Cambridge Hills

Distance: 28km

Grade: Hard

Type: Long hilly road run

A long run with many hills, starting off with Sanatorium Hill for a tough warm-up. This route is a mainstay of many Hawks marathon training plans. 28km loop from the Thornton, French Pass and Maungakawa Roads intersection and is 1km to the start of the Sanatorium Hill which is 4km to the top.

Shorten or extend the Run:

When you are really doing the kms preparing for a marathon, then go for the full distance of 34k – starting and ending at the Cambridge Bowling Club. The diary located nearby is a nearest place to refuel after this tough, but very enjoyable run.

Cambridge Hills 34k

Strava Segments:

Challenge yourself using Strava running these segments:

Cambridge Hills 28km_Strava Segments

How to get there: