kris Moore 30:56 SM
Nick Freke 30:59 MM45
Chris Smith 29:38 MM50+
Kevin Knowles 31:06 M50
Garry Wilson 33:37 MM50+
Mary Rogerson 43:28 W50+
John Crane 28:59 MM50+ 1st MM
Emily Fyfe 46:33 sw
Maureen Foulds 51:04 MW50+
Vaughan Kestle 38:06 MM
Peter Horan 38:11 MM
Evan Primmer 38:17 MM50+
Andrew Wark 29:17 MM40
Veronika Lang 32:30 SW
Chris Keith 31:56 MM40
Sarah Woolerton 37:38 SW
Connor Tristram 29:53 MU18
Lance Brew 29:00 SM 1st SM
Emerson Deverell 30:57 U20 1st U20 W
Olivia Richie 30:08 SW 1st SW
Gordon Speirs 39:43 MM60+
Paul Ritchie 32:34 MM55
Grace Ritchie 31:26 U18
Annika Grogan 32:01 SW
Claire Montgomery 41:34 SW
Gilbert MacDonald 41:34 MM
Terry Hannah 51:47 MM60+

2 Km race 
Charli Miller 07:05 U13
Sam Corbett 07:14 JW
Lucy Farrell 07:36 JW
Kallum Mardon 07:41 U12
Ben Wild 08:26 U12
Gemma Horan 09:13 U12
Sophie Harris 09:14 U14
Rosie Miller 11:23 U12
Cory Brew 12:21 U7