Trophy Day Cameron Cup 1st F Kay Stockman
Chandler Cup 1st New Female Kerry Rattray
Cotterell Cup 1st M Marcus Daws
Ready Cup 1st New Male Mike Riley
Gilcrest Rosebowl Senior Marshall Cup Fastest F Malesa McNearney
Club Captains Trophy Fastest M Josh Nyika
Gilcrest Rosebowl winning team  Shona Dewson, Dot Larsen, Lance Brew
Bannister Plaque Reduction relay Teams Race junior & seniors in team Chris Smith and Les Miller
Sing Relay Sing Relay junior or seniors in team Simon Kerr/Zarah Rattray
Sweeney Cup Senior Sweeney Cup Gemma Horan
Cross Country Seniors Hair Foundation WU16 (prize) Gemma Horan
Cranston Cup  MU16 Mathijs Wetzels
New Cup WU18 Sam Corbett
Cain Shield MU18 Ben Bidois
Neeco Cup WU20 Gina Butler
Henshall Cup MU20 Sean Trowern
Graham Trophy SW No winner
LG Turner Cup SM Logan Roger
Clarke Trophy MW35-44 Tanja Miller
Pat Wood Trophy MM40-49 Les Miller
VW Trophy MW45-54 Fleur Marillier
Gordon Speirs Trophy MM50-59 Andrew Wark
King Trophy MW55+ Helen Hall-King
John Sherson Trophy M60+ Kevin Knowles
Womens all grades Sealed Handicap Tanja Miller
Mayall Trophy Trophy Mens

all grades sealed handicap

Les Miller


Club Road Champs Celia Morris WU16 Gemma Horan
Daly Trophy MU16 Ben Bidois
KSM Trophy WU18/WU20 Sam Corbett
Batten Cup MU18 No winner
Galloway Cup MU20 No winner
Lynch Cup SW Kirsten Milne
President’s Cup SM Logan Rodger
Ted Hamilton Cup MW35-44 Dawn Tuffrey
Brownson Cup MM40-49 John Bowe
Chandler Cup MW45-54 Shona Dewson
Porter Cup MM50-59 Kent Hodgson
Jack Hewitt Cup MW55+ Maureen Leonard
Ernie Batten Cup MM60+ Kevin Knowles
Marathon Trophies (measured Road Marathons) Southwick Trophy SM Carl Fischer
Atlanta Trophy SW No winner
Peter Buckland Cup MM Kevin Knowles
Rogerson Bowl MW No winner
J Varney Cup – Huntly Fastest Female Gemma Horan
Dave Larsen Trophy – Huntly Half Fastest Male Rodrigo Jaca Gonzales
Kovo McDonald Trophy ultra/trail 60-100km Man or woman Cecilia Flori
Glenn Sexton Trophy ultra/trail 42-60km Man or woman Nancy Jiang
Most Improved
Keith Falla Memorial WU16 Gemma Horan
Hewitt Trophy MU16 Joseph Morgan
Hewitt Trophy WU18/U20 Samantha Corbett
McLachlan Trophy MU/MU20 Sean Trowern
Irvine Cup SW Malesa McNearmey
Gardiner Cup SM Rob Townsend
Ted Hamilton Cup MW Kerry Rattray
Lance Allen Trophy MM Les Miller
Special Trophies 60th Jubilee Cup
(conjuction with Wilson Brown
Iain Rattray
(MM grade, Red Stag relay)
Gregor Cameron Trophy best NRR performance Chris Smith
Chosen between Men & Women XC handicap winners Ray Curnow Best sealed handicap
(any grade club XC)
Les Miller
Keith Trow Memorial Best individual performance of the year Cecilia Flori
Harrier of the Year Shona Dewson


Juniors Trophy Day Humphries G 10/12 Zarah Rattray
Johnson Cup B10/12 Hugo Field
Gilcrest Rosebowl Adrian Hewitt Trophy 1st Boy or Girl 10/12 Zarah Rattray
Sweeney Cup Junior’s Llasram Trophy Midget Boy or Girl 1st Alba Watkins
Baybutt Barometer 1st Boy /Girl 14/16 Madison Rattray
Cross Country Parents cup Girls 10 Amber Rattray
Woodhead cup Boys 10 Cory Brew
Hamilton City Hawks Trophy Girls 12 Zarah Rattray
Prima Donna Girls 14 Madison Rattray
Road Champs Hewitt Trophy G10 Amber Rattray
Ken Johnson G12 Zarah Rattray
Stonely Cup G14 Madison Rattray
Most Improved Bob Read Trophy G12 Zarah Rattray
Neil Wilson Trophy B12 Cory Brew
McCondach Cup G14 Madison Rattray
Izzard Cup B14 Donovan Farrell
Special Trophies Viki Boase Trophy – Best all round Girl U14 Madison Rattray
Eric Boase Trophy Best all round Boy U14 Donovan Farrell