Arc Kauri Run 2016 Race Report

Report by Sandra Jensen

Decided to do kauri run. Decided to do the 13km cos I’m on a tight budget and fitness isn’t that great. Well, I think I did ok.

Despite it only being 13km it was tough, but fun. Had a little of everything and, despite my usual cry of “never ever again”, yeah, I’ll do that for sure next year.

The lady who won led from the start (despite the heavily strapped shoulder she sported). I’m not sure I could have gained much more on her.

It was a new 13km course and it was a goodie. Hills, steps, gravel, road, steps, more steps, camping ground, steps..did I mention steps? Kauri trees, fence, mud, steps, ropes, hill, stream and then 3km of pavement before grass and finish.


I was second in my age group and second female overall  1:13:41 and came in 4th runner overall in the 13km. Other Hawks who ran at Kauri were Matt Scott (below), who took out the 23km in 1:58:16, Cecilia Flori (above) who took out the 32km in 3:43:43  (though I think it was more like 36km due to a course adjustment.) Stefan Wagner 3rd in the 32km, in 3:06:13, Marc Scott 5th in 3:17:45  and Kevin Knowles 6th 3:26:15.

The overall 36k was won by Sjors Corporaal winning by less than a minute from Chris Morrisey in a time of 2:53:21.

Feeling pretty stoked overall 🙂