Another beautiful day weather-wise for the Gilchrist Rosebowl Cross Country event up at Hamilton Lake on Saturday…

A good number of keen folk sporting their Hawks colours zipping around the course, giving it their all… One of our new members – Zack Conroy – had a particularly good run, pushing Rich all the way.

Report by Nichola McMahon
On Saturday we had the Gilchrist Rosebowl event at the lake and it was a great day, sun was out and no wind and maybe a little hot but great conditions. I must amid that its not a favourite of mind at all but I decided that I would give it ago again.

We had a small group attend but there was definitely a few laughs.
We started with the kids event, 2 laps of a 1km loop and it was great seeing the 3 children run their way around. Next was our event, 2 laps of 1.9km loop with some painful hills to start with and then flattened out and downhill and along the straight and then do it all over again.

I’m not very good with hills so this was a bit of a struggle for me but whats a bit of pain.

I decided I would walk up the tough bits as I could walk faster than running up hill and then carry on running. Once I got through the hills, I made it to the top, nice and flat my favourite and then downhill and back to the start to do it all over again. Oh boy but I didn’t give up and at the end of the day I was pleased that I did it. Sometimes you have to push yourself to do something out of the comfort zone but you will be pleased you did it.

Adults 4km
Name Time
Richard E 14:45
Zack Conroy 15:00
Mike Harris 15:28
Sunil Fernandez Ritchie 15:53
Chris Keith 16:24
Kevin Knowles 16:36
Garry Wilson 16:39
Iain Rattray 17:00
Nisha Moorfield 17:23
Mark Cornaga 17:35
Paul Ewart 18:01
Paul Reynolds 18:23
Dawn Tuffery 18:48
Lily James 19:23
Vaughan Kestle 21:18
Grahame Clarkin 21:47
Gilbert McDonald 23:34
Nicola McMahon 23:36
Peter Horan 26:07
Kerry Rattray (1 lap) 11:27
Kids 2km
Claire Laing 10:51
Austin Liang 11:24
Alba Watkins 12:47