Huntly Half Marathon 2024 Results

A fantastic weekend for the Huntly Half Marathon. Good numbers and agreeable weather made it another great day once again for the big day. And some fantastic results too for the many members taking part…Particularly Troy Lonergan who managed a second place overall behind defending champion Casey Thorby. And also the many Hawks who managed an age grade podium…!

Huntly Half Marathon 2024 (~916 competitors)
Half Marathon Run (471 runners)
2nd Troy Lonergan 1:10:13 1st M20-29
5th Peter Moorfield 1:16:08 1st M50-59
6th Jack Murray 1:17:28 2nd M17-19
14th Harry Coles 1:19:52 4th M30-39
15th Cameron Potts 1:20:00 6th M20-29
3rd Female Kerry White 1:22:21 2nd F20-29
25th Jacob Liu 1:24:51 1st M12-13
43rd Martin Carroll 1:30:08 4th M50-59
5th Female Kovo Macdonald 1:30:20 3rd F30-39
49th Will Swales 1:31:02 13th M20-29
78th Mark Liu 1:37:57 17th M40-49
79th David Middlemiss 1:38:10 24th M30-39
80th Sunil Fernandez-Ritchie 1:38:16 25th M30-39
18th Female Dawn Tuffery 1:41:04 1st F40-49
29th Female Helen Bell 1:46:30 6th F40-49
38th Female Maureen Leonard 1:49:53 1st F60+
167th Dave Clark 1:52:14 5th M60+
10k Run (214 runners)
1st Les Miller 38:08 1st M40-49
2nd Cole Dawson 38:27 1st M30-39
4th John Crane 39:11 1st M60+
7th Joe Mace 40:23 3rd M40-49
19th Jack Conder 45:13 1st M14-16
20th Layton Mace 45:32 2nd M12-13
22nd Paul Ewart 45:57 2nd M50-59
27th Peter Conder 46:22 6th M40-49
9th Female Lisa Joblin 50:42 2nd F50-59
48th Vaughan Swale 52:39 4th M60+
21st Female Shona Dewson 58:22 5th F50-59
32nd Female Michelle Curnow 1:01:13 1st F60+
44th Female Kaye Sharp 1:05:24 9th F50-59
5k Run (61 runners)
1st Jack Stirling 19:54 1st M14-16
2nd Max Stirling 20:03 2nd M14-16
5th Female Mckenzie Liang 27:55 2nd F12-13
6th Female Leila Steward 28:16 1st F14-16
17th Female Grace Liang 28:16 1st F8-9
Kids 2k Run (56 runners)
1st Female Charlotte Bell 7:50 1st F10-11
4th Daniel Bell 8:32 2nd M8-9
4th Female Ihapera Steward 9:45 1st F8-9
5th Female Claire Liang 9:45 4th F10-11
13th Female Philippa Liang 14:22 3rd F6-7