Bannister Plaque

Bannister Plaque 2013 Results

This year 10 x three person teams fronted in the autumn sun and ran together over a 2000, 4000 and then finally a 6000 dropping off the slowest runner each lap. There was a great deal of laughter, interference and encouragement for slower members as the event gained speed and progressed to its exciting climax.

Grant Budd’s team of Darryl Conn and Ken Johnson won in 23.36. While Kent Hodgson, Colin King and Arthur Green to second spot with 23.49 and Andrew Wark, Dawn Tuffery and Sandra Jensen were third in 24.04 just 5 seconds ahead of the Mike Brightwell team. The cheering was loudest when Cameron Hall and Sunil Ritchie dead heated on 24.26.

Those taking part voted it a low key but good club day. It was a great workout for the Cambridge Cross country relays.

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