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Cross Country Club Champs 2015 Results

A good crowd of runners turned out on Saturday for the Hawks’ Club XC Champs, which took place at Minogue Park. The classic course had to avoid the lake circuit this year but runners assured us it was still thoroughly challenging.

Charli Miller and Mathijs Wetzels were running stride for stride in the 2k race, with Mathijs taking line honours by 4 seconds in the finishing push. (Their speed had Glenn puffing a bit on his ‘warmup’ guidance lap, and he decided to keep an eye on the middle of the pack instead).

Jai Davies Campbell and Harry Ewing led out the SM on the first lap, with Jai pulling away later. Harry was a strong second, followed by Ryan Stacey. Grace Ritchie was first female home in the 5k, and Malesa McNearney took the SW title. MM and MW had some good battles, and were won by John Bowe and Bridget Deverell respectively. Great running everyone.

By the way, Jai Davies Campbell and Terry Hannett are the inaugural winners of the new categories ‘9.3km’  and ‘6.3km’ races, due to both taking a  wrong turn.

XC Club Champs 2015 Results

Results Time   Trophy
B10 1km
Mitchell Keightly 0:03:54 Woodhead Cup
Donovan Farrell 0:04:01
G10 1km
Rylee Mardon 0:04:10 Parents Cup
B12 2km
Callum Mardon 0:07:49 Prize
Callum McPherson 0:08:41
Ben Wild 0:08:58
G12 2km
Kate Bradley 0:08:35 Prize
B14 3km
Mathijs Wetzels 0:10:34 White Cup
Lochie Montgomery 0:11:10
Karl Bradley 0:11:46
Max Field 0:13:12
G14 3km
Charli Miller 0:10:38 Prima Donna
Sam Corbett 0:11:59
Lucy Farrell 0:12:08
Erin Fobbester 0:12:22
Sophie Harris 0:15:45
G16 5km Hair Foundation
W18 5km
Grace Ritchie 0:19:56  New Cup
Gina Butler 0:20:10
Hannah Haworth 0:22:05
W20 5km
Emerson Deverell 0:19:12  New Cup
B16 6km
Sam Montgomery 0:21:38 Cranston Cup
Connor Tristram 0:21:39
Isaiah Priddey 0:21:39
Sam Smith 0:24:45
M18 6km
Callum McDonald 0:22:51 Cain Sheild
M20 6km
Matt Scott 0:21:00 Hensall Cup
SW 5km
Malesa McNearny 0:21:39  Graham Trophy
MW 5km
Bridget Deverell 0:21:24 45+ VW Trophy
Maureen Leonard 0:21:54
Sandra Jensen 0:22:06 35+ Clarke Cup
Kay Stockman 0:24:30
Bridget McLaughlin 0:25:07
Toshimi Farrell 0:25:28
Rochelle Youngson 0:26:45
Kaye Sharp 0:27:01
Wendy Harris 0:27:23
Vicki Parkin 0:28:36
SM 9km
Jai Davies Campbell(Guest) 0:30:56
Harry Ewing 0:31:30 LG Turner Cup
Ryan Stacey 0:32:42 Sutton Cup
Lance Brew 0:33:04
Sunil Fernandez Ritchie 0:26:01 2 laps
MM 6km
John Bowe 0:21:03 40+ Pat Wood Trophy
Kent Hodgson 0:21:05
John Crane 0:21:07 50+ Gordon Speirs Trophy
Marc Scott 0:21:55
Glenn Sexton 0:22:00
Andrew Wark 0:22:18
Mike Harris 0:23:04
Nick Freke 0:23:15
Grant Budd 0:23:21
Ross Butler 0:23:25
Kevin Knowles 0:23:46
Murray Green(Guest) 0:25:01
Garry Wilson 0:25:09
Oscar Emery 0:25:53
Evan Primmer 0:27:22 60+ John Sherson Trophy
Gilbert McDonald 0:29:22
David Trow 0:30:45
David Southwick 0:31:49
Terry Hannett 0:38:33
SM 9.3km
Jai Davies Campbell
Terry Hannett

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