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Huntly Half Marathon 2013 Results

Huntly Half Marathon 2013   Visit the official Website  

Full results for 2013 here

One of the benefits of licensing out the Huntly Half Marathon (apart from getting my lounge floor back in May) was that more Hawks were able to take part in the event. 110 Hawks took advantage of a free entry, which surpassed the 95 Hawks who ran the 30th anniversary 2010 event.

Dion Jelley must have some links to the Weather Gods – Torrential rain over night gave way to blue skys in the morning.

The experienced Hawks team led by Trish Stockman provided valuable help at the late entry and help desk area – almost 200 late entries turned up – there possibly would have been more with out the overnight rain. Kent and the A-Team set up part of the course like a well oiled machine and provided the new organisers with their invaluable knowledge and know how – garnered over the years.

It was refreshing to be able to wander around and talk to people with out being constrained by time keeping or race director duties.

Thermals and long pants packed on Saturday were left in the bags as the weather warmed up for the start of the Half marathon. 53 Hawks lined up for the Half and some great results ensued.

Helen Rountree wasn’t going to die wondering if she could match Auckland Champ Lisa Robertson disbanding her normal conservative start and running with Lisa for almost 10 , hanging on for a good second place. Hawks filled 2nd 3rd Katherine Prumm and 4th Mikayla Nielsen and had 5 in the top ten with Kirsten Milne 7th and Bridget Deverall 8th. Looks good for the National relays. Huge PB’s to Megan Arthur and Karen Hopson.

The Hawks Men weren’t quite as dominant with Jono Jackson ACA taking his first Huntly Half win and Aucklanders taking the first 9 places. Tony Olsen was the First Hawks home taking out the Masters Race – Andrew Wark getting a well deserved handshake for 3rd master. Run of the day for the Hawks Men has to go to Lance Brew – 3 Minute PB.

The 10k was a closely fought race with Cory Whiting piping Simon Rogers and half iroman – Graham O’Grady (who had a little ride from Taupo to Hamilton the day before)

New Hawks member – Emily Roughan was first Female home in the 10k – leading Katie Dawson and Emmerson Deverell for a clean sweep by the Hawks – Grace Ritchie beat all the boys – and men – in the 5k – with an outstanding 18:01 – Gordon Speirs showed the flag for the men.

Full results from 2012 here

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