Gilchrist Rose Bowl 2019 Results

Report by Lance Brew

With very cold and windy conditions on Saturday I was very pleased to see the amount of people at the club rooms on our return from setting out the course at the lake. Ross, Vaughan, Nick and myself even commented we didn’t think there will be a huge turn out with the terrible weather but to all of you guys credit there was 4 kids and 50 adults ready and waiting to run.

The kids lead the racing off first with 2 laps of the 1 km course with Zarah looking strong through out and the 2 Miller boys having a good battle with each other Zach came out on top here. Amber looked very composed for her run, ditching dad on her 2nd lap. Well done kids.

1st Zarah Rattray 8.36
2nd Zach Miller 9.12
3rd Amber Rattray 11.15
4th Liam Miller DNF

Onto the adult race and the race for bonus house points was up for grabs it was going to be a good battle right through the whole field as every placing in the race was worth placing points. If you were first over the line you gained maximum placing points right down to if you were last over the line you gained the minimum placing point. All the placing points for your house were added together and the house who had the highest placing points gained 75 bonus point for their house 2nd 50 points 3rd 25 points 4th sorry no bonus points.

The course for the weather we were having I thought was in good condition just a couple of slippery bits the worst part was the debris on the course even after we had cleared it earlier. The wind was absolutely blowing and made it even harder no matter where you were on the course.

It was great to see everyone pushing hard right to the finish line knowing that each place in the race counted there was some very hard fought tight finishes between people.

Thanks must go to all those who showed up to volunteer or just watch, it was bad enough running in those conditions let alone standing around in them.

All in all I believe the day was a success made by all who showed up.

House placing points results

1st 452 Placing Points Kiwi 75 Bonus House points
2nd 296 Placing Points Ruru 50 Bonus House points
3rd 219 Placing Points Kahu 25 Bonus House points
4th 114 Pacing Points Tui We need to lift our game here no bonus points.

Photos on Hawks NZ website https://www.facebook.com/groups/399730696724275/

NameTeam nameTimePoints
Samantha CorbettKahu15:4738
Kevin KnowlesKahu16:4730
Iain RattrayKahu17:1229
Mark CornagaKahu17:2527
Ray ChrystallKahu18:3023
Helen Hall KingKahu18:5320
Madison RattrayKahu19:1219
Leon GovenderKahu19:4414
Nichola McMahonKahu21:2110
Gilbert McDonaldKahu21:586
Debbie MorrisKahu28:341
Andrew WarkKahuDNF0
Showing up15
Charli MillerKiwi14:5045
John CraneKiwi15:0343
Les MillerKiwi15:2641
Samantha CorbettKiwi15:4738
Martin FerryKiwi15:5237
Pat GallagherKiwi16:0736
Sunil Fernandez RitchieKiwi16:1135
Garry WilsonKiwi16:2532
Olivia TheunissenKiwi18:1224
Gemma HoranKiwi18:4022
Dave ClarkKiwi18:4321
Maureen LeonardKiwi19:2117
Colin KingKiwi19:3816
Vaughan SwaleKiwi19:4215
Lisa JoblinKiwi20:2313
Kerry RattrayKiwi21:339
Shona DewsonKiwi21:358
Showing up20
Kent HodgsonRuru15:0244
Marc ScottRuru15:2342
Dave GunnRuru15:3539
Michael PeckRuru16:1534
Chris KeithRuru16:2033
Maria BentleyRuru16:3131
Malesa McNearneyRuru17:1828
Paul ReynoldsRuru18:1125
Grahame ClarkinRuru21:1811
Charlie EvansRuru21:507
Tanya PodjurskyRuru28:272
Showing up13
Lance BrewTui14:2446
Tanja MillerTui17:5826
Vaughan KestleTui19:2018
Ross BarnettTui20:3812
Kaye SharpeTui21:595
Mary RogersonTui22:134
Clare MontgomeryTui22:453
Showing up10

Places based on Time

NameTeam nameTime
Lance BrewTui14:24
Charli MillerKiwi14:50
Kent HodgsonRuru15:02
John CraneKiwi15:03
Marc ScottRuru15:23
Les MillerKiwi15:26
Dave GunnRuru15:35
Samantha CorbettKahu15:47
Samantha CorbettKiwi15:47
Martin FerryKiwi15:52
Pat GallagherKiwi16:07
Sunil Fernandez RitchieKiwi16:11
Michael PeckRuru16:15
Chris KeithRuru16:20
Garry WilsonKiwi16:25
Maria BentleyRuru16:31
Kevin KnowlesKahu16:47
Iain RattrayKahu17:12
Malesa McNearneyRuru17:18
Mark CornagaKahu17:25
Tanja MillerTui17:58
Paul ReynoldsRuru18:11
Olivia TheunissenKiwi18:12
Ray ChrystallKahu18:30
Gemma HoranKiwi18:40
Dave ClarkKiwi18:43
Helen Hall KingKahu18:53
Madison RattrayKahu19:12
Vaughan KestleTui19:20
Maureen LeonardKiwi19:21
Colin KingKiwi19:38
Vaughan SwaleKiwi19:42
Leon GovenderKahu19:44
Lisa JoblinKiwi20:23
Ross BarnettTui20:38
Grahame ClarkinRuru21:18
Nichola McMahonKahu21:21
Kerry RattrayKiwi21:33
Shona DewsonKiwi21:35
Charlie EvansRuru21:50
Gilbert McDonaldKahu21:58
Kaye SharpeTui21:59
Mary RogersonTui22:13
Clare MontgomeryTui22:45
Tanya PodjurskyRuru28:27
Debbie MorrisKahu28:34
Andrew WarkKahu