Huntly Half Marathon 2014 Results

A cool foggy morning welcomed over 1950 participants to Huntly Domain for the 34th running of the Huntly Half, 10 and 5 km running event. It was fantastic to see a strong lineup of over 75 Hawks across all events with many great results.

The fields were very strong for both the ½ and 10 km with the likes of Sam Wreford winning the 1/2 in a great time of 1.06 39, Samuel Murphy 2nd 1.11.25, Sasha Daniels 3rd in 1.14.50 and in 4th place overall and 2nd age group a rejuvenated Corey Hinde 1.16.54 and a solid run from Stephan Wagner placed 3rd in 40 to 49 age group.

Lydia O’Donnel was first woman over the line very close behind Corey with a time of 1.17.02 and following up from solid runs in the Rotorua marathon was Sue Crowley 2nd in 1.23.53 and Kovo Kowalewski 3rd in 1.25.22. Helen Hall-King placed 1st and Kay Stockman placed 3rd in the 50-59 age group.

In the 10km race Jonny McKee had a great run finishing 1st in 32.06 with Ryan McAlister 2nd in 32.38 and a very solid 3rd place for Steve Rees-Jones in 32.40. Jason Cameron had a great run with 35.27 to come 1st in 40-49 closely followed by our own President with a solid 35.35 to take 2nd (after spending a busy morning helping set up the course and pre-race nutrition of a large flat white and a custard slice).

Ross Butler took out the 5km event in 18.02 and Gordon Speirs placed 1st in 60-69 with a good time of 23.02.
There were many impressive individual efforts on the day, too many to put in this report however congratulations to all who competed and achieved on the day. I would also like to thank the many club members that volunteered their time to help make the day a success.

Andrew Wark


Face Book post by Grant Budd – May 18

Today was a very cool day. Competed proudly as a Hawks member in the Huntly Half Marathon. Im very happy with my result and would like to mention that I am also Very happy to have met so many very cool competitors on the course today. The small groups that were formed to help give that extra little push today were amazing, Thank you also to the club support out there today.  When you take a wee moment to think about the Hawks club and its members you realize that your being supported in so many ways.


Huntly Half Marathon 2014     10km
Corey Hinde 1.16.54 Steve Rees Jones 32.4
Stefan Wagner 1.19.36 Cory Whiting 33.5
Brendan Woolerton 1.19.43 Jason Cameron 35.27
John Bowe 1.19.54 Glenn Sexton 35.35
Grant Budd 1.21.34 Sunil Fernandez Ritchie 38.53
Marc Scott 1.21.46 Kirsten Milne 39.39
Lance Brew 1.21.58 Emerson Deverell 41.44
Matt Greenfell 1.23.31 Bridget Deverell 42.08
Kovo Kowalewski 1.25.13 Jean Dorell 43.27
Mike Harris 1.27.03 Trish Stockman 44.54
Nick Freke 1.27.57 Maureen Leonard 45.02
Brent Nijssen 1.29.33 Gary Clare 45.25
Blair Tupp 1.29.46 Colin King 45.37
Ryan Stacey 1.29.56 Pacer Maria Oates 46.11
Mike Brightwell 1.31.37 Chris Rogers 47.32
Sam Le Heron 1.31.39 Grahame Clarkin 49.24
Charlie Evans 1.33.49 Toshimi Farrell 50.1
Michael Hoogeveen 1.35.39 Chris Powell 52.5
Brooke Shepherd 1.36.02 Wendy Harris 54.17
Dan Philpott 1.36.30 Max Field 54.29
Kevin Webb 1.36.33 Connie Crook 1.14.42
Helen Hall King 1.38.32 Aimee Burgess 1.24.09
Kay Stockman 1.39.39
Dawn Tuffery 1.39.50 Pacer 5km
Sandra Jensen 1.40.16 Ross Butler 18.03
Evan Primmer 1.41.41 Gina Butler 18.51
Steve Parsons 1.42.54 Corrina Decker Thorburn 20.31
Dion Hardy 1.42.28 Lucy Farrell 21.47
Darryl Conn 1.43.32 Gordon Speirs 23.02
Sarah Woolerton 1.50.04 Liam McLaughlin 23.3
Ellie Broadbridge 1.50.45 Josh McLaughlin 26.55
Vaughn Kestle 1.53.18 Garth Ritchie 44.31
Brian Halford 1.54.21 Alan Rogerson 1.46.44
Martin Lovell 1.53.37
Marcus Daws 1.53.37 2km
Bridget McLaughlin 1.54.27 Donovan Farrell 8.35
Shona Dewson 1.58.36 Shawn Halford 8.46
Antionette Turton 2.07.18 Haylee Halford 9.34
Terry Hannett 2.07.18 Charlie Hinde 9.58
Vaughn Swale 2.19.39 Pacer
Brian Smith 2.40.10

If anyone missed out please email newsletter@hamiltoncityhawks.co.nz your details.

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