Sing Relay 2023 Results

The Sing Relay is a unique two-person fun relay on a 5km course along The Cook course from Memorial Park.

This was a relay for all abilities and loads of fun. Either ran less or more than 5km depending on your ability and that of your team member.

Race report to be posted here soon.

View the event photos on facebook here

Place Team Members  Time
1st Emily 21.30
2nd Ray 21.51
3rd Jack 22.00
4th Helen 22.02
5th Mark 22.20
Vaughn K
6th Adam 22.43
7th Vaughan S 22.37
8th Lucie 24.36
Kids 2k
Place Name  Time
1 Charlotte Bell 7.40
2 Amo Steward 7.46
3 Daniel Bell 8.31
4 Austin Liang 9.37
5 McKenzie Lang 9.41
6 Ihapera Steward 10.38
7 Mikayla Wang 10.50
8 Amy-Rose Hooper 11.28
9 Philippa Liang 13.07
10 Eric Wang 13.4