Gilchrist Rosebowl 2024 Results

Another cracker day for a run up at the beautiful Hamilton Lake – 29 Hawks turned out to take on the famous Gilchrist Rosebowl course, 2km for the kids and 4km for the adults (including “that” hill twice).

Some great running once again from the Stirling brothers saw them taking out 1st (Jack) and 2nd (Max), with Cameron Mumby taking a well deserved 3rd place (and Daniel Mumby hot on the heels of his dad to take 4th!)

For the women – Sabrina Edwards had a great run to take 1st in 16:31 with Thea Mace in second, and Helen Bell in 3rd…

And in the kids race, it was a great battle between Jasmine Rasmussen-Shawyer and Charlotte Bell – with Jasmine just coming out on top this time…I suspect there will be a few more good battles between these two in the future. Nice running girls..! Daniel Bell was the first boy home.

It was great to see a lovely bit of sportsmanship between Jasmine and Charlotte at the end of their race too – Jasmine giving a disappointed Charlotte a hug…Well done.

Place Name Time Bib
1st Jasmine Rasmussen-Shawyer 8.20 5
2nd Charlotte Bell 8.27 3
3rd Daniel Bell 9.46 6
4th Austin Liang 10.56 4
5th Phillippa Liang 14.04 1
6th Erick Yuan 14.27 2
1st Jack Stirling 14.20 9
2nd Max Stirling 14.24 8
3rd Cameron Mumby 15.08 1
4th Daniel Mumby 15.59 13
1st Female Sabrina Edwards 16.31 15
6th Cameron Potts 16.35 2
7th Mike Peck 16.41 16
8th Joe Mace 17.02 10
9th Dave Gunn 17.46 14
10th Layton Mace 18.04 12
11th Ross Barnett 18.17 3
2nd Female Thea Mace 19.14 11
13th Sunil Fernandez-Ritchie 19.32 17
14th Lewis Surgenor 19.42 7
15th Neil Surgenor 20.54 6
3rd Female Helen Bell 21.12 18
4th Female Sue Hunter 21.43 20
18th Dave Clark 22.02 5
5th Female Sandra Jensen 22.35 22
20th Graeme Clarkin 22.59 21
21st Ray Crystal 23.16 23
6th Female Mckenzie Liang 24.21 4
23rd Leon Smith 32.30 19