Cambridge Half 2013 Results

There were challenging weather conditions for this 2nd event which attracted 496 finishers. The heavy clouds and cold showers kept post entries down to 86. It was not a fast course on Sunday due to the surface water, muddy grass finish and the first 9kms into an easterly wind however there were a remarkable number of PB’s run by Hawks members. The club half marathon ranking list saw a number of changes.

Emerson Deverell won the women’s section of the 5km with 19.07.

It was pleasing to see Steve Rees-Jones running again after struggling all year with an achilles heel problem and he took out the 10km win in 33.52. While his time was not up to his usual best conditions were a challenge and slowed times. Kris Moore 38.08, Oscar Emery 42.11 Trish Stockman 43.51 and Sandra Jensen 47.48 were other Hawks names noted in the 10km.

The club had a big presence in the Half and I was chuffed to see so many Hawk singelets taking part. 2012 race winner Kerry Suter retained his title but found the going tougher than last year when he did 1.12.09. He won comfortably on Sunday after leading all the way and clocked 1.15.25. Evergreen John Crane short on long miles hung on well for a deserved second in 1.16.32. Stefan Wagner was next Hawk to finish in 1.22.39 followed by John Bowe 1.22.39, Anthony Hancy a PB 1.22.46, Mark Scott 1.22.54, Miguel Gomez 1.25.05, Kevin Knowles 1.25.13,Caleb Koia Hamling 1.33.29 and Sunil Fernandez Ritchie 1.27.38. Hadley Craig who was on pace making duties told Sunil to run near Kovo which he did and then beat her by 10 seconds.

Hadley did 1.33.24 and Mike Harris with the Auckland marathon as his goal did 1.38.00

Among the women Sue Cowley Lake City went out fast and won in 1.23.04 which was a new course record beating Candice Hammond’s time of 1.23.54. Kirsten Milne and Katy Dawson ran  together until 9km when Kirsten slowly pulled away to clock a PB 1.24.41. Katy hung on well to record 1.25.53 a PB. Kovo Kowalewski with even paced running did 1.27.48, Dawn Tuffery 1.32.43, and Maureen Leonard a PB 1.38.38.

I felt deeply for the unreal wet muddy conditions the time keeping team had to work in so a huge thank you to Graeme Dudfield and his team who plugged on amongst the tent drips, flowing rain water and gradually deepening mud and got the times out easily by 1 pm.

All in all a well run event that is proving popular and makes some good dosh for the Cambridge Club and the WBOP centre.

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Cambridge Half Marathon 25th Aug 2013 – Hawks Results
Place Race No Event Name Surname Gender Grade Grd Place Time
2 177 Half Marathon John Crane M MM45 1 1:16:32
9 219 Half Marathon Stefan Wagner M MM40 1 1:22:13
11 47 Half Marathon John Bowe M MM40 3 1:22:39
18 34 Half Marathon Ryan Stacey M SM 2 1:24:01
21 96 Half Marathon Miguel Gomez M SM 3 1:25:05
22 110 Half Marathon Kevin Knowles M MM55 1 1:25:13
27 122 Half Marathon Sunil Fernandez-Ritchie M SM 6 1:27:38
39 64 Half Marathon Dawn Tuffery F SW 2 1:32:43
44 224 Half Marathon Hadley Craig M MM40 8 1:33:24
56 137 Half Marathon Dave Melville M MM45 7 1:35:42
60 57 Half Marathon Katie Stone F SW 5 1:37:56
61 97 Half Marathon Mike Harris M MM40 10 1:38:00
63 147 Half Marathon Maureen Leonard F MW50 1 1:38:38
104 153 Half Marathon Clare Montgomery F SW 12 1:47:53
152 217 Half Marathon Kaye Sharp F MW45 4 1:59:30
10 2203 5km Run/Walk Jean Dorrell F MW40 1 0:22:58
14 2210 5km Run/Walk Milly Farrell F G14 1 0:24:11
1 548 10km Run/Walk Steve Rees-Jones M MM35 1 0:33:52
5 610 10km Run/Walk Kris Moore M SM 3 0:38:08
9 599 10km Run/Walk Oscar Emery M SM 5 0:42:11
13 600 10km Run/Walk Trish Stockman F MW45 1 0:43:51
25 439 10km Run/Walk Sandra Jensen F MW35 2 0:47:40
29 428 10km Run/Walk Toshimi Farrell F MW45 3 0:48:59
45 530 10km Run/Walk Janet Dale F MW60 1 0:54:37