Taitua Arboretum Reduction Relay 2013 Results

“Twas a BLUSTERY DAY in the woods” of the beautiful Taitua Arboretum.

12 people turned up and 8 ran in 3 teams. Still enjoyed a great little race, although I would love to see a bigger field next year.

The wind blew hard as we picked the 3 evenly matched teams, with one strong gust bringing a large tree limb crashing down close to Dion’s Van. We started watches and ran off, in our teams of 3, around the twisting pebble paths. On that first lap another gust of wind brought down a tree to our right, but we were not deterred. On completion of the first lap we dropped off one runner and the pace quickened into the second lap. Same again as we commenced the third and final lap with three runners within about 300m battling it out. Who would appear first from out of the bush and up the final steep hill climb to claim the glory? All finished in the space of 1 minute. Dion, Andrew and Grant. The handicapping worked. Good work Dion. Glad to be part of your team. Maybe Andrews 3 lap warm-up took its toll, but it will benefit him at NRR.

Fun event. Hope to see more of you next year.

Cheers, Kevin

Big thanks to Yvonne for the event photos.
Results posted below photos. 

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Results (2.4km/lap)
Maureen Leonard


Kevin Knowles


Dion Hardy


Team Total          


Anja Kuys


Lance Brew


Andrew Wark


Team Total        


Dawn  Tuffery


Dawn   Tuffery


Grant  Budd


Team Total