End of Year Prize Giving 2014 Results

We were fortunate to have at prize giving the main people involved with the building of our fantastic club rooms.  Thanks to those who came along to acknowledge what these ex members did for the club 26 years ago. Congratulations to all trophy winners, especially the winners of the “big ones”, Camille Buscomb for Outstanding Performance of the Year and John Crane for Harrier of the Year. Both these members had outstanding seasons. Also a big congrats to our newest Life Member Gordon Speirs. Pauline gave us a splendid speech recounting Gordon’s achievements both running and administratively.

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Hawks  Trophy list 2014

Trophy Day

Cameron Cup 1st Woman – Fleur Marillier

Chandler Cup 1st New female – not awarded

Cotterell Cup   1st male – Evan Primmer

Ready Cup   1st new male – Dale Bull


Gichrist Rosebowl

Helen Hall King, Kent Hodgson, Sunil Fernandez Ritchie

Club Captains Trophy  Fastest Male – John Crane

Marshall Cup Fastest Female – Dawn Tuffery


Club Cross country champs

LG Turner Cup 1st SM  – Corey Hinde

Sutton Cup  2nd SM – Lance Brew

Gamble Cup SM sealed handicap –  Corey Hinde

Hensall Cup 1st M20 – Jacob Priddey

Goldbury Cup   2nd M20 – Conor Gyde

Cain Sheild  1st M18 – Harry Ewing

Cranston Cup Sealed Handicap M18/20 – Harry Ewing

Pat wood Trophy  1st MM40 – Kent Hodgson

Mayall trophy  M40 Sealed Handicap – Mike Harris

Gordon speirs Trophy  1st MM50 – John Crane

John Sherson Trophy  1st MM60 – David Southwick

New Cup 1st W18 – Grace Ritchie

Neeco Cup 1st W20 – Emerson Deverell

Sealed Handicap W18/20 –Grace Ritchie

Graham trophy   1st SW – Kovo Kowalewski

Sealed Handicap SW – Dawn Tuffery

Clarke Cup 1st MW35 – Katy Dawson

VW Trophy  MW45 – Helen Hall King

King Cup MW55 –Michelle Curnow

Sealed Handicap all MW – Sandra Jensen


Club Road champs

Presidents Cup 1st SM – Tim Stewart

Graham Wilson Trophy 2nd SM – Jacob Priddey

Galloway Cup M20 – Cameron Swales

Batten Cup M18 – Harry Ewing

Brownson Cup  MM40 – Kent Hodgson

Porter Cup MM50 – John Crane

Ernie Batten Cup MM60 – Evan Primmer

Lynch Cup SW – Kovo Kowalewski

Ted Hamilton Cup MW35 – Kirsten Milne

Chandler Cup MW45 – Maureen Leonard
Jack Hewiit Cup MW 55 – Michelle Curnow

KSM Trophy W18/20 – Emerson Deverell

Sweeney Cup – Terry Hannett

Dave Larsen Trophy-  Huntly Half Fastest Male – Corey Hinde

J Varney Cup Huntly -Half Fastest Female –Kovo Kowalewski


King of the Mountain

Kent Hodgson


Sing Relay

Lance Brew, Bridget McLaughlin


Marathon Trophies

Southwick trophy   SM – Ryan Stacey

Atlanta Trophy  SW – Kovo Kowalewski

Peter Buckland Cup MM – Hadley Craig

Rogerson Bowl MW – Kirsten Milne


Most Improved Gardiner Cup

-Ryan Stacey

-Brendan Woolerton

-Lance Brew

Winner: Lance Brew


Irvine Cup

-Malesa McNearney

-Sarah Woolerton

-Emily Fyfe

Winner: Malesa McNearney


Ted Hamilton Cup MW

-Sandra Jensen

-Bridget McLaughlin

-Lisa Joblin

-Maureen Leonard

Winner: Lisa Joblin


Lance Allen trophy MM

-Charlie Evans

-Gary Clare
-Marc Scott
-Kevin webb
Winner :Marc Scott

Hewitt Trophy
Winner Beth Hampton

McLachlan Trophy
Winner: Harry Ewing


Special Trophies

60th Jubilee Cup in conjunction with Wilson Brown – Bridget Deverell

Mcleod Shield Sealed Handicap combined XC and road – Sandra Jensen

Stirrers spoon – Not awarded

Ray Curnow Best sealed handicap any grade club XC – Sandra Jensen

Hard Luck Trophy – Not awarded

All comers and goers – Not awarded


Gregor Cameron Trophy Best national Road relay performance
-John Crane
-Kovo Kowalewski
-Grace Ritchie
Winner: John Crane

Keith Trow Memorial Best Individual performance of the year

John Crane
-Camille Buscomb
-Dawn Tuffery

Winner: Camille Buscomb

Harrier of the year
Winner John Crane

Hawks – Kids Trophy List 2014

Trophy Day

Carson cup G14/16 – Charli Miller

Upton Cup B14/16 – not awarded

Johnson Cup B10/12 – Donovan Farrell

Humphries Cup G10/12 – Hayley Halford


Gilchrist Rosebowl

Weller Cup  – Lucy Farrell

Adrian Hewitt – Donovan Farrell


Club XC

Parents Cup G10 – Haley Halford

Prize  G12 – Charli Miller

Woodhead Cup B10 – Donovan Farrell

Prize B12 – Max Field

Prima Donna G14 – Lucy Farrell

White Cup B14 – Isaiah Priddey

Hair Foundation G16 – Ani Gemmill

Cranston Cup B16 – Finn Myles


Club Road champs

Hewitt Trophy G10 – Hayley Halford

Ken Johnson Trophy G12 – Corinna Decker

Blackham Cup B10 – Donovan Farrell

Prize B12 – Max Field

Stonely Cup G14 – Charli Miller

Horan Cup B14 – not awarded

Celia Morris Cup G16 – Grace Ritchie

Daly Trophy B16 – Isaiah Priddey


Sweeney cup

Llasram trophy – Lucy Farrell

Baybutt Barometer – Charli Miller


Most Improved

Hewitt Trophy – Sam Montgomery

Keith Falla Memorial – Charli Miller

McCondach Cup G14 – not awarded

Izzard Cup B14 – Max Field

Bob read Trophy G12 – Lucy Farrell

Neil Wilson Trophy  B12 – not awarded


Viki Boase Trophy Best all round girl –  Charli Miller

Eric Bose Trophy Best all round Boy – Isaiah Priddey