Gilchrist Rosebowl

Gilchrist Rose Bowl 2021 Results

The Gilchrist Rosebowl Cross Country event was held on the grass area on the eastern side of Hamilton Lake.

Kids ran 2 x 1k laps and the adults did 2 x 1.92k laps.

Great to see so many turn out (around 45 runners – 44 human and 1 canine) and looking great in the Hawks colours…The weather turned it on and we had a brilliant day – lots of good hard running, a highlight being a great run by Pat Gallagher resulting in a finish line sprint for 3rd overall with Charli Miller….Awesome to watch.

Congratulations to all those competing, you can check out the full results for this event <<here>>

Podium results as below:
Kids race (2k)

1stLayton Mace08:18.4
2ndThea Mace09:09.6
3rd Mckenzie Liang10:07.4

Women (4k):

1st (3rd overall) Charli Miller15:16.5
2ndSophie Harris16:51.7
3rdNisha Moorfield17:48.3

Men (4k):

1stRichard Ellison14:55.4
2ndJack Murray15:00.6
3rdPat Gallagher15:16.8

Overall Results

PlaceBibNameTeam nameTime
116Richard EllisonKiwi14:55.4
27Jack MurrayKahu15:00.6
319Charli MillerTui15:16.5
41Pat GallagherKiwi15:16.8
521Les MillerRuru15:20.7
614Mike HarrisTui15:24.5
733John CraneKiwi15:29.8
839Ryan JonesTui15:33.4
924Joe MaceRuru15:38.5
105Rob TownsendRuru15:51.5
1110Chris KeithTui16:35.6
1212Sophie HarrisKiwi16:51.7
1329Iain RattrayRuru16:58.8
1438Garry WilsonRuru17:02.4
1534Kevin KnowlesTui17:15.0
166Sunil Fernandez-RitchieTui17:31.5
1728Mark CornagaKahu17:48.1
188Nisha MoorfieldRuru17:48.3
1932Corenza ElleyKahu17:49.6
2036Marcus DawsKahu18:34.5
2125Paul EwartKahu18:41.9
2227Monique SpeddingRuru18:47.0
2323Lily JamesKahu18:47.9
2413Helen Hall-kingTui19:47.9
2522Esther NeillRuru19:55.6
262Sue HunterKahu20:21.4
2717Vaughan SwaleKiwi20:43.3
283Sandra JensenRuru20:51.7
2931Madison RattrayKahu20:56.8
3035Vaughan KestleTui21:33.8
314Gemma HoranTui21:50.9
3230Kerry RattrayKiwi22:46.9
3318Natalie CareTui23:25.2
3437Gilbert MacdonaldKiwi23:33.8
3526Nicola McMahonTui23:47.7
3611Wendy FoxKiwi24:07.2
379Karen MummeKahu24:22.0
20Peter HoranKahuDNF

Kids Results

PlaceBibNameTeam nameTime
127Layton MaceTui08:18.4
228Thea MaceKahu09:09.6
326Mckenzie LiangTui10:07.4
429Amber RattrayTui10:16.0
525Claire LiangKahu11:05.3