Waikato BOP Cross Country Champs 2021 Results

Report by Kevin Knowles

Held at Ray Board Park, Rotorua, on a beautiful, sunny, winters day.
About 20 Hawks members made the trip.
We arrived in time for a jog around the 2km course which had some similarities to Tauranga’s Waipuna park, including a fast start around sports fields, some twisty tree sections and lumpy grasslands, plus a hill climb up and back down.

The first race was the start of the great results for our club members with our new members Jack and Max Stirling taking out 1st and 2nd in the U12 boys. This was followed by many other great performances in all grades.

To mention a few memorable moments during the day:

It was great to see Pat Gallagher take out the win in the M50 grade, closely followed into 2nd place by Mike Harris, who paused for a time during the race with a shoe lace malfunction.
The course was quite dry apart from one giant puddle, which everybody managed to avoid, via a slippery off-camber, except Les Miller, who ending up wearing some of the mud and a blood knee. I hope you are all good Les.

Our young members were the stars of the day, many ending up on the podium. (sign them up for NRR in October)

Overall a very satisfying event.  Thanks

P.S.  Where were our senior men  🙂

Hawks individual results

U12 Boys (2k)
      1 – Jack Stirling (7:31)
      2 – Max Stirling (7:33)

U12 Girls (2k)
      6 – Mckenzie Liang (10:14)
      9 – Claire Liang (10:33)

U14 Boys (3k)
      3 – Jake Lomas (11:15)

U14 Girls (3k)
      4 – Carenza Elley (13:12)

U16 Boys (4k)
      4 – Caleb Woodfield (14:15)

U16 Girls (4k)
      3 – Letizia Hay (16:30)

U18 Women (4k)
      1 – Boh Ritchie (14:40)
      4 – Monique Spedding (17:30)

U20 Men (8k)
      1 – Ben Bidois (26:55)

U20 Women (6k)
      2 – Charli Miller (22:13)
      3 – Jemima Antoniazzi (23:25)
      5 – Tara Sacke (26:27)

Senior Women (10k)
      1 – Kerry White (37:31)
      2 – Aimee Ferguson (41:01)

Masters Men 35-64 (8k)
      1 (MM50-54) – Pat Gallagher (31:08)
      2 (MM50-54) – Mike Harris (31:46)
      – (MM40-44) – Les Miller (33:27)
      2 (MM60-64) – Kevin Knowles (35:16)
      – (MM55-59) – Paul Ewart (38:20)

Masters Women (6k)
      1 (MW50-54) – Karen McCready (28:15)

Masters Men 65+ (6k)
      3 (MM70-74) – Dave Clarke (31:06)