Athletics NZ Cross Country Championships 2013 Results

What an outstanding national cross country for the club.

Four golds, two silvers and three bronzes.

The Hawks trifecta in the B14 grade was a brilliant effort and gave me great pleasure with Isaiah Priddey leading all the way but having to race hard to hold off Hamilton Boys High clubmates Sam Montgomery and Connor Tristram. Arianna Lord ran a very heady race in the Youth Girls 18 tracking the leading group of pace makers but not forcing the pace until the last bit when she used her 1500 track speed to force a convincing win.  Katy Dawson had her best masters woman’s run for some time placing 4th across the line and taking out the MW40 title. Brian Smith won gold in the Masters Men 80 grade.

Jacob Priddey worked hard to score a win in the Youth Boys 16 and came up with a creditable second. Sam Montgomery also scored a silver.

The three bronzes went to Grace Ritchie Girls 14, Maureen Leonard Masters Women 50 and Connor Tristram.

Teams medals were won by a number as part of WBOP teams. Katy Dawson and Karyn

McCready won gold in the winning Masters Women W35-49 team, and team bronzes were won by Tony Olsen, John Crane and Glenn Sexton M40 and Ross Butler M50.

I was delighted with Helen Rountree’s 5th her best nationals yet and this after spending all week trying to get her legs back into running mode after the physically demanding mountain race on the Sunshine Coast. Helen is off the World Mountain Champs in Poland in 3 weeks so her training programme includes some quite specific work on Sanitorium Hill.

A huge thank you must go to Hadleigh Craig and his Hawks team of course setters as the course attracted many compliments by its presentation and who would have thought that Minoque Park would be dry, firm and fast. I have never seen it so dry or looking so good or having so many spectators. Well done those Hawks who were involved.

Results below photos

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NZ Cross Country Champs 2013 Hawks Results
Place Name Surname Grade Gd Pl Time Event
4 Charli Miller G12 4 7:35 2000m
8 Corinna Decker-Thorburn G12 8 8:01 2000m
12 Lucy Farrell G12 12 8:30 2000m
5 Abdiqani Ahmed B12 5 7:26 2000m
3 Grace Ritchie G14 3 11:28 3000m
7 An i Gemmill G14 7 11:50 3000m
12 Gina Butler G14 12 12:08 3000m
1 Isaiah Priddey B14 1 9:58 3000m
2 Sam Montgomerie B14 2 10:16 3000m
3 Connor Tristram B14 3 10:21 3000m
4 Katy Dawson W40-44 1 23:20 6000m
14 Karyn McCready W40-44 6 26:06 6000m
18 Maureen Leonard W50-54 3 26:30 6000m
20 Helen Hall-King W50-54 4 27:29 6000m
14 Tony Olsen M45-49 4 28:15 8000m
16 John Crane M45-49 5 28:19 8000m
17 Glenn Sexton M45-49 6 28:27 8000m
18 Kent Hodgson M40-44 6 28:42 8000m
38 Ross Butler M50-54 6 30:49 8000m
48 Kevin Knowles M55-59 5 31:39 8000m
81 Brian Smith M80 1 58:32 8000m
1 Arian na Lord W-U18 1 14:23 4000m
9 Emersen Deverell W-U18 9 15:09 4000m
13 Mary Bollen W-U18 13 15:30 4000m
2 Jacob Priddey M-U18 2 19:07 6000m
24 Harry Ewing M-U18 24 21:01 6000m
31 Oliver McLean M-U18 31 22:07 6000m
35 Matthew Scott M-U18 35 22:30 6000m
36 Finn Myles M-U18 36 22:36 6000m
39 Oliver Ng M-U18 39 0:36 6000m
9 Theunis Pieters M-U20 9 27:10 8000m
5 Helen Rountree SW 5 29:55 8000m
9 Emily Roughan SW 9 30:24 8000m
19 Cory Whiting SM 19 40:15 12000m
39 Lance Brew SM 39 47:53 12000m