Charlton Farm Cross Country 2021 Results

Report by Dave Gunn

The weather was perfect for a day out on the farm…

This Cambridge Harriers event had been kindly opened up to the Hawks as well, and there were 11 keen Hawks in the blue and yellow representing…! The format was a handicap race – 3k for the kids and 6k for the rest. So you report in to registration, advise them your 5k time – and they then provide you with a start time….

Then the clock starts counting from 0 at 1:30pm – and when it gets to your time, you start – with the intention that all runners (if honest in their 5k estimations) will finish in roughly the same time…

Well now – I am not sure if it was the new speedy Hokas (in Hawks colours nonetheless) or his superior vaulting style, or heaven forbid some mischief when reporting his 5k time, but for whatever reason Pat Gallagher had a blinder and completed the tough 6k in under 24 mins, even having a 3:34 last km! Well done Pat….And to all the other runners – congratulations on your efforts! And it was great to see David Trow once again completing the 6k in a very respectable time…

As I was not actually competing, myself and a number of Hawks were asked to assist with the timing and co-ordination at the finish line….well I think this was actually more pressure than racing….what with confusion from some around how many laps they had done or were meant to do, and the rush of finishers all powering over the line into a big bunch and trying to keep them in their finishing order to receive their finish tokens…phew, talk about herding cats! – great job Wendy Harris and Madison Rattray!

The day then finished with a shared afternoon tea, and a chat. It was great to catch up with our friends from Cambridge!

Thanks to all the Hawks who came out to race, and to Cambridge Harriers for hosting the event.

And Rob Townsend – maybe we need to add those fancy Hokas to the Hawks kit for ordering…?? They look good and are obviously fast!

The results will be posted once available from the Cambridge Harriers.

Photos on Hawks facebook

Photos on Cambridge Harriers facebook