Redwoods Relays 2014 Results

Hawks sent a total of seven teams over to a rather dreary and wet Long Mile Road in Rotorua for the 36th Redwood Relays. The top half of the course was in pretty good condition but the lower half through the parkland had people dodging and tip toeing around puddles.

For the first time in history a MM(ours) won the event overall,with our very young SM1 team coming in 2nd and SM2 in 4th. Our MM2 team came 3rd in grade. Hawks SW team had a win and MW came in 2nd. Our composite team had a mid table finish in a grade that had some very classy Tauranga and Whakatane runners. Gutsiest run of the day went to Emerson Deverell who was crook the night before but still came over and ran hard in the first leg. Hard luck run of the day went to Lance Brew who was mistaken for a dog by another frisky dog and ended up in a tangle on the ground mid race. Outstanding individual run of the day went to the evergreen John Crane who beat all other men over 35 years old.

As President it was great to see newer members Troy Flavell, Beth Hampton, Malesa McNearny, Kevin Webb,Gary Clare, Jean Dorrell, Lisa Joblin, Vaughan Kestle and Gilbert McDonald taking the opportunity to experience what I reckon is the best event on the winter calendar.

A big thank you to team organiser and Race Secretary Kevin Knowles who did a magnificent job picking and re-picking the teams several times throughout the week as changes popped up. This is one of the most hardest and frustrating jobs so well done Kevin.

Report by Glenn Sexton

Redwood Relay 2014 Team Results

Redwood Relay 2014 Results Individual

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