Saturday 18th June we held the 2022 version of the always popular Lake D Relay – and while the weather looked promising in the morning, the rain set in during setup, which made for a pretty damp race…(who doesn’t love splashing around in puddles though right?)

Despite the rain we had good numbers turn out to race – 27 runners making 9 teams of 3. Some good hard running, cheered on by a good group of keen supporters…

The winning team of Paul ReynoldsThea Mace, and Peter Moorfield completed their 3 laps (9kms) in 38:38 – congratulations! There was only around 4:20 separating the winning team and the last team – so all

in all pretty even…
And the fastest lap of the day went to…(a little bit of confusion on the day but we can now reveal)…Rich Ellison with a 10:51…
We also ran a sausage sizzle as usual – but this time we used it as a fundraiser for Kerry Suter and Ali – and we had some very generous people enjoying a sausage – and we managed to raise $190 for Kerry and Ali’s Givealittle page! Awesome work team – very much appreciated!
Special mention to a few runners on the day who raced parkrun in the morning, then made their way out to a rainy Lake Kainui for the relay, and also a few more who had an extra long warmup before the race – including Kovo and Ross who ran there from Kovo’s place I understand! And also Paul Ewart who ran there, raced his lap (at a pretty good pace too) and then ran home the long way – for a total of around 40km for the day – nice effort by all!

Facebook photos

Place Bib Lap 1 Lap 2 Lap 3 Time Lap1 Lap2 Lap3
1 28  Veronika Lang  Helen Hall-King Andrew Wark 38:34.9 13:00.1 13:51.8 11:43.0
2 27  Paul Reynolds  Thea Mace Peter Moorfield 38:38.8 12:59.4 14:30.4 11:09.0
3 25  Vaughan Kestle  Kovo Macdonald Mike Peck 39:28.5 14:57.5 12:12.4 12:19.5
4 29 Iain Rattray  Peter Conder  Peter Horan 39:52.5 12:15.7 12:14.1 15:22.7
5 26  Wendy Harris  Dawn Tuffery Joe Mace 40:43.1 15:33.0 13:32.4 11:38.7
6 22  Wendy Fox  Nisha Moorfield Rich Ellison 40:50.1 17:14.9 12:44.0 10:51.2
7 24  Kerry Rattray  Lily James Sunil Fernadez-Ritchie 41:21.3 16:43.8 13:13.8 11:23.8
8 30  Jack Conder  Kay Stockman Ross Barnett 42:17.3 14:39.1 15:01.2 12:37.0
9 23  Paul Ewart  Mary Rogerson Rhys Mildon 42:59.1 12:56.1 17:44.9 12:18.1