Sing Relay 2013 Results

Saturday’s Sing Relay saw a good number of entrants, and an interesting cross-section of starters.

Helen Hall-King quite literally kept everyone in line, while the selection process of pairing up the team-mates took place. The format this year was the same as last year with the Hawks Car Park used to form a line, and pair up the team-mates. Glenn Sexton mistakenly thought that being at the head of the line meant being first to the Bar. Sorry Mate, you had to run first.

The joy of this format means Club-mates were paired up with those they wouldn’t normally race with or against. Young/old/male/female/fast and slow were matched together depending on where you stood in the line-up.

The course for the 16 pairs followed the river path out under Cobham bridge to the turnaround. The faster of the pair did 5+ kms while the slower did less than 5kms depending on where they met their partner.

Tactics? Go Hard! Turnaround. Go Hard back to the Finish. If both of you gave it everything you got all the way then you would go close to being first across the line.

Who took the trophy? Mary Bollen and Evan Primmer fought off Kris Moore and Shona Dawson for line honours, with several others very close behind. Apologies, no times were taken, and the results were a bit sketchy, but it didn’t matter much as everyone appeared to enjoy themselves regardless.

Big thanks to Neil Pitts for the junior race organisation (won by Charli Miller). Thanks also to Helen, Oscar, Dawn, Tyla and others.

Overall the general consensus was that this was a Fun event, and should be retained in this format next year. I have to agree.

Sing Relay Report by Garry Wilson

P.S. Apparently the building owners from across the road from the clubrooms are now looking for new Garden Irrigation hoses. Where did we get those race Battens from again?

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