Taitua Arboretum Relay 2014 Results

This year we changed the format and ran the event with teams of three, with each member of each team running a 3.7km lap of the hard packed pebble paths throughout the Arboretum.

Enough runners arrived to make up just 5 teams, but enough to have a good race. We hope to build this event bigger in the future, as it is an excellent venue for a challenging off-road race.

Balanced teams were selected with the aim of creating a close race and there were a few great races with-in the race as can be seen by the close times between Maureen, Meg, Dawn and Sandra, and also Kent, Lance and Glen. Sandra, Nathan and Sunil taking out top team, and Kent and Maureen fastest Individual Man and Woman.

Race report by Kevin Knowles
Team Results:
1 Sandra, Nathan & Sunil 51:55
2 Ellie, Meg & Lance 54:16
3 Shona, Dawn & Kent 54:58
4 Gilbert, Maureen & Glenn 55:15
5 Sunil, Kevin & Dave 57:10
Individual Lap times:
Kent Hodgson 14:47
Lance Brew 15:19
Glenn Sexton 15:37
Sunil Ritchie 16:09
Kevin Knowles 16:46
Nathan Campbell 17:09
Sunil Ritchie 18:00
Maureen Leonard 18:13
Meg Adamson (visitor from Dunedin club) 18:15
Dawn Tuffrey 18:27
Sandra Jensen 18:37
Ellie Broadbridge 20:42
Gilbert MacDonald 21:25
Shona Dewson 21:44
Dave Southwick 22:24
See you ALL out there next year…

Photos thanks to Andrew Wark.
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