Welcome to 2019-20 Season

A huge year ahead starting with our first CLUB NIGHT; Wednesday October 9th – requested events from 6pm. – registrations now open.

  • World Championships – Doha this week Sept 27-Oct6 (Camille and Julia)
  • World Paralympics Track and Field championships Nov 7-15 ( Danielle and Jacob)
  • World Indoor championships Birmingham 2020 March 13-15
  • NZ Champs Christchurch March 6-8
  • Australian Champs Sydney March 21-29
  • Tokyo Summer Olympics July 24-Aug 9
  • Tokyo Paralympics Aug 25 – Sept 6

# Women’s Club Captain Alessandra Macdonald
# Men’s Club Captain = Conor McGiven
# Junior Club Captain = Sophie Waddell

EARLY REGISTRATION BONUS: Get in early this year – enrol for the Track and Field season on-line in October and be in the draw to win your registration back. Details in the summer Club handbook. Top-Up memberships from Road and Cross Country season are now due too!

FUNDRAISING OPPORTUNITY: We are looking for someone or group of people to take control of our shop at PORRITT STADIUM during Saturday afternoon competitions (only 12-14 days this season) to sell food and drinks as a fundraising activity. Obviously there will always be athletes about to help throughout the 2-3hr operation. If you are keen to assist please contact CRISS STRANGE on 027 2975 123.

DUTY CLUB: Hamilton City HAWKS Track and Field have undertaken to be Duty Club again this season. There is a payment for this from the Waikato-BOP Centre and contributes towards Club costs. It is important we share the workload when there are Centre events at Porritt. Pleas assist when you can.

Key jobs –
Equipment: Assist with putting out/returning equipment and setting out hurdles, throwing sectors, raking jumping pits at all open meets and Championships.
Catering: Morning / afternoon tea for open meets – lunch if required -food costs are invoiced to Centre.
Entries for events: – recording entries and taking fees for Open events.
Cleaning up: Common room at end of season, packing all tables and chairs into shop space

HAWKS CLUB and the Wai-BOP Centre desperately need more officials. OUR CLUB is prepared to pay for YOU, your parents, family or supporters of the CLUB, to complete one or more of the training sessions. Oct 20th (track) , Nov 3rd (throws) @ Porritt , Nov 24th (Jumps) @ Tauranga. This is also a great way for ATHLETES to learn the rules and then be available to assist if injured or not competing at times. If you are keen to do any of these training please contact our Vice president, Ashlie Sando on 027 239 0137. Charles and Ashlie were both able to use this training last season and help the Centre run meetings.

Great see Val and Lisa training at Porritt Cam French competes in 400m street race in UK

SEE YOU all on Wed. Oct 9 CLUB NIGHT: pos. events = 60,150,600, 1500, HJ, Shot, REGISTRATIONS