End of Year Prize Giving 2020 Results

a fun filled night of celebrating the years achievements and enjoying some lovely food and great company.

And a big congratulations to Helen Hall-King who was awarded a life membership! Thank you for all you have done over the years and the contribution you continue to make to our club. It is very much appreciated.

You can check out the prizegiving photos <<here>>

Trophy Day
Cameron Cup 1st FemaleKirsten Milne
Chandler Cup 1st New FemaleMonique Spedding
Cotterell Cup 1st MaleDave Clark 
Ready Cup 1st New MaleHarry Coles
Gilchrist Rosebowl
Team (Rosebowl)Kahu House
Club Captain’s Trophy – Fastest MaleHayden Waddell
Marshall Cup – Fastest FemaleCharli Miller
Reduction Relay
Bannister PlaqueAmber Rattray
Cameron Hall
Jean-Paul Biladi
Sing RelayMark Cornaga
Paul Ewart
Sweeney CupVaughan Swale
Club Cross Country Champs
LG Turner Cup 1st SMRob Townsend 
Pat Wood Trophy 1st MM40John Bowe
Gordon Speirs Trophy 1st MM50Glenn Sexton
John Sherson Trophy 1st MM60Chris Keith
Hensall Cup 1st M20Ben Bidois
Cain Sheild 1st MU18Jean-Paul Biladi
Cranston Cup 1st MU16Hayden Waddell
Graham Trophy 1st SWArianna Lord
Clarke Cup 1st MW35Dawn Tuffrey
VW Trophy 1st MW45Tanja Miller 
King Trophy 1st MW55Bridget Deverell
Neeco Cup 1st W20Charli Miller
New Cup 1st W18Sacha Judson
Hair Foundation 1st WU16 (prize)Monique Spedding
Mayall Trophy All Grades Mens Sealed HandicapHayden Cressy
Womens All Grades Sealed HandicapSasha Judson
Club Road Champs
Presidents Cup 1st SMAndrew Beggs
Brownson Cup 1st MM40John Bowe
Porter Cup 1st MM50Chris Smith
Ernie Batten Cup 1st MM60Kevin Knowles
HCH MM65+Dave Clark
Galloway Cup 1st M20Ben Bidois
Batten Cup 1st M18Jean-Paul Biladi
Daly Trophy 1st M16Not Awarded
Lynch Cup 1st SWEmily Fyfe
Ted Hamilton Cup 1st MW35Dawn Tuffrey
Chandler Trophy 1st MW45Kirsten Milne 
Jack Hewitt Cup 1st MW55Maureen Leonard
KSM Trophy 1st W18/20Sam Corbett
Celia Morris 1st W16Monique Spedding
Marathon Trophies [measured road marathons]
Southwick Trophy Fastest MaleKevin Knowles
Atlanta Trophy Fastest WomanKirsten Milne 
Peter Buckland Cup MMVaughan Swale
Rogerson Bowl MWNicola McMahon
Huntly Half Marathon
Dave Larsen Trophy – Fastest Mantbc
J Varney Cup – Fastest Womantbc
Trail/Ultra Running
Kovo McDonald Trophy 60km+ man/womanDawn Tuffery
Glenn Sexton Trophy 42-60km man/womanAndrew Beggs
Most Improved
Gardner Cup SMRob Townsend
Irvine Cup SWEmily Fyfe
Ted Hamilton Cup MWWendy Harris
Lance Allen Trophy MMIain Rattray
Hewitt Trophy JW U20Charli Miller
Keith Falla Memorial JW U18Monique Spedding
McLachlan Trophy JM U18John Paul Biladi
Hewitt Trophy JM16Hayden Waddell
Keith Falla Trophy JM U20James Corbett
Special Trophies
60th Jubilee Cup (best Relay performance)Layton Mace (Reduction Relay, 2 laps)
Gregor Cameron Trophy (Best NRR performance)Not Awarded
Ray Curnow Trophy best sealed Handicap Any Grade Club XCHayden Cressy
(Chosen between Men & Women XC handicap winners)
Keith Trow Memorial Best Individual Performance of the YearCharli Miller (1st in grade NZXC)
House TrophyTui
Harrier of the YearFiona Barnett
Kids Trophies
Trophy Day
Carson Cup G14Not Awarded
Upton Cup B14Not Awarded
Humphries Cup G12Amber Rattray
Johnston Cup B12Zach Miller
Gilchrist Rosebowl
Weller Cup B/G14Boh Ritchie
Adrian Hewitt Cup B/G12 (Midget cross country handicap)Layton Mace
Sweeney Cup
Llasram Trophy B/GU12Zach Miller
Baybutt Barometer B/GU14Lily James
Club Cross Country Champs
Parents Cup GU10Amber Rattray
Hamilton City Hawks Trophy G12Mia Donovan
Prima Donna G14Boh Ritchie
Woodhead Cup B10Not Awarded
HCH Trophy B12Zach Miller
White Cup B14Liam Miller
Club Road Champs
Hewitt Trophy G10Amber Rattray 
Ken Johnson Trophy G12Not Awarded
Stoneley Cup G14Carenza Elley
Blackham Cup B10Not Awarded
HCH B12Not Awarded
Horan Cup B14Josh Cavanagh
Most Improved
McCondach Cup G14Carenza Elley
Izzard Trophy B14Liam Miller
Bob Read Trophy G12Thea Mace
Neil Wilson Trophy B12Layton Mace
Special Trophies
Vicki Boase Trophy Best All Round GirlBoh Ritchie
Eric Boase Trophy Best All Round BoyJoshua Cavanagh