Kinloch Off-Road Challenge 2023 Results

Some fantastic running in perfect conditions from the entire Hawks contingent at Kinloch on Saturday! Special mention however to Rich Ellison taking out 2nd overall in the marathon, and to Mark Gray – 3rd overall in the half.

And also to Jake Lomas and Alice Caskey – male and female winners of the 10k…Superb!

Overall we had 9 Hawks take age grade podiums! Awesome work team!

Past and present Hawks that I could see in the results:

(108 finishers)
Place Name Grade place Time
2nd Rich Ellison 2nd M20-39 3:07:54
11th Ross Barnett 2nd MM40-49 3:43:41
16th Female Kay Stockman 1st F60-69 (44th overall) 4:39:16
TEC Sue Hunter N/A 8:22:55
Half Marathon
(227 finishers)
Place Name Grade place Time
3rd Mark Gray 1st MM50-59 1:41:38
28th Andrew Wark 4th MM50-59 1:57:09
26th Female Trish Stockman 2nd F50-59 (94th overall) 2:18:19
48th Female Sarah Knauf 22nd F20-29 (124 overall) 2:27:13
(154 finishers)
Place Name Grade place Time
1st Jake Lomas 1st M13-19 37:36
5th Cole Dawson 2nd M20-39 43:50
6th Paul Ritchie 1st MM60-69 44:07
1st Female Alice Caskey 1st F20-29 (9th overall) 45:20
58th Neal Fray 5th MM60-69 59:53