King and Queen of the Mountain 2024 Results

Awesome show by the Hawks that went to the MT, well done all!

Kerry White: 1st SW Queen of the Mountain in 24:15
Helen Gavin (former Hawk) 1st MW35-49 – 27:18
Maureen Leonard – 3rd MW50+ – 32:06
Jack Murray – 4th SM – 21:45
John Mering (former Hawk) 1st MM35-49 – 21:53
Glenn Sexton – 1st MM50+ – 25:29
Martin Carrol – 2nd MM50+ – 25:49
Dave Gunn – 3rd MM50+ – 26:21

Kerry White the new “Queen of The Mountain”, below with the Trophy!

Clean sweep for the Hawks, with the old Boi’s carving up the competition in the MM50+

Full results available <view here>