Red Stag Redwoods Relay 2013 Results

Red Stag relays is an event that is looked forward to by all and well represented by running clubs coming from as far as Hawera and Auckland. Once again Hawks had a strong representation with 8 teams and the weather held off for the race however heavy rain over night made the course a little heavy but all in all there was a great day of racing.

Hawks has a very successful day winning senior women’s in a time of 1:42.29 the team of

Emily Roughan, Emerson Deverell, Katie Stone, Ani Gemmill and Ciara Gyde and Emily posted fastest woman time of the day of 18.22.

Men’s masters team of Glenn Sexton, Kerry Suter, Jason Cameron, Kent Hodgeson and Tony Olsen placed 1st  and second overall with a time of 1:25:09, Kerry Suter posted the fastest MM time of 16:07 and with great depth in the men’s masters grade Andrew Wark, Mark Scott, Darryl Conn, Kevin Knowles and John Bowe  picked up 3rd in a time of 1:35:32 and Corey Hinde, Dion Hardy, Arthur Green, Garry Wilson and Grant Budd 4th place in a time of 1:40:53

Women’s masters team of Trish Stockman, Karyn McCready, Maureen Leonard, Helen Hall-King and Marion Millward place second in a time of 1:47:39 all with very consistent times only 14 seconds between all their times.

Junior men’s of Isaiah Priddey, Connor Tristram, Sam Montgomerie and Finn Myles placed 3rd in a time of 43:23

The composite team of Oliver Mclean, Bridget Deverell, Jenni Hoogeveen, Elli Broadbridge and Colin King posted a good time of 1:45:49

Thanks to Jenny for the great baking which was greatly appreciated by all post run.

Results below photos

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Redwoods 2013 – Hawks Results
Team Senor Men     Team Senior Women
Garit Read 16:13 Emily Roughan 18:22
Brent Nijssan 18:06 Emerson Deverell 19:48
Marcus Daws 18:33 Katie Stone 20:01
Matt Scott 18:18 Ani Gemmill 20:28
Kris Moore 18:28 Ciara Gyda 23:50
Total times 1:29:38     1:42:29
Team Master Men 1     Team Masters Men 2
Glenn Sexton 17:05 Andrew Wark 17:20
Kerry Suter 16.07 Mark Scott 18:35
Jason Cameron 17:41 Darryl Conn 22:29
Kent Hodgson 17:25 Kevin Knowles 19:09
Tony Olsen 16:51 John Bowe 17:59
Total time 1:25:09     1:35:32
Team Master Men 3     Team Master Women
Corey Hinde 16:57 Trish Stockman 21:39
Dion Hardy 18:20 Karyn McCready 21:43
Arthur Green 26.12 Maureen Leonard 21:29
Garry Wilson 20:16 Helen Hall-King 21:28
Grant Budd 19:08 Marion Millward 21:20
Total time 1:40:53     1:47:39
Team Youth Men     Team Composite
Isaiah Priddey 11:22 Oliver McLean 18:19
Connor Tristram 10:48 Ridget Deverell 21:19
Sam Montgomerie 10:35 Jenni Hoogeveen 21:45
Finn Myles 10:38 Elli Broadbridge 23:09
Colin King 21:18
Total time 43:23:00     1:45:49