Reduction Relay 2016 Results

Report by Donovan Farrell

The weather was perfect: sunny, clear sky, and pleasantly cool. Recent heavy rain had flooded the carpark and footpath, but thankfully the waters did not reach the Hawks clubrooms.

Six teams of three competed in this event, and everyone turned up ready to go. In each team there is a 2 km runner, a 4 km runner, and a 6 km runner. All start together, and the team must run to the pace of its slowest person. One runner drops out after 2km, and another drops out after 4 km, with the third (probably the fastest runner in the team) completing 6km.

Pacing proved to be quite a challenge, with some runners repeatedly sprinting ahead, then having to slow down for their team-mates. Dave, Colin and Connor took out the race, Connor just beating Kevin on the last lap of the 6 km run. Kevin, Gilbert and Donovan came second.

1st: Dave, Colin, Connor
2nd: Gilbert, Donovan, Kevin
3rd: Caleb, Craig, Sunil
4th: Ryan, Toshimi, Chris S.
5th: Mary, Peter, Glenn
6th: Gemma, Gordon, Chris K