Lake D

Lake D Relay 2021 Results

Report by Glenn Sexton

Another great day of gravel relay racing out at Lake D. We had 28 Hawks runners as well as 6 visitors from today’s Parkrun volunteer roster coming along. It was great to see Brent, Morris, Seaton, Cherie, Rachel and Bruce boosting our numbers. We hope you enjoyed your afternoon with us. Some hard fought racing with 9 of the teams within 2 minutes 20 seconds and the lead changing 3 times in the final lap. We had a technical issue with the timing but we sorted the best we could. Once again Richard E was the fastest of the day but only just nudging out Harry by 1 second. The extremely wily Kirsten M was the fastest lady closely followed by Dawn, with Toshimi only 1 second back! Thanks to Base Manager Shona, course guy Kevin, Vanessa Mace for being the kids turnaround marshal and the Harris family for bringing the BBQ

BibNameTimeLap 1Lap 2Lap 3
26Vaughan K, Garry W, Rhys M38:1314:3512:2311:15
32Dawn T, Kay S, Richard E38:2512:5614:4910:40
33Esther, Kirsten M, Mike P38:3013:5612:4611:48
23Kerry R, Peter C, Harry C39:2116:2212:1810:41
22Wendy H, Kevin K, Will S39:3415:5012:4311:02
25Iain R, Madison R, Glenn S39:3711:5014:4313:05
31Paul E, Jack C, Andrew W39:4213:1914:4911:34
27Pat G, Lily J, Peter H40:0911:0313:3015:37
24Carenza E, Thea M, Layton M40:3313:2114:2812:44
30Bruce, Bruce, Bruce Parkrun49:3332:4616:46
28Brent, Morris, Seaton Parkrun51:2918:0433:25
29Cherie, Rachel Parkrun, Toshimi F56:5822:2821:3312:57